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209671209671B00474JKPGA1XT0BPRP0FM4VD. Lowenthal0041333670400Fabulous, especially for salads and vegetablesI recently tried a package of TrueLemon packets. The packets are like little sugar or sweetener packets in size. However, the packaging is quite sturdy; it won't rip open in your purse. The taste is just like intense, concentrated lemon. Although the ingredients do contain a small quantity of evaporated cane juice, there is no sweet taste and only approximately 1 calorie per packet. (They claim the product is "unsweetened" and has "0" calories, but that is a slight exaggeration).

Anyway, this product works fine for adding lemon to iced or hot tea or colas. However, I think the product really shines when added to salads and vegetables, and is a wonderful tip for those of us trying to lose weight. I sprinkle some TrueLemon onto a salad, and then find it adds so much flavor that there is no need for salad dressing! I also sprinkle some on cooked broccoli and it is delightful. It adds a burst of lemon flavor without making anything watery.

I will definitely continue to purchase this product, and I look forward to looking for more ways to use it on healthy foods, to cut down on salty, high-calorie sauces and condiments. I also look forward to bringing some with me to restaurants, to add some pizazz to itmes like salmon or grilled chicken.

The product is a bit pricy, so I will use it sparingly. And mostly just save it for sprinkling lightly on vegetables and salads. For drinks, I can easily add a little lemon juice. Very tasty product.
209672209672B00474JKPGA26QKUEVJ4R8KKAmanda Loch0051330214400Just what it saysThis is the best stuff! I love the flavor of lemon in my water but I don't always have time to cut up lemons, and these are great because I can keep them in my bag with me when I'm not home. It's literally just crystallized lemon. It tastes like you squeezed a lemon into your water. This is not a lemonade mix or one of those other funny drink packet mixes, this is literally just lemon flavoring.

I know a lot of people are nervous about restaurants putting unwashed lemon slices directly in their glass - this is perfect for that. Just ask for it plain and stir it in yourself! I bought the massive pack of 6 boxes and I go through them like crazy. Can't live without this stuff. The box of packets stays out on my counter like the sugar stays out on the counter at my parents house ;)
209673209673B00474JKPGA35PSFAXRSXQVYAnthony W. Ingram0051325548800Delicious ProductI love true lemon. I could not find it in stores any more where I live so I had to order the product online. This makes my water taste like it has a lemon wedge in the water. I received this item quickly from the vendor as well. :)
209674209674B00474JKPGA38UYKC0BOQTHZCarmen A. Howard0051324425600true lemon is good!this is handy to have when you want a change from drinking H2O all the time
makes a good quick lemonade!
209675209675B00474JKPGA2VX6RJQ18KO6JBecky L.0051323388800True Lemon True To It's NameI purchased this through Amazon and am so very pleased. I love using True Lemon and would rather have it on hand than an actual lemon. Very convenient to have in my cupboard. So easy to use and so good. It's really a true lemon taste and I am so glad that I can buy it through Amazon in quantity. I use it often and it makes my foods and recipes so much better.
209676209676B00474JKPGA3J3JVKUCDMX4TElizabeth S. Crozier0051320278400GREAT LEMON TASTEI love lemon on everything, especially on vegetables. With these little packages, I can even take them with me to the restaurants. THey are also great poured into cans of diet SPRITE. It adds a little more zest to my drinks. I love this product!
209677209677B00474JKPGA1R031GNZTXFXJEllen0051319328000Yummy!!! Make water more tolerable!!I LOVE LOVE THese and use them everyday at work. Helps you get your 8 glasses a day for sure! Tastes great and like real lemons wedges are in your drink. Will be ordering more soon.
209678209678B00474JKPGAXVJ3BVBC7FP6Uhma of 3 in Ashburn0051317945600Love True Lemon!!!I always ask for lemon with my water. This is a great alternative to real lemons and just as delicious.
209682209682B000Q7535YA2CYXFZY7J0J24Gilbert Hom0151241395200animal cookiesWe always order these instead of candies. They seem to go over better with the parents and I hope the kids for Halloween.
209679209679B00474JKPGA1NZ8PQYHYCRFAToni0711315526400Product damageI love True Lemon but my recent purchase from Amazon through a second party was a totally unsatisfactoy. It arrived a gummy mess. Could't use it. Merchant didn't make good.
209683209683B000Q7535YA37V5C3TXIBIHTMartin Dulberg1341265414400Good but subjectively not 5 starI realize that taste is a matter of personal preference so food reviews are always going to be hit or miss for your tastes. Got the cookies, liked them but they didn't quite send me the way other folks seem to take to them. Not bad and I don't feel I wasted my money but I'll probably look for something else next time I'm ordering snacks for work.
209680209680B0000U7REWA25K0SDQ1966V4BW "bw"1151192492800fabulous!This stuff is fabulous. I'm Chinese and have used this brand for years. It's easy and foolproof as long as you measure precisely. Otherwise the tofu will not set properly. It produces a very silken textured tofu. If you want firmer, you can press it under a weight for an hour or two.
209681209681B0000U7REWA1ODOGXEYECQQ8Nuknuk0051296604800We use this all the time to make dessert.We use this all the time to make dessert. We double the amount of water to make a jello like consistency and pour some caramel syrup on it.

Inside the box is the tofu mix and a small packet to make the mixture coagulate. You just boil it and let it cool in room temperature.

Is is just frustrating that it is always unavailable in most of the international grocery stores that we go to. I just wish that they make it in bigger boxes or pound bags with cheaper prices.
209684209684B000Q7535YAHJHFCMHBV74NYC Mom71331248134400Delicious cookies, but not single serving packsLet me start by saying that I really like these cookies. If you're going to give your child cookies, these are not so bad healthwise. However, the size leads you to believe that one bag contains a single serving, when it actually contains 2 servings at 120 calories each. That's a bit too many calories in a snack for a young child, I think. I buy snack packs so that when I'm on the go, I can open a bag and hand it to my kid. I don't feel that I can do that with these.
209685209685B000Q7535YA1PDSOTIRL4Q3OMoonbeam2531266192000Bit Too DryThese don't taste like cardboard, thankfully; they have a pleasant, subtle almost nutty flavor, as if peanut butter is in them. However, the texture, even in the center of the cookie, is not moist at all!! I was hoping the outside would be slightly crunchy while the inside was softer and moist. They also crumble easily. They are alright but nothing I'd purchase again.
209686209686B000Q7535YA3FFBY7ISC4LHRMatthew Spewak101151223251200You're never too old for animal crackersBarbara's Snackimals make me feel like a kid, but now that I'm a bit older, it's nice to know that these are a bit healthier. The oatmeal variety taste great and have a unique texture. I prefer the snack-sized bags, otherwise I'd eat the whole thing!
209687209687B000Q7535YA1XMXW9OQTRNE8Ann "Emily Ann"101151199232000A sweet, healthy treatLow sugar, low fat, a measured amount, and sweet and chocolatey enough to satisfy my evening sweet tooth cravings.
209688209688B000Q7535YA257BBBDKZFJZOShe Who Reads8941192752000Crumbly goodnessPerfect, healthy, world-conscious snack. The cookies can be a bit crumbly, but the taste overrides this fact. I love buying from a company that cares about our world and is environmentally conscious.
209689209689B000Q7535YA3DA0BTIGT3WG5Heather B "Mom of Four"91151188950400Yum!!This was another great find on Amazon Grocery!! They are very tasty, crunchy little cookies. My family has really enjoyed these, they have a great mild chocolate taste and quite the crunch. Most of the animal crackers/cookies that I've purchased for my family have become dismembered sometime before my children get them out of the package, these are mostly whole and you can really tell what the critter is before you pop it in your mouth ... Extra fun snack time for the little ones. All in all, the box of cookies is well worth the price and I feel good about packing healthier snacks in my children's backpacks for school.
209690209690B000Q7535YA2KZVGG2PS3WB3Tsclower4451287360000These are the best!These cookies are the best animal cookies in the world and hard to find at the store so getting them delivered for free every month is amazing!
209691209691B000Q7535YA346YXUUHBTI2MDesi4451241740800yummyThese are really delicious cookies and they are far healthier than most of the junk in the stores. They are full of all natural ingredients, no high fructose or additives here. I gave a couple of bags to my uncle who was eating one of the name brand chocolate chip cookies (ahoy matey) and he's switching brands. I haven't tried any of the other flavors but as an adult who loves chocolate I can tell you that these are very yummy.
209692209692B000Q7535YA370FTMPRF0AIKAleta Jackson ""4451234051200Tasty CookiesVery good product. They are a tasty animal cookie with just the right sweetness. This is an easy way to satisfy a "sweet tooth" without the guilt of eating something heavy.
209693209693B000Q7535YA19CK0Z9SLC2NVRunningmom "Runningmom"6751198627200love 'em!I am always looking for a snack that is low in sugar and organic, these are perfect. I love them as much as my 2yo.
209694209694B000Q7535YA3FFBY7ISC4LHRMatthew Spewak3341236902400crunchy giraffesAll of the Snackimals varieties are a treat -- crunchy, satisfying, and fun to eat. I like the Wheat-Free variety best, but vanilla is a close second. Just be aware that the snack-sized bags are actually two-servings (for those conscious of sugar/cal intake), so don't forget to share and make those around you feel like kids too!
209695209695B000Q7535YAGW8GZSLYPACBWCH3351234310400These are very good cookies.These cookies are very good. They have a nice texture because of the oats and they have a great taste. They are my favorite cookie. If you like oats, you likely will enjoy these cookies.
209696209696B000Q7535YAD6LEM0ULP5F4Diana Lynn "Book mom"3351229212800DeliciousThese cookies are delicious and do not contain all the additives you don't want in your body.
209697209697B000Q7535YA19OUSPWLRSTOLC.N. "tangerine240"3351221177600THE Best Healthy Cookies Out There!These chocolate chip cookies are addicting! They are the best tasting cookies out there, and they are healthy for you too! They are crisp, fresh, and have an even amount of chocolate vs cookie flavor. They are not animal crackers by any means.

The only thing I would suggest is to make sure you have them delivered to some place cool (not to your door step on a hot July day!) as one batch came out a little not-so-crisp, and I'm pretty sure it was because of that.

These cookies are almost twice as expensive in the stores where I live if I buy them by the bag. Forget that! I'm sticking with them here on Amazon!
Thanks, Amazon!
209698209698B000Q7535YA2RN5EQC3F75PJMichele Poche7951201910400Excellent CookiesI have been in search of a healthy alternative for animal crackers. This product is the bomb!! they are so flavorful, and a perfect consistancy. Highly reccomend!
209699209699B000Q7535YA27X2M44NJTI1IGreenbyoo2231333238400Did the recipe change?I notice that the most positive reviews are from a few years ago, and the most negative reviews are more recent. We used to buy these in larger containers at the local "healthy supermarket," and my family really liked them. That was a few years ago. Now, they sit in the back of the pantry and no one touches them--either the recipe changed or my family's tastes changed. They are dry, about half of them are broken, and they taste like sweetened cardboard. (We have the vanilla variety.) The individual packs are handy for hikes and portable snacks, but I've noticed that they frequently come back unopened. Guess I'll look for an alternative.
209700209700B000Q7535YA177CDBTES35IYKaitlin Kelly2251315440000VEGANS BEWARE - These contain milk.These are delicious and actually have pieces of peanut butter in them. Crunchy but still creamy, and so yummy. However, I didn't check the ingredients before purchasing and assumed that - like the Vanilla, Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal - these would be vegan. They're not - they have whey and milk powder in them. For a non-vegan, these taste great and are a more healthy choice than your standard cookie.

For the calorie counters: these have almost 50% more calories per serving than the other Snackimals flavors. Most of the other flavors are 110 calories per 10 cookie serving, and the Peanut Butter are 150 calories per 10 cookie serving.

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