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209761209761B000Q7535YA2077JVM6YJOGPMom of 3!0051215216000Delicious convenient snackThese cookies didn't last very long in our household. My young children enjoyed them very much including their friends. It was convenient to have them in bags to take along on car rides, picnics, and for snack after swimming.
209762209762B000Q7535YAXJEKU2NOARKHHappy Mom 07070051211414400These are great!Low sugar, oatmeal-y and yummy...these are a great alternative to some sweeter "cookies". They really have so little sugar, they count as a cracker but my son loves them!

Barbara's Bakery Oatmeal Wheat Free Snackimals Animal Cookies, 7.5-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)
209763209763B000Q7535YANZJL6D04BTNYmom2jjorion0051205798400Yummy!These cookies are VERY good and make the perfect snack. We like these better than the Vanilla (but those are good too!)...

For a toddler, one bag is *at least* two servings.
209764209764B000Q7535YA1TS4WKZLALSCBJ. Lewis0051205193600Wholesome and good...If you like oatmeal cookies, you'll love this product. The kids like to pack it in their lunchboxes, which is fine by me. I feel good about feeding it to the kids, and they don't even realize that they're eating a healthier version of a favorite snack!
209766209766B000Q7535YA141TRXBX5YZ7ACelestial Kat0051193875200great wheat-free cookies!These oatmeal animal crackers are very good!! My kids like them alright, but I love them! They are a really good, wholesome, filling snack in the middle of the day or even at bedtime! This is the best low-fat, wheat-free cookie I've ever tried!
209767209767B000Q7535YA154MF74R6T4IIReadingTub Reviews0051193529600Good and Good for YouOur daughter needs a gluten-free diet. We've "taste tested" lots of things. Lucky for us she isn't a picky eater, but she DOES know what she likes. And she LOVES these cookies. Great for lunches, great for snack! And we have the peace of mind that it's healthier than other (sugar laden) alternatives.
209768209768B000Q7535YA1YN7KUADY6QJ1Jude5831300665600NOT GLUTEN FREEThese cookies may be "wheat free", but they are made from Barley Flour which is NOT acceptable for Celiac folks on a gluten free diet. They came up on my Gluten Free Cookie search and I almost ordered them before reading the ingredients. Please note that I have not tried the cookies since they are not gluten free; therefore my rating is not indicative of the taste or quality of this product - the site would not let me post this without giving a rating so I just chose the middle of the scale rating.
209769209769B000Q7535YA2BLRT79WUTLXWM. Merriken1251266883200SnacksVery tasty cookies. Good size portion for lunch pails or to take along. Chocolatey taste, good price. Shipping was fast as well. We love them and as far as cookies go, they are healthier than most AND taste great.
209770209770B000Q7535YA1VGHUD8HEV8GRChristina Harvey "Angeleyes"1251257033600Best Animal Cookies!I've been eating these for a couple of years now as they used to sell them in an organic supermarket I worked near. They're extremely tasty and way better for you than most other cookies. You would never know it was a healthier choice. Now don't get me wrong, it's not replacing your veggies for the day or anything but it's definitely a smart snack choice when you're craving sweet... and the kind of snack you get hooked on! It's also a great option for kids and even comes in snack packs for their lunches!
209771209771B000Q7535YAWDU2JPGHV6STT. Edwards1251243555200Great snack, good ingredients, healthy alternativeSo far we have tried vanilla, oatmeal and chocolate chip varieties of Barbara's Snackimals and like all of them. Ingredients are quite good and per bag price is very reasonable--even more so on auto-delivery. Large 2+ ounce single servings are quite satisfying when you want something slightly sweet and crunchy with only 120 calories and modest fat content. The only change we have made to our auto-delivery schedule is to have them shipped more frequently.
209772209772B000Q7535YA1XKRS3MAN3AUNMegan0131336089600Flavor Not What I Was ExpectingI purchased these based on a recommendation from the Hungry Girl emails as a great low fat snack. These are ok, but the flavor is definitely not what I was expecting, there is almost a burnt quality to the flavor. Also, the serving size doesn't seem like that much since the cookies are very thin. For similar nutritionals you can have about the same amount of Keebler Elfin Crackers, which are much more tasty and satisfying. If you liked the McDonaldland Cookies as a kid, go for the Elfin Crackers, they are very similar in flavor.
209773209773B000Q7535YAMHHNAFJ9L958A M0111321747200These taste so bland.Look, each pack contains two servings of 120 cal each, yet those servings serve up exactly zero taste. They should make it one serving of the same number of calories but inject some taste. They taste like someone forgot 1) salt and 2)sugar. Wow. Super bad.
209774209774B000Q7535YAZQXSDY803256mom of two0111317859200dissapointednot what i expected.. I tried vanilla version at my neighbour's - they were soft and nice.. but they were also in a bigger bag (8 oz or so). These cookies (oatmeal) come in small pouches (2 oz or so) and they are stone hard, too salty, no taste appeal whatsoever. The same I can say for the chocolate version. Nobody in our family wants a bite of them - waste of money.
209775209775B000Q7535YA2EVUVG1MRLDK4m.lg "the prophet"0151310428800delicious cruelty-free crackers!these are the best animal crackers i've ever tasted! the chocolate simply adds to the deliciousness. they taste like mini-cookies. they are vegan and thus cruelty-free! organic and yummy. what more can be asked of an animal cracker!
209776209776B0012VRFWCA1X28AM9S1Q89EMag Lady0411324598400It didn't comeI was really excited for this because my friend is a Hershey's Kiss fan girl. It was going to be her christmas present. I had heard from other people that it was really good and since it's hollow she didn't feel bad about eating the whole thing.
So in excitement for getting my friend the ultimate present I ordered it. It has been a few weeks, and it HASN'T COME. It's ordered through amazon which was connected to the Hershey site.
I'm disappointed, and my friend is sad :(
209777209777B002ZRN32SA2KLQDTKF39X0Erbnn6651295827200Fragrant, delicous, strongFlavorful, smooth olive oil has a strong grassy, fresh taste that evokes the spirit of olives and fields. I use this on pasta, it's wonderful, with a flavor that remains for a long time.

For some reason, Laudemio filters the sediment from its olio nuovo, I don't know why.
209778209778B002ZRN32SA1XHEDWSCVM0OVRobert Keefer5551301875200MagnificoI have tried many olive oils. I respect olio like others respect fine wine. I do not exagerate when I say this is the best I have ever tasted. My wife brought a bottle home from Italy. When I tasted it I was hooked. I have paid as much as US$50.00 for a bottle when I couldn't find it anywhere else. People think nothing of spending US$100.00 for a bottle of wine that is consumed in one sitting. This olive oil is worth much more and lasts much longer. If you love olio like I do, treat yourself; beware however, there is no going back. Enjoy!!

Robert Keefer
209779209779B002ZRN32SA3CSOACFPCWLPYEli1151333929600excellent as a giftI was never drawn to the taste of olive oil until I had this alongside several other fine olive oils at a local gourmet grocer's public tasting. This is now the only olive oil I would seek out for a special occasion or gift, and it made a friend quite happy last year as a birthday present. I would happily have this every day if cost were not an issue, even simply having it by itself.
209780209780B002ZRN32SA2K6R6233JBL1FCG1151328572800Best Olive Oli You Can Buy!Best Olive Oil out there!

Went to the Frescobaldi Estate myself while traveling through Italy and it was by far the best i had tasted on my trip!

Pricey but worth the extra cost.
209781209781B002ZRN32SA5GSK6YRGB7S7Redfeather0051349136000Frescobaldi first pressing 2011.The product is of the highest quality. I couldn't find one better if I tried. Great for finishing pasta, artichokes and meats. The peppery finish is good on salads and my favorite for drizzling on slices of garlic bread. My wife and I love it.
209782209782B0051Z5KS6A3PZRC1OJNSDDPbirdie0011347840000What happened?I bought 10 bottles of Mystic mango carrot juice drink recently (the last two-three weeks) and the taste has completely changed. The wonderful flavor I grew accustomed to is no longer the same. The bottle shape has changed somewhat. Has the flavor deliberately been changed as well? I hope this is not the case. It has a somewhat fishy taste to me now. I hope I just bought a bad batch and that this is not how this wonderful juice drink I came to love to drink will now taste. A few weeks ago, I would have rated this juice drink a level 5, but since the flavor change I rate it a level 1. Sorry, but please bring the good flavor back!
209783209783B002F89KCYARTNXU0TK1AG8Blondie0051336089600Better than expected!I was nervous after reading some of the reviews about the taste of this and/or quality, but after having been consuming this for a couple days, I really do enjoy it! Initially I thought it would be gross, but it really wasn't! It is nice with the fruit in it, and has a kind of "nutty" taste. Great shipping, great quality, amazing nprice, and I def. rec!
209784209784B002GYJ9PKA1H83ABIZ7Q05JJames M. Haugh2251319328000A pleasant cup of teaI have seen some reviews of pod teas that said it was impossible to get a good cup of tea out of a pod brewer because the tea is not allowed to simmer. My own experience is that this is not true. I have tried two varieties of tea pods since I purchased my Bunn brewing machine. The Earl Grey Black tea did not suit my taste. This English Breakfast was more to my taste. I was mainly using Orange Pekoe and Earl Grey tea bags before I went to the pods. I find that this Organa tea is a perfectly good, and faster brewed, replacement for the tea bags.
209785209785B0041QESW0A1H307JZMTMMVFPoway Sean0051308096000One of the best medium roast decafs everThis is an excellent coffee, and and even more remarkable decaf coffee. Great medium roast flavor with low acid and no bitterness. Great for anytime of the day.
209786209786B0041QESW0A3M3SFZAWSIYRMRobert A. Perkins0051292371200Superior quality product!We are staunch believers in Weaver's Coffee & Tea -- wife the coffe; husband the tea. For serious coffee & tea drinkers, there is none better. Friends say that the deCaf Weaver's is excellent & tastes just like regular coffee. So, where's the sacrifice? None! Fresh roasted guarantees you're not drinking coffee that has sat on shelves for months. Try it, you'll be believers, too.
209787209787B0041QESW0A3KJY75T43ZOKNmayfordgroup0051284595200gourmet decaf coffeeThis is one of the best decaf coffees available, tastes like a "micro-brew" and has a smooth rich taste with no acidity. It is addictive!!!! Each batch is meticulously blended in small quantities to insure freshness. Also makes a great gift for the true coffe lovers or snobs. Their teas are fantastic too.
209788209788B004PBKEHOAFVBM9VRGQ2E6Celiac stricken John2211346630400Yuk!I did not like this product. Something in it - sage maybe - was overwhelming. I even cut it with something and still it was too much. Also, the ingredients were not listed on the side of the box; it just said "spices." That seems a little odd to me.
209789209789B004PBKEHOA2RBLRBUF2678VPatticakes2241309996800Just like southern chicken... yum.This product is easy to use, the flour didn't clump while coating the chicken... The seasonings are delicious. The batter fried in oil browned beautifully and the texture was perfect.
209790209790B004PBKEHOAJQUPAHCE5U28Flo in PA1151345680000Very Good!I bought a box of this and was rather skeptical about it--boy was I wrong. I have made awesome fried chicken and onion rings using this coating. Hubby doesn't have to eat GF but even he said they were some of the best onion rings he'd ever had. To give it a little more "kick" I add a little bit of garlic powder and seasoned salt, and soak the chicken or onions in buttermilk, and once in a while put a little bit of hot sauce in the buttermilk. This was definitely a worthwhile purchase for me.

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