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209821209821B001IYAIJAA3EF4YJQBRBN2RHalfling0051350086400Smooth and deliciousTrying this product was my second time tasting unsweetened matcha powder. The first time was terrible; the brand I purchased was very cheap and the matcha came in individual packets, which was a big red flag. The power was grainy and extremely bitter, as well as being very dull in color.

However, Gotcha Matcha is incredibly smooth textured; you can't feel any grainy bits when drinking this at all. Additionally the taste is delightful: grassy, earthy, almost sweet, full bodied flavor. The powder itself is very aromatic as well, containing a nice green color. Although it's not as bright as in the picture. It tastes great chilled or heated, provided that you don't over heat it; the tastes becomes slightly bitter in that situation.

Overall, I would defiantly but this matcha again.
209822209822B001IYAIJAA2Z9MUWLA5JO5Gtxmom0051299110400GREAT PRODUCTI'm new at in the "Matcha World" so I'm still getting use to it... how to make it and the taste but I certainly did my research before I purchased some because of the price. Matcha Sourse had excellet reviews online. People stating their Matcha tea wasnt bitter... which seemed to be a problem with some other's tea products. Also Matcha Source gave me excellent communication... letting me know when I should expect the tea... even personally calling me twice. Very good customer service. thanks Highly recomment this company and their tea!!!
209823209823B001IYAIJAA35EK6OHNPLINTFOOTBALL JUNKIE "FOOTBALL JUNKIE"0051295481600Got your matcha reviewGreat product, I have replaced my coffee with this tea and have'nt looked backed since. The caffeine factor is better than coffee so don't worry about your caffeine kick.
209824209824B0000DJ89VA2BFK2RYL66BQHDiane R. Meier "Food Lady"5551221350400Stuffed SoleThis product is a plus. The sole is delicious and easy to make.In less than 45 minutes you can serve an elegant meal. I have ordered these several times and have never been disappointed. My guests believe that I have spent considerable time in preparation of this dish!
209825209825B0000DJ89VA64H6X0H6LS6SD. Taranto "chef gardener"7851201219200Stuffed SoleI purchased this as a Christmas present since I do not make seafood dishes. My family described this as excellent. Very creamy stuffing with good flavor. It looked good in the pan and cooked nicely, just as directed.
209826209826B0000DJ89VA2MF3JFBE4X915Tootsie3341191628800Worth It When On SaleHi, I was pleasantly surprised. There is not alot of shrimp in the stuffing but we did find some. Texture of the sole was very good and no small bones. Good stuffing, not overly spicy. Tasty fish. I liked it better than what I get in the restaurants. Buy it when it's on sale.
209827209827B0000DJ89VABIVFEOB4C7YKlola4511202860800Like garlic?We have had Omaha Steak products for years.
We have had stuffed sole (crab and shrimp) that was very nice and convenient.
This was awful. Not worth tasting. All we could taste was garlic. It was very buttery(?) on the outside and alittle rubbery.
Left a terrible, overwhelming after taste.
We will not even ask for a replacement, which Omaha is not very good at doing anyway.
209828209828B0000DJ89VAWDQLLKXQLP3IBrandom Michael4551168128000So deliciousI am very, very pleased with these little steaks that are stuffed with incredibly tasty shrimp & a litle bit garlic. If you want to try something different, this is an excellent choice.
209829209829B0000DJ89VA2DX7RAX8CWRRbettij "kriticc"81111181692800bland/tastelessNot good at all! Sorely disappointed - Fish was rubbery - "stuffing"


as gummy, garlicky and just plain bad. Will not order ever again. Further
where was the "shrimp??
209830209830B0000DJ89VA3UAV8WK31RJY5Captain Cap "Captain Cap"1121342742400Big let downI received 2 of these with my first ever Omaha steaks order and they turned out being the biggest disappointment so far out of everything included in my order, for a few reasons. 1, the image is deceptive, because the stuffed sole looks nothing like the picture, but that's typical marketing stuff and to be expected to some degree. 2, these aren't really "stuffed" with scallops and crab meat. The stuffing is basically 97% clumps of flavored bread or something, and there's very little crab or scallops. 3, the ingredients. The 3rd most used ingredient in these "stuffed" fillets is, as listed on their website "INGREDIENTS: Sole Fillets, Water, -> Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil <-" Which means, traces of trans fats. Absolutely ridiculous to find this ingredient in a "gourmet" food at this price period, let alone see it listed as the 3rd most used ingredient. I can buy 100% organic stuffed fillets from Trader Joes or Whole foods for far less and not have to worry about crap ingredients which renders the healthy concept of eating fish pretty much useless. Now, all that being said, the 1 I ate tasted fine...but the deal breaker for me was the traces of trans fat. But if you don't care about things like that, these make a fine addition to any Omaha steaks order. Taste wise, they tasted pretty good. I used a lot of lemon, so mine weren't overly buttery as the lemon probably minimized the overly buttery taste that some have compained about, which is made with the hydrogenated oils. I've been surprised as Omaha uses pretty much all quality ingredients in all of their products that I've sampled so far...except for these. I definitely wasn't expecting to see traces of trans fats in a fish product. I didn't even bother to check until afterwards because out of everything I've tried from OS I haven't even come across high fructose corn syrup...which is a huge plus. Neither HFCs or Partially hydrogenated oils were even found in their stuffed baked potatoes, which was a huge surprise as stuffed potatoes are usually full of both of those ingredients. If you can make a delicious baked potato full of sour cream, bacon, cheese, without partially hydrogenated oils, surely OS is capable of doing the same with these stuffed soles. And put more crab meat and scallops in there already. This product is perfect calorie/carb/fat/protein wise...but using cheap ingredients like hydrogenated oils is unacceptable in "gourmet' food imo
209831209831B0000DJ89VAEYJ0EN9J8LSMSalinwa1111310083200The facts of my experience ~ so disappointedI finally decided to order a package deal knowing I could get stuffed sole (scallops and crabmeat) with steaks as well as various other things. Tried the steaks first and while I was disappointed with the size I do say they are way more properly portioned than what I usually get. They are quite thin and are okay at best but definitely not worth the money. Next we tried the potatoes au gratin and I liked that they were different than the sliced stuff in a casserole dish I remember having as a kid (never liked them before) but these were potato balls and while they looked really good they fell short of what I was expecting and my expectations were not that high. One of those deals where the first bite is pretty good and it just goes down hill from there ~ by the time I was done with the first one I didn't care to eat the second one. They seemed like processed frozen food rather than a gourmet type item. I had just always thought "Ohama Steaks" and figured for the price everything would be that of a high-end steakhouse in quality but it isn't even in the ball park of a high-end steakhouse.

So... what has prompted me to finally write (I wasn't going to) was tonight I tried the stuffed sole. I had one a while back "just to see" and while it seemed really bland it was so-so, so I thought I'd prepare a side dish (my own mashed potatoes) with it this time and give it another shot. (I'm a nut for anything crab and scallop.) Being hungry I baked 2 of them. Again I was disappointed with how bland it was but when I started finding BONES in my mouth that was it. BOTH of them had little bones.

It was obviously a waste of time and money and I don't even care about the rest of the food. I may try to see if I can give it away. I am simply not interested and having paid that much money for this stuff and it tasting like some cheap clearance item, not to mention the BONES!! That is just not acceptable to me. I'm glad it wasn't one of my kids eating it.
209832209832B0000DJ89VACH3EOIMRU2RUJohn D. Townsend "johnnytucf"1151295913600Have ordered many timesI first received these as a present and have since reordered them many times, or asked for them as a gift many times. They are very tasty. The stuffing is very flavorful, especially for scallop fans. However, I do have to make an effort to avoid looking at the calorie information. You can see the buttery oil seeping out when cooking is complete.
209833209833B0000DJ89VA3KTGPAM2GQYDAToolchick1011141285632000Good--but could be a little betterWhen cooked, the food likes identical to the stock photo. That alone is impressive. The stuffing browned nicely, and the butter on top made a delicious crisp on the outside. The instructions say to cook for 35-40 minutes at 375 from frozen. If you don't cook it 40 minutes, then it is rubbery. If you do 40 (I usually do 42) it comes out with a good fish texture.

The stuffing is VERY garlicky, but I absolutely adore garlic. It makes the house smell like you're baking garlic bread. If you don't like garlic, do not order this dish.

People are complaining that there are no shrimp in the stuffing. If you open it up, the shrimp are very tiny baby shrimp. To do this review, I broke open my fish and counted the shrimp. I found 24 in my one piece of sole. So plenty of shrimp. I can taste them, but again--if you are not used to eating a lot of garlic, you may not be able to taste them.

The only problem I have with this dish is the bread in the stuffing. It soaks up the water you have to add to the dish to keep it from burning, and makes it too moist. The fish and everything else benefits from the water, but it makes the bread soggy then the cooking causes it to turn mushy. Imagine low quality store bought stuffing with too much water. The taste is superb but the texture is off-putting. Even so, the taste and texture of the rest of the dish makes up for it.

I recommend serving this dish with a mushroom risotto or wild rice pilaf. Really good!
209834209834B0000DJ89VA3J2JTSD7TJ2D8Holly Berkley1151163030400perfect little mealsThese are a great no time to make dinner meal! All around good product.
209835209835B0000DJ89VA10TGMHJU2I8HSPierce H. Thompson3411247011200Not food if you want taste and texture in return for caloriesWe received a flyer in the mail -- an assortment of foods, beef, pork, and these really awful stuffed sole with crab and scallops. Well, like a dummy, I bought the deal.
So, perhaps the truth on Omaha Steaks: The sole stuffed with scallops and crab is really a shread of sole stuffed with a paste which I am hesitant to describe. It is not good to eat.
When our package arrived, we selected two filets mignon, two sole stuffed with scallops and crab, and four potatoes au gratin. The potatoes were edible.
The beef tenderloin was too thin to grill, but we grilled it anyway. Awful. I have already commented on the sole.
Still angry 12 hours later (color me stupid does not sit well with me!) I re-read all the information Omaha Steaks had sent us -- and conformed my suspicion that no where do these people state the grade of beef they sell.
The quality of the sole stuffed with scallops and crab is perhaps compatable with a very cheap diner on the interstate -- "Well, you are hungry. This is cheap. You thought it might be good/interesting" OK/ We have all made those mistakes on a long road trip -- but to buy this kind of nasty food to serve at home -- I don't think so.
209836209836B0000DJ89VA2785QE0POOB6DLinda Olson0031345852800Not So GreatThe steaks I ordered were fine. The fish was mushy and greasy. I found a bone in one. Not my favorite. Also I don't like how fattening they turned fish. It was very high calories.
209837209837B0000DJ89VA2802H6A8LW6GYD. Burke0051335312000AwesomeI tried this from a package direct from Omaha Steaks and fell in love with this item, so I just ordered more from
209838209838B0000DJ89VA2EJDXH6US7M43gjohnson0011331510400Biggest Omaho Steaks LETDOWN!When my wife and I first decided to try Omaha Steaks (I don't know, perhaps we were bored) we didn't even consider what came in the package besides the steaks. When they first arrived I was honestly more interested in the package of dry ice than the measly 4oz bits of beef with so little marbling that they looked petri dish grown. Also in the cooler were some small pork chops, white hotdogs, mini beef slider patties, potato nuggets, and two big balls of butter in little plastic bags. Upon closer inspections (actually we had to read the box) we discovered that there was actually seafood inside that butter.

A few months later I decided to try one (I don't know, perhaps I was bored). My wife however was not interested in experimenting with me. Turns out in this instance (as is almost always the case) she was in the right. After placing the butter ball into the pan with the required 2 tbsp of water and placing into the oven, I waited the minimum thirty minutes. I peeked into the oven to find what looked like a steamed piece of sole sitting in a puddle of watered down butter. Protruding from one end was what looked like pre-chewed fish stick slime, and it was growing. I decided to give it a couple minutes, just to be on the safe side. Checking every two minutes I left it in the oven for the full forty minutes stated as the maximum time in the instructions.

As I reluctantly pulled the Sole Stuffed with ........something out of the oven, I considered that HEY, maybe it will taste better than it looks. The first bite I took was the "stuffing" smooshing out of one end of the sole. Sure enough, it was pre-chewed fish sticks! The texture was slime with an over powering flavor of flour and water. Yep, paste! I immediately abandoned the stuffing and attempted to eat the sole. As others have stated, the flavor was mild and nothing more than alright. The texture was rubbery with a baked on butter slime.

Getting up from the table the only statement that came to mind was "at least if someone we don't like crashes a dinner party we'll have something to feed them".

Honestly, you're better off buying fish sticks in your local grocer. At least they aren't pre-chewed.
209839209839B0000DJ89VAMOTAAGQP1K79P. Stotts0041305676800Definitely tastes better than it looks...Ok, I won't lie, my dad ordered me some of these for my birthday and I was a bit skeptical. When I thawed them out, it looked not so appetizing. I figured I'd give them a shot anyway. I served them with wild rice and green beans. They were delicious! I will admit, the shrimp and scallops are there, but a little difficult to see. The taste was wonderful though! I had to drain a little of the butter. I'm ordering more, these are perfect for those nights when I don't have time to slave in the kitchen, and chop veggies/watch the stove/babysit the kitchen.
209840209840B0000DJ89VA10TWOTCXYN05PLiz Salazar0051297382400Mouthful of tastyFor something so ridiculously easy to make this is amazingly delicious. You really only add fish and a little water to the pan, then stick it in the oven. The stuffing really has a great flavor, but it's not overdoing it. It's also a great option for anyone watching their weight!
209841209841B0000DJ89VA37REIKYSHU4ZFMiles Hiniker1221202860800DifferentThe fish is a bit rubbery and bland. Lots of garlic flavor, but no taste of shrimp at all. Not bad, but not good. I'll stick to the steaks.
209842209842B002C3XKFUA2G80DP56P25GAJames0051298851200Avoid Home-BrewThe kit was great except home-brew didn't include all the ingredients when the amazon listing clearly says "This is a complete kit".
209843209843B003YQBC0EA1SOKQ5FRU0G7P1futbolboy0031333497600Bamboo bonsaiWell I just received my new bamboo bonsai and it's nothing like the pictures. Looks like a got some sort of variegated grass but not the bamboo in the pictures. It's nice and was packed well just different than what I thought I was getting. Nice pot as well.
209844209844B0000DJ89SA3D81H6GXY7RXDEinstein4631178409600transfat alertWhen I purchased the product there was no nutritional information. There was none at the Omaha Steak web site either. I bought it expecting fish to be a healthy product. I requested the company to send out nutritional information after my purchase. It has 8g of transfat. The sole almondine tastes fine but I would not purchase it again because of the transfat. I baked it in a drip pan to remove as much of the fat as possible.
209845209845B0000DJ89SADNADYR5S1F7TCharles H. Griffith1351087430400Excellent quality and a great price to bootI've tried a number of prepared versions of the Sole Almondine and find Omaha Steaks product to be the most succulent and delicious of them all. The preparation is easy, straightforward, and always has excellent results. This dish has impressed even my most critical foodie friends with its wonderful flavor, texture, and delicious golden brown crust.
209846209846B0000DJ89SA2AGCTEQJFSSZZMichele Cecere0251229817600a nice surpriseFor non fish lovers this is a great meal. The fish is tender and the coating is just the right amount of flavor and texture. I added butter and parsely and we enjoyed it every time. Ordering again!
209847209847B00028LDJCA1YCA4292U836James L. Smith "Ogopogo"8851119312000Ka-BlamThis gum is a favorite of mine. The intense rush of herbal extracts and caffiene makes one wake up fast. I recommend this to anyone who fancies a good shock to the tastebuds.
209848209848B00028LDJCA1NFQG93EVM5M7AMB5551234742400Wakes you up!The first time I chewed a piece, the flavor was so harsh that I had to spit it out. It's caffeinated, so it's a less time-consuming alternative to coffee. It has a strong minty flavor. Also, I didn't buy this from amazon but from a local Japanese store instead, since it's $1.39 as oppose to amazon's $7.14.
209849209849B00028LDJCA19Y5TZ03B0Z7Ccjw333 "cjw333"4451195776000High Technical GumMy favorite Japanese chewing gum
It's powerful stuff...
but I'm always surprised
when someone spits it out
209850209850B00028LDJCAN9JQK4U8LKDOBlessedt one3351296864000For serious mint lovers onlyI tried this gum when I was in Okinawa and I instantly fell in love with it. Of course, I am a mintaholic(self proclaimed). The flavor is very intense, so only those who really like a minty taste would like this.

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