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209868209868B000OUOYH6A39OM6POGFF525Guaporuiz0051340150400Great training treats!My dog's attention level increases dramatically when I use these treats for training purposes... or/and rewarding good behavior. No digestive problems either, so far so good with stools. Anyway, I recommend these treats - they are certainly with the expense!
209869209869B000OUOYH6AK8L2GQYMK6EHLori0051333411200pet botantic mini training rewardsThese are like the size of an eraser. I got the roasted chicken flavor and it has a very strong smoky flavor that my maltese loves. Just the sound of opening the bag and he will do any command just to get one! I've had these for over a month and as long as you seal the zip lock bag, they stay soft. I was switching from these treats with two others and now I decided to give up the other treats and buy these. These treats are so small that it makes it more enjoyable to be able to give him numerous treats thru out the day without effecting his diet.

The ingredients listed in order-- pork liver, barley flour, whole ground potatoes, sucrose, chicken, potato starch, glycerine, wheat bran, gelatin, rice flour, flax seed, salt, natural smoke flavor, garlic powder, phosphoric acid, potassium sorbate, mustard, citri acid, mixed tocopherols, rosemary. Mfg. in USA in Azusa, CA
NO CORN, NO GLUTEN, NO SOY, NO BHA, NO BHT, NO ETHOXYQUIN. I highly recommend these treats for all dogs.
209870209870B000OUOYH6A35XQ95T1EVBJSEvan Finn0051329523200My dog LOVES these!Worth the dog can't get enough and works hard in training sessions for these treats! Excellent product! Definite Recommend.
209871209871B000OUOYH6A28ZDVY6NV75PAZ Desert Rat "movie buff"0051319760000Great!My dog absolutely loves these tiny treats. The size of the bag is nice because the amount of treats lasts a long time. Coaxing her to get into the car was difficult until I remembered that these treats worked so well with training why not tempt her into the car with these too, voila after about 5 mins no problem. Now she doesn't need the treats to get in. They are a great reward after tedious brushing so she puts up with combing knowing she will get them. I buy different flavors and she loves them all.
209872209872B0000D9N8OAQFIH82DRPMWPatrick O'Brien646451068940800Wonderful CheesesEveryone in my family loves cheese and we especially love French and Spanish cheeses. We recently received this cheese assortment as a gift and we really loved all of them.

Our favorite cheese in this group was definitely the Manchego. It was decadently rich and creamy and the flavor transported me back to the days when I was a student, hitchhiking my way across Europe.

Neither my wife nor I had ever had the Mahon Reserva, but we really liked it. It's sharp and tangy, so we ate it in much smaller portions than the Manchego. We had never had the Idiazabal, either, and I have to say this smoky cheese has become one of our family's favorite, rivaling even the Manchego. It's perfect for cooler weather or to nibble on with an apple, a loaf of crusty bread and a glass of full-bodied Rioja.

The Murcia al Vino was divine. This is a special cheese and one that we love sharing with friends. All of the cheeses in this Spanish Cheese Assortment make a wonderful gift for yourself or for the cheese lovers in your life.

209873209873B0000D9N8OAJX0B4JFRIR9WD. Ray "conspiracy theorist"242441124841600not just a flash in the panI have worked with imported cheeses for most of my life, and it's great to see Spanish cheeses get their due. Spain is right up there with France as far as variety, great flavors, and quality goes. What they are behind on is marketing. Spain is where France was 30-40 years ago. Now there is a huge interest in Spanish cuisines -wines, tapas, and fine cheeses.The cuisine is large and complex enough that chefs will be playing around with it for a good long time. This selection is an outstanding introduction to Spanish cheeses. Different milks-Manchego and Idiazabal are sheep, mahon is cow, and Murcia vino is often nicknamed "The Drunken Goat" due to it's milk and that it is marinated in a local Murcian wine. There are different textures and also different geographical areas represented as well. If you have any interest in Spanish cuisine, this is an outstanding launch pad to get you started. Spanish cuisine is not a new whimsey that U.S. chefs are going to beat into the ground.(Remember truffle oil on EVERYTHING?) You'll see Spanish products, techniques, and innovations for a long time. These versatile and yummy cheeses will get you started to watch the upcoming parade of spanish foods.
209874209874B0000D9N8OA1OGJH8KGY5A1RTiara Agresta5541195084800As good as we had in Barcelona!We loved the assortment and it was ended up being more cheese than we had expected. The quality was excellent -- the manchego took us back to the wheel of cheese we bought on our honeymoon! Perfect with some pecans in honey. We'd definitely buy this again.

The only complaint is that it was fairly warm when we got it. It was a mild day but not hot, and I'm concerned that the cheese might have melted on a warmer day or if the box had been out in the sun for longer than it was.
209875209875B0000D9N8OA3DZ9OKEVR4CLTK. Ortiz "CatalinaUD"3351181952000AMAZING!I am a huge fan of Manchego cheese, so I ordered this sampler as an indulgence for my husband and myself. It was delicious, and well worth the price. If you're considering this, go ahead and purchase. You won't be disappointed.
209851209851B00028LDJCA2ZHNJNPFURVFZMike the Consumer2251172534400An afternoon pick-me-up.Delicious and effective stimulant although a bit too expensive to develop a serious habit. The best of the LOTTE gums in my opinion.
209852209852B00028LDJCA1VHOVIQ4GB8NJDarksky1141169424000Yum?I quite liked it, the flavor is a bit harsh at first but then it becomes more mellow. It is most certainly caffeinated which is good. It is too expensive to buy more than once though. All in all I liked it.
209853209853B00028LDJCA3OAFPTU1B7DKNLadson0051329436800My Favorite Gum! Black Black StyleThis gum is great! I enjoy chewing each new piece. This gum has taste of cough drops and atloids mints, so it might be a little strong and bitter for some. The gum is caffeinated, which is great quick pick me up. There is not a lot of caffine in the gum, but after chewing one stick you can fell a difference. The gum does some what freshen your breath. The only down side of this gum is that the flavor is not long lasting probaly after 4 to 5 mins the gum lose its flavor. I highly recommend buying this gum, dont buy just one pack because that can be expenisive. I recommend buy 5-15 packets to save money.I love this japanese gum!
209854209854B00028LDJCA3N27L13CWJ9HYD. R. Smith0041319587200Very liquorishyDon't know if I spelled that right or if it's even a word. We ordered this to fill up our $25 minimum to get free shipping and it is great. My husband thinks licorice is ambrosia so it was a great fine and we'd order it again.
209855209855B00028LDJCA1O80FSHN7HR8FDerp0111319328000save your 5-7 buckssave your 5 bucks there is only like 10 pieces of gum and to be honest...there is really nothing special about this gum. You can get the same flavored gum in a store for 1$ It tastes EXACTLY like how Altoids would taste if they were in gum form. Its just a minty gum. There's nothing special about it. Sometimes you get a really strong stick that you cant breath and have to spit it out and sometimes you get a lame piece that tastes like minty chalk. I wouldn't recommend it.
209856209856B00028LDJCA1FKFCQRVSHF0ZBen0711299974400do not buyThey sent me a completely different type of gum and did not respond at all when i tried to contact them.
209857209857B00028LDJCA2X3QCXE2MRPOYDavid L. Holland "Dave"42451223596800Delicious - and addictive.If you wonder why you crave this gum fortnightly, it is because it contains Nicotine. When I was living in Japan I chewed it regularly and always looked forward to buying the next pack. Then I was told by a friend it contained Nicotine. Look on the back and lo and behold, you see the characters Ni Ko Chi N. (Nicotine).

Good stuff!
209858209858B001M0ALHOAOYK54WUYTRY5RunninMama0051348012800Superb productWe buy this instead of plain apple sauce for our baby. The mix with apricot or peaches doesn't lead to constipation... We also think it's DELICIOUS!!!
209859209859B001M0ALHOA2Q63HZ05M3Q6AA. galdamez "galdamez"0031330041600good but not good enoughi like it and would have given it 4 stars; however, my daughter doesn't like the taste and refuses to eat them.
209860209860B001M0ALHOAGEUFAZL6TWC4Cbalde0051318118400Healthy, tasty baby food!These are the healthiest, easiest, yummiest baby food! Just mix with a little brown rice cereal and water and I have a happy baby whose getting her "apple a day," along with the additional benefits of apricot. And organic was essential since apples are one of the "dirty dozen," which I definitely wasn't going to expose my baby to.
209861209861B001M0ALHOAIOPIWA4Q6GAJveronica s0041311724800Great snack!!I LOVE cold applesauce and like to have it in the fridge at all times. I also like it to be natural (no added sugar) and the organic aspect is good but not required. I have been ordering either the Santa Cruz regular applesauce cups or Mott's natural applesauce cups from Amazon for a long time but they haven't been available for at least several weeks (maybe longer but that's when I started checking) which is very disappointing.

I like the Santa Cruz brand so decided to go with this apple apricot sauce because it was available. I looked at the nutritional info for both this product and the regular applesauce on the Santa Cruz website and both contain no added sugar and have about the same nutritional profile (50 calories per cup). I did not want a much, much sweeter snack and thought that something with apricot might be. It's actually about the same, and pretty good. The apricot flavor is very subtle and still seems very much like an applesauce to me. I would still prefer the regular natural applesauce if Amazon will restock it but definitely don't mind changing it up with this flavor. Unfortunately, this product is now listing as unavailable. Bring back the applesauces, Amazon!
209862209862B001M0ALHOA36796T0JUL75YDanforth A. Nicholas "dan4th"0051299456000I love this applesaucewhat's not to love. It's delicious, it's quick and easy, and it's organic. This is one of my favorite convenience foods.
209863209863B001M0ALHOA281E9Z9INZ5BVAmis0051288915200Tasty variation on apple sauceThis is more than just a baby food! I am enjoying it on oatmeal for breakfast but it is good as a quick dessert too. There is no additional added sugar and it is organic too. Good stuff!!
209864209864B000MQYSYQA2XF9HTZHGVB2NDavid L. Foerster "woods"1631241049600Rice nothing specialI bought this rice on the recommendation of the recipe author, but I didn't think it tasted much different from any other type of rice.
209865209865B000OUOYH6A18A4HXAIU9U8OJoseph E. Boos "Boozer856"3351296432000Good product, amazon price... no buenoI have a very picky German Shepherd, but (thankfully) these caught her pallet. Nothing against the product itself but it is $5 cheaper at our local big box pet supply retailer. I am as lazy as they come and it would be nice if the price here matched the price at the retailer so I didn't physically have to go there (sad, I know).
209866209866B000OUOYH6AOE89I43O1X19Cinda3351272758400awesome training aidsThese are some of the best training treats I have found. They are small, and fairly soft, so they make for a quick reward. I even break them into smaller bites most of the time. They are quite strong smelling, and my dog LOVES them. I highly recommend them.
209867209867B000OUOYH6AQ6AGWKWMTY8HPam Tee "mom,wife,fur-mom,book-blogger"1151331424000These are Great Treats...I REALLY like these small, soft treats. They have Pork Liver, Barley Flour, and Whole Ground Potatoes as the first three ingredients, and they don't have BHA, BHT, soy and corn. In addition they are made in the USA which is good because I won't buy any food/treats from overseas.

My puppies' (and the cat) love them and unlike other treats they never get tired of them. In fact, there's something so attractive about the smoky smell that I'm now crumbling these into their regular pup-chow so that the odor is spread around.

From my prospective they are great not only because my dogs love them, but because they are small so I can reward frequently. Also, they don't make a mess in my pocket. I've tried a variety of treats and while there are hard varieties that hold up well in the pocket, my pups get tired of them quickly.

The only downside I've found thus far, is that they make my pockets smell.

Pam T~
mom/critter lover
209876209876B0000D9N8OA27QGFZJ866525E. Fiene3351169337600Spanish CheesesI sent these as Christmas gifts to family members who had spent time in Spain this past year. They had loved Spanish cheeses so were very pleased with the gift.
209877209877B0000D9N8OA20C8TVXPZ65WKGwendolyn J. Malone3351168819200Excellent selection and tasteI have ordered this cheese selection twice and it is really wonderful. There is a great selection and all of the cheeses are very tasty. I have served them at parties and received rave reviews from everyone. Only negative is that the second shipment arrived with the cheese very warm inside even though I brought it inside the moment it was delivered and it was in a cooler box with an ice pack which had turned very hot. I was worried it would have gone bad, but it seemed ok. Just make sure that you will be home to get it in the fridge shortly after arrival.
209878209878B0000D9N8OA2XPGNJ8YUPHM0H. Grove "Errant Dreams Reviews"1151275609600Perfect cheeses!My iGourmet order arrived quickly and in perfect condition. The Spanish cheeses are expensive, but of incredible quality and flavor. A quick web search will turn up some fantastic ways to eat each cheese, ranging from marinated in olive oil and herbs (Idiazabal), to served with dried fruits and nuts (Mahon), diced and added to a tomato-based salad (Murcia al Vino), and even coated and fried (Manchego). I definitely recommend picking things that will highlight the flavors of each cheese rather than obscuring them, as these are truly delightful.
209879209879B0000D9N8OA163X9BJ4G2WLHJ. Morgan1151232064000Love these cheeses!My husband lived in Spain for a few years and was missing all of the yummy food he ate there, so we ordered this cheese. We were blown away by how great they tasted, and my husband loved that they were REAL spanish cheeses! We'll be ordering this assortment again!
209880209880B0000D9N8OA2RI7Z8BN4D6VJduchess "duchy"1151198627200great holiday giftI sent this to my in-laws for Christmas (they are major cheese hounds) and they were VERY happy with it. This was apparently a big hit with the extended family on the west coast.

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