Amazon Fine Food Reviews

209987209987B002QX3B2IA2SRW6Z758MPZNTeresa Frazer0051316217600Texas PralinesWe had a caramel contest. Texas Pralines and Abbott's caramels of Hagerstown, Indiana tied.
The Russians like the pralines best.
209988209988B00061UKKSA1JZUNFS99MLCWZoe1151325980800Noticed a huge difference - for the better!Our lab mix loves the taste of Artemis. We used to give her Purina (which I found out was full of processed ingredients) and since the switch, she's had more energy, a shinier coat, and a fitter figure :) They're just like humans - sure, the processed foods taste good - their Canidae/Purina, our McDonald's - but the whole foods with real meats, fruits, etc are MUCH better for us and them
209989209989B00061UKKSA3UP8Q57GWHN0GJessica R Meehan1151311206400My Bulldog's Fav!I have an English Bulldog who is incredibly healthy and has the softest shiniest coat (which bulldogs DO NOT normally have). She's at her ideal weight too, and I credit alot to the Artemis!
209990209990B00061UKKSA2FSO1D44L9H25Viscaria1221302912000Dog Hates ArtemisArtemis is a very high quality food ingredient wise, and since my dog is moving over seas with us I wanted to get her on a food available in both countries.

Artemis was very nice and sent samples of the Fresh Mix Adult and Fresh Mix Maximal dog, and my dog loved it so we bought 2 30lb bags from amazon.

She ate a little bit of it initially and then totally refused to eat it. She picked out the old dog food from the Artemis, and only ate her dog food when she was starving. She hasn't even eaten half a bag, and the second bag wasn't treated any differently.

Two months later she still hates it and has lost weight so I gave up and bought her Canidae, which she loves and eats no problem at all. She is not a picky dog, but she just hated the Artemis - it gave her horrible gas all the time and she had diarrhea several times.

Changing her food she is back to being a happy little porker.

I don't know if it was a bad batch or what since she liked the sample packs, but it definitely didn't work for her at all.
209991209991B000P52FO4A29KCMFZIAKSWTBrittany9951194998400Delicious!These are wonderful! The flavor of the frosting and filling is perfect, rich and sweet, but not too sweet. It's perfect for a light snack. I used to pull off the crust of poptarts because I hated the stale taste, but the crust on these is DELICIOUS. It tastes so moist and fresh, reminding me a little of what a real pastry tastes like. I don't get a stomach ache from these like I did after eating poptarts... and these are organic! I am definitely buying these from now on!

If you are wondering about the ingredients, they are:

Organic wheat flour, organic evaporated cane juice invert, organic palm oil, organic evaporated cane juice, organic brown sugar, organic whole wheat flour, organic corn starch, organic vital wheat gluten, organic dextrose, organic molasses, organic rice starch, sea salt, leavening (baking soda, cream of tartar), natural brown sugar flavor, organic maple flavor, organic cinnamon, organic honey, organic rice bran extract, organic cocoa, organic caramel flavor, organic vanilla flavor, organic caramel color, algin sodium citrate, monocalcium phosphate, whey protein isolate (milk).

The Frosted Strawberry ones are really good, too.
209992209992B000P52FO4A1GYEGLX3P2Y7PShala Kerrigan3351282089600My kids love theseI don't like toaster pastries, but my husband and children love them. We've been really watching for hidden sources corn syrup in things for the last year or so, and the big name brand toaster pastries do use corn syrup. We found these, and they don't contain corn syrup or gelatin. They are shelf stable for longer than it takes my family to eat them. Not nutritious, but you don't expect toaster pastries to be nutritious. It is a snack that I don't feel guilty about having on hand.
This is my son's favorite flavor, and my daughter likes them a lot as well. She prefers the chocolate though. The pastry part is much like the big name pastries in consistency and texture. The frosting is sweet, and the filling is a true maple flavor.
If you look at the ingredients and don't know what inverted sugars are, they are sugars that are made sweeter, usually by heating and adding a bit of an acid like lemon juice, which makes it an organic and natural alternative to high fructose corn syrup.
209993209993B000P52FO4A2BAJADUMM6K29Jennifer D. Mitchell "JRD8675309"22512822624007 year old says "BETTER THAN POP TARTS!"If you a Pop Tart loving adult...these are great! But...let's face it, the majority of the "toaster pastry" population is school age so here is a review from my kiddos (ages 7 & 12):

-Thin layer of icing is just sweet enough...more of a hint than a mouthful of hard sugary coating.
-Tastes even better when you toast them!
-The inside is the best part...its not gritty or jelly-ish.

We buy a lot of organic and sometimes there just isn't an organic approach that my kids love...but this brand and flavor is a HUGE exception. My son has ADHD so I try to keep HFCS, refined sugars, and ALL artificial dyes out of his diet. This brand helps me AND he sees as a treat.
209994209994B000P52FO4A1JM25M2PSVPXEG. Erikson2251227571200Great product great price!!!I have an Amazon subscription to these and the strawberry. My kids love them and they are better than other brands. I buy them from Amazon with a subscription and they are much less than in my local grocery store.
209995209995B000P52FO4AEG3FUW798TD2M3isme "M3"2251215907200My kids actually like these better than Pop Tarts!In a effort to eliminate High Fructose Corn Syrup from our family diet, I've been searching high and low for substitutes that won't leave the family feeling deprived. The kids (and the dad!) love these Maple Brown Sugar Toaster Pastries. I can recommend them with confidence!
209996209996B000P52FO4A3411K5L6QNVH7Maria Garcia "mticasgarcia"1151279756800GOURMET FOOD AT A GREAT PRICE!I love natures path toaster pastries but hate the high price, normally, over 3.00 per box...i got a pack of 12 boxes which came out to about 1.66 per box with amazon...THANK YOU...will definitely keep coming back with prices like these and gourmet products that are still fresh and taste great!
209997209997B000P52FO4A3M019H9B8HNJ8Brenda C. Hall "Brenda H"1151274832000Great tasting toaster pastriesThese are delicious and so much better for you than the other toaster pastries. Good prices too. My husband and I both love them.
209998209998B000P52FO4A30T5JD4YMK7LZAnne T. Soffee "more Peg Bracken than Martha ...1151254960000Brings back memoriesI had to stop eating frosted Pop-Tarts when I became vegetarian 18 years ago (the gelatin in the frosting). The brown sugar cinnamon ones were always my favorites. And my poor son, who is four, had never so much as tasted a Pop-Tart due to all of the nasty additives and HFCS in them. I'd tried health-food-store versions before but they tasted like dog biscuits and they never even had the option of frosted ones. Enter Nature's Path Organic Toaster Pastries. We are huge fans and keep them on hand all the time now. Fantastic guilt-free treat!
209999209999B000P52FO4A216NSW58Q3SCJccincalif "ccincalif"1151250294400So much better than Pop Tarts in both Taste and Ingredients! Not too sweet!These are not your typical "health food" copy of a national brand product, which may look similar but tastes terrible. These toaster pastries actually taste so good, you won't believe they're organic. No junk in them to make you feel guilty giving them to your kids. My son took a box to camp and ate them cold! I've ordered them on subscription and only tried them because I loved the frosted brown sugar Pop Tarts (but didn't like the ingredients). Try them, you'll love them.
210000210000B000P52FO4A1U37D8Q1ZQGFCT. Adams1151197331200Once Again I Was Pleased :)It's been my goal to try all of the flavors of these toaster pastries. The Brown Sugar Maple was another tasty one. I might like this one the best because of it's richer flavor. As far as the fruit flavors go, I'd say the Strawberry is the best, followed closely by the Apple, and Cherry Pomegranate.

The only two flavors I haven't tried yet are the Blueberry and the Chocolate. I'm sure the Blueberry will be just as good as the other fruit flavors. The chocolate I'm not so sure about.

Remember, whichever one you do choose, always go for the frosted versions.
209971209971B000GG1OAIA2PLM581WLUZGUShirley "Avid Reader"1241255219200Bigelow Pomegranate PizzazzI like this taste very much............ so it will probably be discontinued soon. HaHa
209972209972B001F9AOSIA2H1SP5IMR0YMPSandy0051309651200SandyOur dogs love these treats and they are so healthy for them. We have a dog that has severe colitis and she can eats these with no problems.
209973209973B001G5ORLGA1TCXSRHE8IICWSan Francisco "Ni Hao!"101051262908800Great steaksThese were cheaper than the omamhasteaks website that i usually buy them from
great deal for the holidays to ship off to that special someone in your family that likes steak
209974209974B001G5ORLGA10CAPBGOMXRBYMurph "MrMurph"121451242864000Wow ExcellentThe Celebration pack is great! Lots of food for a real good price.
I highly recommend this package.
209975209975B001G5ORLGA39N06G5T0NJ0EWendy Daeges6651264809600Great GiftLiving overseas makes it difficult to buy gifts for my family in the states. After sending my parents various items I decided this Christmas to purchase this item for them. I could hardly wait to hear their reaction. They were thrilled and overwhelmed with the quality and quantity. They continue to rave about it. I am buying one for my sister.
209976209976B001G5ORLGA38DM78ZJUDV5bob8921294099200dissapointedI have ordered from OS in the past and recieved fantastic meat. This shipment has been dissapointing so far...The Fillet's were small (my own fault when ordering) and one of them was riddled with so much fat, I broke it down and fed it to my lab-she was impressed. I recall ordering from OS years ago, receiving fabulous fillets that could be easily cut with a fork-this was not the case. For the price, I will likely have better luck requesting special cuts from the local supr market.
209977209977B001G5ORLGA2SBZQR76C5TXBT. Trujillo2251309046400TASTY!!Very tender meats. Sole is awesome! Good value. I order a lot of Omaha Steak products and have loved them all.
209978209978B001G5ORLGA2LNGCDU54HQ24Dorothy L. Quillin "Dotsdottie"2251297814400Fantastic!Fantastic, juicy and tender!
Everything was great (there is only the 2 of us) but next time I may even order with the desserts included.
209979209979B001G5ORLGA2WWOD64L7LDQGlapsrus "lapsrus"1121346630400Did not receive after 9 daysI gave two stars, because I am assuming that the meat deserves 3 or 4 stars. I ordered 8 days before Labor Day. The day before Labor Day I had to go to the butcher so that I would have them meat in time. (BTW, I was able to get USDA Prime for the same price as OS. Had to pay tax, but no "overnight" shipping)

I cancelled with OS the next day. They gave me a tracking number, but it still had not shipped. I have a sign on the door saying that I am refusing shipment.

Get a confirmed delivery date before you hit "Buy".
209980209980B001G5ORLGA2GPT4HKHWBSBOMary Hoffmann0051332892800Fantastic and worth every penny!I received a Christmas gift coupon to Amazon, and decided to splurge on The Fantastic Feast. Everything in it was beyond expectations. The hot dogs were the best we have ever had. They are HUGE! So tasty too. The stuffed sole was better than restaurant fare. Great juicy beefy burgers. I wasn't expecting much of the chicken breasts, I figured boneless chicken breast is boneless chicken breast... but they were unbelievably moist and delicious. The center cut pork chops were flavorful and juicy! Of course the sirloin steaks were wonderful as well, and the potatoes were a quick and delicious side. So much in that magical cooler! The quality of Omaha Steak products is truly exceptional. I would not hesitate to purchase one of the combo packs again. My only negative is that the shipping prices are high. I was actually ordering 8 hot dogs earlier today for 9.99 and they wanted 14.99 for shipping! I decided against that purchase... Money is tight, and lower shipping costs would help us all out! Fortunately for me there is a retail store nearby my home, which I plan on visiting soon!
209981209981B001G5ORLGA1M2SIZ506UHIMKathy Birthisel0051325116800AWESOME gift!I ordered this sampler for my aunt for christmas. I called her after they arrived and she was THRILLED! She said they are delicious, and also commented on what a wonderful gift idea. She lives alone, and in another state, so this was the perfect gift and size for her! She can even invite a friend over to enjoy with her. I just ordered a larger Rib Eye package for my husband and myself to enjoy! I can't wait to receive it.
209982209982B001G5ORLGA1DF1VVT27L7VOCornbreadnum10051323907200Excellent!We received the package very quickly! Everything is packaged neatly and looks great. Great product! Perfect gift for my dad who loves to BBQ!
209983209983B001G5ORLGAEYJ0EN9J8LSMSalinwa5811310083200so disappointed ~ will not order Omaha steaks againI finally decided to order a variety package deal knowing I could get stuffed sole (scallops and crabmeat) with steaks as well as various other things. Tried the steaks first and while I was disappointed with the size I do say they are way more properly portioned than what I usually get. They are quite thin and are okay at best but definitely not worth the money. Next we tried the potatoes au gratin and I liked that they were different than the sliced stuff in a casserole dish I remember having as a kid (never liked them before) but these were potato balls and while they looked really good they fell short of what I was expecting and my expectations were not that high. One of those deals where the first bite is pretty good and it just goes down hill from there ~ by the time I was done with the first one I didn't care to eat the second one. They seemed like processed frozen food rather than a gourmet type item. I had just always thought "Ohama Steaks" and figured for the price everything would be that of a high-end steakhouse in quality but it isn't even in the ball park of a high-end steakhouse.

So... what has prompted me to finally write (I wasn't going to) was tonight I tried the stuffed sole. I had one a while back "just to see" and while it seemed really bland it was so-so, so I thought I'd prepare a side dish (my own mashed potatoes) with it this time and give it another shot. (I'm a nut for anything crab and scallop.) Being hungry I baked 2 of them. Again I was disappointed with how bland it was but when I started finding BONES in my mouth that was it. BOTH of them had little bones.

It was obviously a waste of time and money and I don't even care about the rest of the food. I may try to see if I can give it away. I am simply not interested and having paid that much money for this stuff and it tasting like some cheap clearance item, not to mention the BONES!! That is just not acceptable to me. I'm glad it wasn't one of my kids eating it.

I would have left this review on their website but, oh my, I couldn't find a page to do that on their website. I wonder why??
209984209984B0088V7812AT4CFI5G8ORH5hannah1151343952000LOVE THIS ICE-CREAM!!I have an ice cream maker at home, which has been gathering dust for a while.
I came across this product and thought to give it a try. As I expected, it was really
easy to make. Just mix with half and half and dump it into the machine.
I have tried chocolate and vanilla so far, and they turned out to be pretty delicious.
I do love the flavor and aroma. For a richer texture, I added a little heavy cream, and
the ice cream was smooth and creamy.
We received our ice cream maker as a gift a while back and are finally putting it to good use.
My kids and I had fun making ice cream at home... It is a time-saver and tastes great too!
209985209985B003XRAI5OA1M3F4G45OXRDIVictor12120311319673600Complete DisasterMatouk's West Indian Hot Sauce is the worst hot sauce I have ever tasted. The quality control is atrocious. You're better off with something else. They also have a real problem with shipping. So much so that they have a form letter they send to people who receive a USPS box full of broken glass and hot sauce to clean up. The bottom line is that the product may create problems for he person you're trying to send a gift to, instead of enhancing their life. I'll never order from them again.
209986209986B002QX3B2IA1MTB9HAQH8CS2Anonymous0051326067200AnonymousWhen I lived in Oklahoma City and found these over the holidays at a local Dillards I was hooked. They are sweet but not too sweet and enjoyable. Although, they can be a tad pricey they are definitely worth every dime.

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