Amazon Fine Food Reviews

210050210050B000G7X0NQA2IJU5WBFSAF40ruminator0051331856000Oh my, these are good. And I don't even like rice cakes!I learned about Lundberg Farms rice products quite by accident at a forgotten health food store a few months ago. Since then I have consumed Lundberg rice products exclusively. This rice actually has flavor and these rice cakes are far ahead of their competition in every category except the crumbly category. But even that seeming shortcoming is actually further proof of their superiority.

This rice is clean when it is cooked and it is not held together by an abundance of starch and man made binders that you will find in the big name brand rice cakes in your supermarket.

I put mine in a simple sandwich baggie, fold top not zip lock, and eat it plain and the baggie catches the crumbs for me.

Additionally a recent study suggests that white rice is a contributor to diabetes in some people. I quit white rice a few months ago and the health benefits have been very noticeable to me and others.
210051210051B000G7X0NQA2WXPQKE2R3TWWKyle H. L. Powderly0041304380800Flavorful but fragileStumbled across these, and tried them on a lark. MUCH tastier than almost every other rice cake out there -- perhaps because they use brown rice rather than the more bland white rice. The crunch and chewiness is quite good.

The one downside is they are significantly more prone to crumble and break-up than other rice cakes. Without fail, in every bag there is at least a half-rice-cake's-worth of crumbled bits in the bottom by the time I've eaten them all. Often at the top there will be one cake that self-destructs beyond eatability (must be due to rough handling in shipping). The fragility leads to a mess on my desk, lap, keyboard...Enjoy them quickly, 'cause in a couple weeks they'll break up faster and uglier than Donald Trump's marriages.

But enjoy them nonetheless, because they are really tasty!
210052210052B000G7X0NQA2MFULGO0TR666karalto0051296864000Awesome!Decicious rice cakes! They don't fall apart like the others. They are whole grain and gluten free! Goes great with peanut butter or jelly!
210053210053B000G7X0NQA5D0QGW9LR7TDotis0031293580800cakes-a-crumblyi love the rice cakes and have been ordering them for over a year now but...1 out of four times i recieve them,about half are broken and crumbling!i've never complained or returned them but i wonder if there is something that can be done about this?
210054210054B000G7X0NQA1W862RXQK3GRNRobert S. Martin "code writer"0051195171200Rice!I have used this product for almost a year, purchasing it from health food stores. Buying from Amazon is much more economical. Good rice cakes!
210055210055B000G7X0NQAJSTGUC7GWMWDE. Behling "dutch"0051187222400goodI am so glad to have these around for snacking. The stores around here don't always stock them so it was nice to get an entire boxful, which I am still eating.
210056210056B000G7X0NQA4E4HSG1K1SCBurban_nomad0111293667200Didn't Care For The TasteI was looking forward to getting these to have a healthy snack, but I didn't care for the taste. Won't be ordering them again.
210057210057B000H172DAA3CU3VSKKQ56ZOMJL2251290470400A great brown sugar substituteI like the concentrated brown sugar flavor of Sweet 'n Low, much more flavor than the Sugar Twin Brown Sugar Substitute. For some reason this is almost impossible to find in stores, so getting it on-line is a great option.
210058210058B000H172DAA1TV12IFHEKOAQM. Epstein0041344988800This is a great brown sugar substituteThis creates a flavor just like the real thing. Unfortunately like the real thing, it was partly hardened when I first tried to get some out. But it was pretty easy to massage the package and loosen it up to get out one teaspoon which was all I needed. They tell you what the equivalents are, but I can't remember. It's on the package.
210059210059B000H172DAA31CQSF092ZEFSClaire D. Hutt0051338249600Keeps a long timeI order this pack of twelve boxes of Sweet N Low brown sugar about once a year. It is always shipped quickly, and keeps a long time. I use this daily as an oatmeal sweetener to cut calories and couldn't do without it!
210060210060B003Z3Q1CUA2P6VSIQARW1K7Robyn3351294963200Yummy - great customer service/packingDelivered to us in 1-2 days - we're East Coast. Not fluffy - dense and candy-like. Not this exact packaging but similar. Wrapped in tissue like a gift with seal and advertising magnet enclosed. I would be proud to send this as a gift; however, we purchased to sample all the flavors. Each was sealed in plastic bag with label and smaller one on back denoting flavors. Would recommend this vendor.
210031210031B001B82RCOA1HZE7KFN4RBF8happychknlittle0051227398400awesome snacks!THese are the best protein snacks and I can get them far cheaper in bulk than from the gym. thks
210032210032B001B82RCOAQ9HAVTJQV4FWE. Scairpon "red67falcon"1251250380800Meat of Ostrich Rules!Tasty and Satisfying, these ostrich meat protien sticks are a perfect in between meal snack or addition to a protien diet. The pepper flavor adds something that is missing from the regular flavor variety of these snacks. Recommended.
210033210033B001KUSLL4A2Y7BSQG9V3LNGJames M. Bailey0051347321600Great Taste 0 caloriesI have used these dressings before and they have a great taste with 0 calories. They are a little expensive but cheaper here than in a health food store.
210034210034B001KUSLL4ADDKLK1MJO3PM2012momof10051338940800Husband loves it!My husband is German and loves his calories! I snuck this in a Ruben and he thought it was terrific -better than the real thing. After that I purchased an entire case. Thanks Walden Farms!
210035210035B001KUSLL4A2NCRXIOX59OTNPenny "Hermione is my Hero"0031281571200Walden Farms Thousand Island DressingI am on an ultra low calorie diet. The foods I am allowed to eat are severely restricted. I'm also diabetic. For someone like me that is used to the taste of the various artificial sweeteners on the market this is a great dressing. It isn't as thick as regular dressing.

The flavor is close. I love the stuff. Don't use as much as you would normally use!

If you aren't already used to the taste of artificial sweetener it may take you a while to get used to, but it is worth it.
210036210036B001KUSLL4A2RVR19GDKX3ATerry A. Shackelford0051263254400Walden Farms Thousand Island is my favorite.I tried the Walden Farms Thousand Island No calorie dressing after reading about it last year in a low carb forum. I really like it! Of course, it doesn't taste exactly like regular 1000 Island and it is not nearly as thick because it is not Regular 1000 Island. In the past, my favorite regular dressing was full fat ranch but I would pick 1000 Island if it was not available. If I had picked a fake Ranch, I don't think I would have liked it at all because it would have just been "off".
That's my suggestion to anyone going to any kind of fat free alternative in salad dressing. Pick something you are not used to having so you are not ready for an exact taste when you put it in your mouth.
210037210037B000OSGGTCA3SN6JQXNSA116NYGL6511 "nygl"0041344643200Taste bad but all similar sprinkles taste the same!I use these on my cake pops especially when making Christmas trees. they dont taste good but many sprinkles which are made of the same material taste the same. Theyre not for taste but for decor but they arent inedible.
210038210038B000OSGGTCA1PAV70FXO5UH1E Santa Cruz0011329523200in bad shapethese arrived quickly but were in terrible shape. Really broken and totally covered in this nasty brownish dust from all the other broken stars. On the bright side, Amazon refunded me without me having to send them back, but it was pretty sad to have to throw the whole bottle away.
210039210039B000OSGGTCA1OE2EKRCW0SYLglenne0011328659200don't buyThey were overpriced for a small container of sprinkles. Also they tasted pretty bad. i wouldn't recommend them at all.
210040210040B000GG1OASA2WW57XX2UVLM6Talvi1151296432000Delicious variety of teasI like mild, non-bitter, smooth teas with different soothing flavors and this Bigelow Herb Tea assortment is perfect. My favorites are the chamomile and the sweet dreams (a blend of mint and chamomile). Each tea bag is individually wrapped so I don't hesitate to order the 6 boxes through Amazon, which saves me money over the grocery store price.
210041210041B000GG1OASA3PD8JD9L4WEIIBron "Bron"1141264204800Good tea!A good assortment of tea. Apparently the description has been corrected since the other reviewer posted. These are decent teas of good quality at a fair price. Good for when you're in the mood for something different.
210042210042B000GG1OASA13W1IH01FIF5Bscott desmarais "maverick dragon"91321171411200good, but not as advertisedthis is a fairly good asst. of teas, but they sent me an updated version of the product, and I'm not happy with the new asst. it's not as described in the desc. it has pomegranite tea instead of apple cinnamon, and I was buying it to get the apple cinnamon, so I hope someone reads this and doesn't make the same mistake I did.

I want my apple cinnamon tea
210043210043B008EDMI1OAE2UNJM897U7TMichelle Smith "smithinapex"1151326240000Quick, yet delicious!This mix is one of the better I've used. Mixes well and there isn't a grainy texture. I added potatoes as well. The entire family raves over it.
210044210044B000Y2FHVQA2HIA4US3LAM1QBook Worm3351312502400Great Vegetarian meat substituteI've been using this mix for years. It is a dry mix that is reconstituted by mixing boiling water into the mix in a one to one ratio. Let it sit 15 minutes and then fry. I shape it into patties and fry on both sides to a deep golden brown for burgers. For tacos, I fry the same way and then break up the patties for taco meat. I have tried baking the patties to reduce fat, and they are okay that way but very dry. The wonderful thing about this mix is that the company is not trying to create a mock meat. This has a wonderful flavor that not meat-like in any way. As a comparison, Boca Burgers taste like dry cardboard hamburgers, super YUCKY. This product, instead, has a fantastic flavor that is not mimicking meat in any way. The patties do not barbeque well on a grill, they tend to break up. It's best to pan fry them.
210045210045B000G7X0NQA32178YJ109AX3Rachel H. Lutz5551265068800Lundberg Organic Brown RIce CakesI have ordered these several times now and I am very pleased with the experience. I used to buy them at local stores but they were often stale. Then I ordered them direct from the manufacturer, but that was actually more expensive. Through Amazon they have been very fresh and less expensive.
210046210046B000G7X0NQA3BPVQPUYPT5XFJohnny-X1141273881600Good tasteI don't usually like rice cakes but these have a nice taste and are very filling. The only downside is that this pack comes with so many of them and it takes up a lot of space.
210047210047B000G7X0NQA1KRZTABS7DMVPMr. Matthew J. Rasmussen "mjrtoo"1151167868800Great healthy crunch.If your looking for a great source of complex carbs without the fat and sodium, look no further. These cakes taste really great and have a crunch you wont believe. I have them everyday for breakfast along with my protein and fruit. A great healthy start to the day!
210048210048B000G7X0NQA14DJEOB3YG99DJ. J. Maassen0051340409600The Best Rice Cakes AroundI received my case of these delicious, crunchy gems a couple of days ago. I am going to have more delivered in just a few weeks because I am enjoying them so much for breakfast and snacks. They are slightly nutty, fresh, and much better than other brands I have tried. They arrived in perfect condition. The price for this as a Subscribe and Save item is about $2 lower for each package than the price in my local grocery store, giving me a savings of about $24 per case. I love having a big supply around, as I am eating gluten-free. This is truly the best-tasting rice cake on the market. It is hard to understand why one reviewer didn't like the taste. I"m guessing that he or she doesn't like rice cakes. However, if you already know that you like rice cakes, you'll love these and save yourself a lot of money by ordering from Amazon.
210049210049B000G7X0NQA2ORXSPJ1O9O07Rita Poe0051336780800Lundberg Rice CakesI appreciate Amazon selling this item. It is hard to find them in stores. They are so much better than other brands that taste like cardboard.

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