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210061210061B000FVWJ7GA3HS91KEYNSGTBDeborah J. Davis "Health Nut"5651239753600THE BEST TASTING!Lundberg Mocha Sweet Rice Cakes are the best tasting rice cakes out there. If you get bored with just eating them with a spread, try breaking up a couple of the rice cakes in a bowl, drizzle olive oil over and sprinkle with sea salt and microwave on high for 22 seconds. You'll never miss popcorn.
210062210062B000FVWJ7GA2DB720I9XRX7KK. Draper4551221955200"Let them eat (rice) cake!I am a big fan of the Lundberg rice cakes: I enjoy all the varieties, depending on what I am in the mood for; but the mochi sweet rice it the the best all-purpose one, and the one I buy most often. (BTW, don't even THINK about grocery store "rice cakes"--pleh!). Even though I am the one who eats the most "natural" type food,everybody in my family loves these Lundberg rice cakes. They eat them as is for snacks, or with toppings. They go great with anything I can think of: peanut butter, sesame tahini, Nutella, cream cheese, tuna or chicken salad, cold cuts, and more!

I like having a case of these rice cakes because then I always have some on hand, and don't have to drive across town to the health food store whenever I run out. They are well packaged and remain fresh until you are ready to use them. I generally keep one package in my car incase I get hungry, because I hate fast foods. (they don't have a lot of calories, so I also have peanuts, V-8, and other stuff). My sons sometimes take them along too, because they would rather eat the rice cakes than potato or corn chips.

In my opinion, Lundberg rice cakes are a better choice than bread. They are low cal, fat free, whole you get plain good food and not the yeast and the many chemicals that are in the breads that are offered in grocery stores these days.

Let us eat (Lundberg Organic Mochi Sweet Rice) CAKE!!!
210063210063B000FVWJ7GA2SCCCVJ6SSUW0romanysoup2351204588800Tasty Gluten-Free Rice CakesThe Mochi style is my favorite of the Lundberg rice cakes I've tried so far. The "leading brand" that's sold in all the grocery stores tastes like styrofoam, and isn't gluten-free(processed on shared equipment in a facility that handles wheat/gluten products)...
I'm ever so glad that Lundberg's rice cakes are gluten-free!!! I only wish that more supermarkets carried them. The closest one to where I live is over an hour's drive.
When Lundberg says "Purity you can taste."...they mean it.
I've read a lot of reviews complaining about their crumbly nature, which is true. You do get quite a pile of rice cake bits at the end of each bag, and they can be a bit messy to eat, if they fall apart.
I don't mind. I look at it as gluten-free puffed rice cereal at the bottom of every bag of rice cakes. Grab your favorite milk substitute/milk and enjoy. *Note: If using "Rice Dream" as your stand-in for milk...It still contains a small amount of gluten from barley. They did not change the recipe...only the label, which should be called false advertising, but there are no standardized rules for labeling products gluten-free in the USA!
210064210064B000FVWJ7GAU6890Q08RKEGV. T.0041347580800YummyI got these rice cake because I love crunchy snack that is somewhat healthy. I do put butter on it though. Very tasty. However, if you are expecting a sweet rice cake because it is made of sweet mochi rice, it is not sweet. My kid likes it too.
210065210065B000FVWJ7GA13XL243JHNKZ9Karen L. Carter "foamergirl"0051288483200I just love these, they have such a good flavor!I really love the taste of this particular rice cake. I can't find them locally, as I can't a lot of stuff, so am glad for Amazon.
210066210066B000FVWJ7GA3Q1YKERVTQZU8Qb0051281312000Best rice cakesI have eaten my fair share of rice cakes (especially since we learned that my hubby is gluten intolerant) and these are the best. I almost rated them poorly because the first batch sent were stale but Amazon readily resolved that by sending some fresh ones. I really enjoy these with a little bit of peanut or almond butter and raisins or fresh sliced strawberries. Yummmmm!! Hope you enjoy them, if you try them, too. :O)
210067210067B000FVWJ7GA2PJM72JHLDLS2Ann M. Tews "luckiann"0041281052800YummyThese rice cakes are yummy. I think I still like the other ones I normally buy, but it's definitely a nice change of pace. I've been getting the seaweed/tahini rice cakes and think there might be a little more flavor with those, but I will definitely order these again.
210068210068B0016B1J52A32LC61E9KORJIwarhorse0041333497600I like the whole leaf betterI have been using the whole leaf for a few months and find it to be very helpful with my digestion. My problem with this one is that It gives me a strange irritation in the back of my throat. The whole leaf doesn't do that.
210069210069B0016B1J52A3L348TNKUE37RL. A0041332374400Does the trickShipping was quick. I've used this for my hair as well as drank it. Does what it says. I will continue to use it.
210070210070B004CHDE32A2WLNZY89QTVDJChad0021324425600NOT SourI bought some of these thinking that it's made by the same people that make Sour Patch Kids and there green apple so surely there gonna be sour. WRONG. If you really want a good sour candy like Sour Patch Kids then don't waste your money on this. There is a very tiny hint of green apple but not enough for my tastes. I love a good tart granny smith apple but these don't even come close. Stick with Sour Patch Kids and those only if you like sour.
210071210071B004W0M91MALJ1S9LOYB08XKelly0051350086400Who doesn't love stacking bottles of trees?Once again, caught lurking in the warehouse deals. This little stack of trees for Christmas screamed "buy me"! So, what's a woman to do but comply... Seriously, I'm going to have to give some away, six bottles is a lot of decorations that are all the same. But they are perfect and fun.
210072210072B004S7F0VUA87OE7115ZZK1CarefulConsumer0011347148800Nutrition Info MisleadingChecking nutrition info on this product today at the Eugene, OR Costco, these snacks appeared to be remarkably healthy for a fruit snack. I did a double-take, and a triple-take on the number of servings per box. Number of servings is triple the number of pouches in the box! Serving size = 9 pieces. If the snackers in your world are sufficiently disciplined, or smallish of appetite, to be satisfied with a third of a pouch of fruit snacks, bon appetit!
Sidebar: If you could be so polite as to not add to Costco's excessive packaging habit by re-packing your fruit snacks into Baggies-of-Nine, well, that would be appreciated and more power to you.
210073210073B004S7F0VUA1LDYWMKYCA1FWJenni G. Wilson "MomEssentials"5821316995200Corn syrup & white sugar are not naturalI love that there are no dyes used in this product, but corn syrup and white sugar are not natural and are not healthy for kids. We've put up with products containing corn syrup and white sugar for long enough and all of these unhealthy products are making our society sicker each year. Let's use our dollars to vote for products that are healthy, and more companies will end up giving us healthier options for our kids.
210074210074B004S7F0VUA3LANSRXLT1PW0Atredes0151335571200Daughter/Son loves this snack!I usually purchase this item at Costco. It is more easier to purchase this online then having to go to the store. The product itself is better quality than what I've purchased in the store. Other reviews have said that the quality isn't as good. Haven't found that to be true.
210075210075B003EMQJWYA1V46UJ3SB5BZIJust Me in MI0051307836800Excellent flavor and good valueI ordered the Maple Walnut fudge. The pricing was good for 6 pounds It's been almost 3 months since I ordered it, and it still tastes very fresh - still very moist. I think there was a great ratio of walnuts to fudge - you won't have a walnut in every bite, but they aren't just sprinkled on top either. The fudge was very creamy (yet still solid) and came in a large 6 lb block, in a ziploc type baggie. I would definitely order from here again.
210076210076B0056SXI1OAQ83GD1PRSDXQMrs. Bay "monnie12"0021333065600You can do better homemadeI paid 3.49 at the grocery store for this, which made me almost not buy it. That was on sale. Just because it's set up like a kit, that seems to give them a reason to charge more for it. The other quick breads by pillsbury, for instance, never cost that much, but they give you just as much. You're not really getting all that much in the way of ingredients. A packet of mix, a packet of glaze, and a pretty small can of carnation evaporated milk. If you don't put all the glaze on it, the bread doesn't seem to have much in the way of flavor. It's not that sweet and it's not that lemony by itself. You can make a better quick bread from scratch. Quick breads are very easy to make, unlike cakes, for instance. Plus you can put lemon zest in it and real fresh lemon juice. You'll get a much better bread that way.
210077210077B0056SXI1OA230FF2XUPGE72Lori Walushis0051329868800Just like StarbucksIf you have ever had Starbucks lemon bread and liked it, then you will LOVE this. Granted, the glaze isnt as thick as their frosting but the flavor is seriously there. Besides, you can always make your own additional frosting if you want but really dont need to. This is easy to make, very moist, and has a great lemon sweet flavor.
210078210078B0056SXI1OALU2BJDB0TTYAVirginia Thompson "catwoman"0051310428800mSEXCELLENT!! my husband likes lemon desserts. I did not know if he would like this but he thought it was great. Even with the glaze. It has such a freshly squeezed lemon juice flavor and the glaze only adds to the freshness. If a light, refreshing cake is what you are looking for, this is happy to find it and since it is made by Carnation, I felt it would be good.
210079210079B0048IPRSAA2ITUMNTJJ9ATDHomira0051303171200Yummy!Bought these because my local grocery store stopped carrying product. Delicious authentic taste and easy to prepare. It's a bit expensive compared to similar products but well worth it. Shipper took a long time to get product out. Otherwise, great experience.
210080210080B004LL00WMABE4NMHQOP4W4Green Consumer "(Google 'buying carbon offsets')"4451314835200WONDERFUL stuff-- you'll never go back to plain table salt after you try this!Tasty AND good for you, what more could you want from a salt? Good price too. Definitely get the coarse kind and grind it yourself for the best flavor. Heaven on a ripe summer tomato!
210081210081B004LL00WMA3RTG00GE3NXQUphoebe "phoebe-anne"0051334448000Great all aroundGreat price for Himalayan salt, very beautiful too. I grind it or use it whole in soups and mashed potatoes.
210082210082B0016889JYAXLDRT90ET14MFetid Ranger9951228003200Where have you been all my life?I'm from Georgia, so I was a little bit of a skeptic when my room mate in college (who was from Texas), could not stop raving about Wolf Brand. In fact, when he received a care package from his Mom with 6 cans of the stuff, I think I saw tears in his eyes. I must say, I am now a believer. Those of us who grew up on Hormel and Armour have no idea how good canned chili can taste. The meat is firm and substantial, and the spices let you know that someone used a real recipe for this. Definitely worth the cost. Try it and and become a believer!
210083210083B0016889JYA2RPVZNMX6MZIECarol Stoffel9951226448000Best darn canned chili there isWolf Brand Chili...made in Texas and we are my family's opinion, the best canned chili made. If you haven't tried it, you are missing a treat. If you have tried it, ask yourself, "How long has it been since you've had a bowl of Wolf Brand Chili?" Well, that's too long.
210084210084B0016889JYA14HY1FSAOA8E7C. Braly "deepwaterchild"6651232409600A very special Christmas GiftThis brand of Chili is a family favorite....My born and bred Texas youngest son is living way up North. He wanted a taste of home and this specific brand. It arrived in the nick of time and I received a very warm Thanks.
210085210085B0016889JYA273AXLT4X9J4AB. Wood1151265587200The "holy" trinity of Texas foods:Dr. Pepper, (husband pleasin')Ranch Style Beans, and Wolf Brand Chili (when was the last time you had a bowl?). These three Texas originals have fed Texas cowboys and beautiful Texas women for generations. There just isn't any better eatin'!
210086210086B0016889JYA28FG53AH3K4UNBrett0051341792000Wolf Brand Chili Awooooooo!!! As good as canned chili gets!OK all you little buckaroos out there, gather round the stove for a little bit of Texas traditional chili on the go. Is it as good as you have ever had? Well, if you have had lots of chili and both home made and canned varieties, probably not. If you have had only canned varieties, then maybe it is. I have had a lot of chili in the day and of course, nothing in a can is going to beat a pot of honest to gosh down home made goodness in a pot but for a quick and easy version, WBC is about as good as I have ever seen it. I'm not going down that "beans or no beans" debate road since everything is subjective in that regard, but if you just want a quick bowl of chili (and you can hot rod it if you like with fresh tomato chunks, sauteed onions, etc..) then here's your guy. Used to be made in Corsicana Texas, south of Dallas. Not sure these days.. With some crackers and some good cheese slices you got yourself a nice little lunch going on there. You can always shop around and sometimes find these going for about a buck a can just before fall tailgating weather hits. In the meantime, enjoy whenever you feel like it..
210087210087B0016889JYAB0029WGUYDMSTrace Paradise "Book Luvr"0051323388800Wolf Brand ChiliWe can't get Wolf Brand Chili in Georgia, and being from Texas, really missed it. Glad to find it reasonably priced with quick shipping.
210088210088B000MM6R1CAA4GXLPLCF9WHMom knows best5551263945600love this chocolate but...This is my absolute favorite chocolate -- it brings back memories of rum raisin ice cream I ate as a child. However, while I would love to buy these there is absolutely NO WAY I'd pay $8.37 shipping on each $2.69 chocolate square! The chocolate is definitely worth $3, but not $11!
210089210089B000MM6R1CA2PLOPIILGBCVQgERTRUDE1151284508800Love the candy, hate the shippingAs Mom Knows Best in Atlanta states, this is a great product, but the shipping cost is ridiculous, and way out of line!
210090210090B000MM6R1CA3SG5LWSDTRQGHKelson J. Bruce0051344470400Finally I've found these!I've been looking for a cheaper alternative to buying the specialty Ritter Chocolates shipped from Europe and here they are! I couldn't beat the price and the shipping was fast and reliable. Recommend to all of you chocolate lovers.

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