Amazon Fine Food Reviews

210150210150B0006H6FMEAWJEJATH30CEPN. Lewis4451127347200Forget the Butterscotch toppingThis honey is absolutely delicious. Wonderful in tea or on toast and a heavenly treat drizzled over the best vanilla icecream you can find.
210121210121B0009YUGAGA26TQ580D527KKKPSWD0051330128000Highly recommendAfter slowly transitioning to this food over the period of a week, I did notice some looser stools just as many other people reviewing this product. Towards the end of this transition time the stools became normal and it is a dogfood that he loves to eat. I can't say that the "lifebits" that are in the mix is his favorite thing to eat, but most of the time his bowl is clean. If he leaves anything in his bowl, it would be a few (2-3) of those which is a very small percentage of what was in the bowl to begin with.

My dog IS a PICKY eater and with other brands I have often had to add a small treat to his bowl in order for him to eat it all, but I do not have that issue with this brand. The one thing that I have done is to add some warm water to the bits which makes them softer as well as release the aroma and flavor. My dog reacts the same way as he would have if I put some gravy on top of his food when I do that.

He has gone from walking up to his bowl and looking at me wondering where his "treat" is so that he can eat to jumping up on his hind legs, bouncing around excited that he is about to be fed.

The only downside I can think of with this product is that just like some other posters pointed out, there was evidence of some loose stool during transition and that the lifebits does not seem to be something that he enjoys eating.
210122210122B0009YUGAGA9399CRK8AXIFDr. Wayne R. Price "Critical user"0051325116800Quality pet food that my dog lovesThe is a unique quality dog food made of quality ingredients. My dog, a 3 year old standard poodle, has more energy and playfulness without loss of trained behaviors. Recommended without reservation.
210123210123B0009YUGAGAAUZ4WD54KF55E. aaron0021319414400i switched off itdog had diarrea constantly for more than 4 weeks, switched to candidae and 1st day he was back to normal. gonna stay on candidae
210124210124B0009YUGAGA3BDPPUQUV74Q3It's Only Me0011317081600NopeMy dog liked the taste of this food just fine. However, shortly after I transitioned him to this food he developed pretty severe stomach problems. He had terrible diarrhea and would lie around crying. When we stopped feeding him this, his tummy problems disappeared like magic. I thought maybe it was a coincidence so we tried again a few months later and exactly the same thing again. Therefore I can't recommend this dog food.
210125210125B0009YUGAGA5QOLTB8QZHV2Linda0051315440000owner of Chihuahua'smy dogs aren't a real fan of dry food, but they have no problem with this brand. I will continue to buy Blue Buffalo. Amazon has the best price and the delivery was practically overnight, plus it was packed well for shipping.
210126210126B0009YUGAGA3TH693EPPW4FCMargaret A0051305244800Dog loves it!If you eat healthy, why shouldn't your dog? This brand is SO great at providing natural and healthy ingredients in my dog's diet. I own a large dog that has a sensitive stomach and is prone to allergies. We started him off slow with Blue Buffalo and he has had no problems whatsoever. He LOVES the taste of it too if gobbling it up as soon as it hits the bowl is any sign. He is usually not the type of dog that eats RIGHT AWAY. We've tried to keep him on a schedule so he doesn't just eat whenever he feels like it. It's been tough, but this food has helped to encourage him to eat his food when it's set out. As a family we have been trying to eat natural, organic, and whole unprocessed foods. We decided our dog should get the same great diet and results we've been feeling.
210127210127B0009YUGAGA5KOX2J1ITBHTNikki0041303516800great premium dog foodI was feeding my dog Wellness brand food and he seemed to be bored with it after a few months so I bought this. He was so excited about the new food and didn't hesitate to scarf it down. He has never had much problem eating anything I buy him, but keeping his interest can be a bit of a problem. The food smells nice (for dog food), kinda earthy and natural. He is still interested in it after several weeks and his energy seems good. He is white and has a sensitive coat and this stuff does well to keep his coat shiny so far. I gave it four stars because it gives him gas (not fun for him or me) and he is not fully adjusted yet (some loose stools). I'm not sure if we will get it again.
210128210128B0009YUGAGAQ0JZT8QROUOPBrittne0151293580800My Dogs LOVE this!Upon delivery of the dog food, the bag looked a little small to be 15 pounds, but the food itself is very small bites. My dogs LOVED this food though! They couldn't get enough, and I have noticed shiny more healthy looking coats as a result of switching to Blue Buffalo! GREAT PRODUCT!
210129210129B0009YUGAGA2S3YG4P84D3S8VitaHound01331289520000VitaHound Recommends for Cleaning Dog TeethThis product contains high quality sources for its protein ingredients. The products high protein content improves a dog's oral health. VitaHound believes cleaning dog teeth is important to the over all health of dogs.
210130210130B004GHA35KA1Z8ENYSB5AU74Christianne0051344643200Spaghettio's with Franks - YUM!I have been eating these since I was a kid and I still love them to this day. They make me happy just seeing them in the bowl, what a comfort food! Love the little franks...I save most of them for last like a little kid. I am amazed that Amazon can ship something this heavy for such a low price. These are usually about $1.49 a can at the grocery store plus 9.25% sales tax so getting them for this price (including shipping) delivered to my front door is a real deal.
210131210131B000M8SD1IA1VYZE8SUYU9B9Jesse "JMT"2251243641600My mother-in-law loved this!My husband and I sent my mother-in-law this fruit basket and she was thrilled. She's diabetic and loves sweets, so it really helps when she has something to satisfy her sweet tooth.
210132210132B0029JWANUA2DGGN0Y1DKMXGShaggyjo0051323820800Perfect Marinade!Couldnt find this flavor in stores anynmore...Amazon you are a lifesavor- this is a true combination of a buffalo meets bbq flavor! DELICIOUS~~
210133210133B004725NP4A3CIRXHGNZQSPDA Texas Alexandra1151298160000At last!I've been looking for noodles like these for years. Found a bag on sale at the local grocery, but they're not always available. With the order from Amazon I can keep them on hand. These noodles are delicious. They withstand lots of time in the soup pot. They are wonderful in soup or with stew. My family loves them.
210134210134B004725NP4A1PBK0LO7MSA63Robert Riley "information seeker"0151301616000Best NoodlesWe discovered Mrs.Millers Noodles on one of our periodic visits to Ohio Amish country, and always make it a point to stop by the factory store when we're in the area. I like a noodle that still has some chewiness after it's been cooked, and these fill the bill.

That said, from now on I'll probable get my fix of Mrs. Miller from Amazon. Even though they are still more expensive than the average mass-market product, as a Prime member (and anyone who buys more than 2 or 3 times a year should be), the price per bag for a case of the noodles is significantly below retail. Sadly, one of the most expensive places to buy online is direct from the factory, because their shipping rates are sky high for single cases. A retailer in our area recently began to carry this product, but at a cost of 90 cents a bag more (when they're in stock).

Great product, but always check the price before you buy.
210135210135B0047LYZC2A1U3BK2PBH11K8Susfam1251327363200Very good teaI was skeptical to purchase this tea because the price seemed way too good to be true, however I am very pleased
210136210136B004XRJ51GA2V57QL9A2NYF3Georgia H0051337731200Clean and pureExcellent quality seeds. They are very clean-- no extraneous hulls or stems. They also come in a nice resealable ziplock bag.
210137210137B002K62BZEATNWR4SL7LM5NPeachyCheeks1141343692800fresh, flavorful, but all broken up in halvesI was expecting whole peanuts and was disappointed when I received 10 lbs of broken peanuts wrapped in 2 layers of large plastic bags. The Superior Nut Company said they did not have any whole organic peanuts but this kind. They were willing to refund me if I still had the original whole package. If you want to purchase this item, do not believe what you see in the product picture. The peanuts that I got tasted fresh and sweet, but they looked like leftovers. Make sure that you get what you intend to get before order this product.
210138210138B002K62BZEA1GDO8GP1T2UUXColette Beaulieu1151331510400Delicious and NutritiousI was so pleased to find this Amazon deal with great savings off the retail price. Ten pounds of nuts is a lot so I froze half of them so they won't go rancid before I can eat them all. For good health, I eat 1/8 cup/day and these raw, organic peanuts taste very good! Food is medicine! I hope the price is right when I'm ready to reorder! Get them while you can. Enjoy!
210139210139B008UD1WYWA2XQWXRSJ0Q04IG1151304726400Don't Ever Stop Making These!!!The best taste and I don't have to feel guilty. Only 35 calories and fat free!! I can't live without my fat free cappuccino. It tastes just like the other version only without the guilt!!! I love it!
210140210140B008UD1WYWAH9F736X4RF0ABrenda Zimmerman71011328745600Misleading PricingThe way this item was displayed in Amazon made it look like I was getting a 3-pack of the cappuccino for $25.00. Instead, I was charged $25.00 each for a total of $75.00! This is way too much for the product and I am highly disappointed that Amazon allowed this kind of misleading information.
210141210141B008UD1WYWA1WTP99BOA0PGAJ. Mullally "booklover4ever00"0051345852800Saves a lot of calories and moneyThis might not be as great as the coffee down at your local cafe or Starbuck's but it is the next best thing, low in calories and fat. With all the calories you save, you can dress it up with your own cocoa powder on top and still be ahead of the game. Buying in bulk means saving even more money. Just keep in mind that the pack will be half milk discs and half coffee discs so it will be more expensive than buying just straight coffee. You might want to use only half the milk disc by brewing two cups and then splitting it. Some people find Gevalia bitter, but it is certainly better than Maxwell House. I love the House Blend Starbuck's discs myself, with one of these creamers. Still a fraction of what you have to pay in a shop. Enjoy!
210142210142B008UD1WYWA2CYBA3ISIU2AMJ. Baron0021325203200OkEven though the picture shows "Gevalia" brand coffee discs, and even though that's what the product is called, it's actually Maxwell House Brand. The seller at least emailed me to let me know that (after of course the product was already on its way).

The product itself isn't that great. The milk discs don't always work correctly and it doesn't taste nearly as good as most of the other Tassimo drinks.
210143210143B008UD1WYWA3MLG9CJPNZKHLJo Ann Houghton0021299715200Not very friendly in my machineI've tried numerous creamers in my Tassimo and thought why not save a few calories. Well I won't try it again. Every time I used it there was at least 1/3 of it left in the disc, it didn't 'foam' and created a mess when you remove it. I don't know why because all the other creamers I've tried worked fine. I won't be buying this again.
210144210144B008UD1WYWA2LTVG7B5EW6C2Steve from St. Paul1211263859200BIG DISAPPOINTMENTI ordered the skim version of this product thinking it would cost me less Weight Watchers points. Well, it certainly accomplished that goal but the product is almost undrinkable. Thin and watery to an extreme. I find it hard to believe that they can't come up with a skim product comparable to the excellent skim cappuccino's available at Starbucks and Caribou. I would return this product if it wasn't such a bother. I can't believe this product made it through product development. Do yourself a favor and don't repeat my mistake in ordering this product.
210145210145B008UD1WYWA2Q7AFXX5A26VXJennifer Butch "JLB"1351249862400Awesome productI was so excited when I saw the "skinny" version of these. Now I am waiting for them to make skinny lattes!
210146210146B000ZM679QA38IYEPEL5IEHLAngry Bee0011313193600I could not get the MANUKA honey.I could not get the MANUKA honey.
I had waited over 10 days.
So I sent an e-mail...but they did not have an attention.
They said just " Please contact to a delivery service.."
I didn't have a way to contact with a delivery service.

I felt greatly disappointed your compay.
I never order again....never!!!
210147210147B007JBOVS0A1ZRVW4MR2G9ERKmaloney1341334188800Coffee Mix Sweet Tropical Breeze TeaI removed this item from my wish list due to the pricing versus the number of K-cups included in the package. A little bit pricey, even for a discontinued item.
210148210148B008VQ07ZIAIZWF6JVIZTC5Tonya Artzer0011350950400Please correct the weight of these treatsThe weight of these bully stick chews is very very very misleading. It states 15 lbs, not 1.5 pounds. Pretty dissatisfied as I thought maybe this was new to the market and specially priced.
210149210149B008VQ07ZIA3NWFT8ADTAU27amy G0051348704000My dogs love themI ordered them for my 2 boston terriers. They loved them. Big hit in my house. Something I would again.

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