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210331210331B001TM70V0A1L51CSA5JWGZ4Cabbit71411310947200No cat will go near it.I purchased this food after reading the many positive revieves for my 6 pound Exotic who loves to eat, especially chicken. On opening I was surprised how much like human food it looked and smelled and was sure she would love it. Well, one sniff and she looked at me as if I were nuts. My other more finky cat likewise. I tried again a few weeks later with the same results.
I then decided to let a neighbor try it since I did not want it to go to waste. His cat had the same results. No deal. He then put some out for four ferral cats he was feeding . NO takers. It is hard to believe that not one of seven cats would refuse something hailed as so tempting unless the food was defective..
I would not try this food unless youi needed some cans to hold up a bookcase.
If looking for a premium chicken try Instinct. A bit pricy but my cats love it. I also learned not to fix a good thing. Cats are not like humans and don't seem to mind the same food everyday.
210332210332B001TM70V0AAJ6Y6OGXWRHMLinda L. Cantlin142611262304000WARNING!! THIS IS DOG FOODWARNING WARNING!!!! This is DOG Food, I fed my precious cat 10 cans of this, (he was not fond of it) before I realized it says DOG Food on the label in such tiny print!!!
I have used Weruva products before that my cats love, especially the Asian fish but Amazon was back ordered so I ordered this because Amazon says it is cat food --WRONG. Buyer Beware!! I don't own a dog so I guess the neighbor's dog will enjoy some expensive food.
210333210333B001TM70V0AZG7B6OAEZV8Isera281411317686400cats won't eat itNot sure what it is - but our cats won't touch the stuff. They do tend to like seafood more - so maybe that's what it is. We have to mix it with tuna for them to eat it.
210334210334B001TM70V0A3BF0LCM30TRDLtammy Mae "tammy Mae"0311336608000my cats won't eat itI have 3 picky cats...I ordered a case of this and they would not touch I sent it to my mom has several cats and they would not touch it either..not even her dog would eat it...
210335210335B001TM70V0ASTJZNXEAWA6CDeborah G. Keller ""0331313712000made in taiwan cat foodI tried this because someone said how high quality it is, well my cats moseyed over to it, ate a little then sashayed over to the kibble and ate a little. For 1.70 a can, it just doesnt ring any bells. Wish I could buy meat babyfood at less than a dollar a jar somewhere.....but I cant say that my cats liked this better than the 50 cans.
210336210336B001TM70V0A25GNEJZ1YW2FNLisa M. Langrehr "Phillygirl"41111281052800not sure if it was from this foodbased on reviews and ingredients ordered this food to change out with wellness food, my 9 yr old cat developed stones in his bladder. he underwent surgery this past Tuesday. It will be a long touph recovery for him. he never had this problem until I mixed this food into his diet. it could be a coincidence but I think it is strange this happened about 1 month after starting this food. His stones have been sent to the lab to see what caused them from his diet. Anyhow the food does look good, just might not have worked for my little guy.
210337210337B001TM70V0AN6OHY2F94AG8Patricia F. Eason0651339891200Excellent, but not a "package".Miss Pitty LOVES all the favors. Thanks for making a yummy daily meal for my girl. But, the description says 3oz packages. I was expecting a paper type packaging. A little disappointed that the food came in cans.
210338210338B001TM70V0A2J8ID5U61YGT9Billig21111291075200Horrible packagingWhen I opened the Weruva carton, 5 of the 24 cans were so dented and deformed that I had to throw them away, even though the box itself was unmarred. Buyer beware.
210339210339B001TM70V0A2HKLWL6CNSTN1Nikki Wright21211300924800If I could I would give it a negative billion stars...The food was rotten/old. Not sure if that's amazons fault but thank god they gave me a refund. It smelled absolutely horrible. I tried to give her a can, or let her 'sniff' it, that looked and smelled normal and she looked at me like I was crazy. I would say almost clawed my eyeball out. I would've never let her actually eat it but I heard cats can smell CRAP food. Maybe I was just unlucky but based on that I'm never purchasing this crap again.
210340210340B001TM70V0AKYQ59VS0B38QDrSusan "DrSusan"21221260921600cat foodThe photo presented by a reviewer convinced me to buy this product. My cats are very picky and only like pure products: chicken, salmon, with nothing in it. I thought it would be a pure chicken product with lots of liquid, which my cats LOVE..... However, although it is a moist product, I think the can adds a taste that makes my cats dislike it. It is less costly and more environmentally friendly product than the fancy feast Appetizers that are in individual plastic servings but not of the same quality.
210341210341B001TM70V0A28Q9FYX8JISN9R. Price41721252540800Beware of the variety you buyCats are obligate carnivores. They should eat 97%+ meat. A lot of Weruva varieties are packed with veggies. Veggies aren't good for cats. Grains aren't good for your cat. Knowledgeable cat nutrition friends think the Paw licking chicken is fine and their cats love it. My cats and I hate the veggie-containing varieties they tried. Look closely at the label before you buy.
210342210342B001TM70V0A1BMNDXDWBFUI1Hanaberry7751294272000Best Canned Cat Food!!!My cat is EXTREMELY picky... Late last year, I decided to switch both her canned food and kibble. I spent tons of money on "samples" of canned foods for her and I ended up wasting so much money. She didn't like anything I put in front of her. I was online one night and happened to stumble upon Weruva. I did my research and not only was I blown away at how awesome the quality of the food is but also the story behind the company. All of the meats are cruelty free as well which is a big plus for myself and my husband! Amazon has the best price anywhere and I love the free shipping! :-) I have also been feeding her Orijen kibble. Considering the quality of both of these products, you can't beat the price!
210343210343B001TM70V0A3GCQWKU1BB2XZVictoriaPB "Victoria"6651241568000Wow!This is the third flavor of this brand we tried and it, like the other two, have been a huge hit with our cat. We follow a primarily raw food diet for him and sometimes get cans as a treat (or if we get a little lazy). This brand is high quality and really does seem safe for human consumption. Amazon offers an amazing deal so we're back to stock up before the cost goes up. Delivery was a dream, as usual. For less than twenty cents more per can than some horrible by-product laden generic cat food, our little beast (and we) are satisfied. Marbella Paella was a huge hit!
210344210344B001TM70V0A14EK7CK43XIIEYS Sheu "ss"111321329868800Healthy but extremely low calorie per can (be careful not to underfeed your cat)When I opened the Weruva can (3oz, chicken), I immediately noticed that there is not enough solid food (chicken) in the can, and a large amount of the volume is filled up by potato starch and water (85% moisture). I looked at the label - it says: "feed adult cats 1 oz for each pound of body weight". So, it means that I need to give my 14 pounds cat 4 cans a day to maintain his present weight. Usually when other pet food company says that, they are exaggerating and your pet can live on half the amount they recommended. But it is not the case for Weruva, based on their website, the calorie content for the 5.5 ounce can is only 84 cal. So, by doing a simple math, the calorie content for the 3oz can is only ~46 cal. The ideal calorie intake for my 14 pounds cat is 195cal (formula: ideal weight (13 pounds) multiply by 15). In other words, I need to feed my cat four 3oz can per day. So, I need to spend $4 (3oz) per day on cat food (he lives on a non-kibble diet). That is a lot of dough!!! And I can do better by making my own cat food or switch to another non-grain cat food brand. I think this product is overpriced and cat owners need to be aware of the calorie content in Weruva's canned cat food, so that they won't underfeed their pets with insufficient amount of calorie.
210345210345B001TM70V0A34D626U4JYK99Liz Darcy5551313452800The BEST food my cat has ever eatenI cannot stress enough what a picky eater my cat is. Just to get her to eat more than a quarter of a 5.5 oz can of food at a time is quite the ordeal. For some time, I had to mix Nutri-cal with her food, because she is tiny for her age and isn't gaining weight at the rate she should be (she is a kitten). I was just about to settle with Earthborn Holistic canned chicken, as she seemed to like it more than any other food I had tried feeding her. It also appeared and smelled far less disgusting to me than the mush that comes in most cans; the consistency of the Earthborn is chicken shreds in gravy, which my cat seems to prefer. But as I was browsing in the cat food section today, I noticed Weruva Paw-lickin Chicken and picked it up to try because according to the description, it seemed that it would have the same consistency as Earthborn. It's also Grain-free and has no veggies (only this flavor is veggie free though) like Earthborn. And it costs the same, so I figured it wouldn't be difficult financially to switch over to Weruva, if she happens to like it.

When I opened the can of Weruva today, I immediately noticed that the quality of this food is even better than Earthborn. The formula is almost soupy, with thinner shreds, which are easier for my kitten to chew and swallow. The smell is VERY tolerable and it actually looks like food a human would eat. The BEST part however is that she ate almost ALL of the 3 oz can. I was so shocked to see that once she was done eating what I spooned into her bowl, she went over the open can and began eating.

I was a bit concerned initially when I noticed that even though the food is not described as adult food, in the back in small print it says it is for adult nutrition. However, according to Weruva's website, it is fine to feed it to kittens. The only difference between adult food and kitten food apparently, is that kitten food is supposed to contain more protein, because they need more for their growing bodies. But if fed a sufficient amount, this food, especially because it is very protein rich to begin with, provides complete nutrition for kittens as well. Seeing how much she ate confirms that.

My only concern with this food, which is any person's concern with any premium quality food is the price. These foods ARE pricey and it can be difficult to justify spending so much on cat food, but if you can afford it, the benefits of premium quality foods (those that are byproduct and grain free, and preferably veggie free) are:

-Their poop becomes significantly less stinky. The difference is very noticeable.
-The food itself doesn't smell so bad. And this really depends on what type of meat and consistency you buy as well. If you buy a chicken or turkey flavor food, it will be less smelly than a fish food. I don't see the point in feeding your cat fish other than as an occassional treat if she likes it, because it contains some levels of mercury and is not as nutritious to begin with. I've noticed that the mushy formula food smells considerably worse than the gravy foods. Also, I understand that cat foods are smelly because cats will only eat food that has a very strong smell, but that being said, there's a difference between a stench that permeates your room and a smell that remains concentrated in the general area where the food itself is.
-You end up saving money on vet bills, because these foods provide superior nutrition and a healthy animal is less likely to be a sickly animal.
210346210346B001TM70V0A2G9M92C9FBUEPGrasshopper5551293062400Very high quality cat foodWe have a cat that develops urinary stones easily, and must also be on a low purine diet. The Science Diet food suggested by the vet resulted in dull, dry coats, vomiting, and lethargic behavior, even after a lenghty adjustment period.

Weruva foods to the rescue! Their Paw Lickin' Chicken, Grandma's Chicken Soup, and Peking Duck flavors meet our dietary needs perfectly, with much healthier, higher quality ingredients than the SD food.

These are very "soupy" foods, with lots of liquid in the can, ideal for cats who may not stay well hydrated otherwise. I was afraid that our cats would not eat the vegetable chunks, but they surprised me by not only eating them, but picking them out to eat first!

The shredded chicken seems to be very high quality but the texture seems a little hard for them to manage sometimes. At first, they sometimes left chicken on the plate. Now, they seem more used to it and eat it more easily.

After trying a number of different high end canned products, these are our cats' favorites, paws down! After several months on the food, they seem very healthy, with shiny coats, healthy-looking eyes, and lots of energy.
210347210347B001TM70V0A3D0J18LY62I06Cat Guy "Mr Poofy's Cat Guy"5551257465600Cat Pleaser!I have tried everything for my finicky feline fuss pot! Thankfully, Weruva has come along. My cat is no longer finicky - unless it is not Weruva! I am very happy that Mr Poof is finally eating everyday - he would go on hunger strikes when he became bored of his food. Now, he is a little purr monster when the Weruva cans come out of the closet!!!!!! I actually had a question for Weruva regarding BPA in their cans (there is none) and I got to speak to the owner - what a nice lady!
210348210348B001TM70V0A2BAZWIT5QLY2JRoxxy4421308960000It may be good food, but my cat won't eat itI should have known better than to take a chance on a new cat food bought over the internet. Sophie (my cat)just gobbles up every bit of sauce and leaves all the chicken in the bowl. When I tried to cut up or mash the chicken I realized just how dry and tough it is and don't much blame her for not wanting to deal with it. You just never know if a cat is going to like something or not.
210349210349B001TM70V0AUW5XC67E9MILCold In Seattle "Penny Pinching"4451300924800Green Eggs & Chicken, 3 Paws Up (includes a 17 yo and 7 yo picky Debutantes). Great Human Grade Cat Food ExperienceDuring the cat food recalls of 2007, I became aware that the dry food I always fed my cats was not a good diet. In fact - at the time - I prided myself on feeding cats @ $8.00 a month. Luckily, this Generic was not using the Gluten that was the cause of the Recalls. After trying various tastes, my budget and cats decided on Holistic (use to be Eagle Pack Holistic) Chicken dry and Wellness Chicken Grain Free.

Then, we had a problem with the Wellness Canned Cat Food Recently (it was pulled from Amazon - and now my Canned Chicken food doesn't show up in a review). I then went to the Wellpet site, and noticed mostly dry food was offered from many online retailers. THIS told me something was afoot - and I went back to the forum which helped me with cat food research. Unfortunately, many folks had gone back to fish as a main part of their cats food. However, they did bring up the rotation aspect - this means never feeding the same type of cat food concurrently, and also picking up some locally first, to make sure your cats will eat the darn thing.

Locally, Chicken was the least affected of the Wellness foods, and the store I get it from, Wellness is manufactured at ANI (code begins MW). This means I could also get a food that was produced at Menu/Simmons. However, Weruva was raved about in the forums, so without knowing where it was manufactured - I gave a few cans a shot (Green Eggs & Chicken was the first flavor I read - so that is what I tried). All cats slopped that food right up with no ill effects (Siberia is a 13 yo with sensi tummy issues, and there were none with this food - even after he gulped it up).

I then looked up Weruva on the Internet, and found out it was manufactured in Thailand. This first gave me pause, but they do guarantee Human Grade Food, and the food in the cans look quite edible (and no, I'm not eating it - but in an emergency ;-).

Amazon has a better deal on this food than my local retailer. So my order for the cans went in (I had read some negative reviews here about the quality of the food, but with the Amazon Guarantee - how can you go wrong?) I am pleased to announce that the food received from Amazon looked and tasted (according to the cats), as good as that purchased locally. So for Weruva, Amazon has my business.

With rotation, you can circumvent the cost of Weruva in a multi-cat household, AND being on a fixed income, through rotating. I've settled on four canned food varieties, and one dry food (I may also be inclined to try some Weruva Paw Licken' Chicken, but for now - I have plenty of food). The cost for multi-cat households is also offset by buying the larger canned varieties - 12.5oz to 13oz, and learning how to store them in the Refrigerator.

On Amazon, I recommend the following:

Weruva Green Eggs & Chicken Cat Food, 5.5-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)
Wellness Adult Turkey Canned Cat Food (I prefer the Chicken, but until it reappears, this will do just as well).
Felidae Canned Cat Food for Adult Cats and Kittens, Chicken and Rice Formula in Chicken Broth (Pack of 12 13 Ounce Cans) (Its not grain free, but I personally don't like the mix for the regular, and neither do my cats).
Innova Cat and Kitten Formula Canned Cat Food (I had used it in 2007, and decided it wouldn't hurt them in a rotation. Its the only wet food that contains some fish).
Holistic Select Feline Radiant Adult and Kitten Health Chicken Meal Recipe Dry Cat Food, 3-Pound Bag (I have tried to go all wet, but Baby Girl - 17, has had problems with all Grain Free, so a little dry didn't hurt her).

I feed a little dry first thing in morning every day. Then 1/2 can of one flavor, remainder placed in refrig plastic lid. Then 1/2 can of another flavor, same storage. The next day, those cans are used up by adding a little hot water and nuking from 5 to 8 secs (this depends on your microwave and amount of food). The next day, we have 5.5 oz can of Weruva split between 3 cats, and 1/2 can of the last flavor. The next day we have another 5.5 oz can, and the remainder of the previous can. That is four days, fifth day we are back to the beginning.

A side note, many supplement with Friskies canned in order to cut costs. I personally have yet to get over the meat by-product thing. However, if it would help your budget - Friskies Cat Food Classic Pate, Turkey & Giblets Dinner, 5.5-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24) is THE best one to use for this purpose (no glutens).

3 paws up for Weruva.
210350210350B001TM70V0A38VGVLLHQIEGFE. Oosterbaan4451291593600My Cat Loves WeruvaThere's a lot to say about this cat food but I will just mention one thing: This evening I brought home some grilled chicken and offered the leftovers to my male cat, he tried some but would not eat anymore and continued to meow at me. I then took away the "people" chicken and gave him the Weruva paw licken' chicken and he gobbled it up as if he had not eaten in days.
210351210351B001TM70V0A27SRGWDTNMU48A. Graham4451271894400Best Kitty Food Money Can Buy!Layla is extremely picky and has left certain luxury brand wet foods out to waste simply because they were unappetizing to her (How? I don't know!). And yes, she is probably too spoiled =), but I recently adopted her malnourished and hyperthyroid and I have been trying my best to get her on a healthy eating schedule. Anyway, the only flavor she goes absolutely nuts over is the Polynesian BBQ! She will go on hunger strikes if I don't have that flavor around. I don't know what they put in this flavor (crack? =)) to make Layla go nuts, but it's all she wants and now I'm forced to keep buying it.

If you have a cat that has problems eating or is malnourished/anorexic (like Layla was), you would be hard-pressed to find food as high quality and apparently tasty as Weruva. My body-builder boyfriend remarked that perhaps if he gets hungry late one night he might pop open a can! It is made from free-range animals, and is processed in a human-grade facility. My only gripe, and it is VERY small, is that most of the food looks the same in the can (particularly the chicken flavors), so it feels like I'm not feeding Layla a variety or something special sometimes. And maybe cats prefer it like that--I do know they can be creatures of habit, so who knows?

Again, if you have a picky or skinny cat, I would not hesitate to pick up a few cans of either polynesian bbq, steak frites, or grandmother's chicken soup. They are similar in price to other "luxury" brands, but the quality of Weruva is far superior. You aren't losing anything, and you may end up with a very happy cat =).

EDIT: Layla had to stop taking her methimazole due to side effects, and while we were working with her vet for other options, her stooling and over-urination (polyuria) have normalized. ! I am certainly not attributing this solely to the food, but I think the high quality nutrition and supplements she has been receiving have helped Layla heal and perhaps helped to correct some of her metabolic abnormalities. AND on a side note, when I received Layla, her hair was like matted wire that fell out with just petting; now it is getting silky, and without those pesky oily parts (you know, behind the front legs?). She is really becoming quite beautiful.
210352210352B001TM70V0A13DDCYF6ESE3ZG. T. Deterding4451260576000Cats will love this food!I've switched around cat food brands for awhile trying to keep all 5 of our cats happy and all in agreement about what food they like. All 5 love this food! Nice bonus is for being "wet food" it doesn't stink like many others I've tried in the past.
210353210353B001TM70V0A1WTAEJJPAPGJ6Meng Ning3351299283200Great Cat Food!One of my two cats LOVES this and gobbles it down. The other only likes fancy feast unfortunately. I love the ingredients and the smell. It looks just like a can of chicken that any human could eat! The label says it all--feeding your cat weruva can increase your cat's lives from nine to ten. Thank you weruva and amazon for providing this fabulous cat food at affordable prices. Puuurrs!
210354210354B001TM70V0A1JUM6Q25ZD0STChicho and Raffa's mom3351297296000Both of my cats love itMy cats love Mack and Jack. I save around $8 ordering it by the case. I love not having to go to the store to pick it up. The case I got seemed fresher than the cans I bought locally.
210355210355B001TM70V0A3SX84CS7TAPUZChloe Smith3351291852800My cats love this food!I've tried various premium wet cat foods, including wellness (old formula and new core) and my cats just seemed to tolerate it. My female cat wouldn't even eat wellness, so I thought this might be right up their alley. The second I opened the can they were intrigued. I've never seen them eat their food so fast! Even my female (who I usually have to go get and put in front of her food) was sitting there crying for her dinner that day. I've never seen her eat so fast and be so happy about it. This is also considerably cheaper than wellness (about ten dollars less) which is awesome.

I highly recommend this cat food!
I was especially impressed by the fact that the cans are BPA free and contain no chemicals. That isn't even the case for many organic human food brands, so I'm impressed.
210356210356B001TM70V0A2JGFKCSSWWQVEMurat Gemici3331265155200Three Cats Review FoodI own three cats and I have been feeding them the "mack" for one month. Two of my cats are Siamese mixes and they don't really care for it two much. One is a standard Tabby and he goes crazy for it. They food looks high quality and I don't know why only 1/3 of the cats like it. So I have to only give it three stars...
210357210357B001TM70V0A3L3HI0ECONAD2Maryallene Otis3351263081600Super cat foodAll the Weruva cat food is great! It's pricey, but more affordable through Amazon. I may set it up on subcribe and save. We alternate this with cheaper cat food, which seems to work fine.
210358210358B001TM70V0A3D0J18LY62I06Cat Guy "Mr Poofy's Cat Guy"3341257465600Holy Cat Food Sensation, Batman!This stuff is looks better then what I had for dinner last night! My kitty, Mr Poofy, absolutely loves the stuff! There are actual pieces of seafood in this! Calamari and shrimp - not just the on the label but in the can! I keep trying this brand and I keep coming up with more flavors for the Picky Poof that he loves! Weruva Marbella Paella, 3.0-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)
210359210359B001TM70V0A370LOV1VHBQDAjudalla7921300406400Less is not MoreI recently changed over from dry to wet food for my cats. Trying to find a grain, veggie and fruit free food is not easy, cats are obligate carnivores remember and don't need that stuff (do the research). I thought I found it in this chicken product. However, when I opened the can I noticed lots of fluid and potato starch. After spilling out the liquid and rinsing off the potato starch (why is that there anyway? A filler?) The can lost 2 oz. of weight. With the prices of cat food going up and up, I want more not less. Don't misunderstand me, this is a fairly good product, a little low in fat, but the cats love it just the same. I just want the company to know if they say its 5.5 oz. then don't pump it up with junk to save a few pennies. Consumers are not stupid.
210360210360B001TM70V0AMZ9QEWHE7X4YGamer Girl "Nicole Rae"182521278720000Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex (Source of Vitamin K)I have been giving my cat Weruva for about a week after I received a free can from my local pet store. My cat absolutely loved it and ate it right up! So, I was pleased and decided to order more... without doing my research. I was very saddened when I learned that Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex (Source of Vitamin K)is used in their FISH (please note this ingredient is used only in fish) I do not understand why they are using this synthetic form of Vitamin K when they could easily substitute something real like KELP. Do your own research, especially on Menadione. I would also like to greatly note that a small "made in Thailand" is on the can and that also freaked me out. The product looks amazing, my cat loves it and I will finish off the cans I bought locally but will be returning this to Amazon. Come on, Weruva, I think you could do better than this. (By the way, Vitamin K is NEEDED for Fish diets in cats, but there are other ways to provide it in the canned foods.)

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