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210391210391B001TM70V0A3GWCUHA68W4F8Colleen Mayer1151296864000Looks so good!We used to feed a raw diet, but the time to prep it became too much, among other things. So, when we were looking to switch to a high quality wet and dry food, Weruva was recommended to us. One of our cats is very picky with her wet food. After some initial balking at it, she loves it.
210392210392B001TM70V0A2LLFLSTQ812CPDavid C Cheng1151291334400Cat loves this foodMy cat absolutely LOVES this food. She likes most of the other Weruva canned foods, but this is one of her favorites.
210393210393B001TM70V0A3Q0N8T65ZBMN0MC1151290988800Best Food Ever!I simply cannot recommend this food highly enough. My formerly picky eater is ecstatic every time she hears the can open, and I feel confident that the food I'm giving her is not full of unnecessary carbs and additives. Since switching to Weruva, she's lost the 2 pounds our vet suggested she lose, and her fur is incredibly soft and shiny. At her annual exam, the vet actually asked, "What on earth are you feeding this cat to make her look so good?!"
210394210394B001TM70V0A3UHFQT4E3R2D3a consumer1141289260800High quality, and the picky kitty eats itMideast Feast has been a boon to my elderly cat with chronic kidney failure. He is not on a special kidney diet, and your vet's recommendations may vary, but our goal is to keep him from getting any skinnier. He's sampled all the special kidney foods and won't eat them, so he gets any regular food he will eat.

There are some days when he gets cranky and picky and won't eat much... this is our go-to food for those days as we can almost always count on him to eat this. The other non-ill cats like it too. The first ingredient is tuna with tilapia close behind so these must have compelling flavors.

All the cats initially liked it, but over time slowed down. It seems like it's about the chunky texture. If I whirr this thru my little handy chopper for a few seconds, they finish it off pronto.

The only negative is one in my own head... I get irritated with cat foods trumpeting "grain free" and then tossing in tapioca starch or potato starch... yeah, those aren't grains, but if a cat owner is looking to limit carbs to some extent, the "grain free" tag can be a little misinterpreted as "low starch". Beyond that though, the skinny old cat is eating it gladly, so I won't complain further. This flavor appeals to all my cats (it's a rarity to reach a group agreement) so odds are decent your cat will enjoy it too!
210395210395B001TM70V0A3QCP3NDSS07CYSusannah Holden "Susannah"1151283817600Good for cats with bowel/stomach issuesMy 9 year old cat has had chronic colitis and now inflammatory bowel disease. He has been on steroids, Rx diets, anti-nausea, antacids, etc, etc, etc. After much research I decided to put him on a wet diet - dry kibble no matter how high quality just doesn't seem to cut it for IBD kitties. In fact, it just aggrevates the situation. After much trial and error of different higher quality cat foods, Weruva seems to be the answer. His formerly slushy *nasty* poo is now normal looking cat poop! Who knew I could think his poo is now just so beautiful... I digress. He is OFF all meds. He was picky about what he would eat but we've found that he loves the Weruva brands - He gets Paw Lickin Chicken every night. The only thing I add to his food is a good probiotic. I am so pleased with this product. Not only does he love it but it by far looks the best - you can see the quality of this food, it is not unidentifiable mush. As a side note to this review, he loves the Steak Frites as well made by Weruva.
210396210396B001TM70V0A2YOSE4QKZ9IF4Douglas Stoltzfus1151283817600Finger lickin' good!Just introduced to the Weruva line by a friend, and am very impressed by the high-quality ingredients. My nine kitties approve as well - four paws up! When opening the paw-lickin' chicken cans, it smells and looks good enough to eat myself, really. The gang loves the broth and eats all the meat until it's gone. Sure it's a little pricier than other brands, but you get what you pay for. Highly recommended.
210397210397B001TM70V0A3CCUEQSRIL7NVR. J. Raveling "for the love of music"1151282867200Paw Lickin Indeed!My two boy kitties LOVE this food...they have been eating it for a couple months now and they still meow like crazy when they hear us opening the cans! We mix in just a little bit of dry food with it and they clean their dishes every time! And one of the kitties would turn his nose up at everything we tried, but he really loves this food!!
We are very happy to have found it.
Update: They STILL LOVE IT! We've tried other canned foods just to mix it up for them, but nothing makes them happier than this chicken.
210398210398B001TM70V0A2L13D1K3PF717Jezabelle1141276473600Human-grade ingredients - Awesome!This is amazing cat food and it's incredibly affordable. The company says that the ingredients are human-grade, which I think is wonderful. I don't like that there are so many ingredients (and some are questionable to me, as I don't know what they are without a bit of research - ex. dicalcium phosphate) but I think it's far superior to most cat food on the market. The ideal diet would be a cat's natural food or the raw food cat diet, but if you don't feed your cat that, this is a good cat food to choose. I think it's healthier than other brands and there are no grains!
210400210400B001TM70V0A3AHPHSLJJ30A1Margaret A. Bussa "cat lady"1151275696000Wonderful Grain Free Cat Food - A hit with my 4 kitties!I cannot find this product in Maine (in my area) and when I discovered that I could get it at Amazon with Free Super Saver Shipping, I pounced on the deal! Great prices on quality food and now both I and my family of cats are very well pleased! I searched for grain free due to my diabetic cat's dietary needs but he turned his nose up at any other brand I brought home.

My cats prefer the Fish Flavors in Gravy, and rarely do they leave any on the plate like they used to with Fancy Feast. I'm sure the other flavors are great too but my cats just don't like them.
210399210399B001TM70V0A2K3358OXEN1YFPrecious1151275696000Paw lickin' goodThis might be one of the best cat foods ever. If I were not a vegan I might be tempted myself. Because I travel for work I take my cat on extended trips. You never know what the local cat food choices will be. Now that I have discovered Amazon carries the Weruva brand, I can have the food shipped wherever I happen to be working. I recommend Amazon Prime to qualify for the free shipping. Pays for itself after a few shipments.
210401210401B001TM70V0A7J456I9S4BM2Craig Solow "Photo Junkie"1151275609600MACK ManiaHere is the short and sweet, out of all the cat foods we have every tried, this one is my cats favorite. You may ask what kind of food do we feed our pet, only the best. She eats better than I do!
210402210402B001TM70V0A1IBLW57BNZ90GD. Tyler1151274227200Weruva Cat FoodMy cats really like this food!! I wish the company would produce it in a 13 oz. can though. More economical when you have many mouths to feed....
210403210403B001TM70V0AAKU4SQQ1NCXXAB "ripple in a pond"1151273708800very finicky felinesSimply put, my cats love it. I used to buy another brand that was the ONLY one I could find that both would consider edible. That one was not available for a few months and I tried every canned food possible. They would not touch any of them, needless to say my friends cats got a lot of treats-then I found this company, they liked it right off the bat and they like most of the varieties. Finally, everyone is happy.
210404210404B001TM70V0ATCASUX9DGOZ2A. Gaigalaite1151267660800The Best Food for Cats!My cat is very picky and only eats certain kinds of food. When he first tried the Paw Lickin Chicken, it instantly became his favorite. He loves it! It's also way healthier than most of other brands out there, any definitely beats any dry food for cats.
210405210405B001TM70V0A3D0J18LY62I06Cat Guy "Mr Poofy's Cat Guy"1141266969600IS that calamari rings in there?I was shocked the first time I used this particular flavor - rings of calamari, chunks of fish (which is why i use this instead of other brands)and shrimp.

The cats like it alot but not as muh as some of the others like mideast feast...good luck to you finicky kitties.
210406210406B001TM70V0A2LYSSWLGMM3A0zizzy1151264982400My buddies love this stuffThis stuff is the only grain-free canned cat food that all four of my furry buddies agree on!
210407210407B001TM70V0A18TO4MRVHZ5AYL. B. Simons-Lane1151261785600Great Cat Food!My cats love this cat food. They enjoy the shredded meat and chunks of potatoes and vegetables. This is a great supplement to commercial wet food, which I use when higher quality cat food is not available.

UPDATE: I think they have changed some of their recipes. My cats used to love the Steak Frites, but they don't like the new version at all. I still think the food is good and very high quality, though.
210408210408B001TM70V0A2O97OHN8WSIYKRescue 10 "icd10"1141260230400Cats Like ItThe cats liked this flavor, they haven't liked previous flavors from this company because they had too many veggies. This one was good to go with all the cats.
210409210409B001TM70V0A3J8EP34CGOCEGGG1151257292800My cats LOVE this!We were looking for wholesome healthy canned cat food and went to our local natural pet food store and they recommended Weruva (that and Tiki Cat are their most popular, they said). My two picky cats plus the stray cat outside LOVE it!
210410210410B001TM70V0A35NC3X8TINXCPpizza lover1131251849600Cats thought it was okayI'm a big fan of Weruva cat food, but my cats weren't thrilled with this particular flavor. They ate most of it, but didn't "dig in" like they usually do - just kind of picked at it. The dog, on the other hand, was more than happy to finish it off for them. I must admit that I was kind of glad when they didn't wolf it down, because it definitely smells very fishy and I was happy that I wouldn't have to buy it again! :)
210411210411B001TM70V0A188O75EI73BUHMolly and Charlie91311324512000made in the USA and made in Thailand, do they hold the same quality?I have two cats that are very picky eaters, sometime ago I found out about weruvia and they seemed to really enjoy it. So, in order to keep my furry friends happy and save some money I purchased weruvia online, and to my my surprise one of them would not eat it at all. I discovered that the food I purchased online unlike the one I was buying at the pet store was made in Thailand. I found a can from a previous purchase which had been made in the USA and the cat ate it without a problem. So, I wondering if anyone has had the same problems???
210412210412B001TM70V0A3W0BGCX0T0ROOTia Michelle Rambaran4621323734400Diarrhea and such.Hmm. I don't doubt these ingredients are good! But my cats don't love this and one of them only eats the 'gravy' part and ends up with really bad diarrhea. So...I guess my two are just picky since it seems to be a hit with others!
210413210413B001TM70V0A39G2K0NEUXRYPNutmeg2351245024000Don't run out of this cat food!My cats love this food! After doing much research, Weruva appears to be a very high quality food. And judging their good health ever since starting on this food, it appears to be true.
210414210414B001TM70V0A2FVN7DQI3D4PBSandy M.0041350604800Weruva Paw Lickin' Chicken wet cat foodI have two diabetic senior cats in my brood and I try to make sure I feel them all the best quality food I can fit into my budget. The cats do love this food and I feel good feeding it to them because it is high quality. The ingredients read like human-food, there are virtually no preservatives and it doesn't have that "cat food" smell. The cats always lick off all of the "broth" it's packed in before moving on to the shreds of chicken breast itself.

My only caveat is the cost. Yes, I know you pay more for good quality cat food but I have read that even a lower quality wet food is better for your cats than a diet consisting of only dry food, even if it's the best dry food. I feed my cats wet food once daily and they have "grazing priviledges" with a bowl of high quality dry food (Solid Gold Indigo Moon Holistic Cat Food) that I typically have to fill once a day. I may buy this once in a while as a treat but they seem to enjoy the less expensive leading brand just as much.
210415210415B001TM70V0ABFI4FYUW8NLApumpkin0051350086400cat foodGood cat food. My 20 yr old cat licks up the gravy and I get to throw the rest away. Just trying to keep her happy in her elder years. Shake up the cans before u open them to mix it all up.
210416210416B001TM70V0A1GA4V6X4K4X2Pjeanr30051349740800Weruva cat foodOur cat Tony loves it and we have to stop our cat Charlie with the sensitive stomach from eating it.
210417210417B001TM70V0A13Q9TG853K1J6P. ONeill "RighteousDude"0051349654400Very SatisfiedVery satisfied. Case arrived in 3 days and it was "fresh", meaning the expiration date was over 2 1/2 years from now, May, 2015, which is better than the stuff that I was getting locally at Pet Valu. The kitties like it.
210418210418B001TM70V0A1AFDCKEGVHQG8Bao0051349222400My cats love it!My cats LOVE this food! It actually smells good for pet food, and it has a lot of gravy, which I read is a good thing for felines who don't drink much.
One of my cats had crystals in his bladder, but I didn't want to use the urinary diet food recommended by my vet so I tried this and it seems a great compromise.
Also, compared to other higher end cat food (wellness, newman, organix...) it's not more expensive and my cats seem to enjoy it much more.
210419210419B001TM70V0A3RIX50YN2A5JJL. Chase0051348790400A winner!On The Cat Wok is one of my two cats ultimate favorite flavor and brand of cat food. Unfortunately my third cat will not eat any canned food no matter what I try to give her!
210420210420B001TM70V0A29965MRUKMMUVSayan Gupta "sxg2009"0051347840000The best food for indoor catsMy two cats share two 5 oz cans everyday. They love it. I give them varieties everyday; the Mideast seems their favorite dish. On behalf of my cats, I am a Weruva cat food fan now :)

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