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210451210451B000G7VYWAA1X2B0WGYPK62PDonna Sallee0031244505600PriceyI purchased these pretzels pretty often up until now. I came back to make another purchase and find the price has gone up. I will not purchase them unless they return to original price of $19.00.
210452210452B000G7VYWAA2PYMZ7EJOYXS6Happy Mom0051238112000Great productLOVE THIS PRODUCT!
For our young children:
Do not need to worry too much salt intake.
Hands and clothes stay clean.
Fun shape and it excites children to see what kind of shape they see after a first bite.

Very happy with Unsalted Pretzels.
210453210453B000G7VYWAA3RRMZ3DFPGCBISean0041235174400Big orderWell this was a big order and I enjoyed them but I think I prefer Quinlan & Rold Golds a little more. I give them a 4 out of 5.
210454210454B000G7VYWAA211PUYMU0ALWNS. Odemis0051233360000great PretzelsI regularly buy these pretzels. I love it. They are great for parties as a finger food. I also keep some in my office too. Snyder's of Hanover knows how to make great pretzels.
210455210455B000G7VYWAAGW1F5N8HV3ASMolly Nightwing "Molly539"0051226361600Fat Free, Low Sodium and Tasty too!I love my snacks but I don't love all the sodium most of them have. Snyder's of Hanover unsalted minis taste terrific and satisfy my cravings for a crunchy, low sodium snack. At twenty pretzels per serving, you feel like you're getting a substantial amount as well.
210456210456B000G7VYWAA2W2N3OMMVKA9LAK0051213574400LOW SALT DIET...IF you want to cut back on salt but still have some "crunch" these are very good. Sometimes we add just a couple of salted pretzels into the mix.
210457210457B000G7VYWAA39ZT6XQ32UOI3Deborah Wilk "bandaid"2411225324800these are pretzelsThese are specified to be Snyder's of Hanover Pretzels Minis 100 Calorie Packs, 10-Count Packages (Pack of 6). However they are bags with 3 servings each, each bag has 330 calories and 3.5 ounce bags. I called twice, my order was re-sent only to find that they are exactly the same. I wanted the 100 calorie pack so I can know exactly what I am eating in a setting. Customer service person seemed foreign and did not understand my concern.
210458210458B000G7VYWAA3TJ24HNAQ5EI5elish0151287273600bestsnackThese unsalted pretzels are by far the best quick snack i have found. no salt on the pretzel, virtually no fat, and very good taste. the direct sale from snyders with no shipping cost ensure my repeat business.
210460210460B001H3790IA1V5XPD7J7HVF8Bonnie E. Rogers "psych nurse"1151331769600DeliciousMy son is known as "The Bottlecap Guy" at the local store. I sent him a box via Amazon and now he knows how to keep this one obsession a secret! Thankyou Amazon
210461210461B001H3790IA2VU1265IAJXIVFancy Shopper "Mimi"1141317513600Tastes great but leaves a residueThey taste great, just as they should. However, I don't know if it happened during shipping or beforehand but some of the pieces were broken, leaving a powdery residue. Regardless, they still taste great.
210462210462B006G7XV5CA7U34PDJQQQ32greg wallis0051341705600pork jerkygot a great buy on this product, product was fresh and just what I expected to receive. product was exactly what was advertised
210463210463B000LQHP56A2UGDWPK2R1EPVAdo0011337817600ordered tip-500, they shipped tip-400I ordered this product for my mom. She was looking for Flour Tip-500 but could not find it anywhere else than on Amazon. Well, I was very happy to get it for her but was disappointed when I received the package. What was shipped is tip-400 and not tip-500 as shown on the picture.

I did contact the seller and asked him about it and they said that sometimes ingredients can be different than shown on the picture. Well, this is not a question of ingredients but a totally different product.

After a few emails back and forth and after I had to contact Amazon the funds were refunded.
210464210464B0005ZXXWMA18EI9RGOSFVQCAbe the "Amazon Guy"0051342396800Love this stuff, but MUCH cheaper elsewhereBOTTOM LINE:
I love that this oil adds HEAT AND FLAVOR to what I am cooking, without the tangy-ness of hot sauce. It is an invaluable part of my kitchen.

The oil distributes evenly into most foods, especially liquid foods, and adds heat, flavor, and a little bit of fat to make the food delicious. At the same time, it does not add the tangy flavor of hot sauce or Sriracha. It is also more powerful and faster working than red pepper flakes or powder.

I find that the Hot Chili Sesame Oil is the best thing you can add to a soup, sauce, or other liquid based food that you are cooking or eating.

Sometimes I will put this into the pan to oil it before cooking meats, and it works the same way as oil, while adding spice and flavor. It is also a great addition to marinades, such as when I am preparing meat for stir-fry or high heat cooking.

Finally, I can't review this item without mentioning that it is a great (although a bit fatty) sauce on its own. It lacks saltiness, so you can add a little salt or soy sauce to it when using it, but it forms a great base for a Wonton, dumpling, or egg roll sauce - something you dip your food into for a little extra heat right before eating.
210465210465B002VC943EA32Z180ZOOJMNTIslandBookReader1151325116800Sad to see this packaging goI liked this packaging because it cuts down on the amount of plastic, so I was very sorry that Amazon was no longer going to carry it. Just another case of finally finding a good product only to have it removed from availability.
210466210466B002VC943EA2XDKPOI8XPZHID. Riggs "Dave1310"1151279584000Good to the last dropOrdered for my parents who are continuously running out. Was on sale when I ordered and I got the foil packs not the canisters. Good coffee, Good (sale) price, free shipping. That's a winning combo if ever there was one.
210467210467B002VC943EA43I7FI3HWLULL. Oliver0051318809600Great price!This is a great price on coffee and I don't have to run to the store when I need it! As always service is great!
210468210468B001EO5Y5MAM9LRYG6YXV83P. Verkhovensky "uebermensch"8410511178064000Ferrero's missed opportunityNutella is stocked by the pallet in Europe, but much less popular in the USA for the excellent reason that the NJ plant produces an inferior product. This stuff is edible, but it's too sweet and doesn't have a strong hazelnut flavor. Ferrero finished Americanizing it by putting it in a much smaller plastic container and adding trans fat. Look for the genuine imported product or try making your own chocolate peanut butter. (I've tried making a chocolate hazelnut butter, but it's hard to duplicate the Nutella flavor)

Update: Nutella now contains "modified palm oil" instead of the partially hydrogenated variety. It's nice of Ferrero to shell out the extra .03 per bottle not to use a substance known to be somewhat lethal, but I expect the flavor hasn't improved, or we'd all be hearing a lot more about it.
210469210469B001EO5Y5MA22Z9R91N8L7IQT. Coleman "Rio Grande Tom"81051236988800Addictive, Yes. And Tastes Like I Remember ItI was introduced to Nutella when I lived in France a few years ago. Yep, got addicted; but had to cold-turkey when I left France. Now I'm addicted again, thanks to that buttinski Amazon.

Ah well, I can enjoy this stuff again, so thanks, Amazon. It originated in Italy; and in France is eaten much like we do peanut butter here. I think the French enjoy their sweets. And hazelnuts are much more common there than here.

Now, I see someone provides us with interesting comments on the New Jersey version. That, I just can't counter. My stint in France was '96-'99 and I'm getting old; so maybe my taste buds don't have accurate memories. It tastes just fine to moi. Good stuff!

My only regret is the cost. You know, if we on Amazon can make this more popular in the States, then maybe others (if they can find the hazelnuts in quantity) will produce imitations, Nutella will counter, and the marketplace will dictate a lower price.

Sound good? Try this item and get addicted, then.

Still, considering the price of other chocolate products, is it that high?
210470210470B001EO5Y5MA2PMHDCCCVN5CIG. S.233241237852800Cheaper to buy in grocery stores$21 / 5 = $4.20
When I buy the jars individually at the grocery store (QFC in Seattle) I pay around $3.60 per jar. How is this a good deal?

UPDATE (March 2011): at the discounted price of $17.42 for the 5-pack it's $3.48 for each jar. QFC in Seattle now sells the 13oz jar for $3.99. Now we're talking :)
210471210471B001EO5Y5MA3MKETTQR0G021Anne Gauzens "Visual Reader"2221308096000Packing issuesWhile I love this product, 3 of the 5 jars had broken safety seals so could not use--and there is no refund on food items. Will not buy this item from Amazon again.
210472210472B001EO5Y5MAO6RBLC5NZDEKK. Zhao4521270512000Expires soonI like the product, but why would amazon sell an item that expires soon. They should provide the expiration date before you buy.
210473210473B001EO5Y5MA37T6ET7TRKGT0Robert Lubocki6811284854400Not your European Nutella you fell in love in..Growing up in Europe as a kid leaves a huge mark on your sweet tooth, being spoiled by the flavor and quality anything sweet left in your mouth. Nutella is one of those sweet memories that unfortunately did not carry over to North America. Made in, out of all the places in Industrial area of New Jersey, is not a good starting point for launching one of Europeans favorite chocolate wonders! Some ingredients do not stick with original standards, adding processed ingredients, still using sugar, which is better than corn fructose. topping it off by putting the product in plastic jars! At this point I suggest a sugar cube, topping it off with Hershey's syrup, if this is what you like, then you will love New Jersey made Nutella, it will be like Christmas. If you want to try real Nutella, buy the European version in a real glass jar, with real ingredients, real milk. German, and Polish is the real deal.
210474210474B001EO5Y5MA449LQ4ETONNAJulia Beadles "MsDrPepper"142051165363200Nutella - very tasty alternative to Peanut ButterMy family and I have enjoyed Nutella the past few years. Amazon has a good price, about $2.81 a jar. It ranges here in Kansas around $3-4 a jar. It's basically ground up hazelnuts (also known as filberts), mixed with a chocolate frosting type deal... spreads on toast, very sweet. We also like natural peanut butter (meaning without hydrogenated oils etc. just peanut, salt) and we typically swirl on two thin layers. My son LOVES this in his school lunches or for breakfast ("brekky") on toast.

Some lady asked about this at the grocery store, wondering what it tasted like, as she'd heard it was an alternative to peanut butter for those who were allergic to peanut butter. The jar I currently have does not give any of the warning disclaimers about "...produced in factory that has exposure to peanuts or whatever other allergic product... " thing (sorry I don't remember how they usually read but I am not seeing it here on this one, so presumably it's okay. For questions go to or 1-800-NUTELLA ).

Tt is sometimes hard to find at our various grocery stores - usually clear up at the top shelf almost out of my reach - especially at places like Wal-mart supercenters or the Target Superstores (I forget what they call them), and it tends to be more expensive at places like World Market.

This one also says it was made in USA by Ferrero USA, Inc.

Seems like 8 or 9 years ago when we first started seeing it on the shelves and buying it, it was actually imported from Italy. But apparently not now. But would be interesting to see the nutritional breakdown for the product still made in Italy. Typically I've noticed other products (like Malted Milk products etc.) produced for the Asian or European markets use less sugars than the one produced for us (unfortunately mostly overweight) Americans. So would be interesting to see what has happnened to Nutella.

Otherwise... hey... it's pretty good!!
210475210475B001EO5Y5MA3DPDRTKVAA9QPMichael Dee1151335139200Nutella!!Okay, I can't even believe they sell Nutella on Amazon. This is absurdity! I typed "Nutella" in the search engine hoping to find a recipe book or something...but actual jars?? I'm laughing so hard right now that I had to write a review just to say that Nutella is worthy of a "five-star rating." People say they eat this stuff with a spoon? Pfft, amateurs, I eat it with a ladle. Beat that, fatties. Oh and for the record in case you're curious, there are a couple of recipe books on Amazon for Nutella.
210476210476B001EO5Y5MA3QNQQKJTL76H0buru buru piggu1151330387200Addictive and yummy nut spread!Nutella is very tasty over toast, on apple slices, or even right out of the jar. It has the same consistency as peanut butter. Just make sure to exercise restraint because it contains a lot of calorie-dense ingredients. Each serving (2 tbsp) is 200 calories (100 from fat) and contains 21 g of sugar. In fact, the first ingredient is sugar, then palm oil and hazelnuts. The labels says there are over 50 hazelnuts in here. I find the sugar content overly sweet and it could be dialed down a bit, but that just means I have to use less of the spread.

The jar is type-1 plastic (PETE) and commonly recyclable.
210477210477B001EO5Y5MA370Z6I5GBWU44M "CultOfStrawberry"1151303948800One of the best spreads EVERIt is almost hard to believe just how danged delicious this Nutella is. It makes for an easy and awesome breakfast by spreading it on toast, or using it to make crepes. Those who love hazlenut will not be disappointed with this - this is a spread that you simply CAN NOT go wrong with - the flavor really is almost unbelievable! I would give this product a hundred stars if I could!

It's cheaper to buy in grocery stores, though, and if possible, buy the original European version because the Nutella you find in many stores is Americanized with a change in recipe which makes for a inferior but still fairly tasty product.
210478210478B001EO5Y5MA1GYEGLX3P2Y7PShala Kerrigan1141289520000I like it, my daughter loves itMy daughter loved this when she was little. Since she was a very picky eater and it's a decent additional source of iron I let her have it fairly regularly. She started eating it when she was 7 after finding out Daniel Radcliffe ate toast with a chocolate spread for breakfast.
It is high fat, and I wouldn't risk it for people with peanut allergies because it can contain peanut oil. But for easy occasional treats it's very good.
The commercials say it's hazelnut with a hint of cocoa. I disagree, it's very chocolate-y. It's a great way to get kids to eat more fruit. Let them make roll ups with flour tortillas, fruit and Nutella and cut them into little pinwheels.
We also use it for baking. We cut out circles from pie crust and fit them into a mini muffin pan, bake them until they are golden, then spread in some Nutella with a silicone spatula and some jam on top of that, then add a pie crust flourish cut with a canape cutter and bake it again until the flourish is golden brown. Instant little tarts. It's also good with the miniature cheese cake you make with a cookie bottom in cupcake papers. Just spread the cookie with it, top with the cheesecake mix, bake as usual. Chill.
It's a little sweet for my tastes as just a toast spread.
210479210479B001EO5Y5MA3VKQD1UZ1A66YT. Ogaard3451283731200Oh it's so good!Absolute genius! Who ever decided to mix hazelnut and chocolate needs to be dubbed king/queen. Contrary to another review, the US version does not have trans fat, and yet it tastes like hazelnut. It's excellent! My 2 year old daughter loves it too!
210480210480B001EO5Y5MAW6PRQUS44AVQChristopher Bozza "Video game addict"3451276041600What question could you possibly have??Delicious. on everything. bread, strawberries, a chocolate quesadilla, nutella sandwich, nutella wrap, nutella on a banana, a spoon, on a diet? no problem: nutella on a chopstick

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