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210541210541B000CQG8M6A2GZ3O8AHD3PI2L. G. M.0111226275200rasberry white teaI threw it away. It tasted bad. It was bitter and tasted wierd. Maybe I got a bad batch or something.
210542210542B000CQG8M6A3CHE6FL22V7CGJosie R.0141191542400Great Tea, Better priceGreat tea, better price than if you ordered from their website but I dislike having to order in quantities of 6 boxes at a time.
210543210543B000CQG8M6A36MLPFQCGRO5TMark Larmoyeux "Larx"3631168300800Great product - WRONG part numberCheck with Amazon before you purchase. I ordered this tea (and it is great tea!!!)but only 1 of the boxes arrived. Note: there should be 6 boxes of 18 count each.

Contacted Amazon and they gladly placed the order again for me. Only one box arrived again! Now I have two of the boxes, at least. It's clear that the part number / QTY is incorrect. The price tells me there should be 6 boxes, but ordering this may result in only a single box arriving.

Good luck!
210544210544B000CQG8M6A12W8NRSYR593IDavid R. Fredrickson "David R Fredrickson"1311301702400just awfulTheir Earl Grey and English breakfast do not come close to the quality of Twining teas.

Very disappointing. Poor quality. Lousy flavor.
210545210545B000CQG8M6A1K74YNY7O9O5PP. M. Boley1331227916800tea that is good at good priceMy daughter loves this tea and so I purchased it here.
It is less expensive than the other sellers.
210546210546B000CQG8M6A1TAZZ2355GO4Bsmoky "smokybluz"2511228780800Chemicals in a bag!I honestly don't know how this item is allowed on store shelves! It's THAT BAD!

I was having trouble locating my favorite vanilla nut tea from another tea company and in its absence decided to try Stash's. I cannot even express how 'chemical' and unnatural it smelled and tasted! I had to throw it out! Will never purchase Stash again.

Disregard the 1 star rating... I would give it 'zero' if I could!
210547210547B000CQG8M6A2RVFYOQTX7IY2Nunz5353 "NunZ"0231239321600PriceyEnjoy the taste of the tea, however I think it is quite pricey. May buy a cheaper brand next time.
210548210548B000CQG8M6A25KO9UPYD9GJ7Jennifer Butts0251179792000Great serviceGreat service! Arrived in great time, and things were perfect! Look forward to ordering from you again.
210549210549B000CQG8M6AN627LNLCCBUECorshi0211156377600No thanks!I bought a 10 pack sampler directly from Stash of the Decaf Vanilla Chai Tea, and I am glad that's all I bought! This is not real vanilla flavor; it has very strong notes of chemicals and artificial flavors. I tried this tea chilled with milk and sugar, and it has the same qualities of brewed potpourri. I'm not sure who could like this tea. A much better tea is Stash's Organic Black and Green Chai tea, or Green Chai tea by the same company. At least try the sample pack before buying 120 bags of this.
210550210550B000CQG8M6A109EGA5Q5VN4LTea Lover6651168905600This Tea is Even Winning over Non-Tea DrinkersThis is the first product that I have ever felt strongly enough to write a review on. This tea has definately gotten some undeserved bad reviews. It is a Chai Tea!! It is supposed to be spicey, have a fairly strong flavor, and you are supposed to add sweetner and milk to it. This VANILLA DECAF CHAI is fantastic! My kids love it, my guests love it, and I love it! Everytime I serve it, everyone wants to know where to get it and how I made it. Even non-tea drinkers get hooked on it. It is wonderful cold or hot, and has a lighter spice flavor than most Chai teas, but they added a touch of vanilla instead. This tea really is one that you can enjoy everyday. It really is worth a try.
210551210551B000CQG8M6AB693ID198Z87mj "mjSVCA"5551203724800Elegant white tea AND raspberry . . . so very good!After trying to find a green tea that I could actually drink and enjoy, I found white tea. It has all the health giving benefits of green tea -- maybe even more -- and it's so very enjoyable! Of all the white teas I have tried, this is my absolute favorite. The white tea is smooth: it has none of the bitterness or sharp taste of green tea, and the addition of raspberry is a brilliant touch. To enhance the raspberry flavor, try adding a little sweetener -- your choice. Drinking a cup of this tea is like giving yourself a present. Thanks Stash, you really do create world-class teas.

P.S. Remember NOT to boil the water for this tea: it's far too delicate for boiling water. Instead, use water just under the boiling point and only brew for no more than 4 minutes -- it does make a difference.
210552210552B000CQG8M6AURA1OVFAJNFEH. R. Smith "Kickin' it home school"5551203724800Still the oneI've been drinking Stash brand Decaf Earl Grey Tea for years now. Very few stores in my area carry this brand, so I decided to order it from Amazon. I think this is the best decaf earl grey out there. It has just the right amount of bergamot oil, and is more flavorful than most other brands of decaf earl grey I've tried.
210553210553B000CQG8M6AEQ2FNJSVBJKIBrad Finkelstein "bearsfan"3351275350400delicious dessert teaThis is my favorite tea ever, I drink it daily iced. It has a nutty rich flavor almost like a coffee. I used to drink Celestial Seasonings Dessert Teas but as usual another company has discontinued the products. I originally ordered a cse of this from Stash last year and was hooked and hopefully they won't take it off the market. It seems like all that's out there is fruit flavored teas, which I don;t like, so if you like a rich bakery flavor tea, this one is it.
210554210554B000CQG8M6A1GCRMDBJEHHGNSharon E. Thunell3351173312000Delicious!!!!I am a tea drinker and a chocolate lover. This tea is decaf and has a very chocolatey taste. It satisfied my craving for chocolate without any calories. I love it and so does the rest of my family.
210555210555B000CQG8M6A27Y0MQRW7PQ12P2251273017600Great taste, great aromaI always drink decaf tea and that limits my options. That's why I was more than happy when I found this great tasting decaf vanilla tea. I don't even add sugar or milk to this tea, I drink it as it is and it's really delicious.
210556210556B000CQG8M6A35LT14WG5BX0TLola Bunny2251242000000Fantastic flavor!I LOVE this tea. It's delicious both hot and cold. I go through a box in less than a week, so buying on Amazon, especially with Subscribe and Save is awesome!

Thank you Stash, for yet another fabulous tea!
210557210557B000CQG8M6AG8PEYCRC8XJ6L. Long2251237420800Chocolate FixAlthough not as good as a piece of chocolate, it does the job at night when my sweet tooth acts up. This is my nightime tea with the mere objective of satisfying a chocolate craving. Great shelf life of over 1 year.
210558210558B000CQG8M6A2TVT03TGAMFL4C. Montejo2251214611200Add milkMy favorite tea. Add milk and sugar and you have a winter/fall cool spring night dessert!
210559210559B000CQG8M6A79F0QVNU2TIDDeNeen Brown "book nut"2241210550400a tasteful indulgenceI love this tea. I was grateful to have the decaf version for late at night. It is a fragrant delicious way to end the day. A much better way to purchase it rather than going through the stash website.
210560210560B000CQG8M6A2CGNLD2641LU7Suzanne M. Jarrell "tigertattoo"2241167782400Loveley & SoothingThis tea is very good. The flavor is great and it's quite calming and soothing, especially in a nice bubble bath after a rough day!
210561210561B000CQG8M6A1WJRHFNLLEJ9MJonny2251155686400Best Decaf English Breakfast TeaThis is the best decaf English Breakfast tea around. It tastes the same as regular English Breakfast tea. Full body, not a weak decaf tea. Hard to find so I have been ordering it directly from Stash but it was great to find that Amazon is carrying it at a great price.
210562210562B000CQG8M6A2IRW5RHNC8BXXgma4511262995200SOYThis is the only herbal or decaf tea I have ever had that has soy. I am alergic to soy and am now stuck with 5 boxes of tea I can't use.
210563210563B000CQG8M6A243IZ5AUJMO79D. Miller4511251936000This Flavor is DisgustingI love some of their other teas, I'm a chocoholic, and I love hazelnut coffee. But I HATED this flavor. It reminds me of the pharmacy's first attempts years ago to flavor medicine--has a wonderful smell but a weird, almost disgusting aftertaste. It actually made me a bit sick to my stomach! I'll stick with the Vanilla Chai--very tasty.
210564210564B000CQG8M6A1LQW3JHSVLHD5heatheroger1151340755200I HATE ALL TEAS EXCEPT THIS ONE!I have never liked coffee or tea (or alcohol for that matter!) but I LOVE this Chai Spice tea. My little daughter does too, so I make sure hers is decaf. It's no longer available in my local stores, so I'm getting here at a great bulk price. I add the recommended sugar and milk and it is wonderful!
210565210565B000CQG8M6A1UJMY342924NCDuenan9926 "Diane"1151322697600Excellent "dessert" tea!This tea is so tasty! I use 2 bags and make a 10 oz hot tea. After it steeps, I pour it over ice and enjoy my favorite drink of iced tea. This chocolate hazelnut is great. It takes care of that chocolate urge in the afternoon. I love it!
210566210566B000CQG8M6A3IPDP5UOCQ18LS. Cortez "wanna be cowgirl"1151289347200Perfect Dessert Tea - Baby BearI'm not a coffee drinker and got tired of not having something to drink with a dessert. This tea is perfect with milk and sugar! I feel like a grown up when I drink it. Don't get me wrong I know I could just drink hot chocolate and I do but sometimes depending on what I have it with or when, hot chocolate is too sweet. Which feels hypocritical for me to say because that's how I like it, but only when it is the dessert. So this is my perfect medium. It's like a term I like to use, it's baby bear! We all know the story of Goldie Locks and the three bears. Well coffee is pappa bear's bed, too hard to get over the bitterness. Hot chocolate is mamma bear's bed, too soft or sweet for everyday. This tea is baby bear's bed, just right. Now I'm no Goldie Locks but I'd like to think of myself as that content when I drink this tea. Love it!
210567210567B000CQG8M6A2SU0Z900NRNWVBilly Smith1141279670400Tea Anyone?OK its tea right! Well, it's good. Stash makes some really great teas. This one is pretty good, probably one of the best on the market right now. Much better than bigelow's teas, in my opinion.
210568210568B000CQG8M6A1V9PSZE3XBMJ0nessie1151266624000Love It or Leave It!From reading other reviews, it seems people either hate or love this tea with no in-between. I happen to love here to re-order.

Last year this product disappeared from local stores so I reluctantly ordered this box of 6 ... good grief-so many! Surprisingly, barely a year has passed and I'm out (in spite of having an average of 4-6 other favorite boxes of tea open at any one time).

As with most teas, the flavor definitely improves with a bit of milk or cream (my favorite) or honey (with the milk or instead of ...). Sometimes I brew two bags at favorite: this vanilla nut with Trader Joe's Organic Mint Melange.

210569210569B000CQG8M6ASYFJ4V67V3SANicole Johnson1151256774400Great version of Chai teaThis is far and away my favorite Chai tea to drink. It is meant to be served with some type of sweetener and milk (which it recommends on the box). I prefer to standard Chai. I have this sitting next to a box of Tazo Chai, and I am always grabbing a bag of the Stash Decaf Vanilla Chai.
210570210570B000CQG8M6A1HBC0NBQJHT7XBookphile1151239235200Smooth and deliciousI've been drinking Stash teas for some time now but usually stuck to their caffeinated versions. Once I found out I was pregnant, I made the switch to decaf and was happy to find that Stash has a nice selection of flavored decaf black teas. However, this tea in particular is a favorite.

In order to really bring out the flavors, I would suggest adding some milk and a sweetener (I usually use honey and if I do use sugar, I use turbinado sugar). This makes the tea very smooth and creamy, something close to a tea latte. The flavor is nicely chocolaty with just the right touch of hazelnut, which I find to be overpowering in large quantities. I often drink this tea as a dessert-like indulgence but it would also be good in the morning in place of a flavored coffee.

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