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210573210573B000CQG8M6A2GZ3O8AHD3PI2L. G. M.1141226620800chocolate hazelnut teaThe first time I tried it I was kind of dissapointed. It just tasted like chocolate flavored water. I brewed it a second time and got better results. You have to steep it till you get it kind of strong, add quite a bit of sugar and milk, and it is quite good, for a tea. I think that was the problem, I expected hot chocolate - you can't get hot chocolate from a tea. I would rather drink ovaltine, if I want something that tastes chocolatey. It does smell wonderful. I gave it four stars as a tea, and not especially as a hot chocolate drink.
210574210574B000CQG8M6A7GGWCD5XQ1JOPatricia1151225584000The best tea in the world!!This is my favourite tea in the world. The taste is unique: chocolate with hazelnut. If you're a chocoholic like myself, you'll love this tea. Plus it's decaf, so you can have as many as you like. Purchasing this product through Amazon was a great experience: fast service and most important, it was cheaper than buying the product in a store or even at Stash webpage. I'll definitely order more!!
210575210575B000CQG8M6A2W225SFTQNF3Nskacleve "skacleve"1121207267200Not bad for a decaf greenAs someone who loves Japanese-style green tea, I highly recommend Stash's regular green tea. That's why I ordered their green decaf. However, this decaf does not have the same qualities as their regular green tea. The tea is not green in color -- it is more of a brownish color -- and it doesn't have that fresh "green" taste I enjoy with their caffeinated version. Maybe green tea just doesn't keep its color or flavor when it is decaffeinated. It's not too bad though, and I'll have to keep trying it to see if it grows on me. I actually have not found the perfect green decaf yet.

PS: After a long period of thinking I didn't like it, then going back to try it again, it may not be as bad as I first thought. Most green decafs disappoint, so don't consider any green decafs as having true green tea flavor. Stash's isn't objectionable like some, it's just bland. It's a bit better than most green decafs, but not nearly as good as good Japanese caffeinated green tea. For true green tea taste, try a Japanese Sencha or Macha caffeinated tea, like Kirkland's Signature Macha or Yamamotoyama teas. I very much DISlike the Stash Organic Premium Decaf Green however, and urge you not to buy it. I have a concern about the levels of fluoride in green teas (especially Chinese teas, so I've read), but I suppose if consumed in moderation, like everything else, the risks shouldn't be of great concern, and the benefits probably outweigh them.
210576210576B000CQG8M6A2VOBW3DQMRDTBWitek Radomski "freakmod"1151171929600Premium Green Tea for those who can't have caffeine!This is a wonderful tasting green tea that has, in my opinion, the perfect amount of bitterness for a great green tea taste. I can't have caffeine, but being a green tea lover I give this product two thumbs up!
210577210577B000CQG8M6A30JIRJQ4VJFWKR. L. Barnett "Do-it-yourselfer"3451269129600My cure for morning coffeeMy doctor recently suggested (strongly) that I cut out my 3+ cups of coffee per day. Now mind you, I am a Starbucks drinker. I LOVE my coffee and I have for years. I told my doctor and myself that this was not possible. However, I re-thought and considering my health issues, I decided to take the plunge, so to speak. . . into the No-coffee, no caffeine pool. But what to substitute on those cold mornings??? I have enjoyed Stash Chai tea for a few years but it was always a treat for winter days when I was already over-coffeed. I tried many teas to see if anything satisfied to replace for my morning joe. Nothing, truly, Nothing satisfied my taste buds, my comfort need for a stimulating aroma. Until. . . I went back to my STASH Chai. Decaf as it is, it satisfies all my taste and aroma needs and we are now 7 months out and I declare myself fully De-coffee'd. I no longer need that cup of jolt any longer and I am fully satisfied by my STASH decaf chai. I am amazed and delighted! I want to stock up on my tea, lest they stop making it! Heaven forbid! I get my STASH with the regular subscription monthly. Can't be without my STASH Decaf Chai!
210578210578B000CQG8M6A31D82UJ238XLUB Augustine3411206403200Yucky -I am a tea-a-holic, I drink tea all day long, and was looking for a decaf subsitute to my vanilla hazelnut Bigelow. This does not taste like vanilla or nut to me, it is kind of fruity and has a bad aftertaste. I am very sad, even tried to give the remaining 5 boxes away and none of my friends wanted them after drinking a cup. Too bad, I love Stash green tea, and the white/green fusion one is my favorite.
210579210579B000CQG8M6A1JH5EKCDJPXSHLBDDiaries "LBDDiaries"3451173312000Chocolate Hazlenut TeaThis is the BEST chocolate tea - especially since it is decaf. You can have a cuppa in the evening when you want to relax and let everything slow down around you. I've been looking for a good chocolate tea - this is one of the best.
210580210580B000CQG8M6A2UDUJG17I8S1RunVeg2321257120000Not my "cup of tea" :)This tea just isn't for me--I thought it was a little gross. It didn't seem to taste like chocolate OR hazelnuts.I don't really think it had much taste at all, really. Pretty disappointing. I didn't add any sugar to it, so perhaps the flavor would change a little with some sweetness?
210581210581B000CQG8M6A1XJL9JP4IYWT2Kate2331163116800Stale productI bought this on Amazon becuase it disappeared from real stores. In comparison with the tea that was available in regular stores, this one has a sour off-taste, presumably, due to its oldness.
210582210582B000CQG8M6A26DOVGY14V7NXRichard Rollins0051351209600breakfast teaWe switch to this decaf tea at night for a great cup of tea and no sleep problems. Thanks for a good cup of tea.
210583210583B000CQG8M6A1VBPM0TO2NWCMMay0011348531200Tastes like medicine!!Yuck! This has to be one of the worst tasting teas ever. I actually really like the other Stash Tea flavors so I'm surprised this one tastes pretty disgusting. It tastes like benadryl or something. It definitely doesn't taste like vanilla or chai. I don't know why it even tastes the way it tastes. I even sweetened my tea with molasses to sweeten it, and it didn't even mask the taste very well. Word of advice try any other tea flavors from Stash but this.
210584210584B000CQG8M6A2C68QAZG8PF58Diane E. Beck0011342569600Sorry, just didn't like it!I usually love STASH teas, but this one is undrinkable. I really tried to like it and tried it multiple times...yuck :( It doesn't taste of chocolate, but rather some off-taste that's hard for me to define. Unfortunately, you are forced to buy A LOT with this offer. My suggestions is to try it first if possible.
210585210585B000CQG8M6A392C5HHFXG7YETerry Lynn Mattern0051340668800Great tea, great buy!I am not supposed to have caffeine, but I think I would choose this tea even if I could. As I said, "Great tea, great buy!"
210586210586B000CQG8M6AUOA7P6T8JXSECalvin0021340150400Swampy!Smells like a peat bog. My officemate complains every time I drink it. And it doesn't taste all that great, so I don't often.
210587210587B000CQG8M6A11YOTONCPRQ9SSH0021339545600Tastes OK, but with a slight issueIt tastes mildly of chocolate with the addition of stevia in it. The problem though is the dental hygienist pointed out at my last cleaning that my teeth are getting unusually stained from something new I'm eating or drinking. I mentioned purchasing a ton of this tea from Amazon and she was pretty sure that was the source since I don't normally have this issue. As a result, I've mostly quit drinking it.
210588210588B000CQG8M6A18J1FASFKF4LVShawn F. Carnes "SFC"0011337212800Not quite right.It smelled like it, but this tastes closer to Rooibos than chocolate and hazelnut. And I do not like Rooibos.
210589210589B000CQG8M6A2G0UK7AOXH7CHCheryl S.0031334707200Taste OkayI ordered way too many boxes of this tea. I ordered several boxes before trying this tea, I had to give some of them away. It is not as good as I thought it was. The key is to put more milk and a sweetener in it to improve the taste. It taste okay, but not good enough for me to order this product a second time.
210590210590B000CQG8M6A2YSZSBDBFKSKSAngieB0051333065600Amazing!!I LOVE this stuff!!! Unfortunately, I can no longer find it in the stores. I also FINALLY got my picky kids to try it, and they, too think it's AMAZING!!! DELICIOUS!!!
210591210591B000CQG8M6A3E8YXN9XC09S5Patricia A. Johnson "PABPAJ"0051329782400Mmmmm. Delicious tea. Treat yourself!This is really, really great tea. It's rich and delicious (especially with just a dab or milk or soy milk in it). Makes me feel like I'm treating myself when I curl up with a cup of this awesome decaf tea. If you enjoy drinking different types of tea, then you'll love this aromatic, relaxing tea.
210592210592B000CQG8M6A2TSTRYQ5AA9U6S. R. Hochbaum0051329696000Delicious!I didn't like tea very much until recently, and to me sugar and milk make tea taste disgusting. I've enjoyed a few flavors but when I got my hands on this, I knew it was meant to be. You take the teabag out of its pouch and it smells delicious, better than any tea I've ever smelled. Seriously, they could make potpourri out of this stuff! Compared to other chai's that I've tasted, this is my favorite. It comes in both decaf and caffeinated, so you can have it anytime... and just, yum. I highly recommend this tea!
210593210593B000CQG8M6A343QWZI10ELJ6FistiFluffs0051329091200An office favorite!All the ladies at my office LOVE this tea. I introduced a coworker to it and she convinced me to buy several boxes for the office. I just bought a box last Friday and today (Monday) it is half gone! The flavor is not super chocolatey, but has a delicate chocolate taste to it with creamy hazelnut notes. It's great with a splash of almond milk and a tiny bit of sugar. This and Mighty Leaf's chocolate mint truffle tea are my two favorite afternoon teas. When I'm craving something sweet, I just have a cup of this tea and it satisfies my sweet tooth and my chocolate cravings all at once. Again, if you're looking for a really chocolatey drink, this tea isn't anything like, for example, hot chocolate. It's just a hint of chocolatey and nutty flavor.
210594210594B000CQG8M6A1YYR0ODCNNEUVPat G0051327363200Wonderful tea for coffee drinkers!This tea is delicious! When you add a splash of milk it is almost like a dessert. I have been trying to cut down on my coffee intake and I feel as if I am having a flavored coffee. It goes very well with eating dessert!!
210595210595B000CQG8M6A22G7Y677GAUWXJink0051327017600Great decaf green teaThis is a great green tea. It has a good clean flavor and no grittiness. I couldn't truly appreciate how good this tea was until I tried a different brand and found the other one to be terrible. I can usually get two good cups of tea from one bag. I highly recommend this and it's the only one I'll ever buy!
210596210596B000CQG8M6A1ED3ABQD627TYLinda Makofski "Linda A. Makofski"0011326672000Disappointed in STASH PREMIEUM TEASTASH PREMIUM TEA has little to no taste, depending on the flavor used. The Decaf Chocolate Hazelnut Tea has absolutely NO flavor even when I try 3 tea bags to a cup of boiling water. I purchased 6 - 18 count boxes. I had tried a hot chocolate tea in one of our little delis and it was wonderful. I don't remember the name of the tea. I don't know if this is common for STASH tea or if I received an old batch. I'm sitting here with over 100 tea bags with absolutely no flavor.

If you're looking for a tea with flavor, I would discourage your using this tea.
210597210597B000CQG8M6A1IWKG4H97E2IAjaimn0051326585600Yum!A great tea that got better because I can have it at bedtime! I am a bit of a cheap snob when n it comes to EGT - I only like Stash, and this one is great. The only one better is the double berg.
210598210598B000CQG8M6AADJT9TQRLT9Uworkingmom0051321228800Awesome teaStash tea is a fantastic flavorful tea and I particularly like Earl Grey. The decaf is a little hard to find at times but Amazon has it for a great price if you buy in bulk.
210599210599B000CQG8M6AAU3MP9KUW99WJW0051320710400My favorite dessert teaWith a splash of milk and a touch of honey, I'll take a cup of the Decaf Chocolate Hazelnut over a cup of hot chocolate.
210600210600B000CQG8M6A3FH8U7QNV2886Mrs. R "Novice Knitter"0051318291200Love the bergamot flavor!One thing I like about Stash teas is the packaging. Each bag is sealed in a foil pouch which retains the tea's flavor. I also like the box because once I take the plastic wrapper off, it becomes a dispenser that I keep on my counter. I love the fragrance and taste of bergamot which is added to quality decaf tea to make Stash Premium Decaf Earl Grey Tea. I often breathe in the scent of the tea while waiting for it to cool. Heavenly!
210571210571B000CQG8M6A1HBC0NBQJHT7XBookphile1141239235200Good, mild greenI am an avid tea drinker and so I was at a bit of a loss when I became pregnant. I wanted to cut caffeinated tea out of my diet during the pregnancy but soon found that meant my choices were limited to herbals and a small handful of decaf black teas, which were mostly flavored. One day I came across this one at the grocery store and decided to give it a try.

I've long enjoyed Stash teas for their quality, which is pretty incomparable. I generally prefer loose teas to bagged but Stash is one of those rare teas whose flavor isn't compromised by the bag. I found this to be the case with this particular tea. It's not a very complex flavor, which is why I wouldn't give it a full five stars. However, it is very mild and has a nice, subtle nutty flavor. It's definitely a good tea for those who are new to greens as when it's brewed appropriately it has none of the bitterness or strong grassy flavor that can sometimes come through in greens. It's an easy drinking tea and I sip it throughout the day, to the point where I drink around three oversized mugs of it a day. In light of this, I now order it by the 6-pack from Amazon in order to have a continuous supply.
210572210572B000CQG8M6ALK74C4YDWL43Howard P. Webb1151238371200Great tasting TeaThis is a great tasting Tea that is unfortunately no longer on the store shelves in my area.

It tastes sort of like a creamy hot cocoa. So it's a great replacement if, like me you're lactose intolerant. It also comes in regular I believe for those who need their caffeine fix :)

Also of note is that each tea bag is individually sealed in a foil package so the last bag is as fresh as the first. I've seen a lot of tea companies switch to loose bags and they get old quickly after you open the box. These are always fresh.

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