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210631210631B000CQG8M6A3S7LABZ14FKUPtea diva0051266105600Lowest priceLove this tea. I add fat free/sugar free hazelnut creamer and I'm in heaven!
210632210632B000CQG8M6AFY5LESOR5NNYTara Krauss0051258243200My favorite!I quit drinking coffee 10 years ago. Stash's Chai Spice Tea (with our without caffeine) has become my favorite substitution. It's wonderful. My day would not be complete without it!
210633210633B000CQG8M6A1CFV7K4WRXTSHSaffy0051257638400Great Tea!I was sad that stores where I live stopped carrying this product, but it was great to find it on Amazon. This tea has just a hint of chocolate so it is great if you are trying to watch you calories, and makes a great substitute for hot chocolate!
210634210634B000CQG8M6A1CCXR4IJ09FBYSweetvinnie0051255651200Best price aroundJust wanted to say that whenever I need almost anything I go to Amazon for the best prices. I love Stash teas but find them to be a little expensive in the supermarkets but at Amazon you not only get a great price but many times you can qualify for free shipping. I received the tea quicker than I expected which was a nice surprise since I was completely out of my favorite tea, Earl Gray from Stash. Thanks again.
210635210635B000CQG8M6A1ZM91YCYSNX7CVillager0051242950400Yum!!!I can't find decaf chai tea in any stores near me. I was a little hesitant about purchasing such a large quantity at once because I wasn't sure whether I'd like this brand. But I LOVE it! Add a couple teaspoons of half and half, some honey, and some sugar and YUM homemade chai lattes! This has been one of the only things helping with my morning sickness during my pregnancy (thanks to the ginger in it). Mmmm... I think I'll go makes some right now!
210641210641B001E5E2L8A262PP5EI9CWU3Rebecca Conlon2251290384000Best on a cold winter night with a bookIt's hard to believe that I've been drinking Sleepytime tea for almost 18 years. My parents are avid tea drinkers and started giving my brothers and I sleepytime tea at night when we all turned 8. Winter nights were spent in front of a fireplace reading a book with a cup of sleepytime tea. No matter where I am, when I have that cup of tea I know I'll sleep great.

It doesn't make me super drowsy, to where I couldn't drive if I needed to, but this tea is what makes the end of my day so worth looking forward to. No matter how crazy the day is, there's a cup of sleepytime at the end of it all and pages from a great book.

This tea is so amazingly tasteful and aromatic, it just SMELLS relaxing. The sweet smell of "Egyptian chamomile, cool spearmint from the Pacific Northwest, and lively Guatemalan lemongrass" make this tea one of the most amazing tea's I've ever drunk, and makes just about anyone who's ever tried it a lover. From my good friend and her husband, to my own husband (who doesn't drink anything hot but hot coco) and our friends, this tea has been passed down from my parents and will continue to be passed to my children. It's a great tea that becomes a tradition quickly.

It's great hot, warm, or cold - and is also available in a "throat tamer" version in the pillow's for the times when you've got a sore throat too!
210636210636B000CQG8M6A10GNQRCQFJC36C. Yu0051240531200My Favorite TeaWonderful tea. I think most of the reviewers who hated it already had their own favorite vanilla-nut tea and found this tea different from what they expected?

I usually dislike Stash Teas, but this flavor is just so pleasant and homey. Add some sugar and milk and it's a real treat. I agree with the reviewer who found it reminiscent of hot cocoa. It does have a tiny chemical smell, or maybe that's the vanilla. I have a poor sense of smell. It's a very cozy winter tea, but I like it too much to not have it all year 'round.
210637210637B000CQG8M6A3L42BG4933N5ZK.C.0051231286400Good basic tea before bed.I enjoy drinking this tea with a little crumpet during the evening. It's very basic at a great price.
210642210642B001E5E2L8A3BX0SC8EZ59ZQJaye1151293667200Works every time!!!I give my insomniac teenagers a cup of this every night ... And they go to bed On Their Own, and sleep all night (no more wee-hours texting)... Wonderful product!!
210643210643B001E5E2L8A1AVXIIRNT9VBIharry0051348358400Great TeaI like this tea, has nice subtle flavors, not over powering in taste. The K-cup actually tastes a bit better than the tea bag from the same company. (perhaps I 'over brew' when using the bag version)
210644210644B001E5E2L8A1YIPPIQV73WANmelodysbookshelf0051341360000Not only for sleepytime!I recently purchased a Keurig and looked around for a nice variety of K-cups, to fill up my pantry and satisfy everyone in the house who enjoys a hot beverage. At the time, my main requirement was no caffeine, so I thought a nice herbal tea would fit the bill. I was pleasantly surprised. The tea is a nice mild mint with some chamomile. It needs no sweetener, is delightful any time of day or night. I wouldn't say it makes me sleepy, but it has a relaxing effect, perfect for anytime you need a little de-stressing time.
210645210645B001E5E2L8A1S8EHK6A8DJB5Lon McClure0041333411200My favoriteAs good as the regular steeping-bag tea of the same name. A little higher cost but convenience of K-Cup is hard to beat. I would like to find larger quantity at lower unit cost.
210647210647B001E5E2L8A3HNSIZOVRNBIBMyra N. Canipe0051328227200excellent productThe Celestisl Sleepytime Tea is wonderful. It's a nice warm drink (non-caffeinated) before bedtime. The herbal tea is very relaxing. Shipping was very fast. Product was exactly as advertised.
210648210648B001E5E2L8A390O0AE8BZVTDTownie350051312761600I love Sleepytime TeaI love Sleepytime Tea so much. It helps me relax and tastes so delicious! You definitely should try it. The price from Amazon was very good and delivery was timely.
210649210649B001E5E2L8A1PJAQP9MUSAXNT. Collins0051304553600Great teaI've always purchased this tea in bags. Wanted to see if it tasted the same in the kcups. Have to say that there is no difference in taste. I really do love this tea but it is economicly better to by it by the bags. kcups are great and convenient but just a bit more than I want to spend right now.....
210650210650B001E5E2L8AAR4GSQH9FR8Qamanot0051304380800Still the best!When I first got my K-cup machine a couple years ago I ordered virtually every coffee/tea cup brand except for the inane. The Newman extra bold is the best "every day" coffee IMO. There are others of course! So order the Newman extra bold, the Emeril big easy bold, and the sleepy time tea and you have the bases covered. At least for my family, yer mileage will surely vary.
210651210651B001E5E2L8A1V33HV446S6WLLuke J. Racette "Luke"0041298332800Not So SleepyTaste and smell are great. As far as calming me down I don't know how well that it effects me.
210638210638B000CQG8M6A119MX6YLAB6DSHigh Desert House Wife0051230076800Raspberry White TeaGood white tea with a subtle raspberry flavor. Good hot. Can't wait to try it iced.
210639210639B000CQG8M6AAZO53SLV8ODVL. Wilkerson0051229040000Stash Earl Grey DecafGreat price for decaf Earl Grey that sometimes is hard to find on shelves of grocery store. Stash tea is a brand that you can count on too.
210640210640B006RDX7GSA19JGPUJAX048Hmayfayre "mayfayre"2251339286400Fresh and TastyThese sunflower seeds are larger than the standard sunflower seeds you can usually find in your local supermarket (usually the David's brand in my area) so there's more inner seed to eat. There's also a lighter coating of salt from the brine wash on them, so while there's enough salt to make things tasty, your lips aren't going to go numb from all the salt quite as quickly as with the other brand. The shells are easy to crack with your teeth, and they break cleanly; also the bags are filled with full-shelled seeds - there are very few broken ones.

I devoured the first batch I ordered, and I'm now ordering a second batch. If you like snacking on sunflower seeds, I think you'll like these.
210652210652B001E5E2L8A2I1OM7LE9ELVTimothy A.Butts0051280361600Sleepy time is the BestEgyptian Chamomile....What can I say.Very relaxing Cup of tea. I sleep like a baby. Great value too. Will buy again...
210653210653B001E5E2L8A1WOGQ3RH9CIXCCarol0051255737600Great for my insomniaI often suffer from insomnia and this tea helps me to relax and fall asleep easier. Plus, I absolutely love the taste!
210654210654B001E5E2L8A6ELCXWAMZF8TMarv Wolfman101611252022400Overpriced?Unless this is a misprint, they are charging almost double plus high postage for the same pod tea you can get elsewhere on the net for much, much less. They are charging approx. $41.95 for 48 pods. Elsewhere the pods cost between $9.95-13.95 for 24 pods, plus $7.49 postage. Most other places also waive postage if you buy more than $50,00 worth but this place doesn't. Either this is a misprint and it's $42.00 for four packages of 25 pods each (96 pods) as it is at the cheapest site I found on the net, or this is a massive ripoff. Hope it's the former.
210655210655B0062JDQKYAAK5LI4M03D9KPOB0011336176000First Colony CoffeeVery disappointing. I have purchased this in the past from the First Colony website and it was very good. The coffee in this purchase was very bitter and did not have any cinnamon flavor or cinnamon sticks mixed in with the beans as it had in the past . We are throwing it all out. A complete waste of money. I would not purchase from White coffee again.
210656210656B000V9LPUOA27V1NV8HZZKS8KateZona4451220659200Fantastic CoffeeYou can really tell that this is 100% shade grown coffee, because there's absolutely no bitterness to it at all... It's so creamy and chocolately. My coffee lounge, Espresso Brazil, uses these beans - the shots are creamy and mellow, and very flavorful. I have some regulars from Italy and Brazil that tell me it's some of the best coffee they've had in the US!
210657210657B000V9LPUOA39IHBAQMNJ88VJennifer Eustace "kittywee"3341246579200Good Taste, Good ValueThis is an excellent everyday coffee bean. I signed up to have it shipped regularly and I am satisfied. It is organic, so even though we don't really taste the difference, I am sure it is better all around. Thus far all Camano Island coffee has been excellent. This is the third variety we have tried, so I feel you can be confident when you order from this company.
210658210658B000V9LPUOAGTCQ4VBJ3ZMOEllen M. LaPlante "elleniam"1141267747200A very nice coffeeI will not give this coffee five stars. I haven't had a five star cup of coffee in a very long time. This is a very good coffee. The beans I received were very fresh, none of that stale, musty odor that you sometimes get (most recently with Fogbuster). Good oil content, beans uniform and firm. The taste is rich and slightly bold yet smooth. I paid $27.00 for 5 lbs. from Amazon Subscribe and Save and I see it is now almost $42.00. Honestly, that's not a good enough "buy" for me.
210659210659B000V9LPUOA3KMAM48VUIQV4Beth0051323734400DelightfulLove this coffee. Nice shiny beans. Taste was smooth and delightful! Highly recommend this dark roast coffee. I also sprinkle a small bit of kosher salt in the grounds before brewing, but I have always done this when brewing coffee.
210660210660B000V9LPUOA2J89TM2T0WV4CAudi Quattro0051321056000Very good coffee for the moneyI have always been Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans lover over the past 12 years. I have tried alternative beans and blends over the years from starbucks, DD.., and whatever local store sells.. Just can't find anything better than these JBM coffee. On top of that, the JBM blends we used to get locally was no longer available. I have tried many online JBM beans and they weren't really make me thirst for more.
We decided to shop online again and I have done my home work and narrow down to few in to my To-Try list.
This is the first one I gave it a try from Organic Camno Island coffee roasters. Based on these reviewers, I thought it looks promising and they were right.
It is really good coffee for the money. Sure it ain't $6/lb but it is not $45/lb JBM beans either.
We use your typical MR coffee machines... it is not we can't use a better machine, rather, a good coffee would taste good even from the simplist standard coffee brewing machines. It is really coming down to freshness of the beans and amount of water added. It is not always true that hotter water temp makes brewing taste better. That is from my personal experience tasting from these $15 machines vs the fancy starbucks machines and other industrial grade capaccino machines. It is hard to judge reviewers brewing method as everyone do it different way as well.

I am a black coffee drinker with no sugar or milk and cream added. A good coffee to me would taste better without other additives added to enhance the flavor.

Ok, now, how does this bean taste when I brew it to my liking?

Dark and rich and not acidic at all.
A hint of cocoa/vanilla with light sweetness from the beans itself. It is definitely a treat. This is definitely a worthy coffee to try.
It is on my subscription list now.

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