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210691210691B001EQ4OWOA5F2M45BQANQ0Amy L. "Random Purchaser"0041266883200Great Alternative to Plastic Bags For Doggie's DirtiesBought these for my 16 pound Schnauzer and they are generally just the right size. On those longer walks/jogs when he's especially, shall we say, prolific, a second bag would be helpful. So far I've managed to make it work with just the one bag- but it can be tricky. I had been concerned on occasions when it was raining out that the bag would begin degrading before I got back to the house, but despite getting close to soaked, they've always held up well.

It feels great knowing that these are certified biodegradable and compostable. I hate the idea that plastic bags full of doggie dootie are filling up our landfills.

I would definitely buy these again and I plan to try this brand's kitchen garbage bags as well.
210692210692B001EQ4OWOAKCZIJ6ZHE41DJarucia Jaycox Nirula "~A Pink American"0051266192000Perfect for DiapersAs I'm slow to transition to cloth diapers, I'm ever searching for any little thing I can do to lessen my impact by using disposables.

I purchased these bags to keep in my baby's diaper bag and I find they are a perfect size for at least one little diaper (in size 1's right now), and probably two.

I don't imagine I'll have any problem with putting full sized diapers in these as well.

Of course, if I throw these into a larger plastic trash bag I defeat my purpose, so I take them home and toss them into my outdoor trash can.

Great product with multiple uses.
210693210693B001EQ4OWOA3EQRS9E1A2S3UGoya Ensor "Keeley"0051266105600Buy these.They are sturdy, easy to open, and do the job. I tried others, but came back to these: simply the most reliable.
210694210694B001EQ4OWOA2XSMZMDM1WD7SE. Todor0041265414400Good not greatSome doggie bags have handles for easy carrying and tying up. These don't. Which is why I gave it 4 stars. Other than that, they work fine.
210695210695B001EQ4OWOATMB9BSO0GQH7KKL "Loves dogs"0051264982400BioBags are the bestThese bags are great. They are super easy to open up and I've never had to worry about tearing.
Great for the environment too.
210696210696B001EQ4OWOA29CL2KGJQH129Whoish0051261440000Perfect liner for countertop compostersI bought these bags to use as liners for my new countertop compost bin. They fit perfectly and are very durable. They are also the perfect size to hold litter box scoopings. I use the smaller (regular) size of these bags to pick up waste from my small (12 lb.) dog. I also use the 3 gallon size to line my kitchen garbage pail. I am very happy with all the BioBag products.
210697210697B001EQ4OWOA36GBE2K8E5L21Tyler Durden0051261180800Great Product!As advertised and great product...these bags are worth the extra cost as they are functional (e.g., you won't get your dog's waste on your hands) and they are good for the environment--everyone wins!
210698210698B001EQ4OWOA28KU0YRZJEUHQLillit Ayvazian "la"0051260748800love the earthI think this is a wonderful product. Every time I use these eco-friendly bags I feel like I the earth thanks me.
210699210699B001EQ4OWOA24VF8BXURJ3VYwebbizy "webbizy"0041257379200Go GreenI first used these bags when they were offered free at the dog park and then the park replaced them with another brand. I have been buying them ever since. They are biodegradable and just the right size.
210700210700B001EQ4OWOAOH81393HCRE7Rose "kick out the jams"B. "bye bye"0051257033600Much better than other "biodegradable" bags...Most other biodegradable plastic poop-scoop bags, actually just break up in to smaller tiny pieces of plastic and eventually find their way to the ocean. These bags are made of real biodegradable ingredients!! Vastly superior and better for the environment. Just make sure to get the right size for your dog. They make other bags too, I use their garbage bags now as well. I've also asked my local pet store to start carrying their products!
210701210701B001EQ4OWOAQCIKWDDEC8VMD. Covart0031256515200Awesome item!I looked around when it came time to buy dog bags and I originally landed on another "biodegradable" item which turned out to do no such thing so I continued my search until I landed on these puppies (no pun intended). They're the perfect size and work really well. they aren't to thin, like some bags can be, and the holes provided make it easy for them to just hang right next to the door! The only downside about them is sometimes it can be hard to open but it's something you can get used to really quick.

I would highly recommend these to anyone who asked about them!

Update 08/2011 (from 5 stars to 3)

I've had these items for a while now and with my last purchase it seemed that quite a few of the bags seemed to simply rip open on my walk. It can be rather gross to simply be walking along and have poop fly out behind or in front of you. In total they do seem to still work but I'm constantly bringing along more bags than I need as a precaution that I may have to double bag. I'll stick with them until I can find a better product but now I'm on the look out.
210702210702B001EQ4OWOA2ZP0Q3AVUUQHFRo0051256515200Biodegradable and Compostable... Love it!I love that I can compost one of the most compostable things out there (i.e. poop) instead of letting it rot in plastic bags for decades.
210703210703B001EQ4OWOAPFUPC3VKD9D8Dave0041253923200Eco poopI assume (based on the manufacturer description) these are more eco friendly then the newspaper plastic wrapper and other plastic poop bags we used to buy, that's the positive, which is really enough, however, if they would make a few changes it would be an even better product.
1) The bags come in a box as sheets, I prefer the roll style that I can put in a bag holder and clip to a belt or put in a pocket.
2) They should be larger for larger dogs, one of my dogs is 100lbs and almost needs two bags each time. If your dog is not large it works fine.
I guess its a good start for the right reasons, hopefully they will continue to improve over time....this is a repeat purchase used daily.
210704210704B001EQ4OWOA1RF4G87P1O7A4Nicole Flores0051250726400Great for the environment!My husband and I started using the BioBags for our dogs' waste, and then we bought them for our kitchen trash can, and our bathroom trash can. It feels good knowing that we're putting our "trash" in completely biodegradable bags. It's just one small way we're helping out the environment.
210705210705B001EQ4OWOA1YC9KSB8602G4Rebecca Hartong0051248134400Great Value!I'm really pleased with these bags. They come with holes punched in the top of the bag so you can hang them on a hook and just grab one as you head out the door with your dog. My dog is small/medium sized (a Bedlington Terrier) and these bags are just the right size for his poop. They're big enough that, after I've got the poop inside, I can tie a knot in the top of the bag -- making it a simple matter to just toss the bag in a trash can along our walk. I've found these bags to be plenty sturdy, too. Finally, what a great price! My local pet supply store sells these bags at $9.99 for 50. Amazon's price is like getting almost 2 1/2 boxes free. Such a deal.
210706210706B001EQ4OWOA2H6E8H5KHW9PNWaterJunkie0051245715200FinallyFor years, I have wondered why we need to dispose of something as highly biodegradable as dog waste in plastic bags that would preserve it for at least 100 years. Biodegradable BioBag Dog Waste Bags are long overdue and allow me to bury my dogs' waste where it will become natural fertilizer.
210707210707B001EQ4OWOA1B886A7J011K7Melissa0051244332800Better than grocery bagsI love the size of these bags and the fact that they are biodegradeable. They are easy to tuck into my pocket when I walk my dog and less cumbersome than the "traditional" grocery bags.
210708210708B001EQ4OWOA2141XBDNCDHL5Jeanni Tavlin0051244073600Scoop the poopA very handy, convenient way to scoop the poop from my doggies as they walk. Bags were sent out quickly and are very good; easy to dispose, too.
210709210709B001EQ4OWOA1I4UIBK83VV1QKeel0051238803200Great stuffI love the fact that this is biodegradable. There's another brand that says it's made with corn just like this product but when you read the fine print, you realize that the corn comprises a very small portion of the product. This is the one to get.
210710210710B001EQ4OWOA1QWFE7AUT5LPHMFDA1251329523200Great Bio Waste Bags!!These are great bio dog waste bags. Another huge bonus is that they are made in the USA!!

Pros - biodegradable, made in the USA, easy to open, and sized well.

Cons - priced higher than ones made outside of the US
210711210711B001EQ4OWOAJ4KI1QH61GTIVirginia Marques0151341792000Good bags, shame on amazon for packaging!These bags are exactly what I wanted for cat litter. They are a little small but manageable. However, I purchased them because they have a minimal effect on the environment, but they came in a huge box filled with plastic inflatable filling. The box could have fit 40x the product. Do you really need to protect a cardboard box with trash bags in it to that extent? I would have been really happy with an envelope to hold them. Amazon needs to take note. If someone buys an environmentally friendly product, they will look at the entire experience. Shame on Amason!
210712210712B001EQ4OWOA2LF67J2TBB3BIMarc0111306454400Too flimsy and too smallThe main problem with these bags is that they tear under the slightest amount of tension, due to their biodegradable material. Unfortunately, the result is dirty hands ... I'm sure you get the picture.

Also, although labelled "large", these bags are way too small to pick up after a 70-pound dog.
210713210713B001EQ4OWOA39BH9XLQY8VQJMom in Florida1321255910400too difficult to openI bought these bags because they are biodegradable. My family does not like them. They are way too difficult to open and difficult to tie up after you scoop up the poop. It's now to the point where my children refuse to use these bags so I'm stuck with them on my walks until I go through all 200 bags.
210714210714B001EQ4OWOA1EG006YRUNWL1Arlene Gunter2531241913600Will need to be a very small dogI really wanted to be more responsible when scooping my cat's litter box, so I thought instead of using plastic grocery bags, I would order these bags (since they were indicated for a 'small dog') and use them to put my cat's litter in when I scooped the waste out of the box. These bags are so very small, I couldn't even hold them open enough. They are not good for what I wanted to use them for.
210715210715B001EQ4OWOA3F18YHND5M6RAshela1411306281600good concept, poor constructionThe intention to create recyclable plastic is great, but the construction on these is unreliable. The bottoms fall out with regularity and since I use them for my indoor cat box, not good. Very disappointing since I bought four boxes of them in support of the product which were not cheap and are not returnable.
210716210716B001EQ4OWOA249T3C8Z43EVEChristianne P. Erwin0421252627200Not a good bio bag to use as a litterbox bagI got these for my 2 cats litter boxes and the opening of these bags is too small. You end up having to touch the stuff too much to get it in the bag. I wanted a kitty waste bio bag and they dont have any so I got the dog bags. I know you use these different than one would in emptying excess kitty mess, because your supposed to pick the stuff up with the bag and then flip it over, but I just wanted a bag to dump the stuff in and the hole opening doesnt work for that.
210717210717B001EQ4OWOA374O3186D2HTXKat "doglover"424221302652800i used to love these bagsi first found out about these bags several years back and before i found them available on amazon. i have been using them for at least 4 years and while i love the concept and the product lived up to the expectations at first, my last two batches have really made me wary of their use. i have a 40 lb dog and a 70lb dog. i agree with the reviewer that sometimes with the medium sized dogs with a bigger, messier amount, the size of these bags doesn't quite cut it. however, i carry extra and just use another if there is a larger deposit.

to my dismay, my biggest beef has been with the reliability of these bags lately. the last two orders of 4-packs that i have ordered have split open, either along the seam on the bottom or just along the crease on the side. it's happened several times that i am just walking along and the poop flies out from the bag behind me, in front of me, off to the side, wherever, due to a burst seam. i cringe at the thought of a bag bursting open and getting fecal on my leg or on my dogs. my dogs are well trained, loose leash walkers who flank my legs so it's not like there is crazy activity on my part with regard to momentum/inertia. i thought double bagging would be a solution but have found that even triple-bagged, the seams burst. i think i have found a replacement biodegradable solution and am sad that i cannot stay with this product.

i am not sure if the recipe for the starch bags has changed over the years or if i am getting really old batches (just like rubber bands, every product has a life-span) but due to my reluctance to get poop on my person, i have to switch away from these.
210718210718B001EQ4OWOAO1X747RYUEIPshare202011293148800Seams split, some bags slashedI had been happily using these bags for about a year, and ordered them through Amazon's subscribe and save, but in my last shipment of 4 boxes, two of the boxes had bags with weak side seams which split open when I tried to use them. Also, in one of the boxes, some of the bags were slashed or cut, even though the box itself was whole and unmarked. That's 100 bags that are completely unusable.

According to Amazon's return policy, this item is not eligible for return, so you'd be out some money if you order this item and it's defective. I have contacted Amazon anyway, and also written to Biobag USA to register a complaint.
210719210719B001EQ4OWOA2SDPJ58CQHELVRiley Rice191911335484800They do not decompose, even after a yearI have a very active compost bin, complete with red wriggler worms. I bought a set of these bags, some kitchen size, some leaf size, and dog waste size. All fail miserably to compost. After more than a year, when I was turning the oldest compost into bins of humus, I found loads of unaffected plastic bags, this color.

Don't buy these. Say what they will, they are impervious to rot after more than a year in a warm, moist, heavily populated compost bin.
210720210720B001EQ4OWOA18F2DU2IZVZ3MLaurel121331252800000Regular Size is Too SmallThe nice thing about the BioBags is that they open easily (the sides don't get stuck together), and that they are biodegradable - although, I'm not sure how beneficial the latter is if the bags end up inside another non-biodegradable bag, e.g. in the town park.

The problem with the BioBag (regular size) is that it is only 7.4" wide, as compared to 8.5" for the Mutt Mitt and 10.7" for the Pooch Pick-Up bag. (All measurements are of one side of the bag, when it is opened and laid flat.) Instructions show you putting your hand through the bag and picking up the poop, and pulling it back through the bag. Unfortunately sometimes it is a tight fit to get your hand plus the poop back through this bag. If the poop is on the messy side, it can easily touch and stick to the inside top of the bag, and then maybe to you. (My experience is with a medium sized dog, but I think you could have the same problem with a small dog.) I find myself being very careful pulling the poop through, and I have sometimes had to put the dirty bag inside a second bag...then get out some sanitary wipes for my hands.

The BioBag has from 1 to 3 dime-sized holes near the top (not sure why the hole punching seems to be inconsistent), so you can use one as a carrying handle by looping it over a finger. The actual purpose of the holes are so that you can pull through the other side of the bag as a way of closing it.

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