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210721210721B001EQ4OWOA108DSVXMJ2WW3J. Hasselbush "haolepinay"121451256774400Great bagsI purchased these bags at my local grocers and I love them. After doing some research on earth friendly/biodegradable bags, these bags makes the cut. (Here is the link for the product site which give you the facts on these bags: [...]) I purchased the regular bags and the bags are a nice size. I am sure you could even pick up a large dogs feces in these bags. They come in a recyclable box and the bags are lumped together with a perforated top. I read another person's review and they had mentioned that these bags are difficult to open, but it is not true. You separate the bag from the perforated top and they are opened. Also, I love how there are holes on the top of the bag, so instead of tying a knot, you just stick one side through the hole and seal it that way. Pretty neat, in my opinion. Overall, these are great bags and they are great for the environment. The only thing I wish is that Amazon would offer the Subscribe & Save feature for this product.
210722210722B001EQ4OWOA2JRIUHVRAXHB6Joyce5511310947200Quality has gone downI had been using these bags for a few years but just cancelled my next delivery because the quality has really gone down. The seam at the bottom gives out, and I have found myself unintentionally flinging poo like a bad monkey. It's not like I've got a large dog either. I buy the regular sized bags for my 20lb dog, and even when he makes a smaller than usual dump, there's a good chance that the bag might not hold up for the 100 feet to the next garbage receptacle.
210723210723B001EQ4OWOABLFDEV3NBP01Paul Locke5511288656000Significant Drop in QualityWe purchased these bags for several months through Amazon and thought were they were a great idea for collecting dog poop. The original we bags we purchased had a dull finish and the seams in the sides of the bags were quite strong. The last batch of bags we received was made of a different material, one that has a shinier finish. The seams in these bags are very weak and, more often than not, split open when you try and pick up the mess left by your pet. This, unfortunately, can leave you with a handful of poop. At the very least, you have the predicament of holding a potential mess in one hand and a leash in the other while trying get out a second bag. We originally had Amazon sending us bags on a monthly basis. That order has been canceled and we are looking for a new biodegradable bag.
210724210724B001EQ4OWOA1RUKBP9U9NEHKCal Bear4411304294400Narrow and rips easilyWhen it comes to doggy bags, I think consumers have the right to be outrageously critical. If 1 out of 1,000 bags rips during mid-poo-pick-up, the company automatically deserves zero stars in my opinion. In this case, about 9 out of the last 13 bags I've used from this brand has ripped either pre or post pick-up. It's incredibly annoying. And friggin gross. I've had to double-bag the last few times just to be extra cautious.

The entire bag and its opening is very narrow, which makes flipping it inside out a pain in the ass, especially if you have an average or larger sized fist. Not only that, but if you have a medium/large sized dog that produces medium/large sized doggy doos, then in the process of flipping the bag inside out, you'll actually smear throughout the entire bag opening, which makes tying it up an even more delicate process. Just plain annoying. The seams are the weakest points, and that's where the rips tend to happen. No handles for easy tying -- also pretty annoying.

In general, these suck.
210725210725B001EQ4OWOA3UMSAC264TKTPC. Mason3311340064000Horrible QualityZERO STARS:
These bags are unusable. Most were split or split upon any attempt to use them. Highly recommend you NOT buy them until the company does something about quality. Once were my favorite, now you could not give them to me.
210726210726B001EQ4OWOA1A6KCAXLD61QIMatt Running3311339977600Does not CompostRoger That!

After two years in my bin, I uncovered black moist compost and...wait for it....UN-decomposed green bags. What the heck? "Compostable" bags that do not Compost. Have returned to putting everything in my compost can and just dumping into the bin and then rinsing-out the can.
210727210727B001EQ4OWOA1MMJKW659Q7MVbread maker3341260835200Great Idea, finally!Getting ready to order again. These are great because they compost very quickly. BUT, some of the bags have tears in the bottom, so remember to always carry extra so you have emergency 'back-up' bags! A bit costly but, again, better for the environment.
210728210728B001EQ4OWOA1HKZKLBG20996A.P.2231339372800Great idea, but might not be worth the moneyI want to be environmentally friendly in every way possible, but was confused as to which bin I can toss these poop bags in. After doing a little research at home, Seattle Public Utilities website ([...]) states that they approve BioBag and therefore can be thrown into the Food & Yard Waste bin. However, King County's website ([...]) states that pet waste can NOT be thrown into the Food & Yard Waste bin. Feeling a little confused, I decided to call Seattle Public Utilities to find out exactly which bin the pet waste BioBag can be tossed in. Boy, I am glad I called the city before purchasing these bags! The employee stated that while these bags are compostable, pet AND human wastes contain harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites that may continue to live on. Because of health hazard reasons, the best way to dispose of these is to toss them into the garbage bin regardless of whether the bag is compostable or not. After saying all this, the employee basically said that I should save money and buy regular pet waste bags and use the BioBags for food compost instead.

Here are links I found afterwards that support what the employee told me (minus the health hazard details):


210741210741B001EQ4OWOA16RAK8OYDDWGHP. Chesnut "pchesnut"2311285977600Not sure they arrived at "Biodegradable"I bought these bags to go in our poo composter instead of tossing the bags in the trash. Well, after several months these bags are not degrading at all, bio or otherwise. The composter has RidX and the poos breaks find, just not the bags.

Sooooo..... if you want a ok poop bag, these are as good as any other (although not as handy as the roll up type in the little carriers though) but don't expect them to break down in anything but your local landfill.

Another down side to these bags; the bags are too small to be tied off tightly to seal in the poo so the trash can really smells.

Since all this stuff will end up the landfill anyway, you will do much more good for the environment by reusing plastics grocery to pick up your dog waste. Certainly plenty big and can be easily tied off to lock in the smell making trash day a much more pleasant experience.
210729210729B001EQ4OWOA1QG8A3TM17MWAKaren C.2211299974400Bags break at seamsJust like 'share' reviewed, I have ordered these for a year, and had no problem. Then the seams split in the bags. I now bring a store bag to put these bags in, in case they break. I will not buy these again.
210742210742B001EQ4OWOA2UH3CAJJK42HHGraham P. Gerdeman "graham722"0051349827200Best bags I've foundThese bags are the best that I've found. I'm skeptical of just how biodegradable things like this are, but I like that it's made with natural materials. Of course, I'm not going compost a bag full of poop, but hey.

Most importantly, the large sized bags are big enough for my large dogs' droppings. The bags are sturdy - I never, ever get the pleasant surprise of a hole in the bag as I pick up a steaming pile with these bags. So I get them shipped as a "subscription" from Amazon and use them even though my neighborhood and the dog park I frequent both have doggy-doo stations with inferior bags provided. If you're looking for top notch, large size bags, I highly recommend them.
210730210730B001EQ4OWOA2IA7MHW1BMF0ZBridget Bonham2241254096000Dog Waste BagsI have two large breed dogs and live in a metropolitan area. Quite frankly I purchased the bags so on those occasions when there are no waste receptacles, I can dispose of the bags in a wooded or brushy area, with less guilt. I probably should have purchased the larger size since there are times I need to use two bags for one deposit. Although sometimes I have difficulty tearing off on the perforation (it does make a difference in how you hang them on a hook) I will purchase these again.
210743210743B001EQ4OWOA1A8T3XK6QFZ1GBrad Azevedo "brad2k"0051349222400Great solution for meI bought these bags because they are actually compostable (unlikely many other). I have two dachshunds and a single bag per outing works for me. I've used them on occasion to pick up after big dogs and they've held up fine, just keep in mind that something that is meant to biodegrade is not going to be as solid as something that isn't meant to decompose.
210731210731B001EQ4OWOA3H3QZYI7D8Z5Time to walk the dog, Dave1131344729600Good bags, no splits or quality problems, but packaging seems a little wastefulI like these bags and I haven't had any of the quality problems mentioned by some of the other reviewers. However, there are few things that make this particular packaging of BioBags unappealing to me.

First, I seem to have a lot of "leftovers" after I've used all the bags. Each set of 50 comes in it's own cardboard box... a little odd for a product that wants to be environmentally friendly. However, there's now an bulk option with no individual boxes - BioBag Regular Dog Bags 50 count (Pack of 4) NO BOX.

The other leftover is the strip of material that holds each set of 50 bags together. I assume rolls wouldn't have leftover like this. I'll find out since rolls are now available - BioBag Dog Waste Bags On Roll, 40-Count Boxes (Pack of 5). I'll give them a try. The only trouble is that I haven't yet found a bulk version of rolls.

My other issue (other than leftovers) is that these tear-a-bag tablets tend to be more bulky than rolls. I always found rolls fit neatly in small spaces like pockets, making it less likely that I'd forget to take a bag when I leave the house. For example, I always kept a roll of my previous bags in a coat pocket. I could leave the house many times without thinking about grabbing a bag. There was almost always some there. On the other hand, I found these tear-a-bag tablets too bulky for my dog-walking coat and that I'd just tear one off before i left the house. The problem is how often I'd forget to tear one off (my problem, not the manufacturer's :)

210744210744B001EQ4OWOA42WPDW9T78LWDavid Wohldmann0051347321600Never had an issueI have been using these bags twice a day, everyday for 2 years. I do subscribe and save and have never had an issue with a bag splitting, or doing anything but transporting the waste from the ground to a receptacle. My dog is 55 pounds and these bags are just the right size to get everything she leaves without having to worry about touching it directly. Highly recommend!
210732210732B001EQ4OWOALC097PBHUFY0S. Schloss1151339459200Biodegradable bags.California apparently has banned the use of the word "biodegradable" in bags because of misleading advertising. The Kyjen bags, for example, are made of polyethylene with biodegradable cornstarch added but the box makes it sound as though the bag breaks down completely. This is the only bag I have found that breaks down completely in the landfill, rather than into small pieces of plastic.

This size, however, is too small for my 95 lb Lab. Biobags come in a large size, which should solve the problem others have had with a clean pickup.
210733210733B001EQ4OWOA3FZ9BSMC4OYEEReal Name "copyright, patent pending, trademark"1121317168000If you have cats, don't botherAlthough theoretically these small bags are ideal --- waste from six cats fills up about three bags per day, the litter scoop fits easily into the opening, and these bags are easier to deal with than sandwich bags --- unfortunately they're not strong enough to deal with the weight of wet litter clumps. They stretch out just in being carried from pan to pan and occasionally rip and fall (usually in the litter pan, thank goodness).

I hate it when companies make a product for dogs and then say oh yeah it's good for cats too! NOT.

BioBag, please research your claims. Cat litter =/ dog poo. A bag should be strong enough to hold its contents when full, especially when it costs 10x as much as the competition (BioBag ~ 11 cents per bag, sandwich bag ~ 1.5 cents).
210745210745B001EQ4OWOA173WJ36YGTVE1maleficent0051347321600Thick enough and good sizeThese bags are just the right size for my dog's loads and not too big to carry on a long hike. I also like the thickness of the bag
210746210746B001EQ4OWOA1FSF8GDB97JL7Amy L. Sonricker0021346976000Great Idea, Poor QualityI have used these bags before, but we don't bother with them anymore. Many of the bags in the boxes we had purchased had rips along one side. Also, as others have mentioned these bags are on the small side so if you have a larger dog with larger poops... be warned that you may need to use more than one bag.
210734210734B001EQ4OWOA3BGBS6CF5Y5J2Emma1131286841600Poop in the HandI have been using these bags for some time and they have been great until the last few boxes. Many (not all) of the bags tear along the side seam when attempting to pick up my dog's poop. Unfortunately I have 4 boxes remaining from the last purchased but I am going to start looking for a different brand. Beware of this product and carry a backup bag and a hand wipe!
210747210747B001EQ4OWOA2TCA5BLD36T3SBeth Ann Daley0051345680000Poop happensThese bags are terrific! They breakdown within 2 weeks and don't stand out like the cheesy blue ones. Where ever we go these bags come along...
210735210735B001EQ4OWOAOEUEZC5VHI5FKristen L. Hedene1151276300800Dog waste bagsI love these bags. They're easy to store in a drawer or in the car. I coud easily put several in my pocket or attach to the leash with a rubber band. Highly recommend these easy to use biodegradeable bags!
210748210748B001EQ4OWOA18VGLQ8R0FIQ1Nancy0051345420800Love theseI have small dogs (8 and 10 lbs), so these are perfect! I use these in conjunction with the small biodegradable bin liners that I keep in a small garbage can in the back yard so all of this "organic matter" can decompose properly. I really HATE the idea of wrapping up dog poop in plastic that will decompose long after I do!
210736210736B001EQ4OWOAE7BK4ATDWW10Shortwithout1151275350400Just as expectedHave been using them for a month and have had only one instance where a weak bag broke. I have a medium size dog (23 pounds) and would not recommend them for an extra large dogs due to size. Have a couple in compost and they appear to be breaking down appropriately. All in all, the product delivers as expected.
210737210737B001EQ4OWOAMD18X0I5QNF3J. C. Sticco "amatuer gourmet"1141267315200Good but a little smallI foster dogs of all sizes for a local shelter. My forever dog is an 80lb lab mix. For larger dogs like our lab, the large bags are a must. We use the regular for anything under about 50lbs, I would guess. For really big dogs, like a 100lb great pyranees we had recently, even the big bags don't cut it. If you have a bear or a St Bernard, you may find these bags too small.

These bags also compost as promised, even in my slow, unmanaged home yard composter (don't worry, it doesn't go on any food crops). The bags take about 6 months to a year to degrade completely under these conditions--I would say a few months slower than "regular" slow-composting items like corn cobs, for example. It helps if you don't tie the bag off completely, or rip it right before adding to the composter, so the poo microbes can get to work heating up the surrounding compost instead of dying in the plastic while they wait.
210749210749B001EQ4OWOA2XH2Y5HK61D74Dave0051344643200Great!So far, the bags have been great! None of the concerns of split seams have shown up. The bags work as well as non-biodegradable bags, but make you feel better for not contributing to landfill growth.
210738210738B001EQ4OWOA3235XPYZIITZOR. F. Sullivan1151254960000Great product!We've been using these bags for almost two years, and we love them. They look and feel like thin stretchy plastic, and they are surprisingly strong. I even accidentally ran a few through the washer & dryer, and they worked fine. These come in two sizes, and I recommend trying a bag with the same dimensions before buying in bulk. Well worth the few pennies per bag to reduce the environmental impact.
210750210750B001EQ4OWOA890MLVTTBZ3EMarina Pruna0051343001600First time buyer - LOVE THEM!I bought these because I wanted to be sure I used something completely biodegradable. It meant no sense to me to leave plastic in the environment over a little poop! These bags are great. The bags are really easy to tear from the dispenser without tearing the bags themselves. Also, they're sturdy, lightweight bags that carry very well. I love them! I'll definitely be buying more when I'm done with these.
210739210739B001EQ4OWOA3U8A66R178TNPChristi "world2c"1151254614400Poop Detail Made Easier for a Woman with Three DogsI like this products, they are lightweight and I was told by the Green Store near us that you could actually give these to farmers to use in their compost. Thought we have not yet done that, we have used TONS of these bags. We originally started off with recycling the plastic bags that stores give you- and although I would stick as much poop as I could in there, I still felt bad about what they were doing to the environment. I have also on numerous occasions had a bag break on me. However, since we switched to these bags, I have not yet had one issue- regardless of a dog stepping on them while playing, getting pulled extremely tight in a leash, etc. They are so tiny, you can easily fit 5 or 6 in your pocket without having all the bulk that you would with plastic bags. The best part is, that it easily accommodates all the deposits that each of my dogs make-whether it be my 5 month old puppy, my 60 pound husky, or my 80 pound aussie/chow mix.
210740210740B001EQ4OWOA12O7GQWO9KOJCe2311291248000This bag is too small for larger sized dogsThis bag is way too small for larger dogs. My Yellow Lab weighs approximately 85 pounds. I wish they indicated what size dog these bags were for. Although the bag is usable, I would not recommend it for a larger dog.

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