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210751210751B001EQ4OWOAHXI21S4547TRrachellef230051342051200Awesome product, FAST shipping!Easy to open, easy to tie up, does not shred apart like the some competitors. This is my second time purchasing this product and I will continue purchasing it. Great idea to use for other issues, such as keeping scooped cat litter. Product arrived two days after I ordered it! :) HIGHLY recommend.
210752210752B001EQ4OWOA2KSSCQSKDL2N0C. Dula0051342051200Love these, also, good sellerHave been using these for over 5 years now. Best product on the market. These are the only TRULY biodegradable pet waste bags, they are made from corn. They hold up well and I've had no issues with tears or leaks. Highly recommend the product and the seller - shipping was extremely fast!
210753210753B001EQ4OWOA2NJ0MUA650L7Mdogwalker0051341705600Great ProductHave been using this product for over a year. Sturdy enough even for our large dog. Buy this product with confidence.
210754210754B001EQ4OWOA3U0QA9NWWKEA2Charlie0051341705600Doggie BiobagI have been using the Biobags over 3 years and they never failed on me with my Akita mixed dog Charlie
210755210755B001EQ4OWOA3G59TB3GCPMJ3M. Liz McCabe0041341619200Outdoor dispensingI prefer the bags on a roll for portability, and biodegradable ones are a little harder to find, so I purchased these. These waste bags are great if you have a post or a wall on which to hang them for one-at-a-time dispensing, ie in the dog park. They are a good thickness so there's no risk of an accidental tear ruining your day while you're picking up your puppy's business. The BioBag has a slightly smaller opening than I would like, so that while it's easy enough to slip your hand into the bag while it's empty, once you have a handful of poop, it's harder to slip the bag back over the mess to tie it off! This is only a minor inconvenience, and overall the BioBag is a good product.
210756210756B001EQ4OWOA2DOQ9ERI5ELAZJessica0051339718400These bags are amazing!I love that these are good for the environment. I recently moved into an apartment and had to make some changes with my dog's daily habits and outdoor time, but we still buy these bags and the Synergy dog food that reduces the number of times he has to potty each day. These compostable dog poop bags are sturdy and dependable - they're the best!
210757210757B001EQ4OWOA1HC0LHTX70MMVPaul Neubert0051339545600Awesome!These bags are great! I really enjoy that they come in the 50 pack since they last quite a while. I pretty much add these to any Amazon order where I need to add something to qualify for free shipping.

Ok people....I know that a bag is a bag is a bag and there is not much that can be said that will sound special. What I can say is that these do not rip apart easily or tear hopes in themselves or anything like that. So no risk of "stuff" on your hands. They also tie easily and the "stuff" does not smell even if you leave the bag on the porch for a while. They are thick enough that they seem like they are worth the money.

They are also certified as compostable and not just biodegradable. That means they will actually degrade in a reasonable amount of time, even if it is just in your backyard compost pile. Most of those other biodegradable bags you see out there (especially the ones that come in little rolls, are cheap, or are colored/scented) are not going to disintegrate in your compost......and are also not certified by anyone. They take years and years and years to degrade. Trust me, these ones are tough when you need them, but will go back to nature when needed just as quickly.

These bags come with two holes on the top tear strip above the perforation where they separate from each other. My trick for using them is that I have two hooks by my front door mounted so that these bags hang from them perfectly. I use the removable plastic ones like.... Command 17003-VP-3PK Large Plastic Hooks Value Pack. I just tear off a bag or two when I am headed out the door with the dog.
210758210758B001EQ4OWOAU0E21CRJFYXUShahar0051339286400Great dog waste bagsI've been using these bags for more than a year. The bags are easy to detach from the batch, they don't rupture and are large enough to scoop the poop without getting dirty (at least the poop of my 50 lbs dog).
210759210759B001EQ4OWOA3S3L24L3MMDXRMaxwell I. Ginsburg "Dr. G"0051338249600great bagsI try to do what's right by mother earth. I also want to be courteous to my neighbors. Therefore, what better way to accomplish both than with a biodegradable poop bag!!!! They are strong and large enough for my dog's waste (she's ~60lb lab mix). Price seems fairly reasonable to me. I signed up for auto renew subscription, since this is something I use at least twice a day (thanks to the fiber in the canned pumpkin/squash I buy on amazon as well). highly recommended.
210760210760B001EQ4OWOA32FLT6GN85XXENVanPutt0051336348800Excellent AlternativeWe are trying to make some changes at our house and using less plastic is a difficult task when dogs are involved. "Waste bags" are a necessity and the plastic bags that supermarkets give for free were a simple solution until we discovered they were sitting in our local landfill and never going anywhere. BioBag is really great. Other reviewers seemed unhappy with the construction of the bags, but we have two 70 pound dogs and a visiting 80 pound dog and these bags hold up without any issue at all! We clean our yard three or four times a week and then we have daily walks and we haven't had any problems at all. We use the regular sized bags without size issue. We store the bags in a cool, dry pantry away from any light or heat. We both feel better that we are not contributing to the landfill problems and we're being responsible pet owners!
210761210761B001EQ4OWOATZFAQLO6WH0Swife_in_law_school0041335830400No complaintsI purchased this in late february of 2012, and have gone through two boxes without one bag failing. Size is not an issue for my 30 lb dog. It can probably hold 3 times the size of one of his largest poops, with room to close it. I will buy this again.
210762210762B001EQ4OWOAILY3D5FW4KDXLourdes M. Rugge0051334275200Love these practical and environmental friendly bagsI have a 20 lb dog, so these bags are perfect to dispose his not-too-large waste. They are easy to carry, resistant, and biodegradable, you cannot ask for more.
210763210763B001EQ4OWOA3SDJ70H00OQCJJerryWithaJ0051333756800I like the change!The change! Initially, I hated these bags. It used to be very difficult to separate the bags along the perforation. Maybe you could separate 2 or 3 at a time if you worked at it. Whether you wanted 1 or 2 at a time or you wanted to separate them all and put them in a container, the perforations were way too strong and made separating the bags difficult.

The perforations have been weakened so that now a box can be separate into individual bags in two or three pulls of batches of bags, making the separating process MUCH easier...(even if you just want 1 or 2 at a time). I like them. I really like them!
210764210764B001EQ4OWOA3G89RJU1LSKSAKevin Smitts0041332374400They are easy to useThese bags were the exact same biodegradable bags that I purchased elsewhere. They are easy to use and they work well for my large breed dogs. I appreciate the fast shipping and the low shipping costs.
210765210765B001EQ4OWOA3BIQZ23D4H27Ucallen004132537600090% of the time they are perfectI have a small 11 lb. dog and these work perfectly for his poops. However, I don't think these would work well for large dogs and their larger feces.

I have been using these bags for about a year now. There was one batch I ordered this past year where EVERY SINGLE bag in the box was open at the seams so basically they were completely USELESS. I had read about this in the reviews so was not completely surprised but obviously I was upset that I had to throw away the entire box. However, like the title of my review states, 9/10 times the bags have worked perfectly and were sturdy enough to do the job they're supposed to do!

Will continue buying these and just cross my fingers that I don't get a bad batch!
210766210766B001EQ4OWOAS0QPVTB2913GRaine0051324080000Works wellWe have been using BioBags for over a year now for our 75lbs dog. It works well and I've never had any problems with rips or tears. Very satisfied with them!
210767210767B001EQ4OWOA3FCOQQU10XUQVCD in Los Angeles0051323388800Good product.Works well, just as described and the price is right. This has become a staple in my home and never leave the house without it, when I take my dog for walks.
210768210768B001EQ4OWOAVF7AVB4GP87SBrianInChicago0051322438400Still great bags - been using for 5+ yearsWe have been using these bags for at least five years, originally buying them in a 400-pack from eBay. When our long-time seller stopped making them available I was happy to track them down on Amazon.

Price wise they are the same as I was paying for the 400 pack off eBay, and with our Prime membership shipping was not a concern.

Several people have said the bags "feel" different and I agree that they do. However, they are still very strong, durable and get the job done for our wheaten terrier.
210769210769B001EQ4OWOA1SK9RM3PMG546Michael Tarumi0051321920000Fantastic for the environment but horrible on your walletThese bags are the only 100% biodegradable bags I am aware of. I found them because my wife and I also use their trash bags in the kitchen. They are durable but light and can easily stand up to anything my 70lb Pointer mix and 50lb Heeler mix can dish out. The only drawback to them is that I broke it down to about $.05 per scoop. That ain't cheap and it makes it impossible for everyone to use. My wife and I aren't even close to well off financially but we make sacrifices in other areas for the peace of mind that we are not contributing to the daily destruction of our planet and its resources. Overall, GREAT poo bags and you should buy them if you can afford to do so but keep in mind that being environmentally responsible comes with its price.
210770210770B001EQ4OWOAATWIUM92SB2RRae Ann Gallegos "Flip Flop Contessa"0051320019200My husband uses dailyWe have two dogs that my husband walks along the highline canal and the small dog makes great use of these bags, usually 2 a day. I guess he figures that if my husband has them they should be put to use.
210771210771B001EQ4OWOA2UV8P49PTO8N1L. A. Garner "Even an earthquake can't interr...0051319587200*Really* Compostable and Handy!Unlike many bags which say they are biodegradable or compostable, these really are. In addition, they are made from corn, so they hurt our environment a lot less (and avoid the waste of precious un-renewable resources). Our local pet store is often out of stock of this size, which is perfect for our small dogs' amount of waste, so I find ordering them on Amazon much more convenient. These are really easy to use (there are directions printed on each bag, though you can easily figure it out on your own), and they feature a hole in the top so you can pull the other side through to "close" it, then hang it off a finger--something I really appreciate when I have my hands full of leashes while walking two dogs. They are black, so no one has to look at your dog's waste, and they trap smell very well. I can't recommend these enough!
210772210772B001EQ4OWOA3K77PZNC2CBHZTerrance Johnson "TeeJay"0051319241600Great BagsI love these BioBags. There is a size for every dog and, because they are biodegradable, you can feel guilt-free that you are not using plastic bags in landfills. They are also much less expensive on Amazon than any other place I've seen them for sale.
210773210773B001EQ4OWOA3VWFO1CI8N427M. Gafford0041318550400odd size mishap but good overallThese bags are great as they are actually fully biodegradable unlike many other products on the market which claim to be. If you haven't used compostable bags before be aware that leaving food in them for a few days can cause holes in the bottom (I don't always use them for pet stuff). Now for the odd part of my shipment: In the first box I opened the bags seemed surprisingly small I actually planned to use these for cat litter and it was hard to scoop into these little bags without spilling, to my surprise all three of the other boxes contained much better (bigger) sized bags, odd. Anyway no complaints about what seems to be the correct size.
210774210774B001EQ4OWOATV1LVNEECNA3Erik Gregg0021318291200Tear open quite a bit with 60lb German ShepherdWe've had about 5 bag seams fail and splat poop on the ground (and once on us - we learned our lesson). Most of the time, the bag will hold the 60lb dog's poop, but I don't think I'd trust it for anything over about a 40lb dog. Small dog poops should be fine. We'll be switching bags to something more ... robust.
210775210775B001EQ4OWOAV00M9WQLP8AKGary L. Connely0051317081600BioBags and QualityThere are almost 100 "BioBag" reviews on Amazon - so I don't see any need to review the product, per se. But I would like to comment on the "quality issues" raised by some reviewers. I am sure that those reviewers who report "split seams" are being honest about their experience - but that has not been mine.

My wife and I share our home with the Three Muske-Terriers, (a male Westie, a female Scotty and a male Cesky) - these little fur balls manage to go through about a box of "BioBags" a week. We've been using BioBags for about a year now, (our favorite biodegradeable/compostable bags - Spike Brands' "Dog Business Bags" - seem to have disappeared from the marketplace*). To the best of my recollection, we've never had a defective bag straight from the box - nor have we had a bag "fail" during use.

I do think that it would be difficult to use the "regular size" bags if your hands are the size of Sonny Liston's, or to pick up after a large dog. In either case, you should probably opt for the "large size."

* 12/1/2011 Up-date: "Dog Business Bags" are once again available on Amazon through the Recycled Retriever.
210776210776B001EQ4OWOA2ZF1VR81N9VZWCristina Bernardini0051316736000Good Product for the priceWe use these waste bag for our dogs. I like the fact that its not a plastic bag but a compostable one, and they hold "weight". If you want to do your part and stop using plastic bags, this is the way to go.
210777210777B001EQ4OWOAWK43I5L7027OLaura Bowlby0051316649600Good all the way aroundHave used these bags for over 2 years now and have remained completely satisfied. I've never had one tear or break and I have a 90 pound dog that makes relatively-sized "deposits". Yes, they cost more than plastic bags (many of which we can all get for free), but I feel it is something that I can spend my money on that helps the environment as these bags breakdown (as do doggie deposits) more quickly.
210778210778B001EQ4OWOA2S2Z6PJOW5T75cc0041315958400Biobags Compostable Poo BagsAffordable and necessary at my house for the dog. Will buy again when they are needed. Thank you very much
210779210779B001EQ4OWOA34QXM2RIPMRSSDoodlebug0051315872000Loved these!I have been using these for over a year now and am extremely impressed by the quality. This is a terrific product.
210780210780B001EQ4OWOA2OW5Y6UV5TBD0fmcclsky0021315180800Recycle part of bag make-up is great! But....Imagine my surprise when walking with my dogs (yes, 2 of them) after having picked up the poo from one of them and it's "in the bag" so-to-speak, and as we are walking to the nearest garbage can, we are leaving a trail of poo-poo behind us because the bottom of the poo-bag split open. Oh my, what a mess. Luckily, it didn't land on me anywhere. But I did have to go back and re-pick up the poo in another bag. I would not have been too upset had this been a one-time problem, but unfortunately it's now happened 5 or 6 times, all from the first box of 4 that I bought. So now, I have to double-bag each poo, but that now means each walk is about $1.75 a dog. I do not mind spending money to take care of my dogs, but I do like to purchase products that do what they are designed to do. The recycle part is great, which is why I am buying them, but they need to do the job of actually containing the poo, to be effective. Please fix this design flaw. Thank you.

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