Amazon Fine Food Reviews

210841210841B001HBBQKYA3QDJ038LQLM8FB. Hill0151334793600Great treats for puppies!We have a very picky puppy, that absolutely loves these treats. AND, they are great for him. He won't eat milkbone type treats, but he gobbles up these Wellness treats.
210842210842B001HBBQKYAMPGRXQMO89X9Faye L. Bowring0151332806400Perfect treats for training or anytime rewards.Contrary to some reviewers, our 5 month old Lhasa has no problems with the Wellness dry and wet dog food. The Wellness Puppy Treats were her very first treats after we got her. They are soft and can be divided into smaller pieces which we did at first. So far, she enjoys the Wellness products and has had no adverse reaction to either the food or treats. I have lost track of just how many bags of the Wellness Puppy Treats I have purchased and always keep a large supply on hand.
210843210843B001HBBQKYA1XBALOLF5M559MS B0151332288000awesome pet treats for the smallest of puppiesWellness Just For Puppy Treats, 3.5 oz. Pouch

Okay so my mom was recommended by the breeder, this "treat" for her new 3 .4 pound, Bichon Bolognese pup (said with sarcasm but with so much love) as it was a great product. And it is. On a pup this size you can actually get about 9 serving's of treats. Seriously. @ 3 lbs little bits are best. I am figuring with a standard pup of 12-15 lbs you could even do half. The product is very soft and chewy- great for teething, and are scored- so cutting is a cinch. Puppy seems to really love them and in less then 2 weeks of ownership my mom had him learning new commands.

*** I bag for this bichon Bolo lasted about 3 weeks. So for the moneys, on this sized pup- so worth it!
210844210844B001HBBQKYA3OBXX5WEUWQNCAdia's Promise0151332115200greatgreat product. great price. These are my puppies favorite. Recieved it very fast. My only complaint was that it was sent in a very large box. It would have done better in a mailer envelope.
210845210845B001HBBQKYA2LV1QK1TM5G9HL. McWilliams0151328140800Puppy crackOur puppy goes crazy over these treats. I think he would do anything for them. He's so eager to learn knowing he'll get rewarded with something yummy. I love that these are a healthier treat option for him too. Try them, bet your little guy or gal will love them!!
210846210846B001HBBQKYA1KV7QJ3Z2KT8TKelly T0151326931200Puppies love 'em!We used these as training treats for my and my brother's puppies and they loved them. The package is really small though. These sell for around $4 in a store and the 8oz bags are $7.99!
210847210847B001HBBQKYA2VV3W7ZVE12LLbsmom0151319932800great nutritionPricey, but worth it. all natural and my puppy transitioned to this food perfectly. No degestion problems and she loves it!
210848210848B001HBBQKYA29IVER30J2WB1Terry A. Wright0151301097600Fantastic...I purchased this for our two miniature schnauzer puppies (9 weeks old) and they love it. It's a good quality product and was reasonably priced.
210849210849B001HBBQKYA26V6ZME66FV84Sinory Sinner0151299715200WonderfulIts A wonderful product the first 2 ingrediances are lamb and samon so no bi rpoduks or "meat meal" she loves them.
210850210850B001HBBQKYA10VI3M7UGE3Z5gemmaliz0151299715200My Pup Loves this treat!I recieved the treats on Tuesday, and by Thursday my puppy had learned a new trick with them! I have perviously used Greenies Pill Pockets, however my pup seems to like these just as much, and they are much more affordable.
210851210851B001HBBQKYA26IZDP3YOI4XST. Maerling0151299369600Not the best smelling, but my pup loves themThese treats are soft and are easily broken into smaller pieces as training rewards. They do not have the most pleasant smell, but I like the ingredient list and my dog loves the taste. She goes nuts for them.
210852210852B001HBBQKYA2ISYZCX7FEBG9FUPBLOSSOM0151298937600Great Training TreatMy Boston Terrier puppy absolutely loves this product. They are great for training because they are soft so you can just break them into pieces. We have a variety of treats but this is the BIG reward! When I get this out she sits down waiting to see how she can get some. We actually have a lot of Wellness products and have loved them all. Great company and great product.
210853210853B001HBBQKYA1ZB74KNEOMX1XNo9 "Nik"0151296172800My Little Dog LOVES these!I buy these for my 1 year old dog who weighs about 2.5 pounds. He loves these and they are soft so he can chew them easy, even though he tends to scarf them down so fast I am not sure if he even tastes them :0) I like that they are natural and healthy for him.
210854210854B001HBBQKYA1WUK3C57I9FD0Wendy Gendreau0151294272000Order more than 1 bag!I ordered these for our new pup, she ate them up so fast I had to order 2 more bags! They worked PERFECTLY for potty training! She LOVES them!!! I highly recommend them!
210855210855B001HBBQKYA2QV3CXMTT1X6RShih boxer lover0151293926400Best treats out there.I did a ton of research to decide what was the best food and treats to feed my shih tzu puppy, and nothing beat wellness in my opinion or my vets. Not only does my puppy love the food and treats, they are healthy, and I don't feel guilty giving them to her for training. She got into the bag and ate a lot, and didn't get sick, or have any digestion issues. She is growing healthy and big, and I wont feed her anything else.
210856210856B001HBBQKYA8FJHPCMKR28FLinda0151269388800Perfect holistic treat for puppy with sensitive tummythe Whole Dog Journal recommended Wellness dog food and puppy treats. These have been wonderful. We have a picky puppy but she loves Wellness products. We have tried many "healthy" foods and treats and she wouldn't eat them. Wellness really hits the spot with our Gigi.
210857210857B000CR41D8ANCA2DJU6I6D7Mister Spoons131351155340800Protein and Fiber and Taste Really GoodI was attracted to these because they have more fiber than most, along with more protein. I think they taste great!
210858210858B000CR41D8A35BSF26M75AR2Coolexplosion131541249344000Great Snack!I am generally not a fan of pretzels. I have tried pretzel after pretzel in all shapes and sizes to no avail. I finally stumbled upon these one day and I have been loving them ever since. They provide a nice pretzel taste without having an overpowering amount of salt. I only have two complaints about the product:

1. Brown rice syrup as an ingredient. While it is organic, I would rather it not be in there because of a few health effects.

2. The pretzels are coated in salt and not sea salt. Sea salt is the healthier of the two and should be recognized as such in an organic product.

On the whole, great product.
210859210859B000CR41D8A7VM84CT5LK7CPaul D. Pruitt "socrtwo"293721153267200Tasty but Burnt and SaltyOK so pretzels are supposed to be salty, but these are a tad too salty. They also have a burnt flavor. You could say this is a distinctive smokey flavor, but 12 bags ahead of you with the prospects of an unsatisfied pallett is a mighty tall order. On the other hand the subtle sweet flavors are good. This is not your ordinary pretzel try them in safety first (instead of buying 12 bags). Also note grocery items cannot be returned to Amazon!
210860210860B000CR41D8A67CR6YCB462CR. Williams "code slubber"5551186272000Future of FoodMuch food that is utterly worthless can be, given some diligence, reinvented in a usable form. This is a good example. A normal pretzel has no nutritive value. This has protein and fiber. Some people would argue 'I am just snacking on these, I get my nutrition from my meals.' This would be a weak argument: every time you put stuff in yer body, you want to have some mix of fat/protein/carbs. Carb only, no fiber food, is not good.

As to spelt, not sure what that cat is talking about, these have pea flour and whole wheat flour?
210861210861B000CR41D8A3T41GU2DV65RXJasmin M. Davis "Jas"4451259539200Best Pretzels!My husband and I were looking for a good snack and these fit the bill for us. More fiber than your normal pretzel, lots of flavor and has a decent amount of protein too. These are terrific! Its been part of our diet for over a year and we have lost about 60 pounds each. We make our own hummus and eat these with it, or I eat them with a wedge of laughing cow cheese or peanut butter.
210862210862B000CR41D8A393F381MA82AYMacro chef6751175558400Crunchy with fiberSpelt pretzels with fiber are hard to come by. Organic to boot! My family used to eat Vita Spelt until I realized there was no fiber in them and they weren't organic. Much cheaper on Amazon than in Whole Foods.
210863210863B000CR41D8AMZWWP4LFT932Classical Ann3341200355200GOOD STUFF!I like buying Paul Newman products because the profits go to his camp for ill children. And they taste good too. These pretzels fit that bill. And I believe the price is reasonable, as well. It's great to eat pretzels that have a good amount of protein in them, unlike the "average" pretzel with just a bunch of carbohydrates. All my family and friends like them too. The only little downside, for me, is they taste a bit too salty. However, the rest of my family didn't find them too salty and thought they were just fine. They are low in fat, with 4 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein per serving. I will definitely buy Paul Newman's Organic Pretzels again and again.
210864210864B000CR41D8ASGDHRFHT5AJCMaureen A. Carrigan3351182816000Nice flavor, and better for you too!I started with Newman's Own Pretzels with the Protein ones. The Protein ones are too salty for my taste, and cause me to have sweet cravings. The Spelt ones are awesome, with a slightly nutty flavor and just the right amount of salt. As a person with a digestive condition, the higher fiber content is a wonderful thing. Since Amazon sells them in bulk, these bags of pretzels are less expensive than in the stores, with normally run $2.19 a bag. My only complaint to Newman's Own is that the bags are too small at 7 ounces. Other than that, it's a great product!
210865210865B000CR41D8ACQY0PA2XHJYIM. Tinglof2231260489600Pretty good, but seemed to go staleI found that about a month before the expiration date these tasted stale to me. So have several bags left from the case I bought that are not that good anymore. I bought the sniders organic pretzels and those held up better.
210866210866B000CR41D8A2Y8IDC1FKGNJCL. A.2251203465600great snackThese organic pretzels make a great little snack. They are light, yet filling. I like to dip mine in mustard or peanut butter for a change of pace. i will definitely be buying these again!
210867210867B000CR41D8A1SWWRBQ9HMUCKL. Marshall2251200009600Spelt PretzelsThese are hearty tasting pretzels made with Spelt flour. They have just the right amount of salt. Even my husband won't eat regular pretzels anymore when I have these in the house. The bonus is that nutritionally speaking, these are a healthier choice than white flour pretzels. The only drawback is that a 7 oz bag gets eaten pretty quickly in my home!
210868210868B000CR41D8ACAIEIV03NBHYJ "Mom of twins"2251180051200A decent prezel, good priceYour basic pretzel--salty and crunchy. They're good, they're organic, and the price is good. The only drawback is the Newman's Own products seem to have highly variable availability. I ordered 3 things at the same time. All were delayed due to availabilty issues; two arrived within about 3 weeks, one hasn't arrived yet (about 1-1/2 months after order).
210869210869B000CR41D8A26KVR3NKBA5VRniki dupree2251168387200The Best Pretzels Around - no Contest!!I love Pretzels and have to say that after trying my way through many different kinds, these are The BEST.

The taste great, are REALLY crunchy - a key requirement for me - and have just the right amount of salt. The Newman's Rounds are just as good - maybe even better.

And as an added bonus, Paul Newmann donates all his after tax profits from the sale of his products to charity - an unbeatable combination in my book!
210870210870B000CR41D8A1TZ1TA9VJY72BGreen Mama2251162512000Great Pretzels...and I love pretzels!These Pretzels are great!! I needed an alternative to wheat and found these spelt pretzels. I had them prior to ordering them on Amazon so I knew to expect they'd be awesome. Several family and friends have tasted them and can't tell any difference to pretzels made with wheat. However, I like these spelt pretzels better than your average wheat pretzel!

I don't like too much salt and I found these pretzels average on the salt factor. Like every other bag of pretzels, the salt does comes off and settles at the bottom of the bag which is always fine with me.

The only thing I don't like is that in the ingredients list they say made with Organic Spelt and also Spelt. While they meet the standard to label their product organic, they should use ALL Organic Spelt!

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