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210871210871B000CR41D8A26SZL603RV9MGSelene Gilbert1151313193600Best Snack Ever!These pretzels are just the best! The whole grain gives them a richer flavor than regualar pretzels and the slightly thicker stick is just the ticket for a crunchier/chewier more full flavor treat. I buy them by the case!
210872210872B000CR41D8AK7CAW3N1XZV6Beth Cholette "doctor_beth"1151307577600Great source of fiber and protein--but TASTES great, too!I used to regularly eat pretzels as snacks or part of my lunches for work. Although I never really followed along with the low carb diet craze, I did become concerned that pretzels weren't providing me with any nutrition other than carbohydrates, so I gradually stopped buying them.

Then someone told me about Newman Hi-Protein Pretzels. Each generous serving size (18 pretzels) is just 120 calories, but you get 5 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber, with only 1.5 grams fat! That's better than what you might get from a lot of yogurts that are on the market today. Furthermore, like all Newman products, these pretzels are made with all-natural ingredients, including what flour,n pea flour, sunflower oil, and salt. And finally, they taste great! I truly cannot taste any difference between these pretzels and others--well, if anything, these are better. :)

If you are looking for a delicious snack that is nutritious, too, I highly recommend Newman's Hi-Protein Pretzels.
210873210873B000CR41D8APA9JOZPH39Y7Honeyjen1111305072000Its burnedI was excited about my high protein pretzels but when i opened and tasted it, it tasted burned. I inspected the rest of the bags in the package and they all look dark brown. I don't know if i just received a bad batch as i also ordered the spelt pretzels from Vitacost ( lower priced; not like here where the price suddenly got jacked up after being featured in Yahoo from $30 to $49!) and it tasted fine, no burnt taste.

I am trying to return the package as i don't know what to do with 12 bags of burnt pretzels. But you can only return unopened one ( i already opened one bag) and within 7 days. After paying for the shipping fees and half refund, if ever they accepted the item for refund, its not worth the effort.

So if you are still considering buying the Hi-Protein Pretzel, buy at your own risk.
210874210874B000CR41D8A2J831LFSPG5D1J. McLaughlin "TX Book Lover"1151265846400Terrific SnackThese were purchased for my husband. He declares them an excellent snack food and says these are very tasty, crisp and fresh. Since we have not been able to find these in a local grocery store, it is nice to be able to order them from Amazon. We definitely plan to order more when our supply runs low.
210875210875B000CR41D8AXA9EVY6IJIZ5Robin Cline "Solarobby"1151256601600Size definitely mattersBeen yer basic pretzel rod freak since I was a kid,and these are the best I've come across in years. Not too salty, just enough, and not the long rods that break and leave crumbs everywhere (like if you're lounging on the couch watching tv, say) - these are shorter rods, the perfect size for a proper crumbless - or near crumbless - pretzel-indulging experience. They're fairly healthy, too, as far as snacks go.
210876210876B000CR41D8A1ZPY91VE3IDN1J. Offenbach1151190332800Great Flavor w/ Little SaltMy only complaint is that a couple bags of these outstanding pretzels arrived opened with the nuggets loosely living in the box. The remaining bags have been delicious, with an almost nutty flavor and terrific texture. I'd buy these again without hesitation.
210877210877B000CR41D8AZRI5QQD2M4ZKSteveKeys1151179532800DeliciousThese are the best pretzels I've eaten. They taste great. They're crunchy of course, but after chewing them a bit, they have what I can best describe as a very smooth texture that I've never tasted in any other pretzel. The fact that they're organic and made with spelt is a big plus also.
210878210878B000CR41D8A3CFN1DW7YHUDPMadge1151174780800LOVE theseThese are by far my favorite pretzels I've ever had. The taste is mild, which is what I like in a pretzel (that's not chocolate covered), and they're just the right ratio of thickness and size, not like some that are so thick and dry that they stick in your throat, or so thin that you're chewing super-salty air. Plus they're actually a bit healthier than most others. Unfortunately they're also more expensive, but I'm happy to say I always get what I pay for with these.
210879210879B000CR41D8A15Y8UH9KDMIGISaxman7280021349568000DisappointedI enjoy the Newman's Own Pretzels on a regular basis and decided to start buying them by the case as my local grocery store stopped carrying them. The first two cases I bought from a different distributor were fine, however in the last case I purchased from Amazon, all the pretzels tasted stale, although the bags weren't out of expiration and didn't appear to be opened. I was very disappointed with this batch.
210880210880B000CR41D8A1GFG97MW6OLUNK. Hornberger0051349049600AWESOME!I have a severe wheat allergy, so it was great to find a delicious pretzel I could eat! Newman's Own has done a great job with these! I buy them a case at a time and recommend them to everyone! In fact, I use Spelt flour for everything! Well worth the money!!
210881210881B000CR41D8A3DRD47S51JS4JM&N0031347494400contains WHEAT!!We love Newman's products...but Amazon lists this as 'wheat-free'. The package ingredients label shows 'contains: Wheat'. Not a big deal unless you have a wheat allergy...which by the way LOTS of people do. Just thought I'd save you the hassle since food products aren't eligible for return. As far as taste, my husband (not a pretzel fan) tried one and gave them a 3 out of 5.... 'a little bland...need more salt.'
210882210882B000CR41D8AVIN0K9RLJ04LLinda Richardson "linrich"0051337126400amazingI purchaed these to keep at my for a quick snack... these are amazing.. crispy with just the right amount of salt... great price...
210883210883B000CR41D8A265B1IZE5RVG6internetshopper720051329609600Yummy!We love these pretzels. Appreciate the long expiration date too. Makes a great kids snack paired with nutella. 5 stars!
210884210884B000CR41D8A3699F5IARONN1Candice H. Greene0051325894400Spelt pretzels with mustard - YUMMY!We buy the organic spelt pretzels by Newman's Own. This company sends them fast and so nicely - packed and separated in individual slots so they don't break or pop open. The pretzels themselves are yummy. Lately we've been dipping into different mustard flavors - a great snack! A good variety of non-salted ones mixed with some salty ones, a good balance. They taste better than your average pretzel on the market and they are healthier for you. I recommend the spelt pretzels!
210885210885B000CR41D8A2WSAGFJSQC1YFCrease in the Page0051325030400Need to know how long they are? How many in each bag?These taste great, and when I got them very few were broken... on average one pretzel per bag was broken. They are shorter than most pretzel rods, about 4 inches each. I was making chocolate-dipped pretzels and was trying to figure out how many I could put in each gift bag, so I had my kids count how many there were per Newman's Own 8-Ounce bag. There are about 40 pretzels per bag. I ordered two cases trying to make sure I had enough, so hopefully this info will save someone from doing what I did--buying twice as much as needed. Now we get to eat them. :0)
210886210886B000CR41D8AKCDNU1H2ENHIAmazon shopper "GAL"0031325030400Sent me "OLD" productI ordered a case of these pretzels to give away as snacks--I ordered it on Dec 17 and when it came, it had the "Use By Dec 27, 2011" date stamped on each bag. I'm not happy that they sent me "old" product that is nearing the end of its shelf life.
210887210887B000CR41D8A16ADGGD2C06PYhfarnz0051324944000love them!We love these pretzels. They taste like normal white pretzels to me. My whole family eats them--baby on up. I never bought pretzels before because they were made with white flour, and I was so thrilled to find these.
210888210888B000CR41D8AYGIIQGSHKZNIAudes0011321833600Mine Also BURNT flavor!I purchased the High Protein Pretzels. I've had Newman's Own Organic Pretzels before and they tasted great - but these are not good at all. 95% of the salt is at the bottom of the bag (have to have salt on pretzels!) and they have an overwhelming flavor of being burnt and not a good burnt either! I have no use now for all these pretzels and i can't imagine anyone enjoying this taste!
It is upsetting to see that a few others also ended up with the High Protein pretzels having this awful BURNT flavor and yet they still kept sending them out. I'd think maybe they'd look at batch numbers or something to prevent them from being shipped out to dissatisfied customers who will give it a bad review.
Generally Newman's Pretzels are really good, but buy these at your own risk....
210889210889B000CR41D8AJRM99W4V4D9PCheryl Calrk0051306022400DietingVery good and a bonus for those trying to find fiber and protein. helps with those midnight cravings and a reasonable price!
210890210890B000CR41D8A1FSTEHSQ4SPKHC.N.0051301356800Fantastic PretzelsWe try to avoid wheat here and there, so we love substituting with spelt. These pretzels are great. They've been a regular snack in our pantry for a couple of years now. Taste just like "regular" pretzels, only much healthier!
210891210891B000CR41D8AL4IKDSF39X7Smaude's mom0031300147200good pricePurchased these on sale around superbowl time when we go through lots of dips. Normally buy locally, but the town was sold out and we try to be as organic as possible. Family has mixed reviews about taste & texture.
210892210892B000CR41D8A3IGERWIT1WTWUJ. F. Allred0051299369600Healthy AlternativeAt the office I am surrounded by hungry snackers when I pull out these pretzels! I even order them in bulk with of my co-workers.
They have a slightly dry taste compared with conventional pretzels but the nutritional content can't be beat. I love feeding my body with the complete protein and fiber the chickpea and wheat combo provide. I have and will continue to order these yummy snacks!
210893210893B000CR41D8A1LL8N425UTUM6E. Tam0051298246400Review for the Hi-Protein varietySimply put these are great pretzels. High roasted flavor, though my cousin said it tasted burnt, and proceeded to eat more. Very crunchy without any hint that it is fortified with soy protein. Only issue with the product is that every few bags I get several oddly shaped pretzels which are thicker and crunchier which is actually a plus in my opinion. The best part is that they're both organic AND affordable! My favorite way to eat them is to pair them with a good quality chocolate for a sweet treat.
210894210894B000CR41D8A345CMJ7NABJ3addnoodle0051297468800Best pretzels everEveryone that comes to my house, I have these out for a snack and everyone loves them. These are amazing pretzels and taste so good. We love to eat them with goat cheese and other cheese's too.
210895210895B000CR41D8AY1EF0GOH80EKNatasha Stryker0051296604800How can a pretzel taste this good?A pretzel is a pretzel right? Wrong. I was amazed at how these really taste better than any I have had before. I think these are the best tasting pretzel rods you can get in a supermarket or here on amazon.

The malt really makes a difference in the flavor.

The diameter is perfect for dipping in mustard or eating plain, not too thin and not too thick.

They have an even and sufficient coating of salt.

They arrived undamaged and very fresh with high crunch factor, not at all stale.

Mine were not burned like others have experienced with their orders.

I have 12 bags and am happy to keep a supply in the pantry to put out for guests when they drop by; it makes it very easy to serve good food at a good price by buying in bulk on amazon.
210896210896B000CR41D8A21U03PVX582A9Sue0011294444800Burnt taste and shelf life short or used upI was excited about buying these in bulk at the special price Amazon was offering. However, when I received my case of 24 8 oz bags (purchased 2 sets), I was extremely disappointed to see a use by date of 1 month later. Even more so, when I tasted them, and like a few others pointed out, they have a very distinct burnt taste.

Pretzels last just about forever. Realizing these are organic would allow for a shorter shelf life, but the real issue is that the shelf life was used up before the sale. So, in short, these were essentially a waste of money as I had to coax people to take them away.
210897210897B000CR41D8A1RRMZKOMZ2M7JSue Katz "Honey Bee"0021288656000Not so good & close to expiryThese might be OK for hi-protein pretzels but they are not so good as pretzels, period. In addition, the bags I received will expire in less than 3 months. I am not pleased.
210898210898B000CR41D8A37CENQP0ZNKVEsailor "sailor hill"0051287446400Delish!For Hi-Protein carb food, these pretzels are the best! Crisp texture, and a nicely well cooked (burnt) flavor which brings out the best in a pretzel, you can't go wrong with these. I like them better than any other pretzel I've have to date. If you think they are too salty, just rub the bag before opening and a lot of the salt falls off. I'm on my second order :)
210899210899B000CR41D8A1SWE22I8U7AIHjncr "teacher and mom"0051285891200Healthy school lunch!I agonized over what to put in my five year old's lunch. I know she will actually eat these and they have a good amount of fiber (and even protein)!
210900210900B000CR41D8AID2DBGZBVOJYLukasz0051274918400Best pretzels ever!Newman's Own Pretzels are by far the best I have ever had. We can get their pretzel sticks at a local store but I always preferred rods and these are much better than Snyder's. The fact that the ingredients list is short and sweet is just gravy.

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