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210901210901B000CR41D8A1SRFP4RB48PW6L. Campbell "Outdoor Mom"0041274486400"lil salty but good"These pretzels are pretty good. By accident I ordered 2 boxes and had a ton of them. The expiration date was June and I got them in March and was kinda nervous, but we are down to out last 2 bags...many of our friends have enjoyed them! They are very crunchy because they are very thin. They are not like a snyders if that's what your looking for.
210902210902B000CR41D8A34UC8SALF7WKZC. David0051274140800TastyDiscovered these online and looked high and low for some that I would not have to buy a case. Well I found them at Whole Foods, bought a bag - then I ended up ordering a case since I don't live near a WF & I wanted them to be my snack of choice. Anyway, my VERY picky 13 year old daughter really like them. They really taste like pretzels not like the gluten-free/high protein ones. My only complaint, dare I say it is, they need more salt! Even sesame seeds would be good they need a little something more. I don't think I will order a case soon b/c that's a lot of pretzels(!) but am hoping the word gets out and health food stores close to me would start carrying them so I can buy just a bag or two.
210903210903B000CR41D8A1TDFKLNXMXU4Bdog res q r0051264464000Ohhhhh, so that's a stick...didn't know what the diff was between the "sticks" and the the "rods" because when I was little (yes, I really was little... a long, long time ago) I used to go to the "candy store" and buy two pretzels or pretzel sticks, not knowing that what I was really buying was a pretzel and learn...

Anyway, once I realized that I had bought these "mini-rods" I could get on with the taste testing. Testing good. Up to the Newman standards...and there is this completely illogical belief that having the exact same calories spread over three or four pieces instead of one large pretzel is more satisfying...bonus...
210904210904B000CR41D8A216NSW58Q3SCJccincalif "ccincalif"0051262995200Excellent product-feel good about my kids eating it...These are the thin style pretzels that are truly "thin" which is what my family likes. Many "thin" pretzels are very thick. The best thing about these is they are organic and a Newman's Own product, which makes me feel good about my kids eating them. I send them in their lunches to school and they love them. Healthy snack and good price on Amazon.
210905210905B000CR41D8A32NDALENJNNCRLori Dumas "Lori"0041260662400protein pretzelsI love a crunchy snack with some protein, they are a little dry though. Dont tasta as good as a regular pretzel, but still good.
210906210906B000CR41D8A2E6H61JS6WPIMTerry G. Scussel0051254873600Newman's Own Salted Stick PretzelsThese are the best pretzels on the market today. We have been acquiring them for quite some time. They are crunchy, just the right about of salt and package size. However the most important attribute is their profits are provided to a charitable causes.
210907210907B000CR41D8AHHB5F4EB1YGGJ. Foster "Recien Mami"0051250899200Best packaged pretzels everWe had never eaten spelt before we ate these pretzels....We love them. I love the fact that spelt has protein in it. Typical pretzels have less nutritional value to them. I feel good about giving them to my family.
210908210908B000CR41D8A17KNP1347GV5DJinna0051249430400Great PretzelsI love the Newman's pretzels, both the wheat and the spelt versions. Not too salty and very crisp.
210909210909B000CR41D8A2MY1A0Q6E8RNPTek20000041245888000Real Super-thin Pretzel Twist Taste and TextureThese have a taste and texture surprisingly close to my favorite brand of super-thin pretzel twists. With the added benefit of only 1.5 grams of fat but 4 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein. I do wish they came in "serving" size packages instead, though.
210910210910B000CR41D8A2308WDLQDZE4LTell Me...Honestly0051242691200Great flavor!I really enjoyed the Spelt Pretzels. They were less chalky/dry than other pretzels and had a nice mildly nutty/buttery flavor. The four (4) grams of fiber per serving were also an added plus. I purchased these from a local grocery story for $3.79 for one (1) bag.
210911210911B000CR41D8A5VG8AHRUWGDZFrank Antonucci "Pretzel Guy"0051236816000Pretzel LogicNewman's Own Organic Pretzels are far better than any other pretzel I've eaten. As most probably know, any product Newman's Own produces is superior to competitor brands. My favorite Newman's Own pretzel however is their Organic Spelt Flour Pretzel. Once you eaten them, no other pretzel compares. Unfortunaly, very few retail outlets carry Newman's Own Organic Spelt Pretzels. The only stores I've been able to find them is at the Whole Foods Grocery Chain. There are not many Whole Foods around, but it worth the trip.
210912210912B000CR41D8A9PKYI8B9V9VBV. Vanderbent "always curious"0051228089600Best tasting pretzel snackI love the shape and taste of mini pretzels like these but don't like the flavor of wheat - so this is the perfect solution. Light on salt, baked just to perfection, with the slightly nutty taste of spelt. They don't overpower anything else I'm eating or drinking, very well balanced. Thanks Newmans' Own, another winner!
210913210913B000CR41D8AVSN0J4VQ5HLGSusie Q "Susie Q"0041226793600yummy pretzels!I bought these for my husband for healthy snacking in the evening,and they are great! High in fiber and protein, but low in calories per serving. Even my 5 year old (who does not eat anything!)will eat these pretzels.
They are crispy, and slightly nutty tasting. I will always have a case on hand.
210914210914B000CR41D8A3HFB6LNWZ1F7PJoan P. Green "Joan Pagel-Green"0051222905600The BEST little pretzel EVER !I finally found a delectable little pretzel! Not too big, not too salty, not too dry, never a burnt taste, just right for MY tasty taste buds! You ought to try Newman's Own Organics Spelt Pretzzels! Nell Newman really came up a winner with these! Snacking or dipping...they are GREAT! jpg/UT
210915210915B000CR41D8A102UXGLDF76G1Lyn Watson0051207008000Top notch snack!In my search for healthy snacks I found this item: Organic, high in fiber, low in fat and they use sea salt. They sound like they should be boring, but they are just as good if not better than any pretzel out there.
I can eat 20 of them for only 2 points on my Weight Watchers program and that is a whole lot more than other snacks. They're very filling with a piece of cheese or two which is extremely important when watching what you are eatting!
I highly recommend them to anyone!
210916210916B000CR41D8A17KNP1347GV5DJinna0051202860800Best Pretzels I've Ever Had!These pretzels are absolutely delicious! I did not notice the excess salt or burnt flavor some other people experienced - we loved them!
210917210917B000CR41D8A31172C365H23VC. Gannage0041184889600healthy snackGood;, healthy snack for those parents seeking alternatives for the junk food their kids think they want.
210918210918B000CR41D8A1J5HIF41ENSMZAdam Wood0051178841600I've liked every kind that I've triedMy latest purchase was the Honey Wheat variety, but I've had the Hi-Protein and Spelt varieties in the past. I have really enjoyed all three of them.

The Honey Wheat have a good taste and crunch. It took me about five pretzels to get used to them as compared to "normal" pretzels, but then I really got into them. I like the taste, but I also like the ingredients and nutrition. The following can be found on the web, but I'm adding it here for convenience:

Ingredients: Organic unbleached wheat flour, organic whole wheat flour, organic honey, organic sugar, organic sunflower oil, salt, yeast, soda.

Nutritional Facts: Serving Size: 20 pretzels (30g), Calories per Serving: 110, Calories from fat: 10, Total Fat: 1g (saturated fat: 0g), Cholesterol: 0mg, Sodium: 180mg, Total Carbohydrates: 22g (dietary fiber: 3g, sugars: 2g), Protein: 2g

Some typical advice - watch for sales on these! I got the Honey Wheat 7-oz bags, 12-pack for twelve dollars in October 2010 (the price is why I decided to try them). As of this writing, they are almost sixty dollars. At a dollar a bag, I'll recommend them to everyone. At five dollars a bag...all I can say is that I wouldn't pay that much for these, or any pretzel in a 7-oz bag.
210919210919B000CR41D8A3W510G6YBY4OLHappy Shopping0051162598400All GoneEveryone loved these pretzels. Very flavorful, not too salty. I plan on buying more from Amazon, best price I've found on this brand.
210920210920B000CR41D8A298FUUG49ODJNA. Force "A.F."2421273708800DOUBLED IN PRICE WITHIN A COUPLE OF WEEKSThe pretzels are tasty and convenient, but I can't give them a higher rating due to the extreme jump in price (nearly double the price it was a couple of weeks ago when I made the purchase-around $17). Due to this, I assume the previous great reviews are based on the former price. Now I can pick these up at my local Grocery for close to the same price per bag, which defeats the purchase of buying in bulk online.
210921210921B000CR41D8A2E59DXJJX83WTdave love0151288656000newman's pretzelsWe did not receive our order. We were informed that it was shipped and then (ONLY)a couple of days later we were informed that it could not be delivered by the shipper.
210922210922B000CR41D8A30ARMF3JEKEJYT-Bone "T-Bone"0251292889600Newman knew his stuffThese were "stale" dated when I got them but I must admit that they taste pretty good, WAY better than any overly salted Snyders or especially-slated Rold Gold (or Rold Salt). Very well done, Paul, we will miss you in all aspects.
210923210923B0000TU85IA2NZHPDIIWP7DLStephen L. Shapiro0041168300800Excellent with cheese!!We were introduced to this item when we were in Tuscany (Italy). It was used on good Pecorino cheese, and is fantastic- i am glad were were able to find it in the US.
210924210924B008AY95RWA3MDETK0D5UAINxoxo "woodfairy"0051350777600Perfect Texture! True Fruit Taste! Irresistable!Lets face it, when you buy gummies of any kind you already expect them to be...well gummy! I always dreaded it when the kids would toss a box of these fruit snacks into my shopping cart. This is why:
1) I knew they would not actually eat all of them and there would be waste.
2) I knew I would find the waste stuck to the back seat of my car, or on the bottom of my new socks.
3) And I knew there would be conflict the next time they asked me to purchase these for the above reasons.

But I caved when they begged, pleaded, and promised to eat all of these. I could not resist them, or the fact that they had angry birds on the box. Admit it folks, this was a great tactic for advertising this product and making it sell. And yes being a parent of small children, I fell for it.

But the wonderful thing was the kids actually gobbled them up, every last one, and only shared one pouch with me. They were that good. And I do not care much for the gummy candies. Becasue they are basically the same. They gum, and some you can't chew and the flavor seems to be superficial. Not these. I fell in love with the orange and yellow ones. I am a citrus fan and they were yummy.
210925210925B008AY95RWAB1QQUFGGCGBYsnu0051348185600Great for the lunch boxI bought these fruit snacks for my daughter, who is an avid Angry Birds fan. I like buying in bulk because it's cheaper, and they're handy in the lunch box. She says they are tasty and nice and soft and chewy!
210926210926B008AY95RWA39E7SZ5BN1D50JF4200051341964800"Superb Flavors"These fruit snacks are probably the best I ever tasted. They boast a great variety of flavors none of which taste too sickly-sweet or artificial like so many of the candies today. Also loved the gaily colored box and the fact that there are plenty of packs for this great price. Definitely a go-to fabulous sweet snack! Hope this helps, enjoy em!
210927210927B008AY95RWA2PVNKTZGAR5BXgummylover180051341878400Fabulous fruit snacks!I can never resist trying out new sweets and as an angry birds fan this product was simply irresistible! These flavorful fruit snacks did not disappoint!!! The flavors are amazing--very genuine and tasty without feeling artificial. They contain natural fruit juice which explains the great taste. Also, the texture is perfectly soft and chewy. The box is cute and colorful and depicts the angry birds characters (for my fellow fans out there). The quantity is also very generous for the price you can get it for here on amazon!!! Try em, you'll love em for sure!
210928210928B0025VF8TKA1N7ROYP7TGWIJoeSchmoe1552411328054400Doesn't look like a salmon, doesn't taste like salmon eitherSo far I only opened one can.

Let me put it this way: if you didn't know it was a salmon you wouldn't would not identify it as such. It is very similar to canned tuna color-wise (white-ish small chunks) and pretty much tasteless. Not even similar to what I purchased in a "big box store" in a larger can (can't recall the brand but it might have been Bumble Bee too).

On the can it says "Tuna style" (you can see it on Amazon's picture if you zoom in). Fish origin is unclear except that it says "Premium Wild" and "Product of Thailand".

I gave it 2 stars because I only opened one can. If the second one is the same I will lower the rating to 1 star.

UPDATE: second can (and all others after it) is the same. Lowering rating to 1 star.
210929210929B004WP7JVMA11I1I9QLMAM1AS. Power0051345161600Delicious and healthier alternative to other fried chips. Nice cheese flavor.I recently tried these, after usually sticking to the Black Bean Sea Salt flavor. These are certainly different from that flavor, but just as enjoyable. The cheese flavoring is the perfect flavor for my pallet. I won't switch to these from the Sea Salt ones, but will definitely add them to my chip rotation.

Since these are fried in oil, they are by no means a health food, especially if you are focused on calories. That said though, they are an excellent snack and a much healthier alternative to potato chips or corn chips.

The main thing that surprised me about these chips is how good they taste. To me, they taste just as good, and are just as fulfilling, as the other salty crunchy snacks that I tend to munch on in the evenings. I enjoy them plain out of the bag, and also find that they are good with salsa or dip.

I wish the price was a little lower on these and wish that the bags contained less air and more chips, but otherwise I think they are great. I highly recommend that you try them. The pricing here on Amazon, is usually about 30 cents per 6 ounce bag cheaper than what they charge at the local grocery store, HEB. Specialty stores like Sprouts and Whole Foods charge even more for them.
210930210930B0009ALUVEA11L29WJU8L2GRR. Torres0011245283200All about the tasteI am sorry to say these cookies did not taste at all like sugar cookies. They were actually salty, and not nice and chewy. The only good thing is that they arrived in one piece, no crumbs. However it did not deliver on the taste. Iw ill no0t be ordering from Scott's items again.

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