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211021211021B007FREBZGA2AWMJMLLPBHDKB. Cravens "Loves a good story"1151336089600My Choicest Black TeaThis is my favorite tea to drink. I am a big fan of Yunnan black teas, so this fits my palate nicely.

I love the smell of this tea. It's earthy with notes of cocoa and malt. There is also a honey-like sweetness to the nose.

The taste is excellent: the malty and cocoa notes are quite obvious, but they are present after that honey-sweet earthiness mentioned before. One of my favorite things about this tea is that there is little to no bitterness at all (Personally, I have found that 3-4 minutes at 195 degrees is a good temperature that brings out flavor without causing bitterness).

The second cup is just like the first, except the honey and malt take a backseat to the cocoa and earthiness. This tea doesn't get noticeably weak to me until the 4th+ steeping. However, it is not a hugely apparent loss of flavor. In short, you'll get many infusions with this one.

Don't let the price scare you away -- anyone who has tried many Yunnan teas knows the difference in quality with price. For this particular concoction, $15/2 oz. is a reasonable buy. I use three pearls per 8 oz. water, and I haven't used mine up in weeks! Go buy this stuff and enjoy.
211022211022B007FREBZGATMYN0H2C99I0Dave0051348876800Teavana Black Drago Pearl TeaThis tea is excellent and my wife's favorite. Two pearls do great steeping for three minutes, for a coffee cup sized cup of tea. Arrived quickly and in great shape. So much easier and more convenient than spending the time and money on gas going to the store. I highly recommend.
211023211023B007F1GRKOA322H0UVZWQQ28Stacy Hayden0041350432000Great marinade for alergy elimination dietI was looking for a good option to season and spice up my chiken and turkey, or salads on the allergy elimination diet my dr. put me on for 3 weeks. This is so good as a marinade I'll use it after the diet is over too :)

Thank you Annies for giving me some flavor options!
211024211024B004O38T3EAJIDIVBILJKO0MekoRush0231345507200I guess I was hungry at the time but these chips are mehthey taste like old chips back in your parents days. Not enough flavor. Rancheritos? well i didn't taste any ranch like flavors. it took about 2 months to get rid of 8 bags I only ate 3
211025211025B003UGRHYIASLHX4R76QRGNLesli0051314835200Salsa convert!I am not a salsa person. It has never been my favorite thing to eat with tortilla chips, UNTIL NOW! Trigger's Pineapple Salsa has truly made me a Salsa convert. It is spicy, but it doesn't burn. The kick comes from the mix of wonderful ingredients, not just the Japelenos. Love, Love, Love it and recommend it to those of you that don't go for traditional hot salsas.
211026211026B000LBURBKA3FH800HJBZELQJennifer L. Obrien "Jenn O'Brien"3351329868800Just what I was looking forThese were the only squeeze tubes I could find, but were just what I was looking for. The only issue I have is with the clips that are supposed to keep the tubes closed... maybe I didn't put it on right, but there weren't any pictures showing how to put them on. When I put them on how I thought they should go on, it almost seemed to ruin the tube (almost putting a hole in one). Fortunately, we have some of those black metal paper clips we were planning on using anyways.
211027211027B000LBURBKAHAJ3516JSLRJKaroline7941289088000Squeeze tubesI've been looking for some reusable tubes in Norway, and couldn't find any.
These are perfect. I use one of them with liver paste for my dog and she goes crazy. Easy to use and easy to clean.
211028211028B000LBURBKA1ZM73O3F567SQmj2231337644800not badWe got this for dog training rather than camping. The shipping was fast and the product was fine. They are a little brittle and one tube already broke but I'm not sure whether that is a function of the tube design or how we were using it. In all fairness, we were using it for dog training and keep it in the fridge while not being used so that might have had something to do with the cracking. Otherwise, these tubes are great for many different foods and uses. We'll probably get more for camping.
211029211029B000LBURBKA3HP7WD7ZGBYWXD. Jensen1111337904000Too bigNowhere on this site do they give you a size for these things. I was hoping to find refillable tubes suitable for airline travel. These aren't it. It isn't worth my time to return them, but they are closer to 8 oz. than the 3 oz. TSA limit. Why that info is not part of the description beats the heck out of me!
211030211030B000GG0FNAA1XALR2GHLJZF1Richard H.0041320624000So sweetI wanted saccharin
211031211031B002MUYM3CA2V8WQ7E1OD7XLSandman121311281744000NOT THE ORIGINAL!!WARNING!! These are no longer made by Jelly Belly!! When they first came out, Jelly Belly handled them and they were great, yes even the nasty flavors...well, at least they were authentically flavored anyway. Now, evidently the folks at Warner Bros. decided to go cheap after the license ran out for jelly Belly. These new ones by some candy company I've never heard of are HORRIBLE. Even the ones that are supposed to taste good. They don't taste much like what they're supposed to and we had trouble figuring out what flavor was what. These don't taste much better than the cheapo jelly beans you can find at Easter. I had assumed based on the similar packaging that they were the same. The odd shaped little uglies should have given me a clue...Jelly Belly NEVER puts those in with their regular beans.

Unless you're just into torturing your palette, steer clear of these rip-offs. They're a poor substitute for the originals.
211032211032B002MUYM3CA39FKDOQYBKOIPKathryn Bixby91111281484800InauthenticI was disappointed when I bought these beans at the Harry Potter Expo. The flavors have nothing to do with Harry Potter. I don't mind extras, but the manufacturer should include all of the flavors written in the book. A devoted Harry Potter fan will be looking for: chocolate, peppermint, spinach, liver, tripe, bogie/booger, pepper, vomit, toffee and earwax. Previously, I enjoyed the beans including these authentic flavors, as well as other interesting ones that fit the theme such as grass and dirt. Where did they go? This set includes only one flavor from the book (pepper) and the rest seem completely out of touch with the theme. While others may find these fun, I find no point in buying something as a fan when the item has nothing to do with the thing that I love. I hope they bring the real beans back!
211033211033B002MUYM3CA1JHX2HFMKMWJQB. Smith "B. Smith"4511286668800Sad Replacement For OriginalsIt's true - the old Jelly Belly version of this product was superb; the new version (by the Frankford Candy Company) is pretty bad. In the old Jelly Belly version, the flavors were picked from the books/films, and the flavors were shocking but somehow still delicious. Apparently the Frankford company took over the license, and the new beans are terrible. The flavors don't match anything from the books, and even the ones that are supposed to taste good are waxy and gross. This is a real shame. I don't think I'll be buying the Bertie Botts Beans anymore. Jelly Belly has come up with "Bean Boozled" which is a similar-themed product, and although the flavors are up to the Jelly Belly standards, it's missing the old Harry Potter themed flavors, and of course the HP packaging etc. We're out of luck on this one!
211034211034B002MUYM3CA110Q7P00C6WM7B. Einhorn0031296518400Over priced, and there are not enough of the "nasty" jelly beansI don't want to pay a huge mark up for jelly beans, only to have 1/3 of them be normal good tasting ones. If I am going to pay a high price I want all "nasty" tasting jelly beans.
Some of the flavors are pretty gross (i.e. GOOD to watch OTHERS eat) like vomit and sardine and sausage. But other flavors are nothing special. (no more baby diaper?)
211035211035B002MUYM3CA36MP37DITBU6FEnchanted In Dixie "Enchanted"1251293408000AWESOME! My sons and I had a great time trying the new different flavors in the different color bags.JELLY BELLY ORIGINALS DISCONTINUED- . Bertie Botts, named for their creator, Bertie Bott, were an experiment gone awry! While trying to formulate a tasty sweet, Bertie accidentally included a pair of dirty socks in his experiment! The mishap resulted in disgusting flavors such as: Black Pepper, Sardine, Booger, Ear Wax, Dirt and of course, Vomit! Beware! These freaky flavors are shockingly realistic and are mixed among some of the more traditional Jelly Belly flavors like Bubble Gum, Blueberry, Buttered Popcorn, Cotton Candy and more.

Product Description Authentic Harry Potter Candy Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans--This officially licensed Harry Potter Candy, manufactured by the Jelly Belly Candy Company, comes with printed collectible cloth bag and contains a generous portion of the most famous sweet in the Harry Potter realm of wizardry!

Bertie Botts are basically Muggle jelly beans -- with very unexpected flavors! As Ron Weasley pointed out, 'When they say every flavor, they mean every flavor.'



**WARNING some are great and others are just nasty , but of course if you are up for a challenge go ahead and eat at your own risk.

Bags are randomly assorted and may not have every flavor. Had to them in big lot, so selling off the extras here on Amazon. check out my other listings for other color bags.
211036211036B002MUYM3CA2RYEA24WDCF3QMarilyn Einspanier4741265846400jelly beans - what's not to like?They were expensive but a fun present.
My son liked it - thought it was fun.
211037211037B0058HAQKYA13S52ARME92E7Deana G.192151316304000Eureka!We've always wondered why the Kettle Corn we got at fairs and festivals tasted so much better than what we tried to do at home. We finally learned that Mushroom popcorn makes for a much fluffier, fuller and superior bag of Kettle Corn! Determined to surprise my fiance for the holidays, I started a quest for Mushroom popcorn kernals and finally found JustPoppin. Eureka! I quickly ordered 2 lbs, along with the Stainless Steel Induction Stovetop Popcorn Popper and we've been poppin' up a storm ever since! It took some practice (watch their videos) -- but we quickly mastered homemade Kettle Corn and now laugh every time we pass the grocery store brands. There's simply no comparison. JustPoppin's customer service and support is terrific, too. We've been ordering from them for over a year now and enjoy trying all their new varieties, flavorings and popping techniques!
211038211038B0058HAQKYA2CD9THYJH1JSGJ. Demmi101041327190400Great Stuff!!This stuff is great, I was able to make all sorts of flavored popcorn over the holidays (The mushroom shape works best for flavored popcorn).

I do recommend using coconut oil for the popping, it gives it that taste we all love.

I appreciated that the product came in a reseal-able bag.

I also shopped around on the internet for this product and was glad Amazon had a partner who sells it. I was much more comfortable that I was going to get a high quality and FRESH product. And I did.
211039211039B0058HAQKYA2TFWGZUNB4JOKmari_ferth7751324944000Fluffy PopcornFinally I am able to make the same, if not better, popcorn than the one I religiously buy at the Farmer's Market every Saturday.
The kernels arrived in a resealable bag, which is very convenient. The popcorn is fluffy and delicious; not to mention the fact that I was very successful on popping the kernels using a hot air popper machine and a stove top popper.
I am VERY happy with my purchase!!
211040211040B0058HAQKYA25HLLKNFHGJMM. poulin4431338249600Yup, Lots of Hulls!Pops big, tastes great, but the hulls are huge! (Expensive) I Feel like a dog with peanut butter on my tongue trying to get rid of the hulls that suction cupped to the back of my tongue. Wanted to try mushroom popcorn, because it looks so tasty, but will stick with standard popcorn from now on.
211041211041B0058HAQKYA1J78FRXYMZTCEPam B.2211344643200Major disappointment!This product was extremely disappointing! No way did it look anything like the picture and it was full of hulls. The last time I was at a Farmers Market and purchased kettle corn, I asked them what kind of popcorn they used to get such big kernels. I was told mushroom popcorn, so I was so excited to find this product at Amazon. I followed the directions for popping and the kernels were no different from the corn I buy at the supermarket at a fraction of the cost!
211042211042B0058HAQKYA3PPJ27JV6264NThomas H.2251340755200I had to say something about it...A friend of mine gave me a small bag of this quality corn for my birthday and it is AMAZING! He knew I am a avid fan of popcorn and am always searching for something new. He did mention the hulls and said "So long as you chew it and NOT try to inhale it, it would be good" and good it was. I only stove top so it was great to see the corn pop up so big, just a handful and it filled up a 24qt bowl (Cause you can't eat good popcorn in a small bowl). Lightly seasoned to taste with salted butter and seasoning salt, Perfect! So I only wrote cause of the knuckleheads that bad mouthed something that I thoroughly enjoyed. Buy a small sample and see for yourself and don't let others keep you from the good stuff...
211043211043B0058HAQKYACEJZ81KR3I6JJoanne Boston "Philly1"1151339200000Mushroom PopcornI am a popcorn lover and this popcorn was amazing. It pops up great, really tasty, and quite a conversation piece.
211044211044B0058HAQKYA11PHXXRWDSQV2A. Daniele "AD"1141338595200Best I've found yetThe kernels pop up HUGE. They are really "meaty" The only drawback is the prominent hulls. (notice the picture has the popcorn carefully turned to conceal this.).
211045211045B0058HAQKYAJ8QD0BD5P478AnneB1151338249600Awesome popcorn!Bought this popcorn because it looked good. It is sooooo good. When you put it in your mouth you feel like your mouth is full. It is a pleasure to chew and a little of this popcorn is better than a whole bowl of regular popcorn. My family is sold on mushroom popcorn.
211046211046B0058HAQKYA14EFS1DUQJY7Sjedi_don "Don"1151330128000Just as described as long as you follow the instructions.I bought a 3lb bag and had it sent to my parents. They raved that it came out great so I bought a 5lb bag myself. I have tried it once so far. I popped 1/4 cup with 1 1/2 tbs of butter flavored canola oil in the 6 qt Lindy's popper. I followed the instructions that states that you should only toss in a few kernels at the beginning while the oil heats up. When those three pop, dump in the rest since the oil will be at optimum temperature. I did so and started to crank away. All the kernels popped in about 10 seconds since it was a small batch. Came out fine, but a little chewier than expected because since the kernels were fuller than regular butterfly popcorn. It did get a little crispier when more steam was allowed to escape. Flavor was fine with a light bit of popcorn salt.
211047211047B0058HAQKYA1XFGRH88VLHYTpopcorn addict2331326499200not for eating 'as-is'As claimed in ads this corn is for added flavoring such as caramel. If purchased for popping and eating 'as-is' you'll discover wonderfully huge corn puffs with NO TASTE. The ads are correct, buy to flavor or not I'm not intentionally criticizing this corn, the mistake I made was assuming it would taste as great as it looks, without caramel.
211048211048B0058HAQKYA1DR42QQHVSK3SSam Provald "SP"0051348272000Best popcorn I've made so farIt really does make "mushroom" popcorn. It's more expensive than regular popcorn but It's well-worth a try, whether you are an aficionado or not. I tried it with the Barleans organic coconut oil and it was delicious! It comes with instruction too, which is nice.
211049211049B0058HAQKYA3HKCFUS9TYB1FMovie lover from HB0051345939200EXCELLENT LARGE, FULL POPCORN!I was so pleased with the texture, flavor, and large, mushroom size of the popped corn. Even better, the small amount of oil and popcorn salt I normally use adhered to this popcorn much better than to normal popcorn... gives me better flavor with lower calories and fat.
211050211050B0058HAQKYA3TY2XK2V7XLDHJohn E. Cornell0051343692800THE necessary ingredient for home made kettle cornSome things are just harder to make at home. My mom, who was a marvelous cook, never could get home-made pickles right. If you want to make kettle corn (you know, like the stuff you buy at the county fair) you really, really need this as an ingredient. I'm still not 100% of the way to making awesome kettle corn at home (it's merely very good) but I'd be nowhere without this mushroom popcorn.

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