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211081211081B001ESHO56A2HVY2VBR5IY6OYvy0051308787200Delicious!These almonds are the best I have tasted. I have bought others where the shell is so thick you can barely taste the almond, but these have the perfect balance. Would highly recommend and will definitely buy again.
211082211082B001ESHO56A2NP9YBLRR6FLEPhyllis Jenkins0051281916800Good value and fast delivery!I ordered these for a wedding. They are beautiful large almonds and the order arrived quickly.
211083211083B0033UMNT0A1RAWMCENQPQINPaul0051350000000Tasty and healthyA bag actually contains about 400 calories, but you're not at all hungry by the time you've munched through a whole bag. They're dry, so make sure you have water handy.

Anyway, these are really good, and I feel good after eating them. There's something about the balance of fiber, protein, and a bit of sweetness.
211084211084B0033UMNT0AFXJMRV438LETDavid Matis "surf kid"0051328400000low carb treatsTasty, crunchy and low carb...these are not your usual sweet treats that spike your insulin and keep the fat on . Whenever I need to lose a few holiday pounds I trot these babies out and munch away...really , they are pretty good and I don't feel like I'm eating junk!
211085211085B000WOL3QEA12IK0O7SKYBDHorseman1151308009600excellent quality light but full of flavor -good companyFirst I have to say I ordered and tried 5 flavors of the syrups from this company. I was so sick of maple ALL the time. So, as a general statement each flavor was very good, they were light but full of flavor. And though every person has different tastes and will like them in different degrees I found the following to be my tastes:

Peach: even though i would not have thought peach would be my fav of the lot it was. it had amazing flavor and was not too super sweet. plus it went awesome w a bit of butter.

strawberry: was really really good flavor nothing artificial about it just lightly sweet with great strawberry flavor.

marionberry: had great bolder flavor, sweeter than the rest and thicker, closer to traditional pancake syrups but good flavor.

red raspberry: i was expecting this to be my favorite and it was really tasty, even if peach did steal the show. however this was good and also light, though it had just a hint of an after taste.

cherry; of all i tried this one had the lightest flavor, it was also more liquid like and less syrupy. it was light and delicious I liked it alot but for pancakes it seemed to soak right in and disapear a bit. i imagine for crepes or something this would be outstanding.

the company shipped super amazingly fast in a strong sturdy box. each syrup was packed in strong material individually. I recommend them and plan on trying more of their products.

PS- i also tried using these flavors with each other or with maple in double whammy of flavor on pancakes- peach and strawberry was really good, also marionberry and maple...
211086211086B000FDDJ9GA1OGVIOIDU4QZJanonymous1111306972800Not Recommended--stale.I thought I'd try this product, as my Mom loves crackers and things like the Wasa crispbreads. These were disappointing to both my Mom and myself.

They tasted stale, even though the expiration date was almost a year away. The flavor was somewhat improved by toasting them.

They are edible enough, and I won't return them to amazon because I wouldn't want to cause them unnecessary expense, but I won't order them again.

Note, the packaging is different from the photograph.

Since I'm stuck with 11 boxes, I plan to take them to class, where hungry classmates will gradually eat them up.

Just fyi, they are not vegan, for people that need that. I've copied the ingredients list as printed on the box.

"Ingredients: Spelt wheat flour, water, malt, expeller pressed soy bean oil, salt, egg whites, yeast.
Toppings: sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic, caraway seeds, dehydrated onion flakes."

"Manufactured for: Good Groceries Company, Brooklyn NY, 11231"

They were mailed to amazon in Hazleton, PA from "Adam Gershuny, Good Groceries Company, 44 Heller Park Lane, Somerset NJ, 08873-1206"

I appreciate amazon giving us the opportunity to try different products, but will try to do better next time in choosing which snacks to order.
211087211087B000FDDJ9GA3VFLOI4QE2WRZA. Auvray0041217116800Suzie's Spelt BreadsticksMy husband and I have been eating the Blood Type Diet way for over a year now and we don't eat white flour or gluten anymore and I really missed my pretzels. So when I saw this product I thought I would give it a try and was pleasantly surprised with the taste. They are a little dry, of course, but the overall texture and taste was very satisfying. Now I don't feel so deprived anymore.
211088211088B000JJYPYEA2HGKHIX2NMVCPElric the Lesser4441306195200great fertilizer spike, but needs a little care to get spikes in groundI've used these spikes for several years now on several dwarf apple trees. It's hard to tell how well they really work in contributing to the size and amount of apples, but I can say the trees that I used the spikes on have all produced really well. I'd recommend using them.

The one caveat is that the spikes are somewhat brittle, and can split apart before you can really get them in the ground. It all depends on your hammering technique as well as how tough the ground is. Just take some care and some patience, and you'll succeed in getting most if not all of the spike into the earth.
211089211089B000JJYPYEA2S78HC3GA9W8MScott3351311811200ConvenientThis product is convenient and cost effective. Why make a special trip out to your home and garden store when you can sit and home and have it delivered to your doorstep? Miracle-Gro helps your fruit and citrus trees stay healthy. My orange and lemon trees look a lot better after using this product!
211090211090B000JJYPYEA5UHCA3DGL2KGM. Weber "just my opinion"3351309392000My fig tree has never had so manyWill continue to use this product, year after year after year. Have 2 fig trees. 1 is 13 yrs old the 2nd is 3 yrs. The 3 yr old has had more figs than the 13 yr until this year after using this product last fall. FABULOUS product.
211091211091B000JJYPYEA334MS4YGSNDZMKimLong AZ2251335744000Miracle-Gro 1002851 Fruit and Citrus Tree Fertilizer Spikes, 12-PackMy lemon, orange , plum ,guava,Pomelo Trees were more perfect than after I purchased these productions
I will purchase these Items on next year !!!!
211092211092B000JJYPYEA1HKEY7A7TAOTWPistol Pete1151299024000Lazy man's job made easyGood price. Pretty simple to apply. I took a long screwdriver and hammered that down into the soil then rotated. Took out a spike capped it and hammered in down about 2" below the surface. Now waiting to see better growth this spring and summer.
211093211093B000JJYPYEA32OTJN1YZB6ZCR. Griffin "Jaimee"3531289260800Brittle.I like this product, but the spikes arrived very brittle. It was hard to put them in the ground (moist soil) because they were cracked and kept breaking in half. Amazon price is still way cheaper than Home Depot and Lowes on this product, especially with the free shipping.
211094211094B000JJYPYEA3IEC0LV9ZPK2ZCute Chick0131339372800Strange OccuranceLike a day or so after i inserted the sticks, some animal dug them up and i guess ate them? anyway, they disappeared. did this happen to anybody else?
211095211095B000JJYPYEA3IIOLR3N5DPBZClinton Pannozo "falome"0351301616000Fingers crossedInstallation was easy. I am waiting to see how well they work on our fruit trees. I have high hopes.
211096211096B000JJYPYEA26PR1JIRTBI71J. dinnen "punky"41451237852800you want your fruit tree to produce for youget these fruit spikes shove them in the ground around not to close are the fertilizer will burn the tree, 2-3 ft around the tree i use 3 spikes on each tree i step on them water than watch the blooms just be patient And water

211097211097B000JJYPYEA20G9SAJS6M9LT. Groh0831287705600Won't know til the srping...Used fertilizer spike in the fall to feed for spring - soil really crappy in the new house we bought, so trees a little scraggly - giving this a try...
211098211098B001D3LUR0A3MHWZ1PH1QWLDD. Hansen "R. D. Shaman"2251285718400Oh, Hubba my bubba...The original, the best. Best taste and most awesome bubbles in all the land, from sea to shining sea. And, the best part, they love it when you say real fast to your kids or grandkids, "Hey, guys, howzabout some hubba-bubba-bubba-gum?" This stuff is pure patriotism.
211099211099B001D3LUR0AS5MOYDQXWSO1E. MCANDLER2351254441600Halloween CandyThere will be lotsa parents with their little darlings at the orthodontist in November 1st in my neighborhood. heh heh heh!
211100211100B0032JUCTAA36KFBQX4KS7TQM.M.S.1151337990400Fabulous flavorful teaThis is my favorite caffine-free tea. It is the perfect blend. Especially nice when I have a cold or sore throat. Seems healing.
211101211101B0032JUCTAA119DZC9OOXNHSRetiredEducator1151326240000Delightful flavorNot sweet, but not bitter...just right... with an interesting fruit overtone. This is a good warm drink for those of us who want to limit sugar and/or caffine in the evening. I was happy with the number of teabags in the purchase.
211102211102B0032JUCTAAD70N28ZH651DCliff0051348012800rosehips teaI've been drinking this tea for 1 year now. I have leg pain whenever it's about to rain. Since I've started drinking this tea, I feel very little, if any, pain in my leg. It also taste great.
211103211103B001FA1SI2A281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"2251341446400Possibly the Best Granola on the PlanetThe crunchy oats and tart cherries in this granola will steal your heart. The addition of vanilla also makes this cereal more unique. I like that this is organic - even the vanilla is organic. You will also like the fact that you are eating 34g of whole grains per serving. What can I say? I love this granola. It is possibly the best granola on the planet.

~The Rebecca Review
211104211104B001FA1SI2A27ELLZ197R08AIFALLSMICHELLE2251241222400Delicious - will order again!!I love this granola, sweet and lots of cherries! More fruit than in most other granola. I love all the cherries!! This is my favorite granola cereal that I have tried. Highly recommend and will purchase again!
211105211105B001FA1SI2ASK0YGCMDR1ZZWrestling Coach--Retired1151308873600Favorite GranolaAfter all the stores where I had purchased Back to Nature Organic Cherry Vanilla Granola ceased carrying it I did an internet search. I was extremely pleased to discover that it is still being produced and available from I can now continue my favorite morning combo of this granola with fruit and yogurt. I'm smiling just writing about it. I sincerely hope continues to have it available.
211106211106B001FA1SI2A3N3Y3K1IAFUQNnmsunny1151301616000The Best !If you like Granola and cherries, buy this product. Honestly, this is the very best I have ever eaten. I hope it is always available.
211107211107B001FA1SI2ACG15L7ENUVNLgaby d1151287014400a delightful startI never cared for granola cereals before, but this cherry vanilla stole my heart. I eat it every day!!!, it's the perfect combination of sweetness, tartness and crunchiness with a delightful vanilla after taste. Is delicious and health!. I like it so much that I have a case shipped to my home every month... my husband thinks I'm crazy!
211109211109B001FA1SI2A1PSXHBBWMKK1CD. Rich "Excited by the written word"1151273363200Absolutely delicious!I've been eating this with Greek yogurt, honey and blueberries. The vanilla and cherry are paired well together.
211110211110B001FA1SI2A1O9IUCEYC1K0SLisa1141267833600Good PriceWe enjoy ordering this product from Amazon because the price is so much better then purchasing individual bags at our local stores. The taste is great as well. We enjoy nearly all of the Back to Nature products.

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