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211111211111B001FA1SI2A30DSEXHZKSTSBLisa M. Bankowski1151255478400Best Ever!Back to Nature is the ONLY brand of granola I will eat. Consistently fresh, and delicious! No longer available at local stores, I am so happy to be able to get it from Amazon.
211112211112B001FA1SI2AQS1E4CE93Q3TCathy S "Cathy"1151250467200This organic Cherry Vanilla Granola Tastes GreatI 1st found this Granola in my health food store, then they stopped carrying it, thankfully I found it on Amazon as it is really a great tasting granloa that is organic and the plentiful bite of cherry, A sour cherry, makes this not just a great cereal but a good snack. The cost by buying it in packs of 6 saves a lot of money and also means one less thing I have to go to the store to get. The six pack tastes so good it goes fast. I would highly recommend this is hard to find good organic Granola that is reasonably priced, not sticky and each pack has stayed fresh. A good buy!
211113211113B001FA1SI2A1K7OUOZGT6EG3Zak Rudy "muzak"1151242691200BalancedThis granola is great, it's sooo hard to find a granola that isn't toooo sweeeet or too bland. I think that really sums it up as surely you can relate. If by chance you don't like dried cherries it's not for you. Personally I got this after the Back to nature apple granola which pales in comparison for overpowered taste of completely dominant odorous fruit (yuk!). This granola has 2g less sugar than the apple which is just right IMO.

What I love is that the cherries have a sweet and sour taste, similar to a good raisin but lighter. 10g protein per cup is awesome and truly makes a complete breakfast. All the ingredients are really well balanced with the puffed rice and oats, no soy. Now hopefully amazon will keep this one around...
211114211114B001FA1SI2A39RRBI1MH7LGFDC0051312070400Organic Cherry-Vanilla BTNSuch a deliciously great, nutritional product! Not sure why product is not available at grocery stores any longer. Made numerous calls to mfg to determine reasoning but never received a valid answer. Just thankful for availablility through amazon! Signed up for the frequent purchase incentive but cannot seem to find out how to simply shorten the timeframe at the original price I locked into. Does anyone know how to do this at the orginally locked in price. I/ve noticed the price, otherwise, has gone up two dollars if I start from square one again. dc
211115211115B001FA1SI2AU7H1XNGAOWRLTema L. Steele0051311897600Delicious granolaI bought this at a health food store and loved the taste. I am delighted at the lower price and auto availability of this product. This is the best granola I have ever tasted and it is so good with my yogurt and fruit for breakfast.
211116211116B001FA1SI2AUVJBPCFK2GGCBAM "BAM"0031228089600Mixed reviewsI personally did not like this granola...the cherry taste is way too intense and overpowering. That said, my husband and daughter loved this granola so the 3 star review reflects that. I guess i like a mellower tasting. less fruity granola but if you like one that screams of fruit you may like this also.
211117211117B000GB0TVIA3UFG0MCVEISASStar*801151292976000Delicious and RefreshingThis tea is delicious and a great price. No bitterness, very smooth flavor. I am very pleased as are my co-workers who also enjoy tea. I will definatly be back for more.
211118211118B000GB0TVIAOTE9EH96DOB0B. Smith "The giant on whoms shoulders your c...1151238889600delicious!This isn't the best mate Ive ever had, but for the price, you can't beat it. Buy this product.
211119211119B001HTJFGIA1PZ4GELAPVKMNDebbi7751265155200Vegan Faux Chicken BrothI have several recipes that call for chicken broth. I have been eating a "No cholesterol" diet. This broth is every bit as tasty as chicken broth. I have recipes that I have successfully converted into vegan, thanks to this amazing, delicious product. Plus I have been using Gardein products that look like meat, but again is vegan. Combined, I can cook and eat all of my old favorite recipes.
211120211120B001HTJFGIA1E526IHGETA07Guy Incognito4451328227200Better Than Chicken StockFirst, a caveat: I am a vegetarian. Not a hippie, granola eating vegetarian (I am a decorated officer who served in an Infantry role in the Iraq War) but a vegetarian nonetheless.

But, like anyone, I occasionally want a good soup. To best test the Better Than Bouillon Vegan Base (No Chicken), the solution was to try to make a chicken noodle soup. I consider myself a pretty good cook so my challenge was to make a chicken noodle soup that would outshine my Jewish friend's mother's chicken noodle soup (blasphemy I know).

Well, after finding the right vegan chicken (not as gross as it sounds), noodles, etc., I tinkered with the recipe and thought it came out pretty well. In fact, I probably make it every few weeks now. In the real test, I gave some of it to my friend.

Now my friend is a nice guy, so even if he hated it he would probably tell me he loved it. Sure enough, he loved it. In fact, he loved it so much he shared it with his mother. Their family has been trying to eat healthy so she asked for the recipe and the rest is history.

I use this base for all my soups now, but you don't have to stop at soups. Anything that tastes better with some chicken stock (and let's face it that is a lot) tastes great with this too. I also buy the vegan no beef base on a regular basis too. They cost about the same as other Better than Bouillon stocks but without the meat products. I am a big fan.
211121211121B001HTJFGIA1MG1SLT1VQMBIK. Jordan3351312761600Favorite veggie brothThis is my absolute favorite vegetable broth. I find it is much more suitable in dishes that would traditionally use chicken broth. (I know that's kind of a Captain Obvious thing to say about something called "No Chicken" but there you go.) It has a light flavor that blends with a variety of dishes.

I don't know how to describe it, I find most standard veggie broths to be too.... "orange." I don't know if there is too much carrot in the mix or what, but this is my preferred broth for just about everything.

I just wish I could get it locally.
211122211122B001HTJFGIA2KVZXGX6CD02Wtom sawyer "000000"3411335657600good but way overpriced, make your own for way less.just what the title says. the jars are sooo small 8oz, i used one jar up for 2 batches of soup. 5 quart pot at a time. way too expensive for so little in each jar. i went online and found that you can easily make your own for a fraction of the price. just puree all kinds of veggies in food processor and add alot of salt, some pepper, ext. let sit in fridge and thats your bullion. add little bit to flavor soups, sauces, ext. preserve some in freezer and use the rest.
easy and way, way cheaper then these jars, plus homemade is fresh.
211123211123B001HTJFGIA2M04QJ777PXA4C. Sylvester00113383360001 star for packaging, 5 stars for taste!I love this product...BUT, all of the 5 out of 6 bottles ordered oozed out onto my cupboard shelf AFTER they arrived. I got a refund for the no-beef that arrived all oozed out, but the no-chicken seals looked good. I went to use a new one and they ALL oozed out! I threw them all in the garbage! The product actually pushed the jar lid up. It's a shame because the product is fantastic. What's wrong with the packaging?
211124211124B001HTJFGIAEFDQ7PXDIVIUK. Milani0031337644800Tastes great, but the jars ooze.I was initially pleased to find a nice price on this soup base on Amazon having previously purchased it at my grocery store, however the box arrived with soup base ooze in its box and all over the glass jars. None of the jars were broken. It made me concerned that the product was not properly sealed, or did not tolerate air travel very well. Either way... not good.

I wish I could split the review and give two stars for shipping and five for the soup base itself because it really is an excellent product and adds terrific flavor to many soups. I'm not a vegetarian by any means, but this has such a nice flavor that I love adding it to many dishes. Unfortunately, with the shipping "goo" I won't order it again.
211125211125B001HTJFGIA2GADCBIOOEMULP. Norton0051326844800Great way to get fast "stock" for veg dishesThis has been one of the best deals in the vegetarian food world. We use it at home to make a base for friend chinese dumplings, for making soup, for making spanish rice, and I don't even know what else. I keep one in the fridge at work so I can have a cup of soup during the day instead of constantly sucking down coffee. When there are extra veggies left over from the healthy snack in the office pantry I can put in extra broccoli, carrot sticks, and cauliflour into a bowl with water and a bit of this for 2.5 minutes and have delicious soup.

It's not as salty as most of the other "better than boullion" choices, so it can be a background flavor for dishes like stuffing, or it can be made stronger to help make a roux or to blend beans to make refried beans.

211126211126B001OI196QA3BDEYJRLOLWUTKaren Bordonaro0051344211200Love EmThe Shelties and the Collies sit quietly and when they see the bag they go crazy....they just love these Innova Treats.
211127211127B001OI196QA3III07Y9VJI8Qleslie0051324944000great large treat!My dog loves these because they are food. I love them because they have no beef, which my dog is allergic to. Best of all, these fit well into kongs. Many dog treats seem to have shrunk in the last year, which defeats the purpose of the kong. These are a winner, and all natural.
211128211128B0029JDVFQA15ORY6EFA9NIXGadget Freek3311256601600Emerald Forest Ricochet Mints, Mixed CaseEmerald Forest Ricochet Mints, Mixed Case, 100-Count Tins (Pack of 6)

I purchased the Emerald Forest Ricochet Mints, Mixed Case, 100-Count Tins (Pack of 6) from Amazon because of the natural Xylitol sugar that is suppose to help protect your teeth from plaque and cavities. Xylitol is suppose to coat the teeth to prevent plaque from forming on the teeth. These mints dissolve in your mouth within 5 seconds, very little flavor, and you will NOT feel that you just had any mints. I don't recommend these at all. Too expensive, and some of the flavors don't taste good.
211129211129B0029JDVFQAFYMTY0D2IICXChucho "dino"2241294790400Great taste, magical disappearing act.I have ordered both the Wintergreen and Peppermint versions and for me, the flavors are excellent.
However, they perform a disappearing act--the mints dissolve so quickly that, as other reviewers have mentioned, makes them less gratifying and, consequently expensive.
I like them so much though, that, in spite of their short duration/gratification, I rate them 4, but be forewarned that they are expensive as a result.
211130211130B0029JDVFQA25UX6U640N2OKChristopher Altermatt2231291852800Very small and quick dissolvingThese Emerald Forest Xylitol Wintermints may meet your needs or may not. I tried them out because I was looking for a xylitol mint (for the dental/gum health benefits) that had xylitol as its primary ingredient. These fit the bill. They are moderately sweet but very mild on the mint side. The drawbacks for me are that they are very small and dissolve very quickly. I usually pop at least two at once because they are small, and they dissolve in the matter of a minute. If you are looking for a strong flavored mint that lasts more than a minute, these are not what you are looking for.
211131211131B0029JDVFQA2PBYE78BDY029Shannon Morgan "health conscious mom"2251250121600Yummy!My whole family loves these mints. I use them as treats for when the kids clean up their toys and do other special things. In the variety pack there were chocolate, lemon/lime, fruit punch, peppermint, wintermint, and licorice. We like them all.
211132211132B0029JDVFQAU1WTMU1X9WYQStephen1151346889600Very satisfyingI've purchased Spry mints for a couple of years, but decided to branch out and try something new. I love the wintergreen Lifesavers, and these mints taste just like them without all the sugar. They are soft mints, but that just means I can chew them up without breaking a tooth! If you want a mint to suck for a long time, this may not be a good option. The only problem I have with these is that I want to eat too many--they are that good! These mints also take care of funny mouth tastes effectively, and promote a healthy level of saliva flow.
211133211133B0029JDVFQA1U4V9XI3B7H4JPatty0051350950400FreshOur family really enjoys Ricochet mints. We have purchased a variety of Ricochet Mints and Raspberry, Cherry, Wintermint, and Peppermint are our favorites. They are healthy too with no artificial color, flavors, or sugars. They're even supposed to have positive oral health benefits since they are sweetened with Xylitol.
211134211134B0029JDVFQA3K3L9NZUK3XC9Stephen0031349740800so so not strong enough don't lastThe mints taste good but you have to eat 12 of them to freshen your breath for a couple of minutes. They simply are too small too weak and dissolve with in seconds of being in your mouth no comparison to 3 hour strong mints with menthol that are sold out everywhere.
211135211135B0029JDVFQA2ZYGT9B16882RWilliam E. O'Dell "The Traveler"0051322870400Sugarless breath mintsI tried this product because my favorite ones were not available. Have been using Richochet Mints for years since a good friend recommended them and gave me a box to try.

They are small and powerful breath mints that do not leave a strong aftertaste.

We can highly recommend this product with the particular favor that your taste buds like.
211136211136B000WK3F9QA3600NVRT1R5XSV. Fischer0051331596800excellentGreat tasting, sweet and mild. Love it!! I would buy this again. It was a compliment to my salads and meats.
211137211137B000WK3F9QA2G7KUYDHPEBG3M. Pelland " Writer"0251348099200Deep, full tasteI just received my first bottle of this olive oil after searching long and hard for good, robust oil. I've traveled the world and have had the best olive oils in France, Italy, and Greece. This compares favorably. The taste is deep and mellow, not wimpy. I dont understand the concept of "light" olive oil. If one doesnt like the taste of olives, why use the oil? This is so good, I want to tear up a hearty loaf of bread and soak the pieces, then devour them. I wont, but I want to :)
211138211138B000WK3F9QA3H6GHT38BY4YTB. Friesen2741317772800Bariani Balsamic Vinegar - Superb - But Worth it?I have never purchased vinegar for cooking.... it was my first experience and using a Vegan recipe from my stash of cookbooks I tried this and ooooooh was it ever tasty. Balsamic vinegar is, from what I hear now, some of the best vinegar there is. However, as far as buying the Bariani Brand again, hmmmm I'm not sure I will. The reason is due to my experience with their Olive oil and the lack of response from the Manufacture.

Bariani EVOO - Generally I buy olive oil in large 2 liter containers because we use in for cooking, baking and just about anything that asks for lard or butter. We feel using olive oil is a far healthier and tastier souce of oil to use than the latter. However, when I started researching more and hearing stories of outdated olive oil and needing to have it in a dark container I became worried about where I get my olive Oil... Generally at Sams Club or Costco.... So I opted to spend a few extra bucks more to get it in a dark bottle and hopefully current year stock. I purchased this lovely Bariani EVOO and it looked and smelled great, but honestly it didn't taste any different than the EVOO that I get elsewhere and the date on the bottle was confusing.... harvested in 2010 and bottled in 2011? Since I just purchased it September 2011 I was trying to figure out why. So, I contacted the company that produces this oil hoping to get some clarification on the details (since olive oil does not improve with age) and never heard back from them. So now I won't bother spending the extra money on that product. I did buy their Bariani Balsamic Vinegar 16.9 oz. and that is superb, but again sine I never heard from the company, why should I buy from them again? Disappointed!
211139211139B000X67P2CA3G0H0GKJ0722IC. Smith101311277164800Did not like...I had heard so many good things about using this in place of wheat (white) pasta. For me, it did not do it. Now, I did not cook it as I eat raw foods. I soaked it overnight and rinsed it well, but it did not have the same texture as al dente pasta. I tried to warm it a bit in my dehydrator which made it harden very quickly. This means I would always have to eat it cold if I did not cook it. I did not like it.

As far as the fishiness, though, that some may be concerned about. I did not find it fishy at all and I am not a huge fan of sea veggies. It was very mild. I think it is worth "trying" if you are a raw vegan/vegetarian because you may like it. I just wish I did.
211140211140B000X67P2CA32UKQ1KS9ULMFbooklook4511305072000Would not purchase againThis "pasta" was really gross. I prepared it using the package instructions soaking for 24 hours and then draining and it was really tough and had no flavor. I was expecting a fishy taste but that is not there at all. I purchased it to try a recipe that I got from a raw food online site and the whole experience was a disaster. In my opinion, you would have to prepare this spaghetti with a really flavorfull sauce so that it can mask the texture and lack of flavor of the product and just use the pasta as a filler to help keep you full. From now on I will stay away from all recipes suggesting sea spaghetti.

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