Amazon Fine Food Reviews

211201211201B000WFU8O6A1R23D4PAYSLFHMartha Powers "Martha Powers"0051294531200Grain-free Wellness is the key to good healthOur 3 cats will all eat this flavor of Wellness (a miracle in itself!) and I insist on them having it because we have a 12-year-old diabetic cat who should not have the cheap carbohydrates that are in cheap foods.
211202211202B000WFU8O6A34UV2FFXJPS3TSusan Ackoff0051294185600My Cats love itWellness wet cat food is terrific.
My three cats gobble it up.
Healthy too.
My diabetic cat went didn't need insulin anymore after I switched from dry food to this wet food.
And she went from highly overweight to just fine.
211203211203B000WFU8O6A32P4GUDL2CHQNJennifer Kerr "me"0051292803200Best Cat food EVER!!!This stuff is great. The cats love it ( all flavors actually), and since eating it their coats are softer, shinier, with less dandruff.
211204211204B000WFU8O6AT2FBXINMZ7EHS. Peterson0051292803200Wellness Rocks...!!!I am a huge fan of Wellness, as well as a few other holistic brands of animal food. I am new to this product, as we have just been adopted by a brother and sister pair. This is even better than the adult formula we were giving them in the mean time, because this satiates them by giving them more of what they need, so I actually have to feed them less.

To those poo-pooing the fruits, veggies, seeds etc., the protein and fat content are the highest you can find outside of making it yourself, and you would still find yourself having to add these items. Even though cats are true carnivores and most wouldn't eat these other things by themselves in the wild, the fact is is that they DO eat non-meat items, when they eat their prey. They don't just eat muscle, they also eat the contents of the intestines, stomach, crops, and gizzards, and many try to get in the skull for the fats and lipids (because most wild prey will be very lean this is often the only place to get them). The trick is getting everything in the right proportions, and using actual, nutritious food.

The price, yes, it is more. But, my family has had many, many, animals over the last 25 years, and we have seen the difference that a GOOD diet makes. And in the long run, it can help save an awful lot in vet bills.
211205211205B000WFU8O6A2FGXWWR8ZU59CThomas Lawrence0041292198400Cats love the food, but no pull-tab top, and dented cans.I appreciate being able to buy this larger, more economical size from Amazon. However, I didn't examine the picture closely enough, because I was surprised to see that the cans were not pull-tab and I had to dig out a can opener. Inconvenient, especially since I feed my cats in the laundry room in the basement, not in our tiny kitchen. Five or six of the cans were dented (I ordered a total of 24), a couple pretty severely. I'm not sure what the box went through with the shippers, but even the cans need better padding!
211206211206B000WFU8O6AL1XV4L25FZ2SGameMaker0051291248000Healthy, and kittens dig itI recently took home two bengal kittens, and wanted to do everything "right", learning from past mistakes, and one of the mistakes I had made in the past was not researching cat nutrition enough. So this time I did. There are quite a few top quality foods out there that aren't full of grain and "meat-meal", but I chose wellness because it is a bit more affordable, and is popular enough to be available at local pet stores as well as online.

Now the big the kittens accept it? Well, mine sure did. I was a bit worried because they had been eating mostly Royal Canin dry food at the breeders house, but they took to it immediately and now are very passionate about dinner time. Excellent! I couldn't be happier. Expensive? Yes, unfortunately it is, but it is actually cheaper than Royal Canin and several of the others and in the case of Royal Canin, it has *much* better ingredients! Do the research yourself and see, don't take my word for it!
211207211207B000WFU8O6AMY5FH3WYKZQTLika Laruku "likalaruku"0041289952000It's pricey, but our picky cats like it.Our kittens will eat anything, even styrofoam & rubber bands if they can find it. but our older cats are very picky & spoiled. It used to be that we could only get them to eat Fancy Feast, then after they tried Fancy Feast Medlies, they wouldn't eat the regular Fancy Feast anymore. Now the only thing they'll eat is Natural Balance & Wellness, which are even more expencive, though they're not at all picky about cereal or treats. So we're spending about $80 a month on wet cat food, $100 if you include cereal & litter, & this is with a Petco discount.

I'm not really pleased with the inclusion of vegetables though; our vet told us that cats cannot digest plant matter & that it only serves to make them poop more. Alos either Natural Balance or Wellness is giving our kittens random boughts of diarrhea.
211208211208B000WFU8O6A3JHC8O59WDHFZSilea0041289865600I like that it's grain-free, but it's awfully expensiveI know that grain-based foods are bad for cats. In the wild, they eat meat, not wheat.

Unfortunately, Wellness kitten food is about 1.5 times more expensive than the mainstream, grainy kitten foods, and i just can't afford to use it as my primary food.

My cats haven't had any trouble so far with the other foods i get, so it's not that i need to buy this one to avoid investing in a carpet steamer. I'd prefer to use it more, for their long-term health, but... it's just not viable.
211209211209B000WFU8O6AWC6RMU31978FK. Patten0051288915200Cats Love This Doesn't Smell Like Bad Cat Food
211210211210B000WFU8O6A1QJFUVS6YWD3FJoseph J. Montana "JoeyDork"0051287187200Best quality cat food I've seenWe moved our two Bengals from canned Fancy Feast chicken and turkey to Wellness Chicken. It resolved a diarrhea problem quickly-- we think one of the cats became allergic to something in that Fancy Feast. They enjoy Wellness much more; they have never attacked any food or treat more voraciously, even real chicken. Plus, the litter box does not smell as bad, and I feel better about giving them food without nasty byproducts. This is described as human-quality food, though I haven't been brave enough to try, I believe it. Instead of smelling like a bag of fast food that got stuck under the seat in my car for a month, this smells like chicken soup.

We tried getting our boys onto Avoderm, which definitely made their coats shinier and softer, and even increased their activity level (hard to believe for these Bengals). However, once the mix got to be over 50% Avoderm, they didn't like the taste. Can't give a low rating to any cat food because of taste.

One note about shipping-- the packaging has not been perfect, but it's not nearly as bad as some of the other reviewers say. The second case I received had a few cans with minor dents, but nothing was leaking. The shipping box is larger than the case, with air-filled plastic pillows to fill the voids.

This is not the least expensive food out there, but you are getting a better product. We think it is worth it.
211211211211B000WFU8O6AIKGBCYBXVH8IJohn L. Holt0041268870400Cat FoodMy cats eat it that is all I can say. I try and buy the best food available but we cat owners can only say our cats eat it or will not eat it. What my cats really like is just tuna you by at the grocery store but I use this only for a treat. They eat hard food primarily and I use the more expensive brand.
211212211212B000WFU8O6A1RK9YW47WYC7YAlli0051264723200High Quality FoodMy two cats love this food! I normally buy the chicken and the beef/chicken formulas and have been using it ~ 2 yrs now. High quality ingredients with no corn or preservatives are a priority for me since my cats previously had issues with allergies and dander. My cats no longer have dry skin and now only have some seasonal allergies instead of year round problems.

The negative is that Wellness food is expensive. I'm always on the lookout for coupons and I buy larger quantities in wet and dry food to save. I only give my cats wet food once a day and use a feeder with a timer to ration out dry food for the rest of the day.
211213211213B000WFU8O6A1FWN2M4XLL6RPT. Galysh0031246838400Cats don't likeOur three cats don't like this variety. Probably because of the herring.
You would figure thyey would love the fish but I guess has too much of a fish odor.
211214211214B000WFU8O6A341T0H2IC3SECA. Jatras "goose"0051237593600the ONLY one for me! -IsabellaThis is the ONLY brand that I will eat. Of course, they have tried to feed me a ZILLION different brands and flavors, but this is what I started with & this is the brand I am sticking to. Don't even try to pass me anything else.
211216211216B000WFU8O6A14PLPD8AWSF3RA. isa "sevendaymagic"3521340928000Most of the Cans Were DentedI've been ordering a lot of these. Many of these go directly to my daughter's house. This is to let people know that most of the cans in these packages are DENTED. In the beginning I had thought it was an occasional can or two but I see in the last shipment that all of the cans were dented. It was just a matter of degree. However, when I purchased these at the retail store, none were dented. I think this is a good enough reason for me to think twice about buying these via Amazon in the future. I don't believe the price difference is all that much. I would hate for my cats to get botulism from the poor quality of the cans.
211217211217B000WFU8O6A1GTWWP41Z4Y9WDuck1231342569600Dented Cans AGAIN!I love the Wellness Chicken Formula. Great ingredients, solid reputation, and my cats like it (not as much as Weruva, but they don't waste).

Amazon used to ship these is ridiculously oversized boxes with a foot of bubble wrap on every side. It was overkill, but the canned goods arrived without a dent every single time.

Now, on my third shipment in a row, at least one can is dented, and we are talking massively dented to the point where on this 12oz can if you put another on top it won't stand straight because the top is now at an angle. The problem is they use these tiny boxes barely large enough to contain the cat food cans, and the bubble wrap is just these extra large bubbles only placed on two of the four sides, leaving two sides exposed to UPS who inevitably dents most of the cans on those sides.

I don't consider this UPS's fault, as they handle so many packages they can't afford to treat them like raw eggs, its Amazon's fault for repeat inadequate shipping. I am definitely not renewing my prime account.
211218211218B000WFU8O6A35N0EICBY7X8JCynBio0121346284800I want to love this stuff, as the ingredients are great, but: diarrhea.Pretty sure this stuff is giving all six of my foster kittens diarrhea, which neither their dry kibble (Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten) nor their alternative wet food (Fancy Feast Classic grain-free varieties) do. I don't think they absorb much in the way of nutrition when the food shoots right through them, and of course it's a messy experience for me. Not a fan of this product.
211219211219B000WFU8O6A2DMEIEJ45DAWUdove song2551271203200Canned Kitty foodOne of my cats developed a urinary tract infection that caused both of us great suffering. Kitty was two years old and I had only ever fed her dry food. After getting things under control with the vet meds and UTI foods I added Wellness Adult Chicken Canned Cat Food to kitties diet. She eats about 2 oz of this a day and some dry food, a combination of Royal Canin Urinary SO33, which she doesn't like very well and Purina One Salmon & Brown Rice formula which both cats love. Kitty does prefer this wet food over the dry and will eat the wet if it is available.

So far the UTI cat is still UTI free and my other kitty who only eats the Purina One is also UTI free. My finicky kitty will only eat the dry food.
211220211220B000WFU8O6A3MNSDP105PONGKatieZ3711280016000Poor PackagingFirst let me say that the product itself is excellent and I have no problems with it. This review is mainly about Amazon's idea of proper packaging. I ordered this with super saver shipping and it will be the last time. from now on I will order from another vendor and pay for shipping.

When I received the package it was stained and 3 cans had been so severely damaged that they were leaking, 2 others were questionable and 7 others were severely dented but safe to use( I work in a canning facility so I know how to test vacuum in cans). The product was packaged with no padding at all in a box that was a good deal larger than the item. I saved no money at all on free shipping as I had to discard 5 cans of an already expensive cat food.
211221211221B000WFU8O6A1Q9KZX1ZJ2OXKadamae0211341532800Watch expiration dates!11st: my cats really don't eat this brand with much relish like they did when Wellness had the mylar bags. We really miss those bags, the food just seemed to taste better to my cats. Canned, they won't touch any flavor but turkey.

2nd: I've had 3 out of 12 in a case smell off and even the dogs won't touch it. So just check yours JIK.

What has happened to this brand? They were the BEST 2 years ago!
211222211222B000WFU8O6A1IWGJAZF2SSVQPatricia J. Kale "P J Kale"0211336608000Cat ownerI bought this product because of the ingredients . No grain , thinking this would be healthier for my multiple cats . Unfortunetly , I cannot write a review because none of the cats would eat it . This is also true of the turkey and salmon flavor I purchased at the same time . Guess they just don't have a yen for a higher end cat food ! Sorry
211223211223B000WFU8O6A2FRFAQCWZJT3QB. Davis "The Happy Hermit"0231282608000She eats it but it's like pulling teethI was disappointed to have spent the money and then find that my cat does not really like this food. She will eat it if she's starving and even then I have to sit near and coax her. She loves Fancy Feast and I only feed her the non-seafood ones and the ones that do not contain wheat gluten (both cause allergic reactions in her) so that narrows her diet down to the FF classic turkey, chicken, and beef. I hoped to add some variety with this Wellness and hoped to get away from buying cat food with by-products in it but Wellness chicken is not the answer. It's too thick and sticky. Too bad for me because it smells WAY better than the Fancy Feast.
211224211224B000WFU8O6A38QAHENFEZETYkaren a. jennings0331298505600Wellness Review Turkey/SalmonWe've been purchasing direct from retail stores, either PetSmart or Felix & Oscar's in Springfield, VA. The condition of the cans shipped was not as good as I would have hoped. Several cans were dented in each shipment. Quality of the cat food is very good; cost savings may outweigh the shipping issues and the convenience of not going to the pet store.
211225211225B000WFU8O6AGDS7B4DRSSMFP. Phillips0311261699200Very disappointedThe cans arrived all banged up. I will never order from this company again.
211226211226B000WFU8O6A4JYAW6LTDZ4QGeorgia Vallejos0311166572800Onslow Says YuckMy cat wouldn't touch this stuff. I wound up giving it to the ASPCA.
211227211227B000WFU8O6A1BSJF2VSVG2I8Feline11531279843200Packaging problemMy rating is based on the condition of the product when I recieved it. Of the case of 12 cans I had ordered, 4 of them had serious dents. I sent an email about the packaging but received no response. I would give the product itself at least a 4 rating.
211228211228B000WFU8O6A4JYAW6LTDZ4QGeorgia Vallejos1611208131200Health Food for Cats?I only bought this because the breeder where I bought my cat said she wouldn't eat anything else. I'm surprised my cat didn't starve to death, because she wouldn't touch this stuff, nor would my other cat. I donated it to the Humane Society.
211229211229B000WFU8O6ABCNNP742AV30DM1811342915200zero outta 5Zero out of five cats, all ferals, said euck.

I've got a new feral who will eat nothing but Safeway's Mom-to-Mom Chicken Baby food (buck a jar!)

He will not eat:
Chicken livers Steamed and pureed . or raw NO
Chicken hearts, Steamed and pureed , combined or separate from livers NO
Chicken breast, steamed and pureed NO or sautéed/pureed NO
Chicken thighs sautéed in water, pureed NO
Beef steak, steamed and pureed, sautéed/pureed NO
Pork ditto NO
Baby food (chix only. will not touch others) - Mom to Mom YES; Beeches NO, Oorganics Not anymore, Gerbers NO
Calif. Nat. Chix/rice, Deep water fish canned NO. Chix/rice dry YES
Whiskas chicken a little some times
Safeway priority NO
Science Diet chicken once; I/D dry and canned NO
Tuna w/water (bumble bee, safeway brand)
Tuna w/oil (walmart) NO
Pink Salmon - canned for human consumption NO
TwinPet w/chicken (walmart) NO
Fancy Feast Classic (liked for awhile, no more) Grilled (NO)
MAX Cat Adult Turk/Gib once
Newman's NO
Wellness -grain-free Chicken NO
EVO - cat & kitten chicken NO
Meow Mix - Chicken and Liver NO, Chicken topped w/shreds NO
Fancy Feast Chicken dry NO
Friskies- chicken w/fish and cheese canned NO

ANY SUGGESTIONS ANYONE? please. He's been to two vets and they can't find anything wrong. weird. I'm going bananas with this guy
211230211230B000WFU8O6A29JUMRL1US6YPHTBK384051278201600Fantastic Food for Good Cat HealthThe pet food industry can be one of the most infuriating as you start doing research and discovering what trash manufacturers (and the vets who get paid off by the manufacturers) push onto the unsuspecting public. For reference, don't ask your vet - do some Internet research at sites like, for example, [...]. What you'll find is that even the supposed "high-end" lines from basically every major supermarket label are horrible for your fuzzy friends. People who trust the marketing or trust their vets overpay and feed their cats foods that are full of carcinogens, cheap ingredients that are inappropriate for a cat's digestive system, and byproducts that provide nothing of value and are basically a way to make cheap profit off of literal garbage. It's a tragedy, as these same cats end up with shorter lifespans, kidney problems, UTIs, cancer, and a host of other issues, all of which could have been avoided by a high quality food.

This is an A-Grade food. What you'll find here is very high protein content, many meats high on the list, flaxseed, good vitamins and antioxidants, and no grains, which is great as a cat is not an omnivore, it's a carnivore, and it simply does not need grains.

What you will NOT find here is the kind of junk you'll see in things like Purina One and Science Diet - byproducts (aka beaks, feathers, bird feet), brewers rice (aka the waste product from making beer), wheat flour (a leading cause of pet allergies), corn gluten (a cheap waste of space), and things like "liver flavor" (because they don't want to pay for the real thing). I didn't just pull those ingredients out of the air - I was reading the ingredients list of Purina One. It's pathetic.

Don't feed your cats trash. Pay a little more to feed them good food now, and they'll lead longer, healthier, more satisfied lives as a result. It's worth it.

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