Amazon Fine Food Reviews

211321211321B000ZEIB2KA2IJ2M8TI18PFSonoT_T0051350259200My Cat Went Crazy for This.I have a very finicky cat. He usually takes a couple bites here and there. I ran out of cat food, so just got whatever was at the local pet shop near my work. I bought this flavor and chicken and liver flavor. Both had a soupy look to it, that is it had a lot of gravy. What is super surprising is that there is actual chunks of chicken and veggies floating in the gravy. It looked like I opened a can of Campbell soup. I cat ate everything on his plate, then proceeded to eat his brothers dinner. I was amazed he became so food crazy. Its kinda of a pricey brand, but my cats love it, and I love my cats.
211322211322B003VMZZ04A2YSDE8ZC6RD7Nrubberband.rva2pdx4451287705600Just the right stuff...I just snagged a can of these and they are my favorite Nut-rition mix yet. The cranberry, chocolate covered soy nuts and walnuts taste great together. It isn't loaded with peanuts or almonds- just walnuts, which I really like. This is great to snack on at work, at the gym or on the go. It helps keep my blood sugar level and also curbs hunger with much needed protein. And it's GLUTEN FREE!
I will be buying this again.
211323211323B003VMZZ04A30J2T00HG0J5MKalani1151326931200So goodIf I could, I'd give this mix 5 million stars. I've tried all the other Nutrition mixes, none compared to this one. It does not have hard-rock almonds, instead, buttery walnuts, plump cranberries, delicious chocolate soy nuts. Just love, love it.
211324211324B003VMZZ04A1FMD18H3B2SMEEllen E. Finlay "Ellie"1151322438400nutritious snackI like to have some snacks around the office that are not simply empty calories like cookies or that sort of thing. People really appreciate having these mixtures around.
211325211325B003VMZZ04A1O2DJT6VJ4TCCDori "Dori Bork"1151309219200I love subscribe and saveThis is an item I love to snack on. I feel like I am snacking on something healthy and love the taste combination. The fact that I can get it with subscribe and save is fabulous. It ensures that I always have them on hand.
211326211326B003VMZZ04A1483HTFPO75DIHurl Bates0041320969600A Very pleased manI was well pleased with this product,, was all I had hoped for and more right to the bottom of the can, I am well pleased with this product..
211327211327B003VMZZ04A1NNT44F43MHXJBen "Ben raves"0131316649600Just OK where's the macadamian nuts thoughI had big hopes on this product but it really kinda let me down. Almost no Mac nuts (typical the most elaborate or expensive nut you give you a sprinkle of if that much).Almonds were half the size they usualy are. What's up with that ?The cashews were right on and even though small the almonds were great they didn't leave that dry gritty feeling most almonds do.
211328211328B0040Y2ECEAYWZ3TUVGV7KPRobert P. Weissburg0051322179200my new main teaThis is a great choice for an everyday black tea, similar to an "English Breakfast" tea. I have been using PG Tips Special Blend, but it has become unavailable, so I tried this and it is a similar quality.
211329211329B0019ZEJJ8A3BVN352DTZDG9Sylvia0051349308800Ms. S. RuemenappI was very satisfied with this product. I thought the price was very competitive. The shipping was a little slow. I would highly recommend this company and this product if you love good tuna.
211330211330B0002R1HVCA3Q6PQXLSALUNLMatt505251183852800Arrived on time, and was very much enjoyed!Sent this to my dad for Father's Day, and it arrived on time, and he loved it. He said it brought back many memories, and included some of his favorite candies from back when he was a kid. He enjoyed the box it came in, and the candies tasted as they did when he was a kid. If you know anyone from the 40s definately consider buying them this as a gift. It makes a great gag gift to.
211331211331B0002R1HVCA3ON2GDK2WEM7ZMary L. Zimmer "kaseysmom45"3638511789280001940's candyi sent this to my 80 year old Mother for Mother's day. she was thrilled not to get more flowers and said it was a huge amount of candy and she enjoyed the memories that they evoke.
211332211332B0002R1HVCA2T9LO1LA6VC4WL. Magnusson "avid shopper"728231198713600Nice product but lousy delivery serviceThe Good:
The box was nicely packaged and arrived with even its bow intact. The amount of candy was abundant, the variety was good, and my father-in-law greatly enjoyed reminiscing over the various gums and hard candies.

The Bad:
When my order from Candy Crate was six days overdue, I emailed the company and received a quick reply. I was assured my product would arrive shortly. I had to send another email after an additional two days complaining that it was Christmas Eve and the package hadn't arrived. Candy Crate contacted the delivery company, refunded my delivery charges, and apologized. Their customer service responses were quick and congenial but I wouldn't order from them unless you plan way ahead or they change the delivery company with whom they work.
211333211333B0002R1HVCA16O6P5IIUSWLUEd Stark19201129409920040s Retro was 40s staleOverall the selection is interesting and reminds me of the candy that my grandparents had at their house, even though there were many uninspired items that are common today. The quality is rather poor and a good percentage of the items were stale or inedible due to their hardness. Even without the stale candy, the value was lacking since most of this candy is still common today and available in the bulk candy section of supermarkets. I would reccomend that you skip this one.

I bought this as a spare christmas gift (you know for the person who shows up with a gift but you forgot) and didn't need it. I was excited to open this myself and was almost immediately dissapointed. The selection was a bit off I think and included candy you can get in the bulk candy section of the supermarket. This candy was mostly as hard as a rock and stale. There were cough (throat) drops from the smith brothers. Throat drops are not my idea of candy.
211334211334B0002R1HVCASA97YSSK8UIAE.M. Jalph "Chrysalis"192051167868800Nostalgic GiftI bought this for a friend and we both had fun remembering the candy from our childhood. It still tastes as good today!
211335211335B0002R1HVCA2147F1WARXM1CGabriel Di Piazza151611300665600Nostalgia ?Apparently there is a very small market of us Seniors (76 yrs) who are into nostalgia...attempting to relive our youth at the penny-candy store. This collection seemed promising but perhaps has been in storeage since the 1940's. The candy is dried-out and stale. Familiar names and packaging provided some satisfaction...but at the price? Give me a break.
211336211336B0002R1HVCA3DLX81P3FGEWK. L. Hoppe182011259712000Overpriced, poor selection, stale productI ordered this for my Dad for Christmas. While I knew he wouldn't get it in time, I didn't expect it to take 4 weeks. When it did arrive, I was really disappointed with the selection of candy....much of which you can still buy in most stores. In addition, some of the "chewable" items were like rocks. Fun idea...poor execution.
211337211337B0002R1HVCA32O0SR0YYID5CRita J. King ""Sistah""9921249084800Retro CandyCute idea,but box arrived creased, and some of the candy stale. Did not live up to it's promise for the price. This was a birthday gift for my husband.
211338211338B0002R1HVCA346C2868MRMRCBethany S. Mandel7751219881600My grandparents loved this!I bought this for my grandparents for Christmas last year. They loved it! They said it was like being back in their childhood, and many of their friends came over to sample their old favourites. There was apparently enough candy in there for lots of sharing, and I might buy this again for them this Christmas!
211339211339B0002R1HVCA3FJY7BCRRSF4VDRich576621305504000Some of the candy is stale...Ordered this package along with some other 'decades' selection. The diversity wasn't bad, but I found a lot of the candy to be stale - as if it was the actual candy from that era, sitting in some candy vault for all these years. The candy that was supposed to be chewy was hard, and some selections (Bit O' Honey, Abbazabba, Turkish Taffy, etc...) had obviously been kept in a hot, humid area because they had melted and hardened into odd unappealing shapes. The hard candy (that was supposed to be hard) was mostly fine. Interesting, but I wouldn't order again.
211340211340B0002R1HVCA15EMTOGK4KHOKR. Largent "Cheapskate"6651214697600MemoriesWe gave this as a gift to my Father in law for Fathers day. He was surprised, he said he hadn't seen a lot of these candies since he was a child. You could see the memories sprouting up in his eyes as he looked at then tried each candy.
211341211341B0002R1HVCA2RI7Z8BN4D6VJduchess "duchy"111351198627200great giftI sent this to my in-laws, who are a part of the Greatest Generation. They received it with ecstasy. They had not seen some of their old favorite candies in decades, and were very excited over this gift.
211342211342B0002R1HVCAIS7RMBEF3VMBCaroline555128554560073 yo Hard to Please Mom LOVED IT -)
211343211343B0002R1HVCA96OIIOIYSMHFVero5551260835200Great absolutely greatI bought this for my kid, so he could have original, never-seen candies in his advent calendar.
THe box is beautiful, the candy were just right as described, and since I live in Montevideo (Uruguay, South America), it goes to the company's credit that the box arrived perfectly, not a single candy crushed or damaged...WOW!!
Will certainly buy again from them, this time the 50s!!
211344211344B0002R1HVCA1QG4CT3ML3U9RSusan L. Martin5541244073600My mother really loved this purchaseMy mother was so excited about this present. She loved the selection that was in the box. It took her for a trip down memory lane...exactly what I was hoping for. She had just been talking about some of these candies to me that she used to get as a kid. So it was great timing when I found it. My only complaint would be that the box was a bit smushed and had a little tear in the side. Could have been from the shipping as well but it bothered me gifting it with a rip in it. Other than that it was a perfect experience.
211345211345B0002R1HVCAXC6BIJD6T622Bruce L. Buxton6731222992000Diappointed in the quantityIt was great to see all the old time candies that I remember from when I was a kid but I was disappointed in the amount you get for the price.
211346211346B0002R1HVCAWU81CVDIUTCUonlineshopper6253341293321600Great productI bought this as a Christmas present for my grandpa. It arrived very quickly and in great shape. There was a lot of candy in the box and my grandpa loved it. My only complaint is there was too much paper filler in the box. It was really annoying to dig through it to get to the candy.
211347211347B0002R1HVCA3W3NA0Y5FVV7Ibrepri3341289088000Fun GiftI purchased this for a 75th birthday celebration. Everyone enjoyed "remembering" certain pieces in the pile. The older generation had fun with the memories and the kids enjoyed seeing new types of candy. Great conversation starter--lots of stories were told! Great gift for a special celebration.
211348211348B0002R1HVCA1WZC29Y34PN23A. Thompson3351241654400A big hit!This item was my parent's Easter Basket this year. They oohhed and aahhed over every selection in the box. It was a huge hit! I highly recommend this, the candy is great and so is the walk down memory lane.
211349211349B0002R1HVCA1C8CX5SOTOFTQcatarget2211324944000Candy Crate 1940 Retro CandyDon't waste your money. Not much candy and as best I could tell the wrapping for the individual candies were not retro. I also purchased the 1950 retro candy and it basically contained the same candy as the 1940 retro candy.
211350211350B0002R1HVCA3LQO01OEYZMPGNita Jo2221324857600DisappointmentI was really looking forward to sharing some of these "old time" treats, I had as a child, with my family. Some of the most desired items listed were not in the box, like A&W, Target Sticks, Bit O-Honey, etc. Even so, there was a decent variety. Sadly, most of the items were stale, flavorless, or too chewy. What was supposed to be a fun walk down memory lane, was just a disappointment. I gave two stars because the hard candy was acceptable and the wrappers were nostalgic, but I cannot recommend this item.

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