Amazon Fine Food Reviews

211351211351B0002R1HVCA2BSLZZRS1F8WDJohn White2251310860800Lotsa funIf your children or g'children saw the contents of this package, they would be shocked at how simple fun could be. We made a lot of dentists wealthy with this stuff! lol
211352211352B0002R1HVCA3UWZLU4IZ4665Becca2251293321600A Great Surprise for a GrandparentI bought this item for my grandmother for Christmas and she absolutely loved it. She had several presents next to her, waiting to be opened and still spent about ten minutes looking through the candy and pointing out her favorites from her childhood. She didn't eat any of the candy yet, so I'm not sure of the candy quality, but the present is worth buying for the nostalgia alone.
After reading several reviews about the bad delivery time, I was worried the gift wouldn't arrive in time for Christmas. The delivery had perfect timing and was even a couple days before its scheduled delivery date.
211353211353B0002R1HVCA2AGID716DTKNGSara Bellum2251270512000Delishi bought this for an older friend and she was sharing stories as she went thru all the candy. It was a yummy adventure for the both of us. and plenty left over :)
211354211354B0002R1HVCA3LAGCY7KLFK2JThe Lynnster "Lynn"2241197331200Good but wish it were biggerThis is a great idea, and the selection is ok. Just wish it were bigger for the price. I bought it as a gift for my parents for Christmas.
211355211355B0002R1HVCAF74ZP72ZAKR0Jill A. Boyle "crazy dog lady"4551232409600good giftgood gift for the age group it represent and a big surprise and pleasure they enjoyed it so much
211356211356B0002R1HVCA14PH68IGTUV0Gjeanie45412318048001940's candyvery nostalgic... brought back many good memories... lots of laughs.. thank you!!! 1940's retro candy
211357211357B0002R1HVCAO2588TTB5B4CJ. Turner "JLT"1151324598400HappyI got this for my grandparents who met in teh 1940s. They just got it. Showed up in 2 days with Amazon Prime. My grandma loved the box it came in and grandpa apparently was wolfing down the contents while we talked. Very happy grandparents makes a happy buyer! Can't comment on the contents but I asked if it was candy from way back when, and she jsut said, Oh yes! She's pretty nostalgic so I'm happy it made her and my grandfather happy.
211358211358B0002R1HVCA1TR5DB7TZGZF6Socially Faded1131322352000CaaaaaannnnndyyyBought this for my mother for mothers day she loved it. Told me it Told me it brought back many of memories. Great product if you like old school candy anyway.
211359211359B0002R1HVCA3LVVV8Q3BGT0Coyotetraveler "coyotetraveler"1131311552000Great idea falls shortThis was a great idea, I bought a couple of them. They had some neat stuff and it was kind of a hit on Christmas. Unfortunatelly, it fell short of expectiation. You are paying for the idea more than the product. Short on value but everyone loved the idea.
211360211360B0002R1HVCA2EJ90QU8XYFMICheryl Rubenzer "Kindle Reader"1151297728000Was a hit!I gave this as a gift during Christmas to my mom,her husband and sister. They took turns pulling out on piece at a time and told stories about what they remember from the candy. It was nice to see them have such fun.
211361211361B0002R1HVCA2YSW1GU74VS7BJennifer L. Davis1151262822400Retro Candy BoxWhat a great idea! I bought this for my dad, and it was quite the hit!
211362211362B0002R1HVCANYE1CN9UJUB8Carol E. Jackson3451231459200Quality of the product was great and lots of fun memoriesThis was an inexpensive and fun walk down memory lane. My sister called when she got it and was thrilled.
211363211363B0002R1HVCA2RFWR03XKEFL9L. Manigan "New Mom"2341221264000Good item, a little smaller than I thought it would beGreat gift. It was just a little smaller than I thought it would be but the gift recipient loved it.
211364211364B0002R1HVCA233UITL01CZEAZheng Wu0051343260800Big kickGave it as a gift to a person of that era,and it was a big hit.
Stroll down memory lane.
211365211365B0002R1HVCAJB5P7GVR0MT8Harry the Horse0031338854400Pretty nice assortmentI was born in the '80s and was familiar with some of these, so either the '40s refers to the decade of their inception, or they throw in fillers. Regardless, a lot of nearly cloying treats with questionable ingredients that round out a day with a guilty snack. Well worth the $7 spent via WH Deals, but certainly wouldn't recommend purchasing this box @ full price.
211366211366B0002R1HVCA1P5J2RTXIAWG1Ris burton0051336262400Great era candymy pop loved this product. He and his wife devoured the candy. As you would guess, it took them back to "the good ole days". Thanks for everything Pop.
211367211367B0002R1HVCA5WC2S39G7FL0Koko0051302739200Loved this gift!I sent this to my dad for his birthday and he couldn't stop talking about it! He's always had a sweet tooth, but add the nostalgia and instant home run! He loved the variety of candy, and couldn't believe how much was in the box. I'm ordering more and trying the other decades :)
211368211368B0002R1HVCA2H9HZK1OATBW0J. Schuhmacher0151230336000Definitely a HitStuck for an idea for a "decade" gift? This was a hit for the recipient and the guests. I will order this again.1940's Retro Candy Gift Box
211369211369B0027J0PDYA1I56IA23ZE0JKS. Snead0051274918400Delicious natural treats for small dogsI've been giving these treats to my dogs for about a year now and it's about the only treat they really love. The size is perfect for them as far as the calories go and this product is reasonably priced. Nylabone has an identical product, but the bone is twice the size of these little ones.
I highly recommend this product if you have small dogs (5-10lbs)
211370211370B0027J0PDYAHH1P1U4XQEDNA. Grinton0051262822400Good and healthy treatMy dog LOVES these good and healthy treats! I have trouble finding them locally in a consistent fashion so I generally get them online.
211371211371B0050Q4DJSA1CM5TTFZCJ13QJ. Skinner1151321920000GatorlytesGreat company to buy from, they ship quick! My son plays high school football and has heat cramps and this product helps to prevent them.
211372211372B0050Q4DJSA3JB370EKKT0IESlickyboy1151319414400Great for the sweaty athlete.I used to cramp after every time I played racquetball. I sweat a lot but live the game. These little packs have enabled me to continue playing the game I love!
211373211373B0050Q4DJSA3OQ2LBR44JHB5mark williams0051349654400Nothing works betterI have suffered from severe cramping while running long distances. Nothing I tried would help. I have not cramped once since using this product. When mixed with gatorade or powerade it's not too overpowering. You will sweat out A LOT of salt but that's to be expected. If you have cramping problems due to being a salty sweater this product will work.
211374211374B0050Q4DJSA39Y6P80KBXFVPChristopher Smith0031346803200Great Product--Don't Expedite ShippingA perfect half-time refreshment. The product is amazing, but there are several house hold remedies to treat dehydration (i'll spare you the nutrition lesson, do your research). The difference is these electrolyte packets provide the sodium & potassium you need to revitalize your energy much faster with less 'filler' ingredients, such as what you may get from mustard or alka-selzer. Bananas & sweet potatoes are great sources for potassium, but they're heavy on your belly (especially if you're a soccer player, like myself, or an endurance athlete).**Avoid choosing special delivery options, just go standard. i paid an extra $11 for a 2 day delivery. It took 5+ days--rip-off.**
211375211375B0050Q4DJSA2QFKVDNVZWHBBmc01970211344816000Tastes vileI bought this electrolyte powder to add to my water bottles for a road race as it was a hot day and I was concerned about cramping. However, I do not recommend this product and I will be quite honest in that I cannot believe this stuff made it through Gatorade's product testing. It tasted absolutely disgusting. The salty flavor was so strong it overpowered the flavored sports drink I also mixed with it. It actually made me more thirsty and by the end of the race I felt sick to my stomach. I had trouble forcing myself to drink it but had to as it was all I had for a 62 mile course. I paid $1.50 for a tiny little packet of salt. Save yourself some money and just use table salt or try another brand of endurolytes such as Hammer or Camelback - which actually taste good.
211376211376B000G7VZ7YA3HPCRD9RX351SSpudman2251313712000Peanut Butter Pretzels - Tasty and Alliterative TooWho'd've thought (notice the double contraction!) that peanut butter pretzels could taste so good? Yes, one serving of 9 sandwiches contains 7g of fat (but no trans fats) and 140 calories, though few could possibly stop at just one serving.
Despite the dietary red flags, I've got to give these pretzel sandwiches five stars, just because they taste so good.

On the positive side the first ingredient is not ordinary wheat flour, but unbleached wheat flour. Less processing with the unbleached. The peanut butter inside the pretzels is just sweet enough and moist enough to be delightful.
If one keeps his or her appetite in check, these can be quite the enjoyable and special snack.

Warning: This product does contain peanut products and is processed on equipment that makes dairy products.
211377211377B000G7VZ7YA3KSW8H581XS0NR. Dold2251169251200Great DealThese snacks are great! We like them while travelling since they do not make a mess while eating them. Buying through Amazon turns a great snack into a great value (better than sale $ even with coupons).
211378211378B000G7VZ7YAUCW2I68TDTQ5Matthew R. Davis1141252713600Tasty snackThese taste pretty good. A nice snack to throw in the lunchbag. Unfortunately the bags only have about a dozen pretzel sandwiches in each one. They are pretty cheap though so the small amount isn't a real problem.
211379211379B000G7VZ7YA1Z54EM24Y40LLc21151249171200LOVE these!If these make it longer than five minutes in my house, well, then it's a miracle! They just have a fabulous taste to them, they're light, not salty at all, and just are a great snack, especially for children. Warning though - it's next to impossible to eat just a couple. They're very addicting! Highly recommend!
211380211380B000G7VZ7YAXC828VF9AQVPE. H. Wright1151245888000Great snack but ...These are our favorite pretzel sandwiches and very difficult to find locally but the item is listed as 10 oz packages (12 packs) but what we received was 8 oz packages (12 packs). We are missing 24 ounces. It makes the price a little high but they are hard to find. We notifed Amazon about the issue and are waiting for a resolution.

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