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211416211416B00060NVW8A3S3BE1YR7K9YPPaisley McCoy2251150416000great!The price is fair considering the process in which this water is made. A friend recommended this product and I loved it. Its odd to say this but it almost felt like the water was sweet in a non taste way because of its purity. I think because many other brands of water I've tried are too mineral-y tasting that this smart water came to a pleasant surprise. Do buy!
211417211417B00060NVW8A2YSQODAQC2QRLKevin Beason4551146960000Tastes greatThis water tastes good and in theory should absorb faster. It's a fact that you can die from drinking too much water without electrolytes, due to (reverse?) osmosis. Hopefully this water counters that.

As for one reviewer's claim that the electrolytes gives them energy, that is false since the drink has zero calories (just read the label). However, maybe being properly hydrated allows one to properly digest or use other sources of energy.

I am not a biologist, just my two cents.
211418211418B00060NVW8A28SOOXSF7YZ5TAimee M. Lafont "Aimee"6851126656000I don't even LIKE water.. but I LOVE smartwater!!I'm one of those tea/coke/wine/milk/beer type people... basically, I just really don't like drinking water. It's more of a chore than anything, and 8-glasses?! who do they think they're kidding? but smartwater... it goes down easily and tastes good afterwards... crisp, cool even (how can something taste cool? i don't know.. just try it.. b/c it does!)

That said, i may turn out to be one of those water-drinking people, after all.
211419211419B00060NVW8A132HNX3SUZ9G6Caleb S.1151294185600Great Water, Horrible OnlineThis is by far the best water I have ever tasted. Not only that, it gives me the energy and wellness feeling I need to get through the day. After only 3 days of drinking 2 bottles of 24 oz. smart water, it cleared up a possible sinus infection, and I had more energy. BUT!!!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT ONLINE! You can find 1 liter bottles at Kroger for a 1.59 a piece. If you have a Kroger card, only a buck! They are now selling 10 for 10 dollars of the 1 liter smart water bottles. I just bought 20!!! Haha, but if you buy this water, seriously, don't waste your money on these ridiculously overpriced sellers. Buy it at a local store.
211420211420B00060NVW8A3U73YVMXN8JWVJoseph D. Anderson1151172534400PerfectionThis is so good and has spoiled me so badly that I am barely able to drink water if it isn't Smart Water.
211421211421B00060NVW8AXTWRZIMXK1MZS. Lyons81211186617600Waste of Money, Waste of ResourcesI tried this product out of curiosity since it was new. It tastes like all the others but with a much higher price tag. I am now at the point where I think bottled water is such a waste of money and natural resources - clogging landfills with all the bottles that no one recycles - that I am going to buy a water filter for my sink and just use that. You can also buy packets of electrolytes from companies like Emergen-C and add them to your water. I used those when I ran a marathon and they worked wonders! Save a buck and save the environment...use filtered water in a bottle you can reuse.
211422211422B004M8TKA2AIGT69W2WUT20Blenny7751305244800Stop shopping in your supermarket for this item!Lipton Lipton Diet Iced Tea Mix, Decaffeinated Lemon, 3-Ounce (Pack of 4)

I have bought this product in supermarkets and discount stores for many years, but notice than it is getting increasingly difficult to find it either because many stores have discontinued the product or have failed to restock it.
Now Amazon has made it easy for me and I am extremely pleased to be able to order 4 jars at a time at a reasonable price which saves me time and effort in making the rounds of food stores only find that it's no longer carried.
211423211423B004M8TKA2A2KQXF2YUDFUI8Fiesty623341316044800Cost to much now!!This item USED to be a good buy on Amazon, now they have made the price to high. Will try to find another place to buy.
211424211424B004M8TKA2A2S5S7AJH05UIskippy2251323648000Too rich for my bloodI have been buying this product for many years and now I see where Amazon has decreased their quantity from a 6-pack to
a 4-pack and leaving the price about the same. This is a 50% increase in cost since the last time I bought them. I called
Unilever who makes this product and they told me they have not had a price increase recently. I can not afford to pay this
much for my tea anymore.
211425211425B004M8TKA2A3BNYTWQ3J7I73Motor City Madman1151322352000Same as the store, better prices!I love Lipton's Diet Iced Tea. Problem is my store does not seem to ever have it in stock!!

This fit my needs entirely.
211426211426B004M8TKA2A39W28SPITBIDGEliot Cohen1151319673600Best Instant Iced TeaWe have been using this product for years. Having a decafinated diet cold beverage in So. FL is a neccesity. We can't always get it at the local markets so we get it by the case on Amazon. We only wish we could find the larger size bottles.
211427211427B004M8TKA2A18GJ9MYYO6GCQJust ask me! "bronxgal"1151317772800If you like "diet" iced tea but don't want caffeine, buy this nowEven major supermarkets don't regularly sell artificially-sweetened decaffeinated iced tea, and they almost never have it "out of season", i.e., when it isn't summertime. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't even always have it, so if you are an iced tea drinker who wants your iced tea throughout the day and into the evening, buy this when it is available.
211428211428B004M8TKA2A3NCRCNKTTPD3Ointodogs0051348185600Lipton Decaf Lemon Iced TeaIf you like instant iced tea, but want decaf, this is it. Hard to find where I live, so Amazon was the answer. This tea has a great lemon flavor and just the right amount of sweetness. Without the aftertaste some sweetners have. Will order this again.
211429211429B004M8TKA2A10R9LB4QJNG5XPamela Hans "pambaknj"0051347148800Great Ice TeaMy doctor said I couldn't have caffeine so I started drinking this Ice tea and I love it. I make myself a huge container of it before I go to work so I have something to drink all day. I highly recommend this product if you have to stay away from caffeine.
211430211430B004M8TKA2A31S70YGMDWWWH9928gct0051315526400The GreatestWe enjoy this wonderful tea - lemon, diet,decaffinated,instant and always fresh. We order several at a time because it is sealed and keeps it strength without a worry.
211431211431B001FK6BAMA34BRSDS9MJXTZP. Neely7741327104000Grew fine, but cats not interestedI followed the instructions on the back of the bag and these grew just fine. It took nearly a week for them to start poking through the soil, but they have grown up well and are a very attractive shade of green and are healthy.

I grew the seeds in a shallow pot for my two cats, but neither of the cats has shown much interest yet. I also grow wheatgrass, and there's a flat of that going right now. The cats seem slightly more interested in the wheatgrass than the cat grass. I have made some attempts to show the cats the cat grass and get them interested, but so far they're not impressed.
211432211432B001FK6BAMA12HY9UW51PKWIstacie5541331769600Sweet Treat For Indoor KittiesMy cat enjoyed this grass very much. She's an indoor/patio only cat, and she seemed to really like the new stimulation. I also potted some to take over for my parent's cats. One of my folk's cats was constantly trying to get into my mother's house plants, and this ended up being a much better alternative for both the cat and my mom. One of my parent's cats stays indoors all the time, while the other makes frequent trips outdoors, and they both seemed to equally enjoy the sweet grass treat.
After seeding the pots, and setting them on a window sill (winter in Michigan)there were two days of nothing (as expected). On the third day I gave the pot a little light watering and when I came home that night there were sprouts a 1/2 inch high. After that they took off and grew to a height of about 5-7 inches in two days. I was a bit surprised at just how fast they ended up growing! I would recommend only seeding a little amount of it though. I seeded about a tablespoon and a half in 4 inch diameter pots, and it ended up being too much even for my folk's two cats to get through in almost two weeks (which is when the grass started to get weepy and die off). All of the cats nibbled on the grass every day, but it's not like grass is a major part of their diet, and it was just too much. I think I'll cut the amount of seeds roughly in half next time. I should also mention that the grass was really low maintaince, needing barely any watering after the initial growth (and even then I only gave a couple very light waterings). I'd buy it again, although I'm sure I won't have to for a very long time given how well it grows, how little is needed, and the amount that comes in the bag!
211433211433B001FK6BAMA3E727JEUQEBOBFredric F. Myers "Fredric"4451336780800Super-Great buy....This item is 10 times better then the cat grass you get at Pet-Smart or any other pet store. Grows well & lasts 3x or 4x longer then the very small cat grass those stores sell. Alao the price is about 300x less then the store bought grass......
211434211434B001FK6BAMA1EQIG3D3VBU5GCynthia J. Salim "LOVE 2 LEARN"2251332201600MY INDOOR CAT LOVES THIS!My first purchase of this brand of oat grass was from a local pet goods store. The seeds were easy to grow in the little cup and soil that came with the kit. When I saw the seeds offered on AMAZON, I decided to buy the seeds without the container and soil. What a pleasant surprise. There are at least 5 times as many seeds for less money than the kit I purchased locally. My indoor cat loves this tasty treat.
211435211435B001FK6BAMA1RT9ZJ42UA4L7kitty1151343088000Presumably deliciousThe seeds sprouted in a couple days, and my kitty devoured it in a week. A great value. A must have for any indoor kitty!
211436211436B001FK6BAMA1QLF39V9IE8CYIzzi1131342051200Cat GrassI didn't realize there were different types of cat grass. Grows well, but my cat who loves Burpee brand of cat grass doesn't really like this product.
211437211437B001FK6BAMA3UUGEXDFS3H9EA. Foster1141341705600Seeds grow wellThese seeds have a nice, high sprout rate. My cats didn't take to it, but they're finicky. I'm not sure if I agree with the value of this product based on the price, but the seeds were of high quality.
211438211438B001FK6BAMA3NFAGNK30JLLKafK21151337990400Happy catI emptied out an old jar, filled it with questionable quality soil (left over from a basil plant i killed) and popped in a spoonful of seeds. Within a few hours I saw some white fuzzy roots start growing on those seeds that were upside down. The next day I had sprouts just above the soil. Day 3 there were grass shoots just to the top of the jar...and on a whim i popped the jar outside for a day while i was at work - there is nowhere in my house i could have left this inside in the sun without my cat finding it (and she was already curious). When I came home, the jar height sprouts had flourished about 4-5 inches above the jar! Simply, easy and the cat is munching on this happily in front of her favorite sunning spot. The only problem (not worth downrating) is that it grew so dense...some of the stalks poke her in the face when she's trying gnaw on stuff in the middle...but it hasn't really stopped her. Great product, simple product!
211439211439B001FK6BAMA19CD58LZVOG49Stephanie M. Mccoy0011350172800Don.t waste your moneyUsed most of the pack and about three sprouts came up. I have been planting for years and I have a green thumb but I could not get this product to work.
211440211440B001FK6BAMA2DH4XBL487KCNmechant loup0021341273600ughthis product performed well as far as growing fast; within a week. the product with a lush grass that died soon after it reached peak height. I had even tried to cut it, which was an attempt to curve the final flowering stage of the grass, yet this did not work and only lengthened it by a week.
211411211411B000G0UPOUAN1WIGG2MCFVLGary Kelsey1151345852800Almost a little miracle pill!My eyesight has been deteriorating with age (67 now) and it has been very difficult to see closeup without reading glasses. I have glasses for driving but they are a nuisance and always dirty. One day I read a column by Susie the Pharmacist who was recommending Saffron pills to somebody and I thought they might help me (out of desperation). My eyesight has improved, especially for reading, and I no longer use glasses while driving. Really!! Over-all, my mental outlook seems to be better and things don't look as bleak. It didn't happen overnight but took about 6 months of taking 3 pills daily (with meals). I don't take anything else except a low-dose aspirin. I gave up the Saffron recently to save money, and within 2 weeks I was having to squint (again) while reading. That convinced me to restart the pills and in a few days my good vision and improved outlook had returned. No, this isn't a joke. I am now a Saffron user for life! YEA!!
211412211412B00060NVW8ANC9T5C2DKH69Denise Punch8951153180800awesome waterI drink at least 1 gal. of water a day. I've tried sooo many brands. Some are impossible, many are acceptable but very few are exceptional...Glaceau Smartwater with electrolytes tops the charts! This water is great with meals, during & after exercise, just because you're thirsty or if dieting, it helps fill you up if you drink a bottle 20 minutes or so before eating while helping to keep your electrolytes in balance! This is of great importance. When your electrolytes are "off", it can affect your heart as well as other important medical conditions. This is why scientists came up with Gatorade for pro athletes 25 yrs. or so ago. Look what we've learned since then! Thank you for a superior product!
211413211413B00060NVW8A2MU89QL654C1CHARLES H. STALLINGS "LEARN, LIVE, LOVE"5651150416000WITHOUT COMPARISIONI tried Smart water as an alternative to the more popular brands alias i did not go wrong. This is the first trully aftertaste-free water i have ever had. i beg of you one day this summer try it you'll see for yourself.
211414211414B00060NVW8A2II09GQGWOMTQBrian Nallick "METALMANMN"2251308614400Not bad.It's bottled water.
It's got electrolytes.
The taste is good and not too expensive.
Granted the plastic bottle is horrible for the environment so please recycle.
Otherwise...its water, it's good for you...recommended.
211415211415B00060NVW8A2XNOB1T796Y6BChibiNeko "Sooo many books, so little time!"2241279497600Does it work?Whenever I have a bottle of Glaceau SmartWater, that's one of the main things people ask me: does this actually work or make a difference? To ultimately tell you'd have to do a batter of tests & such, but for me I'm just judging by the way I feel during & afterwards.

Taste-wise, you can't tell that this drink has any electrolytes or anything in it, which is a good thing. Water shouldn't taste like anything other than water (unless you are buying something that is supposed to be flavored). It does taste better than some of the other brands out there such as Dasani, so that's a plus.

But does it work? I can't give you a scientific show of proof, but I can tell you that I feel better when I drink it. It just seems to give me energy, something that is a plus when you work 2 jobs & go to college at the same time. I feel more hydrated for a longer period of time.

This is something nice that I get on occasion when I need a little boost. It's not going to replace my tapwater at home (I need the fluoridated water), but it is something that I'll buy to take to work.

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