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211561211561B0009WSCQ8AQ6Z6V2HHVU76Bennett Cunningham "Zoe the Lab"3351210291200Mario KnowsFantastic Taste - Great for cooking but better on bread or salads.
Not salty - and light texture.
211562211562B0009WSCQ8A287SY59MJ8AFYVeskit3351289865600Absolutely love this EVOOI absolutely love this oil. I sampled a variety of olive oils at a local Whole Foods and I was rather taken by how wonderful this oil tastes. It is absolutely delicious, fruity with a bit of a pepper finish. I literally could drink this stuff straight out of the bottle. Well, ok, maybe not quite but almost. It is definitely worth it to splurge on it, you'll love it.
211563211563B0009WSCQ8AMWAA3TCWSWBWB Harvey3351232150400Tasty and a great giftI never thought that I would notice such a difference from one olive oil to the next but I am truly pleased with Frantoia. I first received it as a gift and what a great gift. Much better than a bottle of wine that the recipient gets to enjoy once! I have in turn gifted many a person with this wonderful oil.

211564211564B0009WSCQ8A27DHABH0X0CJohn A. Lively2251321574400Frantoia Extra Virgin Olive OilI started buying this product while living in France. Very good quality and very good flavor. Light enough to use in salad dressings. I have tried many different olive oils, and none come close to Frantoia.
211565211565B0009WSCQ8A2NR1GHPECY3W2A. Ahrens "Lover of Life"2251232150400Love it...Best oilve oil ever. Period Amen..
Way too expensive here. You can get same size bottle for $19.99.
211566211566B0009WSCQ8A184I6AQ937OC8Ralph Breitenstein2251206316800goodWe have used this for some time (several years). We are very pleased with this oil and go out of our way to get it. I have also seen it used in more then one cooking show on TV.
211567211567B0009WSCQ8A3CMR6SIWE1NN9Will1141339632000Anyone Else Get a Burning Sensation?I just ordered this product from Amazon, and I very much like the taste. But as soon as I swallow the olive oil I - and others in my family - detect a burning sensation on the back of my throat. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this likely a production defect with my specific bottle, or is it a characteristic of the product itself? I have never had any other olive oil do this.
211568211568B0009WSCQ8ALU6KZFWVQJHZJody A Wright1151334102400Great product, great retailerSince reading the other reviews, I decided to try this extra virgin olive oil. It is subtle and delicious; I keep it in conjunction with another that has a more pronounced olive flavor. But I can't say enough good things about this seller. The packaging is done so well, I don't think anything could destroy the contents. And this is the fastest shipping ever. I will be visiting Super Olive just to see what else they carry because I'd like to do more business with them.
211569211569B0009WSCQ8A1D30JUVVWG7PJCMB6155 "CMB6155"1151327276800EVOO - The best olive oilI first tasted this olive oil at a Four Seasons Restaurant in the San Diego area and fell in love with it. I love it and highly recommend it for its flavor and nose. I like finishing dishes with it. It always comes well packaged and FAST. I will continue to buy it!
211570211570B0009WSCQ8A336XBLQ0HBWWAonemorecup1151318809600What I've been looking for...Since living in Rome for a year and enjoying full-bodied, delicious olive oil I've been searching for a product that tasted as rich. This product surpasses what I was looking for. I cook with with...dip bread in it, drizzle it on vegetables, pizza, pasta, etc - anything. It enhances the flavor of good simple food.
211571211571B0009WSCQ8A2IHWNAUROYY66G. Rogers1151311984000My favorite olive oilThe Barbera Family olive oil was recommended to me on my first trip to Palermo. I loved the taste and was so happy to find a way to get it in the U.S. !
211572211572B0009WSCQ8A38L7NPKSHC6AJjane marple1151290902400OLIVE OIL OUTSTANDINGThe oil is the best for both cooking and diping. After ordering it it was received without delay in 2 days.
211573211573B0009WSCQ8A2R5VI6PPEALEOL. Olson1151228608000Wonderful!I have been using Frantoia EVOO for 12 years now--it is simply the best there is. My family is from Vicenza IT on my mothers side and when we visited, I noticed its the only olive oil they keep in their homes. So I started bring back bottles on every trip. I have since found it in San Francisco at Molinaris in North Beach but now I can order it online and save the room for bottles of vino instead!
211574211574B0009WSCQ8A1BZST5CKJ7SQ1selanie1151222992000A taste of ItalyI bought this oil in italy and it is the most incredible oil I have ever tasted! I never use butter on my vegetables anymore! You can cook with it, us it as dipping oil. It serves all your cooking needs. I will never use any other oil again. I feel like I am in italy every time I use it. Buy it you will love it!
211575211575B0009WSCQ8AXQHF1DH0GYJIJ. Hamer1151197676800fantastic product.i just happened accross this oil in a market one day and decided to try it. it is one of the best i've had. i later saw that Batali uses it on his show... thats kinda cool. it is a great oil though and has a great fresh flavor that is good with anything, and even by its self.
211576211576B0009WSCQ8A2QW9MVKGK6WCBS. Kenney3451242000000Fantastic FrantoiaI love this olive oil. I have a source locally, so I don't have to order it. I use it for everything except deep frying; we're talking raw oil to high heat cooking. I know that defies common logic, but look at it like this: if you love the taste of an olive oil raw, you'll love it cooked too. This oil is intensely fruity with a wonderful pepper finish. If you want a consistently good olive oil for all of your cooking needs, I highly recommend Frantoia. The only reason I don't deep fry with it is because it's cost prohibitive. For EVERY other olive oil use, I turn to Frantoia, and I've never been let down.
211577211577B0009WSCQ8A1D7M2SFFPA962fiona0051346976000I just collecting it.I just collecting it because I am using another one, but I also love this one so much, and I am going to give one of those to my mother, because the product havent sell in my country yet, so I am willing to introduce this to my mother. I will use this to make body oil,and i just expecting to do it happily.
211578211578B0009WSCQ8ABJNCFD48KB8Warren W. Wiley0041346889600Ahhhhhh......what a perfect salad!This is fine olive oil with it's own distinctive taste/bouqet. We always have this oil and a Spanish oil in the kitchen because the tastes are different but both are perfect. I regret that this oil is priced as high as it is because I feel there are other oils of equal quality and taste for less money. will not go wrong with this oil. We have been using if for several years. Marvelous stuff.
211579211579B0009WSCQ8A6SDQDLR64GK8Jim Goodwin0021346371200InsipidI don't mind subtle, but I thought outside of peppery on the back of the throat, it seems quite tasteless. I imagine some like it this way, but i would like more green and olivevy.
211580211580B0009WSCQ8A1MJKR7EE77BEBBasia0051345507200DeliciousThis olive oil is very, very tasty. It does not have the chemical/metallic aftertaste of some brands leading US market. It's fruity, light, fresh, green, and full of sunshine. And if you think about it -- it's not even that much more expensive -- you get TWO liters of fabulous olive oil.
211581211581B0009WSCQ8A3S0VJW15BKHLMJoaquin0051343779200Best olive oil for all types of dishes!!Long time amazon user here but i never write any reviews, i knew this one was going to be my 1st since the others reviews here helped us a lot deciding to buy this product.

I had this item in my wish list for a while and am not sure why i waited so long!!!, let me tell you after placing the order i got 2 bottles of this liquid gold so fast that i was surprise since is not a prime item the vendor SUPEROLIVE are the best here, they package is well done and again the shipping is very fast, the 1st dish we did was Baby Back Pork Ribs with Russian Banana Fingerling Potato roasted in the our Breville BOV800XL The Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ, the flavor was amazing!!, my wife was so happy that we order another one for my mother in law.

Ever since, we had done chicken wings, prime Bone-In Rib Steak, fish, Fresh Sweet Italian Pork Sausage, even prosciutto sandwiches slightly brushed with this oil and they all superb, order this if you want the best oil, we even had to buy a Misto Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer, Brushed Aluminum not to waste this precious oil, some other reviews say not to cook at high temperatures with this oil but i disagree, this can take heat and still not loose its flavor, of course this will be good with salads and bread but you can also cook at high temperatures, BUY THIS IF YOU WANT THE BEST, stop wasting your money on those commercial brands found at most supermarkets.

The flavor is peppery but not overpowering, sweet and the aroma is delicate, store it away from the sun light and don`t be afraid to bring the heat up with this oil, you will not be disappointed.
211582211582B0009WSCQ8A1BRQSTCA04EIA. Etheridge0051343433600Best EVOO ever!!!!I never post reviews but I had to for this olive oil. IT IS THE BEST I have ever had and believe me I have tried many. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who loves to cook or just eat!!
On another note, the shipping of this item was very prompt and the package was well secured. I would buy from this seller again. Thanks for the great service and the awesome product.
211583211583B0009WSCQ8AS7W26NNLSU8Kcharlotte "mp1010"0051341273600SUPERIOR OLIVE OIL FROM SUPEROLIVEFirst, the seller: SuperOlive. The way these bottles were padded & packed was amazing. many times I've received items from other places that were damaged in some way because they just dump the stuff in a box & don't care what happens to it afterwards. This box, the jaws of life couldn't open it. That's a good thing. I used a scalpel to slice thru. Also..the shipping was crazy fast.

I tried this olive oil in a restaurant not too long ago, & I really loved it!! Asked the waitress what brand it was & then I went looking for it. Reasonably priced, too. My other favorite olive oil is Bariani.
211584211584B0009WSCQ8A5GSK6YRGB7S7Redfeather0051339804800Frantoia Barbera OilThe product has excellent flavor for finishing dishes, especially pasta. I make my own infused oil by adding sliced garlic and I saute everything in it. Nothing better for the price.
211585211585B0009WSCQ8A37E3QJHJZSF70MEW0051325376000Great product, good pricingThis is delicious, authentic olive oil from Sicily. Prices through this company were less expensive than Whole Foods, even with shipping added.
211586211586B0009WSCQ8A1JYEGLE01VHPBJane Castellani0051263081600Love it, Love it, Love it!!!I found this EVOO years ago in a Whole Foods store and have used it ever since. It's fruity with a peppery aftertaste - just delicious!!!!!!! Wonderful for dipping or making crostini, bruschetta and pasta dishes too!! My husband's family is from northern Italy and we all love it. I'll never use another EVOO unless I cannot find this one anymore. We don't have a Whole Foods where we live so I have to order it on-line. I hope I can continue to order it for many years to come because I think it would be hard to find an oil that compares to this one.
211587211587B0009WSCQ8A3TAV83LVTQHLKRobert G. Reynolds "Robert R"1251327536000Medicine?I just opened my last 16.9 oz bottle of FRANTOIA XOO lot # 10145CAMP09/10. The previous bottle of the same lot was, without a doubt, the best tasting of any I have tried. This last bottle will only be used for medicinal purposes; a tbls. each morning before any liquids and one last tbls. before bed. I believe it to be a powerful antioxidant when the burning sensation slowly comes on as the rich vit. E oil slowly coats the back of my throat. Sore throats are of short duration. I hope when I reorder the next bottle will be as potent and flavorful. Garlic and Frantoia forever!!!! Robert Kansas City, MO
211588211588B0009WSCQ8A3QS5UYAGHF4IUzorba2451265673600Excellent for Dipping, CookingThis superb olive oil is wonderful for dipping, but my partner, an accomplished chef, prefers to use it for cooking. It is not heavy, not greasy and enhances the flavor of whatever food is being cooked.
211589211589B0012KBTW0A2E53GUZF1846JYorkieMom2251299196800Just as good for people!These dog cookies are amazing! I opened up the bag, and couldn't believe how great they smelled. I gave each of my dogs one, looked at the ingredients, then ate one myself. They are so good, I have caught my boyfriend eating them while the poor dogs looked at him waiting for theirs! I love these cookies, and will always have them in the house. They are a little bigger than I like for my small dogs, so I just break them in half. They are about twice the size as a teddy graham, but taste so much better! Oh, and the dogs like them too.
211590211590B0012KBTW0A1GWO71WWUQWOPStacy Hollis2251296777600Great ProductI own a pet store and we sell these treats. As weird as it may sound I've tried these as well as their honey, cinnamon, ginger and pumpkin treats. They are delicious. Tastes just like a cookie we would eat. The quality is great, they taste good, dogs love them and the price is reasonable. I'm really happy with the Grandma Lucy line.

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