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211621211621B002QWQGUSA2ALPGBIZVQ5MHThaddeus1151316563200Back to Nature SnackI love these. I think it is great that Amazon carries these. I was buying them at Whole Foods and Shop-Rite but they stopped carrying them. I eat them on top of my cereal in the morning, and occasionally just as a snack. They are a healthy addition to my diet. I have trouble with leg cramps, and so I need to make sure I get enough magnesium. The almonds in this snack are a help with that. If I stop eating almonds, then I get the cramps back. I will take the almonds, for sure.
211622211622B002QWQGUSA1NOY8DQXJ0J8GLindsay Ginter0051343001600Good!I was looking for this everywhere and its the only place i could find it. Its Exactly what I wanted
211623211623B000S6AHCMA2U43DVCR94IFJNancy L. Carpenter "Nancy Lee"0051253059200AwesomeAwesome bread crumbs for chicken, beef and pork chops. Dip in egg then in
bread crumbs-put in baking pan add butter and bake. GREAT
211624211624B003WNZ6SSA204QN2VRUQA9BFred T. Belcher Jr.2251321228800Best sugar substituteI have tried quite a number of the "sugar substitutes" and this is the best! It is made and processed in the most natural way possible, and if you check on most of the other ones, this is not true. You mayeven find a number of the others using GMO crops as well as adding various fillers. This is the best buy.
211625211625B003WNZ6SSA1JZ6VCKKVJT5JJenna "library lady"2251318118400Perfect for coffee!I keep the small packets near my coffee area, where I make lattes in the morning. One packet is perfect to sweeten most drinks, with no aftertaste. Conveniently packaged and lasts for months!
211626211626B0043TBZGCA1XUGI2RANC5N8CCNA-Joshua3451309564800Cute plants!Just picked these up - couldn't resist two sets of little bamboo plants for $10! Some notes:

1) "little bamboo plants" are roughly a foot or so outside the vase. Not complaining, and it might say that somewhere, don't remember. Just a heads-up on the exact size.

2) I kinda assumed it would come with little decorative stones for around the roots - most other bamboo arrangements do. Not so much apparently. Vase, bamboo, there ya go. Again, totally not a deal-breaker, but I woulda picked some stones up if I'd realized that >.<

I take a star off for the lack of stones or anything. Overall though, very nice looking little bamboo plants! =)

EDIT: I had taken a SECOND star off for the lack of stones/soil, because the description claimed it had some, and I didn't see it. But I found it. Is some clear crystally stuff wrapped up with the roots. Still would have preferred stones, but they provided what was described so I'll give em their stars back =)

PS- Still get rocks or more soil. What they give you isn't enough even to hold the plants upright. Still not taking stars, they're gorgeous little plants, I'm happy. =)
211627211627B002FT3I1MA2MF7L153IYHY1Pamela Leekruud "pamsy"1141254700800Good but small productI like this, but the real white chocolate is better. Less sugar, still has fat. Can is small, claims to have around 50 servings.
211628211628B002FT3I1MA1Q2FD5UPAW0KDNettie400051347494400Love This ProductI love White Velvet. If you are looking to make your coffee or expresso an awsome treat this is the product to get!White Velvet Chocolate Sugar Free 255g 51 Servings
211629211629B002FT3I1MAJK6TYS3N13T8Heyyoutallgirl0011333929600Like Suckin on a Nickel..This stuff suffers from the same issue that most sugar free products do....the artifical sweetner completely overpowers any other flavors and leaves a metallic taste in your mouth. Will not be buying this again.
211630211630B002FT3I1MA371Z04GWURCYCRich Dolata Jr.0041329696000good sugar free, caffine free, hot drinkI wish there was more similar to it. Wasn't the best thing ever tasted and doesn't really taste like vanilla. Has a decent taste. Somehow got moist and then clumped up but still loose enough to obtain a scoop or two. Finished the whole can eventually. Would buy again. Hope to find something better maybe but not bad. Hard to find this kind of product. A product that is sugar free, caffine free, tastes good and something you can drink over and over again and like it every time. Like the sexy graphic on the can too. I think white velvet. Reminds me of some 50's product or something with the can appeal. Two scoops does a mug. Just mix with hot water and good to go. Like hot chocolate but with a different taste. One problem was the can lid if folded when taking it off with too sharp of a crease the lid can crack a little on the side bend. That might have cause the power to lump up. The can is metal but there could be a better lid and a better tasting product if possible. You have to buy it this big too. I never found nothing smaller, like packets or something.
211631211631B002FT3I1MA1ZPF0O465FASAAutumn Watts0051320278400PERFECT for my espressoI was looking to make my morning coffee just the way I was accustom to while living in Washington State..This is PERFECT! It tastes amazing and lasted longer than I expected! My coffee requires 3 scoops of the powder but the scoops for this are tiny so it lasted very well! YUmm thank you thank you I am awake again!
211632211632B0035N3ADSA29XKTCI71IMMPJohn G. Kierecki2221341964800Sauce expires within 60 days of receipt ?? Old product being shipped!!I purchased this on May 24th and sauce was received in one week. The expiration date on the 4 jars was July 12th. Sauce expires within 60 days of receipt ?? Old product being shipped!!
211633211633B0035N3ADSAER8M0AL1CL1Uquezsmom3431303948800GOOD PRODUCT /NORMAL PRICEOkay, I like ragu pasta sauce. I dont have a problem with the sauce. My problem is with the price. Without the subscribe and save, plust the RAGUKNRR coupon savingss this is WAY to high. I was expecting way bigger jars of sauce. I have purchased these in the store on sale for $1.50 each, so for $2.31 a piece after all the coupons is not the best deal. Not for me anyway.
211634211634B0035N3ADSA19ML1O08IVMMOnikki0051322611200reednikki71@yahoo.comI live in Alaska and prices are very exspensive I saved alot money ordering this product and will be ordering again soon.
211635211635B0035N3ADSAOINAOO0NQRGNRooster Eberle0051321660800Great as a baseI try to buy this when I can get it for under $3 a jar. Supermarkets usually charge me at least $4.80 or so, so I figure my rating is appropriate just because of the cost savings. This is a great alternative for anyone on a budget.

But I also like this because it's a pretty decent base for spaghetti sauce. I don't actually eat this straight. Instead, I mix in various combinations of chopped garlic, canned diced tomatoes, black pitted olives, canned mushrooms, and whatever beef, turkey, chicken, or spam I can find whilst scrounging about. This concoction gets simmered for a while. Aging it a day or two also seems to help the flavors blend together.

Things can be chopped up a lot or a little depending on taste. I like chunky tomato sauces. Others may see it differently. Either way, we save with this over buying the "gourmet" sauces. I used to get those, bt with a little effort I can make up something that tastes a lot better to me.

I hope this helps.
211636211636B0035N3ADSA1ZKY8IR5TDNJYDiane Middleton "Bookie"0051313712000Ragu Pasta SauceAbsolutely love this happy Amazon has it available. I not only use it for spaghetti, but other pasta dishes, pizza, and anything else Italian :)
211637211637B0035N3ADSANH2IS2IENDQAthena4 "thena4"1251333929600Awe-Struck.This marinara sauce is incredible. Every Friday, while my family is out of the house, I fill my bath tub with this, submerge myself in it, and pretend I'm a meatball. I blast classical music such as Bach and read Architecture magazines. I look forward to Fridays.
211638211638B0035N3ADSA2U415CCNEALC0mendosoap2451298505600Boss i got these on sale here on the 'zon (lol now that is really lame)

the jars are huge... we have a family of 4 it turns out its not too much...
we love this stuff! it's better than prego IMHO...
the 45oz jug just means leftovers....

we cook it for extra long and make it really thick so you have to work/mash it in the noodles....

UPS didn't ruff up the package to much...i will leave this on S&S
211639211639B0035N3ADSAZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"2451285804800Ragu Pasta SauceMy favorite one. I am very happy with this spaghetti sauce. I am very happy with this purchase. It all arrived safely.
211640211640B0035N3ADSALAJ50FU3ZH75man_from_earth "Rob"0151316908800Excellant over pasta!This is a sauce that you may want to try over some pasta. It's also something you might want to have bread on hand to dip into. I'm sure there are other uses,,,just drawing a blank at the moment :-)
211641211641B0046SBJ66A3PTK9U2689ZLXR Ferroni "rf"0021324598400As advertized, but not to my likingThese self heating cans work fine, so long as your not in weather below about 50 degrees. These heat fairly quickly, but I found the coffee to be too sweat for my taste.
211642211642B0046SBJ66A15ASGNPCG4JRHBusymom0041317254400Great productI thought this product was great. I'm usually running around all over the place so this is perfect for me. Taste was great. Cant wait to try the other flavors.
211643211643B0046SBJ66A3991GZGGP6BRJDizzy D0111313280000gets hot but you wouldn't want to drink it.The general idea is to have a latte that you can drink on the go. Sad thing is, the taste and texture is so poor that you'd rather drink anything else than this latte.
211644211644B005DLYOWQA3BFDEBT5IV4UNGroucho1151327276800I'm Usually a Coffee Drinker - UntilI'm a coffee-a-holic and darned proud of it. However recently I've been in the mood for tea. Tea and scones to be precise! i asked my tea drinking friends which would be a nice tea that would tickle a coffee lovers palate and they told me English Breakfast. And I agree.

So I purchased this tea for my Keurig and fell in love with this tea. I'm especially pleased since it is decaf and my heart doctor has me on a limited caffeine diet.

This tea is dark, aromatic, not bitter and the fact that the Keurig makes it steep for just the perfect time is a plus. While I probably will never give up my coffee addiction for tea, I sure will find a permanent place on my shelves for this product.
211645211645B000EYOBRUAQQLWCMRNDFGISteven A. Peterson111141205539200A welcome addition to my kitchenIf you watch Emeril Lagasse's Food Channel show, you know that he routinely uses what he calls "Essence." This is what Emeril, on the bottle, calls "a blend of spices and herbs to complement meat or fowl, fish, veggies and pasta. I use it on everything but ice cream."

The bottle itself does not list all the ingredients. However, if you check out "Emeril's Delmonico," you get the full recipe. The nice thing here is that it is very easy to make; most amateur cooks have most or all of the ingredients right at hand (for instance, I do have them all, so I could make my own and save some money over Emeril's bottled version!).

When he says "kick it up" or "bam," Essence can help out. The cayenne pepper component will kick things up. However, the combination of ingredients balance one another nicely, and this ends up being a useful product in the kitchen (at least for me). I don't overdo amounts, but used moderately, this adds a nice taste to food.

Anyhow, this is a nice addition to my kitchen.
211646211646B000EYOBRUA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"4451176336000Creative SeasoningEmeril's Original Essence is a combination of salt, paprika, pepper, granulated garlic, spices and onion powder. This mixture is perfect for chicken, fish, meats and even veggies. You can use it to enhance the flavor of anything savory and as Emeril says: "I use it on everything but ice cream."

I can truly see why he does because this is especially convenient for anyone who loves using garlic and paprika. It also saves you lots of time not having to reach for the salt and pepper. You can skip lots of steps like crushing garlic cloves, although you may want to add even more garlic flavor with fresh garlic.

Lately I've been using this essence along with parsley flakes, basil and a mixture from Dean & Deluca called: Herbes de Provence. I sprinkle this over steaks when I fry them in olive oil and then finish the dish with a tablespoon of butter and a ¼ cup Cabernet Sauvignon to make a delicious sauce. Adding in a little fresh or dried basil is optional, but delicious.

Emeril's Original Essence frees up some of your time in the kitchen, which allows for more creativity and uniqueness in your cooking. Sprinkle a little of this essence on all your savory dishes and see what happens. The new depth of flavors will amaze you and tantalize your taste buds!

~The Rebecca Review
211647211647B000EYOBRUA2W6V20RXFIJHBFlower woman "Sister"1151243209600spice mixGood rub for ribs, add to anything. It contains all the spices you would want for eggs, meat, veggies. This quantity pack is well priced.
211648211648B000EYOBRUA1ZSISTUHC1K41Bill0051349913600Become a Master Chef in a few shakesI like to cook. I am a bit of a control freak and like to make my own blends for rubs, etc.. Emeril's has most of the spices I like to use. It's great on its own or as a starter base for something more creative.
211649211649B000EYOBRUA2UEYDQ3VZNBFJUST ME0051317945600The Perfect All Purpose Spice for Rotisserie ChickenWe have a Showtime rotisserie that gets a LOT of use, we get the huge (8-9 lb) oven stuffer roasters always ninety nine cents a pound at the local store, put it on the unit, and coat heavily with Emerils Essence, great smells, great taste. And the large package size means we save a lot of money on the smaller size. Probably go thru one of these every six months or so, hard to find anymore at Costco or the other warehouse stores.
211650211650B000EYOBRUA25UZ7MA72SMKMBrent Butler0041312329600Very good but no secret weaponAfter having this recommended by a friend of mine who is an excellent cook, I tried it quickly thereafter. She was not wrong, it is a good one shot spice mix to enhance almost any food you care to use it on. What did surprise me it that it really is a bit on the mild side. The first time I used it, I thought I shook out an adequate sprinkling on the food and could hardly taste it in the finished dish.

The next time I used it was on chicken as I was about to stir fry it. This time I made sure to pretty well cover the chicken up with it as the wok was starting to heat it. That did the trick. The chicken was still not overly spicy tasting, but the flavor had been pleasantly enhanced. I've never watched Emeril's show, so I guess I had no frame of reference on how much to use. LOL

Make sure to check the prices on the web against those in your local market. Often Amazon is less expensive, but not always.

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