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211652211652B000EYOBRUA145QYENXQQA8ZD. R. Brust0051288310400Best SeasoningThis seasoning is one of the best! I use it on a variety of things: chicken, fish, pasta, etc. It has a great flavor and I even use it to season my fettucine alfredo!
211653211653B000EYOBRUAAHIJ5YWDK7NGP. Doersam0051274659200ExcellentMy kitchen is not complete without this spice. The grocery store charges WAY too much for a tiny bottle and Costco does not carry it.
211654211654B000EYOBRUA16W3H8YIGQBH2Margaret Mitchell "Books open my world, desig...1231238371200 it does not have as much BAM as I expected, it is still an interesting product.
211655211655B0014EQHQCA3SMVB6EXX8OVHRomeo Faison6751238803200Good soupThis is perhaps one of the best soups I have ever tasted and I got good taste buds. Actually , when I say something is delicious, other people will absolutely love it, whatever it maybe. Very good and real flavors in this soup. Trust me!
211656211656B0014EQHQCA344HD88CETZZBGabriel Collins "Ms. Collins"3351297555200Yummy!!!This soup is really good. I love to take it to work and heat it up. I had some sent to my deployed location (food sucks here) and it feels like I'm home when I eat it. Its a thick soup so you get filled up but its healthy and thats always a plus.
211657211657B0014EQHQCA1OEKU0BVKLMHGSharon Shurley "Feekie"1141333843200Very Tasty Soup for Chilly Days!Even though you don't really save any money by buying this soup through Amazon, it's still nice to have it on hand when you don't feel like cooking or want something tasty on a chilly day. Also, I use this soup as a base and add other ingredients to it to make it even more hearty. It tastes good straight out of the can and if you add a salad, it's enough for a complete meal. I wish it was possible to mix up the case with other flavors, but I like this soup well enough that I don't mind buying an entire case. It usually lasts me all winter.
211658211658B0014EQHQCA2Z8ROI5L29ZFFdennis3411319155200damaged goodsWhen I received these items,the cans of soup where leaking.I had a mess,3 cans broke open from being dropped by handlers.Very dissapointed;
211659211659B0014EQHQCAMP9TPA49MAA4tom0011346457600Weird TasteI eat alot of soup, this soup has very large chunks of potatoes, BUT it has a weird chemical taste. Almost like the bacon flavor is chemically induced...THIS IS THE WORST CAMPBELL SOUP I HAVE EVER TASTED.
211651211651B000EYOBRUA2VT1J06V4622KT, Shreveport, La.0051302134400Awesome!!Essence is AWESOME!! I have tried it on grilled pork chops, steak, and oh my gosh it was excellent on my grilled fish and vegetables. Essence is all the seasoning my family and I need!!
Thanks Emeril &
211660211660B001ELLAZIAD95CF7C4PL1VDCD7751180656000NutsThese nuts are delicious! I was originally given these as a gift, and I now keep a supply on hand as a quick nibble or for unexpected company. The same holds true for all of the Squirrel Nut products, and it is far less expensive to order these through Amazon rather than purchase through a private supplier.
211661211661B001ELLAZIAQ6B2UAFBL2PKFitKat4451230595200Delish!These Creme Brulee Almonds are to die for! Totally addictive! The taste is creamy with vanilla, sugar and bourbon like notes. Not overly sweet and cloying; just the right creme brulee to almond taste. I tried them at Christmas and here I am looking for them online. Simply the best nut "anything" I have ever tried!
211662211662B001ELLAZIA1D99TQ7TFOXJUpp1151307059200The best Creme Brulee Almonds from Squirrel BrandThis is the best Creme Brulee Almonds I ever had. Try it, I promise you will like it a lot!
211663211663B001ELLAZIA10FP63FKD8I7Ackent1141294444800creme brulee almondsThese almonds are the best I've ever tried, can't put them down. However, I think they are terribly overpriced.
211664211664B001ELLAZIAMGU787QY6JANnanachurch "nana"1151278547200nuts for these nuts!!!The package arrived in a short time. The product was fresh, and delicious. I wish I could just have a standing order for them all the time. We loved these, and our grandchildren loved them even more.
211665211665B001ELLAZIA2GRFQJSEHA1DWMichele L. Mcguinness1151247788800Fabulous!These nuts are the best. I would never had thought to try a creme brulee nut but had these at a friends and just had to buy some. These would make a great hostess gift or put them out for a special occasion. Enjoy!
211666211666B001ELLAZIA2W50MCJWUH0YELaura Van Winkle1151243468800these are heaven on earthSomeone originally gave me these delicious morsels as a Christmas Gift.
I could not believe how divine they are . I suppose you have to be an almond fan as well as a creme brulee fan. They are fabulous little snacks, and wonderful to put out when guests are coming.
211667211667B001ELLAZIA2J0IZ4BZLJFUXjean0051344902400Great SnackCreme Brulee Almonds make a great snack to have on hand. Taste Great too. We always have them in a beautiful covered candy dish whenever we have house guest staying over.
211668211668B001ELLAZIA2URZKYZCBQSJABeth S0051343520000Just the best!I'm one of those people who doesn't believe in paying for shipping unless I'm desperate. These are worth it. They have a perfect balance of sweetness, and the flavor and aroma is devine. The can is beautiful enough to give them as a gift....unwrapped!
211669211669B001ELLAZIA3QA0BBQW08DLZMc "m0c21"0041334793600Decent almondsThey are good but not amazing like everyone made it sound. It is not true to creme brulee flavor so don't expect it to be.
211670211670B001ELLAZIA24HFFVR9K0YA0David Schreurs0051332720000OutrageousThe almonds have outrageously great flavor with a crisp freshness. Be aware, the lid will most likely be opened just once as they are so good. Great energy boost before a workout, a surprise on a party tray, and a compliment to any dessert.
211671211671B001ELLAZIA2Y71W8UDISJXTAmazed By Technology0041331424000nuts to youI had received some of these nuts as a gift. After hunting around I found them at a much better price than the manufacturer site. They're still very good. Will buy again.
211672211672B001ELLAZIA31GO76GUK5ID7marianna2230051329955200Great NutsThe Creme Brulee Almonds were outstanding...there was just one problem...they did not last long enough! I would not mind increasing my order. I 1st tried these nuts through Sams this past Christmas & I found your nuts fresher.
211673211673B001ELLAZIA3MGW57VS26O0SPenny0031329436800gone nutsThe quality for the product is good. However, it is overprized and I will not buy it at that price again.
211674211674B001ELLAZIA3B1A370MNIZSVJ. Matters0051319846400So freakin' good.These nuts aren't cheap. In fact, they cost way more than I am comfortable paying for nuts. But, I'll be honest: they're easily the best almonds I've ever had, and this tin is huge. No regrets. Totally worth it.
211675211675B001ELLAZIA6W6FZG66VSDQgail0051314144000creme brulee almondsReally enjoyed this product. Can usually only find them during the holidays, so was very happy to find them online. Shipped quickly, as well.
211676211676B001ELLAZIA16QZKRCKSIQYOG. Nicholson0051308096000Absolutely addictive!Do not order these nuts if you are dieting! Once you have tried them, you will want to keep eating, and keep eating. We call them "D-mn you Heather nuts", because she is my friend who brought them to my house and got me hooked. I only wish they came in bigger tins!
211677211677B001ELLAZIA299XAW8QPV1TDL. Morgan0051237507200Addictively delicious!These are great! Nicely flavored, and not overly sweet. We all kept coming back for more.
211678211678B001ELLAZIA28VPD5QL46XCLBenjamin Armstrong2831262822400Great but... nothing nuancedThese are expensive honey roasted almonds. They have a good taste but, they aren't even made with natural ingredients. It's probably the same stuff that Planters honey roasted peanuts are made with. I've been waiting years to try them because I never had enough money but, I'm not wowed.
211679211679B001UUOP8CA3MVQ6NM2JCCNFMorris Friedman0031351209600Doggy snacksMy dog loves these snacks. However they are made in China and as far as I am concerned, suspect!!!! I found an abundance of American made ,human grade chicken dog snacks. Just Google for them.
211680211680B001UUOP8CA15GK1KULYHI12BG in Chicago "Kiril"0051344556800Best and healthiest dog treats everMy dogs LOVE these treats, and I love them myself as they have few ingredients, all of them real food that I would readily consume myself. This is a wonderful product, try it out!

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