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211776211776B000CNB4LEA1CMS6SF24F8XGNew Mama "Lisa"1111285718400Tastes like plasticI love the convenience of a bottle but the content tastes like plastic. It might do more harm than good if the bottle has BPA in it.
211777211777B000CNB4LEA1DH3QDZX8Z7GOCharlemange1131282780800It was a better product beforeI drink a lot of coconut water. The three best tasting brands were ONE, Vita Coco, and Zico. Recently Zico has sold out to Coca Cola and changed it's formula. It now comes from concentrate and does not taste as good or fresh as it once did. It does not taste terrible by any means, but if you want fresh natural coconut water, Vita Coco is really the best. I find the best way now to enjoy these now, is to add a bit of fresh lime juice to the bottle and shake it. Unless Zico goes back to using fresh juice, I will not buy this product again.
211778211778B000CNB4LEAF9VU4OP3UQN7anon1111282521600used to be great...not any longer.frankly i don't care about the packaging, (some folks are up in arms about the new plastic bottles rather than the old tetra packs) but zico--which used to be my favorite coco water--no longer tastes as good as it once did. then i read that it's now FROM CONCENTRATE rather than being what it once was, and i don't see any reason to purchase it any longer. very disappointed.
211779211779B000CNB4LEA33JN26OCXG959mountainaria1111281139200plastic bottle=plastic tasteI was quite excited to try the 14 ounce bottle of Zico coconut water and much to my dismay when it finally came and I got a chance to try it I was royally disappointed. The coconut water has a plastic bottle aftertaste and it is quite unpleasant. I had one and will never drink another... too bad I bought 2 twelve packs. Get your water in those aseptic containers, NOT PLASTIC!!!
211780211780B000CNB4LEAG19LQDA53PDJpri_s1141279497600Good, but not the sameI've always had coconut water from the real coconuts (freshly cut right in front of me), so drinking it from a plastic bottle isn't the same. The taste feels a bit different too, but if you take it out of the bottle and drink in a glass, it doesn't remind you as much that it came from a plastic bottle :)
211781211781B000CNB4LEAWLK6NSSV0YNAMidwest Mommy1141243987200Great flavorMy kids enjoy drinking this, and the passion fruit flavor is a refreshing change to plain coconut water. I give my children coconut water instead of fruit juices because it is so much more nutritious, and we also drink it as a rehydrant when we are ill instead of Gatorade or Pedialyte. We have tried Zico, VitaCoco, and O.N.E. coconut water. Zico is my favorite in terms of flavor diversity, and O.N.E. is my favorite in terms of packaging because each drinking box includes a small extendable straw to poke through the foil and use like a juice box- a VERY NICE non-spill feature for kids.
211782211782B000CNB4LEA32PE2127NFGBQAJ Villanueva1151222732800Love it!I first tried it here in our bikram studio. They are pricey in that place. But Sprouts sell it for much cheaper. I love it. It does rehydrate the body quickly after a sweaty session of yoga.
211783211783B000CNB4LEA2HG2QO9F3TN9EWilda Fonseca1151191369600Zico MangoMy necessity after a Karate workout!
Better than a sports drink for electrolytes..much less sugar..
My favorite flavors........MANGO!in PURE COCONUT WATER.
All natural, lightly flavored with pure fruit juice.
Takes me back to Hawaii...mmmm.
211784211784B000CNB4LEA11V0P91Y9HSCERobert H. Smith1151178928000Mango Coco ManiaIf You like mango you'll love this. It has just enough of a mango taste to give it a good flavor. If you like it could be used as is or as a mix for a great summer drink.
211785211785B000CNB4LEA1EX5SK2PD0XLCKenneth Sandberg3411288483200Tastes horribleI somehow managed to drink one bottle (it was hot, I was desperate). It really tastes bad. I have all the rest sitting in my cabinet, never to be sipped by me. When I am dead, I'm sure they will be thrown away. I know, what do I mean by "bad." Well, I almost felt like I would get sick if I drank a whole bottle straight. Maybe it is good for you, but the taste is so raunchy that I would have to be on a desert island to drink it.
211786211786B000CNB4LEA19XPQ8TNMCL4BPaul Sullivan3421276387200Not as good as their box waterI had been purchasing their boxed coconutwater and that seemed to vbe discontnued and order the lrger plasticbollted water and found the taste was diffeent. I do not know if the bttle changes the taste fr the box, but is was not the same. A little disappointed in Zico.
211787211787B000CNB4LEA32CGE9OLQ4MVACarmen5711278547200From concentrateIf you like fresh coconut milk I would highly recommend you do not purchase this product. It is nasty - there is an odd taste to the product.
211788211788B000CNB4LEA2AKNT3D4QLC7LJudy M. Stern5711277856000Tastes like sweaty, vomit water!Don't get me wrong, I REALLY wanted to love this as I had read so many great things about coconut water. I was so excited when my order came. I had some already in the fridge so it was cold. After I had a great workout I went to grab my coconut water. I was shocked at how disgusting the taste was. I tried it again, I tried it over ice, I tried it through a straw and nothing made it taste palatable. If you haven't had coconut water before try one first before you buy a case. My next step is going to try and mix it with a variety of liquors and see if I can stomach it. Good luck!
211789211789B000CNB4LEAQ7EZCXB3NY39Bradley Thompson5751162771200Mango is really mango-eIf you dont like mangos, you will not like this drink. It does not taste like an "organic" mango, but rather, it tastes more like the "essence of mango" you would smell from an air freshener. This does mix pretty well with cold rum.

I would suggest you find this brand locally to try it before you buy it. This water does not taste like the water you would get from the Asian countries. I cant really explain why either.
211790211790B000CNB4LEA248MHU5LMRFCUBilly-Bob Garcia71011274227200Tastes like coconut water from a fresh coconut stored in a plastic jug in the trunk of your car for a few days!I've spent at least a hundred bucks on the old Zico boxes. Those were metal lined, the juice was not from concentrate. I just got a shipment of the new bottles, took a swig and almost spit it out. Tastes like plastic. I gave it a few more swigs, and now my stomach hurts.

I immediately logged into Amazon so I could warn others not to buy this crap. I'm closing the bottle, putting it back in the box and sending it all back to Amazon. I will never buy Zico again. YUCK!
211791211791B000CNB4LEA1Z6CKPOBXUZ49Brenda Cormier "Bren in Maine"81211278115200now made from Concentrate, "natural flavor" added..yuk!Coca Cola now partially owns Zico. So, now it's made from concentrate, has added "natural flavors" and is packaged in plastic. How to ruin nature's perfect drink for profit. This was my favorite, now I will not buy this "new formula" again...Looking to find another like Zico used to be. Don't know yet if the Zico tetra pak is still the "old formula"..also..rumor has it that Pepsi is looking to buy Vita will be keeping my eye on this, too
211792211792B000CNB4LEA1FFRNO3X7YARLKarl G. Summers6911274400000Worst coconut water EVERI've tried a lot of brands of coconut water, and have found that I like Zico pure coconut water the best. It has a clean refreshing taste that's not too overpowering. The 11oz boxes are what I normally drink.

This product(14oz bottles) cannot compare to the box. The tast is absolutely horrible. Way too thick and sugary. It's almost as if they drained a bunch of old coconuts that had been sitting too long. I would advise anybody who enjoys the 11oz box to stick with that and stay away from this joke of a product. Nasty.
211793211793B000CNB4LEA2J0H64O06IB2OB Crichlow6921274313600What have they done????I'm from the Caribbean and now live in the United States. Since I can't get fresh coconut water where I live I order it from Amazon all the time...every few weeks or so. My wife thought I was crazy at first, but she came to acquire a taste for coconut water and so I order some for her as well. I loved the zico in the 11oz cartons. I also like O.N.E; vita coco isn't bad either. I figured that if I like zico in the 11oz carton, why not order the 14oz bottle? Big mistake... unlike the product in the 11oz carton, this bottled stuff absolutely misrepresents authentic coconut water. It has an after taste like sour milk. I've tasted spoiled coconut water before in the caribbean, and even that tastes better than the new zico. I have never felt so compelled to write a review about a product before. I hope zico stops making their "new" product from concentrate, and gets back to what made their coconut water such a wonderful product in the first place. Hope you don't make the same mistake that I did.
211794211794B000CNB4LEA2IJPJZ18XXL9FA. T. Nguyen6911274140800very very very disappointedI was sooo initially excited about pre-ordering on before it was available. Then someone posted a not so good review from this same product in store and I was concerned. Customer service said non-returnable item once shipped because it is considered perishable item. My order just came, and boy am I ssooooooo DISAPPOINTED. Smells funny, tastes salty. Not same formulation. Zico should have disclosed new formulation. Before stumbling on Zico, me and my girlfriend did numerous taste tastes with the other brands. I will try to hunt down Harvest Bay Coconut Water. That brand was very comparable to the old Zico.

I was a ZICO fan, but this new formulation just is grossly disappointing.
211795211795B000CNB4LEA21YG8H7ZTS0ERitesh Shrivastava2311325203200hated itworst coconut water ever, period.

I saw them in my local BJs and thought of trying it, the taste was horrible, had an artificial flavor to it which remains in ur breath for some time. I thought of trying after my 6 mile run, and even then I couldnt drink it. had to return it and then bought some good coconut water from a local asian store (realcocowater) and it tastes much better and doesnt have any artificial flavor like this.
I would not even give it a one star if possible.
Dont buy this, its a waste of money
211796211796B000CNB4LEA85J7VFU6HWBJNancy2311300752000So disappointedI love the Zico coconut water in the little Tetra Pak boxes. It's my favorite drink. I should have read the reviews for the Zico in the plastic bottles, but it never occurred to me that the same brand could be so different. This isn't even close to the same taste. It's disgusting. I can't even describe how bad it is. Something like liquid plastic flavor with slight fermentation. AWFUL! Please do not order this product if you think you like Zico coconut water in the Tetra Paks. If anyone tried this they would think coconut water is the most vile substance on earth.
211797211797B000CNB4LEA3JVRQAOYSHUWCJune A. DiGioia2321298505600Vita Coco is way betterLove coconut water, really don't like this brand, kind of tastes like plastic. Vita Coco and Naked is much better! Will never buy it again!
211798211798B000CNB4LEA2RNYW2HIQBGSMCarlos Alvarez2321297814400Tastes like plasticI have bought the version in the boxes before, but thought the plastic bottles would be more convenient. Unfortunately it makes the drink taste like plastic. The plastic taste is very strong, and awful. Stick to the boxed type.
211799211799B000CNB4LEAW2F64X2CXZMFDanielefromCali2311289779200Never againMy husband loves coconut water. We were ordering via "subscribe and save" the boxes of Zico, but when we saw the bottles of Zico in the store, he wanted to switch because he wanted a larger quantity at one time - he takes them to work and all of his games. He mentioned that it tasted different, but we didn't think much of it. Then, I noticed the "from concentrate" after looking at a bottle in the fridge. We are not paying "top dollar" for imitation coconut water and the explanation on their website was ridiculous. It is like can OJ! After doing my research on their website, I was angry that they switched the "liquid" going into the box vs. bottle. Never again! I immediately canceled our "subscribe and save" order. We our going to Henry's this week to purchase a variety of coconut waters and will "subscribe and save" to another brand that uses the real stuff!
211800211800B000CNB4LEA2VRG3PJX6UJT7Lindsay2311288742400Tastes like plastic!I couldn't take two sips of this. Tastes like chewing on a plastic bag. I used to LOVE Zico in Tetrapak - what happened?? Now I have a case of this and don't know what to do with it!
211771211771B000CNB4LEA2N0L4DKKTXW46TB1111299715200Bad batchI have been buying Zico's mango flavored coconut water for several months now but last 2 packs I received did not taste the same. It tasted as if it had gone bad/expired/etc. Normally this is a great product but after receiving two bad batches, I won't be buying Zico anymore.
211772211772B000CNB4LEADI61GPP9XMUK122120001111297036800Tetra pack should be the only way you sell coconut waterI bought this item loving the way it tasted in the 11.2 ounce packages but opting for more drink for your buck I went ahead and order a case of the 14 ounce plastic bottle zico. Bad Idea after my first taste I was unhappy the coconut water tasted like the plastic bottle. If you buy this product definately opt for the tetra packed 11.2 ounce product.
This Zico is a weak shadow of its former self.

Pros: Bottle looks cool?
Cons: Price, from concentrate. Taste.

In-depth Review:
I have been drinking Zico on and off for several years. I thought it was the best of the Vita/ONE/etc varieties. This was back before they were bought by Coca Cola and I was also buying the boxed version.

I bought this new bottled version without reading the details and did not realize that this new form was from concentrate. I did not pick up on a 'plastic" taste that other reviewers had. Rather, I just found the taste rather bland and seemingly watered down. Who knew that it was from concentrate, and really was watered down!

Something to also consider is whether the recent coconut craze will impact deforestation and local ecologies in developing countries where they come from. It does not seem there are many studies done on this.
211774211774B000CNB4LEA2552G2MTZSLXCMatt Matt1121291852800Zico NOT SO "premium" 14ozTaste is ok,reminds of the milk leftover in the bowl after eating your cereal.

My biggest issue is that its made from concentrate.(Very disappointing)
Shame on them.They do not tell you that before purchase.
Would not have purchased had I known.

Amy and Brian's is my favorite.W/or W/out coconut pieces.

I will only drink this as back-up
I drink 1 glass a day.
211775211775B000CNB4LEA2K1EWIW0Q26CTNirav Shah1111285891200:(I used to LOVE zico tetra pack. this new stuff in new bottle is super plasticy and ugly. !!

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