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211801211801B000CNB4LEA3AUHV3Z3AZZD3Melissa Ann Foligno2311287792000Taste before you buy!This is the most disgusting drink I have ever tried! Don't buy unless you know what it is!
211802211802B000CNB4LEA3SFW7DKA83D1OElaine L2311287532800from concentrate!This stuff is terrible. It has that concentrated and plasticky taste as if it's not fresh.
211803211803B000CNB4LEA1KVMHIX6JS4LPFranz Wallace "D wallace"2311286755200nastyI am from Jamaica, and I had coconuts straight from the trees and this does not taste natural at all, as a matter of fact this is the worst tasting coconut water I have ever tasted. I was very disappointed, Zico does not come close. I have to give VITA COCO FIVE STAR and this None.
211804211804B000CNB4LEA3HRWZW3ZK6W49Kristen McDaniel2331278028800Pretty good.I had coconut water when I was in the Philippines & loved it. So, I ordered this when I got home since I enjoyed it so much. Zico coconut water is pretty good, but not as good as the fresh coconut water I had previously, so I was slightly disappointed.
211805211805B000CNB4LEA2CUGPQKBWYTQHMarie0051351123200Great taste!The best coconut is much better in the bottle than the paper box. I would recommend it. It even tastes great at room temperature.
211806211806B000CNB4LEAWMGC1CQ08X7IAudrey0051350950400The most wonderful thing ever invented.I'm not religious, but bless you Zico. Being able to buy in bulk is the only way to go. Will order again. I do prefer the tetra packs but the bottles were convenient.
211807211807B000CNB4LEAY1EF0GOH80EKNatasha Stryker0051350691200Favorite flavored coconut waterI have tried SO MANY coconut waters, most range from good to absolutely undrinkable (I am looking at you Vitacoco with Tropical fruit >:P ). This Zico with Passion Fruit is my favorite and seriously helped my through some HORRENDOUS morning sickness. It tastes fresh and crisp with no off flavors or aftertaste. I would put the 11 ounces on ice with a bit of chilled water in a huge cup and sip it all day, adding more water as the day went on until I was just drinking water. If I tried drinking plain water I would retch immediately so this was a great help. Also nice to get some electrolytes to help with dehydration.
211808211808B000CNB4LEA1C1KF4DOBO9F8Rejoyce0051350000000Great price for a good productThe product always arrives on time and is well packaged to prevent damage. I am set up on automatic shipments to save additional money.ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water, Natural, 33.8-Ounce Container (Pack of 6)
211809211809B000CNB4LEA36AFT63F2SDX3Humberto Moraes Soares "Books da Rozi"0051349827200Really good productI use to have natural coconut water from the fruit in Brazil and also tried a lot of brands here in US, finally found Zico chocolate flavored and it is really good.
211810211810B000CNB4LEA3FR4M6XPB3XY3KAL0011349654400Want to like it but don'tI've been drinking ZICO brand coconut water after yoga for a few years. My favorite flavor disappeared after ZICO sold out to Big Business, and my next favorite flavor since the sell out never seems to be available. So I tried pineapple because it was available and I like another brand of coconut water with pineapple, but ZICO definitely did not nail this flavor! I will choke down the rest of the nasty pineapple case and switch to something else...have lost faith in ZICO since they sold out.
211811211811B000CNB4LEA6A3VZKPA9YCGRPG "R"0031349654400Zico Pure Premium coconut water 14oz. Not so Tastey!Just got my order.. good thing.. nothing leaked like the Zico 33.8 Oz (6pack).
I've had about 5 so far.. have to say.. Vita Coco taste alot better. I do like the resealable packaging.. but, taste not so good.. as some reviewers said.. taste plasticy... I think I will stick with vita Coco.
211812211812B000CNB4LEA28WZZASL1ACK3A. Vairavan "KV"0041349395200Satisfying and Refreshing DrinkKnowing well that my wife and I have taken to this refreshing drink, our son regularly
sends us (through Zico- pure premium coconut water (natural). It is a very
convenient and economic way to order and receive the product at our doorsteps. My
wife especially likes the drink and enjoys it almost daily.

The taste is not quite the same as that of fresh coconut water, but it comes pretty close.
If one feels really thirsty or dehydrated and looks for something other than plain water,
this product could be very satisfying.
211813211813B000CNB4LEA36X8R1Y6NREHYS. H.0011349222400Tastes like plastic-YUCK!Have purchased this product in different cities from different stores. The consistent thing? It tastes like plastic. Nasty. I will not be buying this product ever again.
211814211814B000CNB4LEA3H0WCPNYRUA7RMary Galvin0051349222400Rehydrate naturallyRehydrate naturally with Zico Pure premium Coconut water. I love the passion fruit flavor. It is a mix of light fruits and coconut water giving you all the potassium you need after an intense work out. I love doing Bickram yoga and I rehydrate with Zico!
211815211815B000CNB4LEA39MOLMP6YY28DAlan0051349049600Hydrates better than sports drinks AND tastes better!Many popular sports drinks have a lot of sodium and glucose as well as other electrolytes and stuff. Their flavoring frequently is nasty.

ZICO Coconut Water on the other hand is water with a pleasant coconut flavor and a natural blend of sugars and nutrients found within green coconuts. There's far less sodium than in other sports drinks, lots of potassium, and it can also be mixed with fruit juice to add some nice flavor to complement it (mango and orange are good additions).

After raking leaves for a few hours in the hot Florida sun, this stuff not only tastes better, it seems to hydrate faster as well, I feel refreshed and ready for more work quicker than with the regular sports drinks.
211816211816B000CNB4LEA346PNJ0UJFUA7B. Smith0051348876800Delicious!This is one of my favorite flavors,however I like the natural and chocolate flavors also. Very refreshing all year long! Love to send it to my family members who are in college.
211817211817B000CNB4LEA2651U83ADWP6Raggie0051348790400zicoI love ZICO. I have Sjogrens and can get dehydrated very quickly. Since I have been drinking ZICO every morning I have not had to go into the hospital. My doctor was the one who had suggested to buy it. I really love your money saving offer. Plus it is delivered at the door. Who could ask for anything better.
211818211818B000CNB4LEA2UZJDBFJBSVOslm49960031348531200OK, lots of taste variety between batchesThe first batch I got was fairly good, the second batch had a plastic sort of taste. I didn't realize how bad it was until I tried some side-by-side with some Taste Nirvana brand.

So my recommendation so far is Tast Nirvana, I just ordered some Amy and Brian's I will update here once I get it and compare.
211819211819B000CNB4LEA1ZCW12U4J8DXHE. Garrett "EG"0011348272000Not sure what the fuss is about. I didn't enjoy it at all.I wanted to try this out because I've heard a lot of good things about Coconut Water and it sounded sweet and tasty.'s surprisingly bitter and not...very good at all. I am basically forcing myself to finish the bottle. Adding a spoonful of sugar has actually helped it a lot. Regardless, I highly recommend tasting a bit of it before you buy any large amount. It's probably an acquired taste, and not for me.
211820211820B000CNB4LEA1W67198LN2VPJGaret Gordon0011348272000DisappointedOverall decent taste, but not what I expected. Also did not expect this to be coconut water from CONCENTRATE. I will read the fine print better next time. 100% pure coconut water is always better IMHO.

The added sugar would not really be necessary if it's pure coconut water, not from concentrate.
211821211821B000CNB4LEAXRZ5UBRRASHRSam0051348185600Amazing!This stuff is delicious and Amazon has the best price on it that I've seen so far (around $2.10 a bottle)

I'm a chocolate addict and this stuff is my waistlines saving grace, it's only 120 calories a bottle and I drink half of it at a time. It's also got all the health benefits of regular coconut water (potassium,iron and electrolytes)

It's still a little expensive but it's a real treat and I will definitely buy this product again.
211822211822B000CNB4LEA306WT519LXA0TJonathan Batista0051348012800Great FlavorLike many of the other reviews, I have tried coconut water and hated the taste. I do love chocolate and had a free sample of this and was hooked. Since these sell in NY for about $3 a bottle I decided to buy the cases. As soon as I saw that amazon only had a few left I bought 4 boxes. Hopefully they get more in stock when I am ready.

Side note: I used to get really bad headaches at work and now that I drink one with my lunch I feel much better (refreshed). I highly recommend giving it a try.
211823211823B000CNB4LEA3EJZZ8HPFCTSKcmt0180051347926400WonderfulThis pure coconut water is my favorite and to be able to get it delivered to the door is awesome. The bottle size is perfect - just enough for refreshment with no waste. The drink chills quickly in the refridgerator and tastes great.
211824211824B000CNB4LEA3J5J16BPO6Q9Bkel0051347840000So far the bestI have tried 2 other brands, Vita Coco and Taste Nirvana, and in my opinion Zico has the better taste of the 3.
211825211825B000CNB4LEA186NOZW7YYOX2Wurk Indad0021347840000Okay...Doesn't taste like real coconut water. They may have used extremely young coconuts (that are are not desirable) or some second-rate coconut crop.
211826211826B000CNB4LEA1CT5D2CE2JOHRob M0051347840000ZICO - Great stuff - a bit expensive!ZICO Coconut Water is great stuff. I wish I could find it somewhere where it wasnt soo expensvie. It is a bit expensive!
211827211827B000CNB4LEA3MPTMYAYVVM8ME. Gladden0051347667200Coconut water " Yoo-Hoo"I used to love the chocolate drink "Yoo-Hoo" growing up as a kid. I tried this because I love coconut water now but was intrigued by the chocolate. I was pleasantly surprized!!! I no longer have to act like I'm buying Yoo-Hoo for a child I don't have and can confidently drink ZICO CHOCOLATE in public!!! LOL
211828211828B000CNB4LEA16FINS0ZM8EJFR. E. Wolff0031347580800Good but not greatNot bad coconut water but doesn't come close to Nirvana (in bottles). They both originate from Thai coconuts but Nirvana has a much deeper, richer taste.
211829211829B000CNB4LEA17ALZ8BNDN17DLG0051347062400Love this stuff!!This stuff is absolutely amazing! It tastes the best when it is really cold and goes down super smooth! Anyone who works on on a regular basis should at least give it a try.
211830211830B000CNB4LEA2H0XZNQKU7MQLynne "LynneMH"0051346976000It's great!I really like this product. It is always fresh and taste great. I especially like the lid which is easy to use and secure. Not like other brands with a flip lid that tears easily and can leak.

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