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211831211831B000CNB4LEAUJ9KXX20JX4QJeremy A. Mazur0051346889600great drinkI like having Zico with dinner, it really quenches my thirst. I also like taking it to watch my son playing sports, everyone else is drinking coffee which I never drink.
211832211832B000CNB4LEA1XFDTSZA5Z4X3retired0051346544000Great StuffZICO is wonderful. What a difference this great tasting coconut water has make in my daily
routines. All Senior's could benefit in their daily life from this product. Highly recommended!
211833211833B000CNB4LEA75AIUX8ZP2UMLaurie0051346112000ZicoI am training for a marathon and was having trouble with cramping. In the past i had only used gatoraid and that was not stopping the cramps.I had tried Zico in other flavors but chocolate is the only one I can tolerate. I actually love the chocolate. Since using it after runs over 90mins. I no longer get cramps. It is best cold. I also mix it into my smoothie as a recovery drink. I order it by the case now since my grocery store does not always have it and I don't want to run out.
211834211834B000CNB4LEA285ML7MDHXA7PThat Guy0041345593600Not the best, but a good priceThis isn't going to be as good as some of the other products on amazon, but it is a good compromise between price and taste.
211835211835B000CNB4LEAI75XZ6BENG2Ekathi0051345075200the best coconut water!I love this water!! I am a health care provider and suggest to all my patients to drink at least one a day for good hydration and good for the skin. and the best place to purchase is!!!!
211836211836B000CNB4LEA2X91JL5XPYRABZ0051344556800Zico coconut waterThis is the best tasting coconut water out there!
I have tried many but Zico tastes like it was just poured from a freshly plucked coconut.
211837211837B000CNB4LEA1KXIWY4GJIR4FEmir Eduard Mundopare "Em Eddie"0051344211200Taste and consistency appear more to the real thingI grew up in the tropics where the best shade at the beach is from a palm tree. Of course, you gotta look up first to inspect if there are coconuts above. It might be dangerous when ripe. Oh! but locals climb palm trees to harvest the fruit. With a machete they open up the top and voila, a super refreshing 40 to 50 calories drink.

Zico water reminds me of the flavor tasted. I purchase it in Safeway and/or Trader Joe's ( I live in California now). Relatively cheap and likely the real thing without so much processing.

I recommend it. Trust me. It is good. ;0)
211838211838B000CNB4LEA191ACUFKGFO53Cynthia J. Newsom0051344211200Tastes GreatZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water, Natural, 11.2-Ounce Tetra Paks (Pack of 12)This is the best tasting coconut water out there. So refreshing. When my friends complain about the taste of coconut water I refer them to this brand. Makes all the difference.
211839211839B000CNB4LEABGMKOWUNRCM5Jennifer Joann Ellis "Jen"0051343347200Like a light Yoo-HooDelicious! Still light and refreshing enough for a pre or post-work drink! This drink has more flavor that plain coco water and isn't too sweet.
211840211840B000CNB4LEA33HIV8RXRDM88Kanishk Rastogi "Freelenser"0051342915200A refreshing natural taste..feels like straight from a tropical beachNo need to read reviews and search any more..the best coconut water is definitely from Zico! I am not surprised that this product is always on back order at Amazon. After all, it is so fresh, tastes purely natural, and is extremely refreshing, that anyone who tries it once will love it. We have been using it since last 4 months and have been so used to it that I had to use the "Subscribe n Save" option which beats the price of this product from everywhere else.
It comes well packaged and the containers are very easy to store, carry, and drink directly from the bottle. Love this product and highly recommend it!
211841211841B000CNB4LEA2NXRD80LWHUOPMojave Mike "Mike"0041342915200This stuff is great!What this is: coconut water - not coconut milk - flavored with chocolate.

Coconut water is taken from green coconuts - they haven't had the time to form the meat or milk yet. Plain coconut water is cloudy-clear, and doesn't quite taste like coconuts. It's packed with electrolytes, and doesn't carry a lot of calories. I like Zico's plain coconut water better than most of their competitors plain product.

This chocolate flavor is excellent imho. It's not horribly sweet - kind of like a dark chocolate drink.

Price compare: the local chain store (with the bulls-eye logo) has the plan or flavored bottles at about $2.50 each, so this is a good ten bucks cheaper (as of 22jul12) than the local market, and I don't have to drive over to get it.

Among the big benefits for me is it provides a good helping of potassium, about as much as a banana, and is not loaded with sodium.

About me: I don't see anything special about delivering what you promise so I very rarely give "5"-star reviews.
211842211842B000CNB4LEA3SIZC600PA0AWmiss-honesty "Tiffany"0031341532800Only good if it's offered for a fair price!Zico is a very mild green coconut water that lacks the sweetness of the Vita Coco brand. I mostly drink coconut water for the benefits so the specific taste range is broad for me. I don't like the floating prices on this site because when I purchased it, it was a good deal (especially coupled with free shipping). I've since seen the prices rise to almost double at times PLUS shipping sometimes which is severely unfair. I can find this at the supermarket so if it's not cheap enough here I'm not buying it. Bottom line!
211843211843B000CNB4LEA1TD4NJV0YCFV7SDL0051341532800Zico Pure Premium Coconut WaterI love this coconut water. It tastes great and is healthy. I mix 2 tablespoons of pure cherry concentrate in 6-8 ounces and get double benefits, and the more I drink it, the more I love it.
211844211844B000CNB4LEA3AIQ1YKFYICVFlivinginfaith750051339545600Refreshingly Good!My first time experience Coconut Water. I heard it is good for inflammation. I am very happy with my choice of choosing ZICO.
211845211845B000CNB4LEALMG6K8V5O443Amanda B.0051339200000I love this water!!This is the best water after a hard work out! You recover a lot quicker & it makes you feel good. I love coconut so this water was made for me!
211846211846B000CNB4LEA1HN6121ERUMRXMr.B0041339200000RefreshingI have tried a bunch of coconut waters. This one is in the top three for strait coconut water. Its so refreshing that my body craves it after a good workout or a long night of drinking. I recommend this to all my friends.

If ts your first time drinking any coconut water, the flavor will grow on you. I wasn't big on it at first but now it's one of my favorite drinks.

You'll be happy when you read the ingredience list. It's refreshing that it's all words you can pronounce.
211847211847B000CNB4LEA2DEHJJIEAPPBFNone0051338940800Great tasteEnjoy drinking this brand. Tastes as good as other coconut waters. Bottle great for taking to work or wherever. Recycle the bottle when done!
211848211848B000CNB4LEA1EJ5MNCU338G1EliseMW0051338854400Yum!I use this stuff most days during my workouts since it's a natural electrolyte replacement. It tastes good and keeps my energy up.
211849211849B000CNB4LEA1SNBTEWIBJUXWCustomer M0051338681600I LOVE ZICO!I've been very happy with the ZICO 11oz Tetra Pak from Thailand and decided to give the bottles a try. While it contains a blend of coconuts, I found the taste to be great and the bottle very convenient to use/carry. It's great knowing the quality was not lessened in anyway. Thanks again to Dr.OZ for making a great recommendation!
211850211850B000CNB4LEA2JGXBY85A640WR.Natraj "Life is Beautiful !!"0011338422400Tastes very bad.Very bad taste, like rotten/stale drink. I had read pretty good reviews about ZICO coconut water, but on trying it totally disapointed. VITA COCO is way better than this.
211851211851B000CNB4LEA2WTB3W7LN5Z0VChristine0021338422400packaging seems good, changes to coconut water formulation notUnfortunate that Zico natural coconut water was reformulated when this bottle was introduced. I like the convenience of the bottle, and find it easy to believe that the bottle is environmentally friendlier than the tetra pak, but the flavor of the coconut water is unpleasant--the kindest characterization I can come up with is "flat". Like other reviewers, I like the flavor of Zico natural coconut water available in the traditional packaging. A look at the nutrition information on the label makes it clear that there is a difference in the two products, though I haven't analyzed the changes. Will not be purchasing any more of this product.
211852211852B000CNB4LEAYYGF0KWJDOEOMellon0051337990400Good valueI purchase this for my husband who loves the chocolate. I have one place we can purchase this in my area and it is much more expensive than gettng online, so when it's time for more, ordering it from Amazon is quick and easy!
211853211853B000CNB4LEA3D31W9T3EAYO6Eso0011337644800Pineapple?Didn't taste anything like Pineapple to me, you could taste the plastic from the bottle! I'd stick to other coconut water brands like Vita Coco and One Natural Experience for a product that tastes like what the fresh ones on vacation taste like.
211854211854B000CNB4LEA2781IEZ958BNKwanda0011337385600Who said this tasted like Yahoo???My taste buds must be very different because believe me this does not taste like a yahoo......What a waste of money....
211855211855B000CNB4LEA4UWHNEEVW3XNj0051337299200love itlots of coconut flavor and only a few grams of carbs. make a lot more sense than paying $2.50 per bottle at the gym. jen aniston is never wrong, right?
211856211856B000CNB4LEA3SIZC600PA0AWmiss-honesty "Tiffany"0051337126400Coconut + Chocolate = Bliss!I love coconut water in all its raw incarnations: Brazilian, Thai, Indian. I'm hit or miss with the fruit juice blended beverages of any brand. Along comes chocolate Zico. It doesn't seem right given the consistency and flavor of coconut water. Well, it is creamier in appearance than any other water or blend -- as it, well, should be. You wouldn't mistake this in a glass beside the plain variety. The flavor is rich, very cocoa and in surprising harmony with the coconut core of it all. I enjoy it because it tastes more like a treat than the regular and goes down smooth just in case I really need the hydrating lift! You've done juice blended coconut waters. Now try this. Be careful of price they really shouldn't be more than twenty dollars per case!
211857211857B000CNB4LEASQK3ZKF3MIIGSantino0051336953600I taste zero plastic, just great coconut waterI am amazed to see so may negative reviews. Best I can guess is that the bottles the negative reviewers tastes were mishandled somehow. Maybe they got too warm or something during shipping.

I buy Zico Natural in the plastic bottle from my local grocery store all the time, and they are the closest thing to actual fresh coconut water I have found. I love fresh coconut water, and I absolutely hate anything that tastes like plastic or metal.

In fact, I dislike most bottled or canned coconut water because of the off tastes, but I simply don't taste anything wrong with the Zico Natural in plastic bottes.

Accuse me of working for Zico if you like, but as you can see I am a long time Amazon user and reviewer.
211858211858B000CNB4LEA1RWUS37JERAOTChiradeep Chhaya "Genetically Alien"0041336694400Pretty goodHad come across a number of comments mentioning that the taste isn't the same as it used to be.

I don't know how it tasted previously, but the contents of this packaging are perfectly fine in taste. I found that cooling the contents a bit tasted much better than consuming them at room temperature or chilling them.

Also, the contents contain more sodium than water but, then again, you derive maximum benefit from coconut water if you use it as protection against dehydration or for replenishment, and not as a substitute for regular water. Also, drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade seemed to make me feel more bloated - so far, I have experienced nothing of that sort with Zico. Admittedly, carrying a Powerade bottle to the gym looks much more normal than carrying a Zico coconut water bottle :-)

For what it's worth, my mom-in-law suffers from hyperacidity and has found the Natural variant of ZICO to be a blessing.

I didn't give this 5 stars because I haven't been consuming it for long to know what side effects there might be, and nothing beats real coconut water, right out of a tropical coconut.
211859211859B000CNB4LEA389C17R4R5R3Vimmaterial0051336608000Cure for CottonmouthThis product is absolutely delicious. I purchased a case and received it in 2 days thanks to amazon prime. Its been less than 24 hours since I've had the Zico and I've already drank around 5 or 6 bottles. Its an excellent cure for dry mouth and is great for quick hydration. It is basically chocolate milk except not horrible for you. It may actually be better tasting than chocolate milk. There is some sugar which could be a concern for some people, but for people who consume it moderately and don't have health problems its hardly a concern.

This beverage is best served cold, if not slightly frozen.
211860211860B000CNB4LEANU1MAZBJQIA0formerfan687311279756800New bottle/formula tastes plastic-yI really like Zico in the tetra pak. When I tried the bottled formula, I didn't realize that the formula was any different...I just thought it was a new bottle. My reaction to every sip was that it tasted and smelled very plastic-y. It seemed that sitting in the plastic bottle was imparting a plastic flavor to the drink. I couldn't even finish the drink and immediately wrote a letter to Zico asking for the Tetra Pak back! I then did a little research and realize that this is the new flavor of this formula using a new variety of coconut and from concentrate. I really don't like this new flavor at all. I will not be buying this product in the bottle again.

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