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211891211891B000CNB4LEA2EO6V31U3MDYHrunnin-mama0051331251200my daily addictionI drink at least one zico each day - always after exercise (running, yoga, hiking) but also after flying or just running around in the dry Colorado climate! I even give them to my grandparents who swear by ZICO to help them maintain proper blood pressure - especially at altitude. And best yet - my little boys LOVE chocolate ZICO and i LOVE that it has way less sugar than chocolate milk!
211892211892B000CNB4LEA1R5FEC9A0L1M0allthefalls0011330819200From concentrate, tastes awful!I love the plain Zico coconut water, its pure not from concentrate, and its so delicious. I always buy the 33.8 pack of 6. This mango flavor was torture to finish! Save your money for the pure Zico coconut water which is so good it's addicting!
211893211893B000CNB4LEAE4PE48Q2794ITax Accountant "Tax Accountant"0051330560000Fantastic, Love the Larger BottlesI love this coconut water, (I also purchase VitaCoco cases at least 1-2 times a month). This coconut water is my husband's favorite, so we always have it in the refrigerator. Our family doesn't purchase soda, and now with the coconut water, we don't buy sports drinks, either! It's great to rehydrate, take to the gym, etc. And a liter is the perfect size-- I always found myself drinking at least 2 of the smaller ones so this is a more economic option.

The items shipped fine, arrived in great shape. I'm on autoship for this product, so I don't even have to get it from the grocery store anymore.
211894211894B000CNB4LEA3ABVEJNXKDW4BChad E. Perry "Chadimus"0011330387200Least favorite brand of coconut waterI don't know if it's the plastic bottle or the fact that it's made from concerntrate, but something doesn't taste right about Zico. I ordered many different brands and most, if not all of them were not made from concentrate. This tastes diluted, re-constituted and plastic-y. There are many other brands, I recommend any one of them over Zico.
211895211895B000CNB4LEA1KCIPXJGD6AKPCC "bl0ndie"0041330300800Very good coconut waterI went to Hawaii last Fall to see a friend who introduced me to fresh, young, coconut water. Once I returned to the mainland I craved the flavor of coconut water. It is yummy and so refreshing. So I found some at the local grocery store, but it wasn't very good. Then I found this brand on sale at the store and tried it and fell in love. It is SO close to the same refreshing coconut juice I had in HI and I love it so much I have it ordered via the Amazon subscription service so that I can save a little $$$ too. Definitely recommend.
211896211896B000CNB4LEA12IS139FM841Nslickshews0051330128000Delicious!!I tried the original Zico coconut water on recommendation from a friend, and really like it. When I saw the chocolate flavor I was skeptical but intrigued. I'm a huge "chocolate lover" but chocolate and water in the same sentence sounded kind of weird. I tried it anyway and I am so glad that I did! WOW! This stuff tastes amazing and doesn't taste "watery" or "watered down" at all. It's has a rich chocolate flavor and is basically a dairy-free way to enjoy chocolate milk. Plus it has all of those good electrolytes :)
Definitely worth a try!
211897211897B000CNB4LEA1R5FEC9A0L1M0allthefalls0051330041600best tasting coconut waterZico 33.8 Ounce tastes so good, crisp and pure. It tastes way better than vitacoco which has an odd after taste. My packs were fresh with an expiration of 9 months after I ordered. Shipping was super fast and absolutely no damage to the containers. You have to try out how delicious this brand is!
211898211898B000CNB4LEA1VYQXGCODYH96tm0051329436800YUMMMYI saw the chocolate zico at a healthfood store. I order the regular water on amazon and decided to give the chocolate water a try. I was amazed at how good the water was!!! It tastes like low fat chocolate milk.......Yummy. Chocolate is my favorite flavor. My only problem will be trying not to drink more than one a day!!!
211899211899B000CNB4LEANIRUTX2PVRECKarly0041329177600I don't mind the new flavorI agree that the flavor has changed and it does have a more um... plastic-y taste now but I still think it tastes good (although I have always liked artificial flavors...I know that's kind of weird). Anyway I liked the previous formula better, but I thought I should share my honest opinion that the new flavor is not that bad.
211900211900B000CNB4LEAJRSQ9RM3RHXXSharon H. Lions "SHL"0021328572800This tastes awefulAnyone who says this tastes like choc milk or Yoo Hoo is nuts. I had it over ice and could hardly get it down. I wanted to like it and am extremely disappointed that it is so bad tasting. Delivery was not what I expected either. It came in a box with many other items, it was way too heavy and the box was ripped to shreds. I think the UPS guy carried it to my door like a basket and everything fell out. I guess the good news is it came quickly, along with the disappointment.
211901211901B000CNB4LEA1IU2NHZ0ANUSJI HEART AMAZON "CINDY"0051328486400This was my FIRST coconut water!And I gotta say......I like it! I did a lot of research on coconut water before I purchased. Zinco brand seemed to get better reviews, and people saying it actually has ALOT more electrolytes etc. I have heard the benefits of drinking this versus Gatorade etc and wanted one that didn't taste like crap. This is chocolate flavored. Well , anything chocolate in my book is a winner. the product arrived fast, and was packaged very well. I put a few in the refrigerator and in a couple hours, I tried one. It didn't gag, or spit it out. It actually has a once taste to it. Kinda like watered down chocolate milk. Didn't taste any coconut flavor, just chocolate. It filled me up, and seemed to make me have a little energy, I plan on using these as after workout drinks, or even after too much indulging in the wine, I think these would help! Lol. So I am pleased with the price, the packaging ( recycle) and the taste. Also happy that this brand has been rated the best out of the top 3, for it's "quality".
211902211902B000CNB4LEAWH3T7QHREHVOKara0051327968000So amazingly deliciousWow. This drink is awesome. So awesome that I picked up the phone and called the friend who recommended it to me immediately after my first sip of it to thank him. Everyone else who I've introduced it to is equally hooked. The best ways to describe the taste are 1) the leftover milk in a bowl of cocoa puffs cereal or 2) upgraded yoohoo. Also worth noting is that several people who do not like the taste of plain coconut water are in love with this chocolate version.
211903211903B000CNB4LEA6F7LYQWS6VHYavn0021327795200bad tasteIt does not taste like pure coconut water,Its taste like some drink with coconut flavour. I wouldn't prefer these bottles instead i would go for zico smaller packs. they taste better than these bottled drink.
211904211904B000CNB4LEASEE1C4KGQFADMaj. Sanders "USKFC"0021327622400Very DisappointedI based my purchase entirely upon user feedback. It may be the packaging (non-hermetic) that is impacting the taste, but this product was simply bland. I reviewed the ingredients and is is reconstituted. Perhaps coconut looses flavor during the dehydration process. Nonetheless, I will struggle through the remaining 10 bottles and cancel my Amazon subscription for it. Off to the next brand...
211905211905B000CNB4LEA2T9VLHF8VOM5IJ. RODRIGUEZ0051327017600Tastes great!!!Doctor Oz best coconut water, delivers what it says. Love the taste! Takes me back home when I drink directly from coconut! I purchase the liters and taste great! Packaging is perfect no leaks! This is the only brand I have tried so cannot comment on the other brands out there.
211906211906B000CNB4LEA2KJGKSE2GFG5ILionspurr Loudly "Lionspurr"0051327017600Yummy Hydration!!Chocolate Zico is great!! Though I should start with the fact that we don't really enjoy Coconut Water as a whole. The regular (non-flavored) is great mixed with OJ or in a smoothie, but the flavor is not that appealing. I know people love the stuff, we just have not developed a taste for it yet.
The Chocolate however, is not like typical coconut water as it also has some coconut cream and yummy dark chocolate. The flavor is reminicent to Yoohoo, but without that milky taste or concerns of lactose digestability. It is rich tasting, but not heavy. We often drink it after a Bikram Yoga class and it hits the spot. Not knowing much about cocounut water and it's benefits, we are learning quickly, there are many.
211907211907B000CNB4LEA17D47SKLSZFTKcranerhec0051326931200My favorite drinkLoved the drink. Just wish it did not cost as much as it does. However, love the drink. Tastes like an Almond Joy.
211908211908B000CNB4LEA1NAPAQJS5FNVAJ See0051326412800Fab taste, fresh and so delish!It's the first time I've tried this brand and I love it! I've tried Vita Coco and some other brands and they were just "ok" for taste. In fact, they tasted flat and stale. This brand is very fresh and delicious, I am enjoying it so much! I've also tried O.N.E brand, and the taste is very similar. I'd buy both Zico and O.N.E. again..but Zico was a little cheaper! great deal!
211909211909B000CNB4LEA2XN6JVSFBS1YWGlenn A. Mumpower0051326240000Healthy drinkI am a personal trainer and always looking for alternative supplements and unique products that can be effective for hydration and recovery. This product is great for hydration during and after a hard workout. It taste great and should not adversely affect blood sugar in those that have reasons for concern.
211910211910B000CNB4LEA31MET8H73T00YC. Hayden0051325721600Much better quality than competitors!We saw a comparison of coconut water brands on Dr. Oz. At the time, we were subscribing to Vita Coco.

Zico has the fresh taste and consistency of real natural coconut water, whereas Vita Coco has a taste that suggests it is not as fresh or not as pure. Zico is more like fresh-squeezed.

The only reason we had purchased the Vita Coco brand initially was that it seemed more available in local stores (as a backup, we love you Amazon and would never ever go to the store if we didn't have to).

Zico packaging was the same as VC in my opinion and has no issues. We ordered the 33.8-ounce 6-pack to make the cost much less comparable to VC's 12-pack of 11.1-ounce cartons, and that seems to have been a happy accident as a space-saver (for us) in the refrigerator. Now one container looks right instead of 3 or 4 of the other.
211911211911B000CNB4LEACTU4JWK5U1Q3Tara0051325635200Awesome StuffThis is a great product. My whole family (including my 20 month old) loves it! This coconut water is not as sweet as some of the others I have tried. Would highly recommend this product.
211912211912B000CNB4LEATAYF68X8AL8QDee0051325289600YummyBest drink ever
I mix it with my smoothie or drink it alone it is awesome!
I recommend it to anyone
Great taste
211913211913B000CNB4LEAH8OB670OWYGRKelly Ballentine0051324944000wow!I love coconut water, but usually stay away from the flavored options. Tried this on a fluke, while in an airport, and thought it was delicious. It tastes very similar to a Yoohoo, if you're familiar with that drink. Not quite the "refreshing" taste that I think the plain coconut water has, but definitely a tasty beverage that I find enjoyable. If you like chocolate, this is a good beverage.
211914211914B000CNB4LEA2RAG9JZXYD4FZMadamB0051324857600Zico = really goodFlavourful coconut taste and in a sturdy-package...difficult to damage cardboard carton....however, every two or three shipments brought a plastic top with damage or the collar where the plastic meets the cardboard separated and leaking. Amazon is wonderful about replacements, but it's a shame the container isn't a bit more dependable. I do recommend Zico as my second best choice....Amy and Brian being first, but talk about damaged containers!! Had to cancel my purchases from Amy and Brian due to so many cans being dented and mangled.
211915211915B000CNB4LEA3QNQQKJTL76H0buru buru piggu0011324598400Really icky stuff. Go with the Tetra-Paks insteadI used to love Zico coconut water. No any more. This new formula is terrible. It taste nothing like how coconut water is supposed to taste. First, is that this now comes in a plastic bottle and is from concentrate, with the added ingredient of "natural flavors", whatever those may be. I don't know how to put it into words, but it just lacks vitality and freshness that should be in coconut water. It taste nothing like their previous product which comes in the paper Tetra-Pak cartons: ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water, Natural, 11.2-Ounce Tetra Paks (Pack of 12).

These may be cost-cutting moves and they show. This product is terrible. Go with the original non-concentrate Tetra-paks.
211916211916B000CNB4LEA3QG30LI3N9MZ6Nandita Das0021324598400Product is ok as far as coconut water goes, but bottle designs suck!Coconut water tastes ok as far as bottled coconut water goes. The real thing is what I have grown up on, so I have to settle. But I don't like this bottle, the packets should be better. When you open the wrapper, you have to be careful because there are plastic pieces as sharp as a knife still hanging around and you can cut your finger or lip on it...I have!
211917211917B000CNB4LEAPXGXR01I1AJ8Jones0051324339200DELICIOUS!!!This mango Zico I've only had for the first time. It issooooo delicious. and if it's all what it says (more potassium than a banana,zero sugar, better than sports drinks, etc), then that's FANTASTIC. Also it arrived quickly and in great condition. I will definately order again and will try other flavors as well. YUM!!!!!
211918211918B000CNB4LEA28BRJK5W0SYG3Lori0021323648000SoSoCoconut water not for me, but will keep it in my emergency kit...just in case we get any more of those earthquakes and it nocks out power for!
211919211919B000CNB4LEA32ADQR9F4OU4FLit Guru0051323648000Healthy yoohooLuv this drink. Hot yoga classes turned me onto it & now I am addicted after every workout! Chocolate is hands down the best flavor!
211920211920B000CNB4LEA1QCQE5XW37LN1Short Stain0041323216000Pineapple? No thanks.The coconut water tastes good, it's like most other coconut waters on the market. Good coconut flavor, a little salty from the electrolytes, but overall pretty good.

The pineapple "flavor" however, ruins it. At the price I bought it for, $6 on Amazon Warehouse, I'd buy it again, because coconut water is usually fairly expensive and the stuff is still decent, but the pineapple is like a bad afterthought, like your in-laws staying over for a week and then telling you they'll be here 2 more nights.

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