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211965211965B000CNB4LEA2MQ2MN4UX3L8CK. mcgarity0051315180800Delicious and good for you!Living in Florida in the summer time is great but, it also dehydrating so, I have learned through friends and then internet information how good coconut water is for you to replenish what your body needs, (I am not a Gatorade fan), I needed to find something that I liked. I tried other coconut waters and then read how Zico was the best to do what it said it would. I searched and found the chocolate coconut water and tried it. Now, I am addicted, it is absolutely delicious. Great chocolate taste, REAL chocolate taste and not too sweet. It is great just as a pick-me-up chocolate need, that is good for you. I have both the regular coconut water and the chocolate. It is a treat!
211951211951B000CNB4LEA3C5Z05IKSSFB9M. Magpoc "maliasuperstar"0051317254400Satisfies my sweet tooth!I LOVE Coconut Water so when they came out with Chocolate Flavored Coconut Water, I was excited!
This tastes to me a lot like nonfat chocolate milk but you get the added benefits of Coconut Water.
I've been trying to lose a couple of extra pounds and whenever I get the urge for a late night snack or my sweet tooth sneaks up on me, I drink my Chocolate Coconut Water and it ALWAYS satisfies my craving for sweets!
What a lifesaver!
211952211952B000CNB4LEAVE06QW42NLGUEJ0051317254400Tastes Like Chocolate Milk! (somewhat)I've never been a big "health nut" and but when a "health nut" friend of mine had me try a Zico coconut water drink (plain) I was under the continued opinion that stuff that's "healthy" for us isn't healthy for the tongue (i.e. taste). It wasn't until I was at the local supermarket and tried the Zico Chocolate Coconut Water and fell in love with my first "health drink".

I would strongly recommend that you try this great drink before supplies run out! It's a very popular drink and according to the agriculture website coconuts are becoming harder to get because of the broadened use of coconut water and milk. So as I said TRY it before they run out.
211966211966B000CNB4LEA3H7EU8VX5TGJSParront0051314835200Love it!I was skeptical, hadn't found a flavored coconut water I liked. Well, I've become addicted to this one. I dig through the fridge looking for one when I'm out. Hate having to wait for the next delivery. No Prime shipping on subscribe & save. I feel deprived when it's just plain coconut water now. Try it!
211953211953B000CNB4LEAO37Y5D5MJQ22M. Yozzo0041317168000ChocococoI love coconut water... and I love chocolate and putting them together only seemed like a match made in heaven. The first time I tried it I became hooked but once you are 1/2 - 3/4 of the way through the 12pk I felt like I may have had enough of it and wanted just plain coconut water. I definitely like the chocolate flavor but it is more of "I need to be in the mood" type of thing rather than being able to drink it daily like I can with plain.
211967211967B000CNB4LEAOL68UGAP7TQ3Joe Collins0051314835200Best taste, very refreshingThere are quite a few coconut water products out there these days but this one is by far the best-tasting one I have tried. Great balance of chocolate and coconut to be refreshing. I add it to me post workout recovery after a strenuous long distance run or heavy weight lifting sessions. Placebo effect or potassium effect, my recovery has been faster and I mentally feel better. Great product!
211954211954B000CNB4LEA2X8WM3NN96KL1Hindy0051316736000Clean, fresh taste to meThis is the only coconut water that I really like. I have tried others but they almost made me sick. This has a fresh clean taste that I really like. I hope all the batches stay the same.
211968211968B000CNB4LEA1XURK5Z0IABSTMaude110051314835200Coconut Water and My Bladder...Somehow, by a miracle, I found ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water and it has become my preferred drink. I have Intercystial Cyctitis, which is inflammation of the bladder, and since I started drinking ZICO, my symptoms have vanished. I absolutely LOVE the chocolate flavor...coconut and chocolate are the BEST combination. I drink about 4 bottles a day and it keeps me feeling wonderful. I've shopped around, and has the lowest price I've found, which enables me to buy more, which is GREAT!
211969211969B000CNB4LEA1N3QXD4J4BDZMichael Sheehan0051314662400Best sport drink ever!!Loaded with potassium and all kinds of trace minerals Zico is my first choice for re-hydration on those long hot bike rides. We freeze Zico in the tetra pack and it makes great ice packs to keep the after ride food fresh in the cooler, then drink em down really cold;-)
211955211955B000CNB4LEAQSTM6NBZC16Obrooke0051316563200Great productThis is a great tasting coconut water.
My son likes gatorade and he also likes
this and it is much better for him.
Great for him after football practice.
211956211956B000CNB4LEAQSTM6NBZC16Obrooke0051316563200nice productThis is a really great tasting coconut water.
i prefer the flavored compared to regular and
this is a real sweet treat.
I also love the bottle because it is easy
to take with you.
211970211970B000CNB4LEA2AMU2D350BAOFAdviceByAlex121351314230400Delicious!I absolutely love Zico coconut water. This stuff is amazing and totally hydrates you. I have it every morning in a smoothie. Great way to flavor a smoothie without adding too much sugar or having to add milk. Best recipe: 1/4 cup vanilla greek yogurt, 1 banana, 1/2 cup frozen mango chunks and 1/2 cup of Zico coconut water, 7 ice cubes.
211957211957B000CNB4LEA3OGUIQ2NVYQGD. Osborn0051316304000Great refreshment after exerciseI got a sample of this at a local running competition a couple years back and they've had me hooked ever since. Totally refreshing after a run, definitely prefer the flavored to the plain (the plain takes a bit milky to me).
211958211958B000CNB4LEAVGAPBDRYCM59C. Brainerd0051316304000Some Liked It, Some Didn'tI really liked this coconut water and got to drink all of them myself without hiding any in back of the old bottles of salad dressing because the rest of the family didn't care for them.
211959211959B000CNB4LEA25PQY5JS57E3Mladygator0051316131200Chocolate is the best flavor, besides the original of courseAlthough some compare this flavor to chocolate milk, it goes down much smoother (less creamy, more refreshing like coconut water). Bonus, it has less fat and sugar than chocolate milk!
211960211960B000CNB4LEA2YF68R1VQW5JOTia "tia.calkin"0051316044800Liquid Cocoa PuffsThis my friends is perfection among coconut water. I love all of Zico varieties but this one is the best.
211961211961B000CNB4LEAD53Z7NOGYIMOAlyssa M. Sanchez0051316044800Surprisingly GoodWhile I love chocolate, I normally do not like chocolate flavored things. You know, things that aren't chocolate but are meant to taste like chocolate, such as chocolate Bonne Bell Lip Smackers, chocolate flavored Skittles, and cheap "chocolate" easter candy. I thought this would taste like super-watery chocolate milk and kept the first bottle I bought in the fridge for a month because I was too scared to try it, but I was completely wrong. It's delicious!!! If I had to describe the taste, it would be like melted dark chocolate gelato with a hint of coconut. I work at a small, outrageously overpriced local grocery store and we are selling it there for 2 dollars over the price of the per unit adjustment of a case here on Amazon (though I bought my bottle at one of those trendy chain health food stores for 1 dollar more over Amazon's price). So buy one bottle to see if you like it, and order the rest on Amazon. These prices can't be beat.
211962211962B000CNB4LEAUQODKXU9KRPZPeter Brainard "- Average Guy"0051315958400Liquid dessertThis stuff is amazing. Somewhat healthy and tastes like a chocolate shake. Recommend buying if you like coconut. Shake it up good, though.
211963211963B000CNB4LEA1X5DFCO5Y62KGCO0051315612800coconut crazyLove this drink for hydrating following a workout. Quenches my thirst like nothing other. I've tried other brands of Coconut H2O, and nothing tastes quite as smooth as this.
211964211964B000CNB4LEA3B9QZNGAOZSXHS. B. Simkins0051315267200really goodsounds weird, but it's really good. It becomes addicting after a while, and it does taste like milk left from chocolate cereal. When it's really cold it's refreshing. I tried the pineapple and it is disgusting. I was unsure and wanted to try coconut water, and this was great. I can't wait to get more on autoship!
211971211971B000CNB4LEA1RTSGY2749P9ZDavid Gurgel121331143590400Quite Pleasant, Good MixerI just tried this flavor. Clear and cold with just a trace of flavoring and not too sweet - adult taste, not a kiddie juice drink. There is no strong coconut flavor or aroma.

Zico makes a great novelty mixer (vodka & bourbon too) but seems a bit pricey for daily use.
211972211972B000CNB4LEA1VFENCO558LYMeredith Hopkins151751314230400I Thought I Hated Coconut Water (Until Zico Chocolate!)Having heard many people express their undying love for coconut water, last year I decided to try some. After about the first sip of the plain unadulterated coconut water I got at the grocery store I knew it and I were not going to be friends. I couldn't even force myself to finish the carton. I could not figure out why everyone was so excited about it and decided it just wasn't for me. Then, one day earlier this month I saw Zico Chocolate in the cold case at a convenience store, sandwiched between juices and sports drinks. I was hesitant to buy it considering my previous experience with coconut water but the lure of chocolate was too much. I am so glad that I decided to go for it! Zico Chocolate could not be more different from plain coconut water. The weird (almost like bad molasses) flavor I found so unappealing in the plain was missing completely from the Zico Chocolate. Because they added some coconut cream it is ever so mildly creamy and the chocolate is nice and rich like semisweet dark chocolate. Just like plain coconut water it has an enticing naturally occurring nutrient content including some calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, vitamin A, and phosphorus. The only nutritional downside is that there is some added sugar, bringing the total sugar for one 14 oz bottle up to 18 grams. However, for me drinking a Zico Chocolate is often a replacement for either a dessert or a sweetened iced tea so I'm not really ingesting any more sugar than I normally would be. If you don't mind the added sugar and/or haven't been pleased with the taste of other coconut water I highly recommend trying Zico Chocolate.

This last bit is about buying from Amazon and not about the product itself. This is the first time I've bought this particular product from Amazon and I am very happy with the purchase. It cost me significantly less per bottle to have it shipped by the case from Amazon using subscribe & save than it costs to buy in any store near me ($.75 - $1.00 less per bottle). Although buying it this way made it ineligible for Prime 2-day shipping, the box still arrived here the day after I ordered it and in perfect condition; that is good customer service!!!
211973211973B000CNB4LEA30Z3BVRNUM3NWgrubmaster151751305849600Surprisingly good!I have to start with the fact that I was extremely skeptical on a chocolate coconut water. I expected a watered down chocolate milk taste. I was actually resistant to try it the first time for fear of ruining my coconut water experience. Needless to say with my five star rating I was impressed. This beverage is hands down the healthiest way to get your chocolate fix and hydrate at the same time. I have converted at least half a dozen people over to this beverage. Everyone has that "commercial" look of being surprised on how good it is. I highly recommend this product and think it is a home run for Zico. I expect some of the other brands to follow soon.
211974211974B000CNB4LEAEPLIU5PTB47WJulie Ostoich "JAOP"111251189641600Zico Coconut WaterZico's taste is the best of all the pre-packaged young coconut water I've tried. Nothing beats fresh young coconut water straight out of the coconut, but this comes close to the flavor. Don't waste your time on canned coconunt water - it's awful IMO. Zico has a lower sugar content than the other brands I've sampled (14gms/serving vs. 20gms/seving). It is isotonic, high in potassium and rich in electrolytes. You can practically live on it! If you have an upset stomach, it settles it immediately. I have an aunt who was hospitalized and unable to eat. Her potassium levels were very low. She was able to drink this and keep it down. It helped improve her postassium levels and settled her nausea. A friend of my 9 yrs. old son's had a "tummy" ache while we were at the state fair. I happened to have a Zico in my purse and gave it to him. He loved it. His stomach ache ceased and we were able to enjoy our time at the fair.
211975211975B000CNB4LEA1PW5K0ECIPQACSarah C. Whittenberg141641306022400Yummy -- but not what I was expectingThis is a delicious drink, but it is not the refreshing beverage you would expect. The chocolate formulation has added sugar and coconut cream, so it tastes like a dairy-free version of chocolate milk. (It is slightly reminiscent of a Mounds bar.) I was hoping that this would be more like a coconut-water-with-essence-of-cocoa, but alas this is not the case. Tasty, but not anything like the other Zico products, so be aware.
211976211976B000CNB4LEA32GQUE4NZ6LRVM. OBrien101151304467200Delicious, pure coconut waterI was very pleased with this coconut water. It tastes fresh, pure and delicious. It's excellent for re-hydration, especially after sports, while pregnant, in labor, or just during the hot summer months.

The tetra bottles are large, great for stashing in the refrigerator and using throughout the day.

I typically buy another brand, but I'm glad I decided to try ZICO this time. The only ingredient in this particular item is coconut water, and it's not from concentrate.
211977211977B000CNB4LEAJ3SORTLLTWNJP. Lankireddy "coolcyber"121411281312000Don't buyThis doesn't taste anything like the old Tetra pack ZICO. It's now made from concentrate, which is not displayed prominently in Amazon description. DON'T BUY THIS NEW ZECO.
211978211978B000CNB4LEA3SFMQ57CXT8Z3S. Wood121411280275200HorribleI used to love the old Zico when it went straight from the coconut into the container. Now that it's made from concentrate it tastes weak and spoiled. This will be my last box of ever of Zico. I'll be going back to O.N.E. or Vita Coco.
211979211979B000CNB4LEA3GGDMT5GB2BCTK. Mcbain "Bikram_Yoga_Chick"121411276992000Ick. Don't buy ths!!Was so excited when I saw Zico had 14 oz containers of coconut water. This is not the original formulation. It is disgusting. It is like it has been boiled down into a concentrate and then water added. It tastes terrible & odd and has WAY too much packaging than the original style. Not thirst quenching at all.... makes me nauseous. Buy the brand "One".

Stay away from this product. Total waste of money.
211980211980B000CNB4LEA139QTWERISDH5Paul Z0041314662400Tastes Great -- And RefreshingFamily loves having a case of the chocolate flavor coconut water delivered each month. The chocolate taste really isn't overwhelming. Tastes kind of like a Fudgsicle with the coconut flavor offering a good balance to the chocolate taste, muting some of the sweetness. Quenches your thirst, too.

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