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211981211981B000CNB4LEAZB3W03I37KIACTMeis0041313452800Zico Coconut WaterReally like this during exercise although probably will buy flavored next time. I play lots on senior softball in hot weather & have converted guys on my team to drink this for electrolytes. Give it a try!!
211982211982B000CNB4LEA1GKN4U1J6820deal seeker0051312588800Great after a workoutI read reports of this being more beneficial for you after a workout when compared to other sports drinks. Well I can attest to feeling much better after drinking this. It is much smoother and more refreshing than Gatorade or the like. I have not tried other brands of coconut water so I cannot compare to others. .. but I am happy with this purchase.
211983211983B000CNB4LEA2GXFTNQAMYTAUFaye McFarlane0051312156800YUMTastes just like a slightly off version of YooHoo. I agree with the other reviewers in saying that it is not refreshing and thirst quenching like the plain or fruit versions but it definitely hits the spot in place of my mid-afternoon chocolate bar.
211984211984B000CNB4LEA1JZIR27T3WVZNB. Murphy0011311465600Potentially unsafe plastic type tooFirst, I agree with the other reviewers about the "off" flavor and I am confused about why they decided to add "natural flavors" to coconut water that already tastes great by itself. We are big fans of coconut water and have replaced all other drinks with it at family and other social gatherings. But yesterday one of our family members pointed out the the bottles are plastic type #7 (unidentified plastics created after 1987, including the plastic type BPA!) and even more puzzling, the bottle lists another plastic type next to it saying its also a #2 plastic type but its HDPE compatible. Its so frustrating (and embarassing that I didn't catch it before putting in the coolers)!
211985211985B000CNB4LEA23CIZQS0Q3K93Lee Schuler0051311465600TastyVery tasty and filling if you are watching your diet. It has a lot of flavor and satisfies that craving for chocolate....
211986211986B000CNB4LEA3EVCDBAN7EUSWDave I.0041310947200Cocoa Puffs...This tastes just like the milk left after a bowl of cocoa puffs....which, if you ask me, is a good thing.

It would get 5 stars if it weren't for the added sugar.

If I had the choice, I'd give it a 4.5 b/c at least they used cane sugar.
211987211987B000CNB4LEA2YL9ZI3L5UBUCjooloo0051310601600Fabulous Chocolate Coconut WaterThis coconut water bought from Amazon is fabulous. It is refreshing with a real chocolate flavor. It will help one get more fluid into their body.
211988211988B000CNB4LEA1C9M3ZV2B0TFhamaar0011310428800from concentrate and bad taste"Ingredients:
100% natural coconut water from concentrate, natural flavors"

save yourself the hassle and get a different brand. it will taste much better
211989211989B000CNB4LEA2OMU9HH95Y0U1iofthetiger0051309651200A Chocolate Lover's Dream Come True!!!I've been a big fan of coconut water for a few years now. When I saw the chocolate flavor, I couldn't imagine how coconut water and chocolate could go together in such a way that it would be something that I would really enjoy drinking. Boy was I wrong! After reading a lot of the reviews, I decided to give it a try. It is sooooooooo delicious! How could they make something taste this good out of combining coconut water and dark chocolate? I don't know but I will be coming back for more as I just increased my delivery rate on my Subscribe and Save plan. This is a great way to satisfy a chocolate craving - it tastes so indulgent, get rehydrated, and it's good for you! ZICO really outdid themselves with this one. I highly recommend this product!!!
211990211990B000CNB4LEA1XQLHHWV4M0XEDr S. Anna Crandall0031309392000It might not be the plastic bottle that you're tasting...I looked deeper into the description of these and found this:

***ZICO 11 oz. tetra cartons are produced in Brazil and deliver a light, refreshing taste.

One-liter cartons are produced in Thailand for a more nutty flavor profile, similar to fresh green Thai coconuts from the grocery store.

And 14 oz. bottles are a nutty blend of Brazilian, Thai and Indonesian coconuts.***

So you might not be liking the taste of the coconuts from Thai and Indonesia instead of it being the plastic bottle.

I'll be staying with the original formula since I bought some from Trader Joe's and really like it but it is the Brazilian coconuts only.

Mystery solved? Let me know what you think.
211991211991B000CNB4LEA3SHVYM3HO3R9KAndy V. Truong0051309392000Accidently ordered, glad I did!I don't usually write reviews, but this stuff is too good to pass up! Its almost scary how much this tastes exactly like low fat chocolate milk. I meant to order the original flavor, but boy am I glad I accidentally ordered this one!

This is so good I don't think i'll order original again!!!
211992211992B000CNB4LEA380CO8SG4ENGUJill M. Cummings0051308873600Great tasting!! Two thumbs up from a pregnant lady!I am pregnant and was getting charley horses, and a friend recommended that I look into coconut water. Each bottle has more potassium then a banana--which sounded great to me since I hate bananas! I ordered a case of the chocolate flavor, since I had heard regular coconut water is not too good. I LOVE this! It's great-and keeps you hydrated while giving you some great health benefits.
211993211993B000CNB4LEAYCLRXW5VOIOQpenny pincher "two cents"0051308787200Coco Puffs?I've tried several other flavors of coconut water and they're all pretty good. As a choco-holic I had very high hopes for the Zico chocolate coconut water! I was not disappointed...this water tastes more like liquified coco puffs cereal with just a hint of coconut. Maybe that sounds gross, but it was really pretty good! Very refreshing!
211994211994B000CNB4LEA33SZ61R8QQD2Quahogian0051307750400this is for realLiterally last night only I have tasted this decadent drink. With every sip I could not believe how good it felt. I am so impressed that I have subscribed for Amazon's monthly delivery of a case and I do not do subscription stuff. So if you love dark chocolate, coconut milk and keeping it healthy, you gotta try this.
211995211995B000CNB4LEA8BZLD13PLF9Stheladyp0051307664000decadence made healthfulTwo of the most yummy, sinful flavors in one healthy package, who knew? Love it for the late afternoon pick me up when in fade mode! Thank you ZICO!
211996211996B000CNB4LEA5T3NHTCKOKFYbornagaintownie0051307404800favorite flavorWhile my husband prefers the plain coconut water, I need a bit more flavor (but not too much) and this one is tops. I have tried nearly all the flavors and this is by far my favorite. Very refreshing.
211997211997B000CNB4LEAAXA0NAOS0OSCKelly J Klukkert0051307404800Best coconut waterI have tried many flavored coconut waters and Zico offers the best tasting coconut water with the lease amount of calories.
211998211998B000CNB4LEA327ZVIWF9O95JMartha Nartinez "Kindsoul-Martika"0041306886400ZICOZICO pure coconut water is a wonderful beverage; it is refreshing and comforting to my body after strenous activity, I also drink it to calm "sweets" cravings! ZICO tastes like the real thing; I grew up in the tropics and drank coconut water regularly(out of the fruit) and ZICO taste pure and unadulterated. I don't like the packaging; it is a bit bulky,however; I still like it better than canned products (the can adds a metaliqui flavor to the drink).
ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water, Natural, 33.8-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)
211999211999B000CNB4LEA224KF8WZ0KIWRlytgreenmom0041306800000I Like it!The naturals are the best - these are great for young families, are portable but also big anough to keep your fridge stocked!!!!! kids love it give it a try!
212000212000B000CNB4LEA94BRXPAW5ST4Pisces360051306800000So Yummy!Zico was better than expected!! I love it - it takes me back to the good ole days of Yoo Hoo's but without all added calories and preservatives. Perfect for a post yoga workout or early morning chocolate milk fix. Will definitely have the kids drinking this instead of the alternatives.
212001212001B000CNB4LEA3AFRBNG4HJDXUPeg0051306800000Zico Coconut Water, ChocolateI didn't particularly care for the other flavors, so I thought I'd try the new chocolate flavor. It's really good and I will continue to order it. I couldn't find it anywhere except for Amazon.
212002212002B000CNB4LEA2W2KG8JUUCGU8M. Libretti0051306540800Drink it every dayI drink this every single day. It is healthy, natural and not overly sweet. To me it is natures own version of Gatorade and I can't go without it. I buy several varieties but this one is my favorite.
212003212003B000CNB4LEA37WNO14U908ZXLion0041306368000Great Chocolate DrinkI like plain Zico for hydration on a hot day, but this is more like dessert. I think Chocolate Zico is better than Yoohoo. The Zico tastes more natural and rich. Be sure to shake it well and drink it cold.
212004212004B000CNB4LEA2KRRM1ZSINL1Wlaurie0051306368000A little slice of heaven!Chocolate+Coconut+Hydration = HEAVEN!! So I put this to the test after one of my triathlon training sessions yesterday. Not only did it completely quench my thirst and hydrate me, but the taste was sensational. Light enough to drink post-workout but also filling enough to feel refreshed. It kept me from feeling that 3-4 hour post workout fade. I was alert and ready to go the entire day! What a difference from the high fructose hydration drinks that are out there. A 10! A true taste sensation!
212005212005B000CNB4LEA2O6PS9HIWNM4CAmy L., healthy mom0051306195200Yes, it is THAT goodI've been an avid ZICO drinker for over a year, sticking mainly to my fav pineapple. I wasn't sure how Chocolate could go with a coconut water, but i am sooooo impressed and glad i tried it. It's not necessarily the ZICO flavor i grab after a workout, as i still love pineapple (though chocolate is great in my morning recovery smoothie), but it has definitely replaced my mid-afternoon snacking habit in a much healthier way. Best of all - i've got the whole house hooked on it, so my kids now choose healthy hydration instead of the artificial and high calorie stuff they used to drink. i'm sold.
212006212006B000CNB4LEA3PH8WGFTFA7VSNatural Athlete0051306195200Chocolate Zico !Sinful ! I am a regular drinker of Zico Natural and recently tried the new chocolate. It is smooth and creamy, almost like a liquid Almond joy! Still all natural with the same electrolyte and potassium benefits, I would highly recommend. My children love it and has much less sugar than chocolate milk.
212007212007B000CNB4LEA2CJ0Q3EO9OCV7WHITRAINES0051306108800CHOCOLATE ZICOJust tried the new chocolate Zico....loooooove it. Even better my 23 mo old daughter loves it! do we get this by the gallon?
212008212008B000CNB4LEA293TVT1MSP69EAustinRox0051306108800Thumbs up!I too, was slightly skeptical, however it turns out the chocolate ZICO was a brilliant idea and very well executed. It tastes very similar to chocolate milk, however not as heavy and certainly more hydrating plus it has all the great health benefits of coconut water. My husband & I are addicted! We usually drink them in the morning for breakfast to jump start our day & sometimes after dinner to satisfy our sweet tooth. I can't wait to tell my friends and family about them! High five folks at ZICO!
212009212009B000CNB4LEA2RUM4TKG7K2I2swimbikerungal0051306108800addicting!One word--hooked!
And I was really shocked that it wasn't so heavy in calories and sugar but still creamy tasting-
Good addition to my morning shake or when i can't resist that damn reese cup.
212010212010B000CNB4LEA3PM4N96UUCCXEwestcoastgirl0051306022400Loving Chocolate ZICO!I heard about ZICO chocolate a few months ago and was extremely skeptical. However, I was delightfully surprised by the taste... and am now hooked! I can't get enough! I literally drink it every morning for breakfast. It tastes just like chocolate milk - but has all of the health benefits of coconut water. Way to go ZICO - you knocked this one out of the water!

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