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212011212011B000CNB4LEA2EO6V31U3MDYHrunnin-mama0051306022400perfect treat!When I first tried the new chocolate ZICO, I loved it, but thought I was a little biased since I know all the amazing benefits of coconut water. SO the true test was with my 5 year old, the ultimate (and brutally honest) chocolate expert. It was in the evening, so i only let him have half the bottle, but no joke - he woke me up at 2am saying "mommy, i need more of that chocolate zico"...

What a great option for us fitness moms out here! Thanks ZICO!
212012212012B000CNB4LEA47EMRGN4TWUVDigiSym0041305244800The best coconut water out thereGrowing up, I was used to coconut water all the time. While none of the brands selling coconut water are close to the real thing (FRESH coconut water), Zico comes the closest. It comes the closest in my book because it doesn't taste as adulterated as some of the other brands. I can't make a claim about the flavored versions of this drink but for the natural flavor Zico wins hands down compared to Vita Coco and O.N.E.
212013212013B000CNB4LEA1IH7ZK3ZOLVQRhut777130011299456000what happened??????????I've been buying ZICO with mango in 11.2 oz. tetra-paks almost since they started offering them here on Amazon. However, just as another reviewer explained, the most recent batch I received was horrible, it went from being the best coconut water to the worst I've ever had. The packaging was slightly different and most alarming, the individual box no longer says anything about being from Brazil. If this continues I will never buy this product again. If you are having the same experience, please speak up on here so maybe we can get this fixed......
212014212014B000CNB4LEA2NMDSBVNTTQORD Sal "doglover"0041298937600Something Strange Going On With ZicoSo my husband and I have been receiving Zico water with mango for several months, with subscribe and save. This month both cases taste HORRIBLE. Expiration date is in just a few months. In the past they were over a year away. Also the cases were different in color. Tasted no hint of mango, but cannot drink this batch. What is up with that? We love this stuff and have come to depend on it for after exercise.
212015212015B000CNB4LEA3094EPI56GKZ6Kristen E. Bogren "Kristen Bogren"0041297900800Not my favorite but good for you!Not sure if I would buy this again- Didn't really enjoy the taste but its good for you, and made my body feel good after a workout- Must have chilled, horrible room temp- It was ok for coconut water I suppose, interested in trying other brands :)
212016212016B000CNB4LEA1X4SAUU9M8KVPebbles130051294358400Not too Coco-nutty and not too mango-eyThis is the most delicious and refreshing coconut water I have tasted so far. I love drinking it after I work out because it has as much potassium as a bananna. The flavor itself isn't too overwhelming with coconut or mango, but a perfect blend of hints of coconut and mango flavor. It's a refreshing water with very subtle flavors of coconut and mango. Not too overwheleming like some other coconut waters. I absolutely LOVE it!
212017212017B000CNB4LEAA8YXYH0QVDAXCarole0021294099200Zico coconut waterI did not like the taste as compared to other brands of coconut water. The only plus was the size bottle
212018212018B000CNB4LEA3VI6Z2AQX04DUsaltyeyes0051293148800Good Stuffregular Zico coconut water is my favorite but mango comes in a close second. Not a very natural flavor but still pretty good
212025212025B000CNB4LEA2NP8NIA88AUH9hillrunner0051285718400Sustained endurancei've always been a fan of the mango flavor in tetra, but I tried the Zico bottle at the US Open last month. It was very good, and kept me hydrated all afternoon. I've been drinking it during long runs too. New pineapple flavor tastes like a pina colada, yummm
212019212019B000CNB4LEA3VI6Z2AQX04DUsaltyeyes0031293148800Good, but not the best flavorI went online to find the Zico Passion Fruit coconut water and found that amazon had it for the cheapest price. afte trying the regular, passion fruit and mango I would have to say the regular is my favorite, mango second and the passion fruit last. the passion fruit just didnt taste very good to me and had a defining artificial taste.
212020212020B000CNB4LEA2US4FC24RE62Deals0021292025600Drinkable but barelyThis is better than the pomegranate flavor but just barely. The pure stuff is so much better. I'll be sticking to that.
212021212021B000CNB4LEA15UNS1XU79HU6mluna "milkymilk"0051290902400In love with coconut water!I am in love with coconut water, especially now that I am trying the flavored Zico. Passion fruit is nice and clean, mango was delicious. This is my after hot yoga treat. I like buying the 12 pack from Amazon it makes it very convenient. I have only tried Coco Vita once before, but didn't care for it much. I love the clean taste of Zico
212026212026B000CNB4LEA1PW7TQL858WPSIdiot9000041285372800DeliciousI know this coconut water is from concentrate but I still really like the taste. Something about it really appeals to me and I can't quite figure out what, other than perhaps it's not as sweet as some other brands. Regardless of how it compares to the contents of a young coconut, this drink is tasty on its own merits. To be fair, I also get the sense that one might either love it or hate it. It's a shame it's so ridiculously expensive though, because I can chug a bottle in a few seconds.
212022212022B000CNB4LEA3AELGIYYERH0LKrista0031290643200Odd flavoringThis item is a steal of a deal from Amazon.

I love Zico in its original flavor, but something about this passion fruit flavoring is just not right for my tastebuds. It tastes very perfume or chemical-like. I just did not like the taste. I'll be sticking to the original.
212023212023B000CNB4LEA1XHOT2Y4U92LBNathan Dragoo0041288569600Excellent coconut water, great packagingThis water is great, I prefer the normal flavor, but the Passion Fruit version is good too. This stuff is great after a workout or a bike ride. It is also a great prophylactic to prevent hangover (have one when you conclude consumption, and another when you wake up). It seems to replenish necessary minerals, etc., to give you a more pleasant recovery. The packaging is great, the boxes are simple to open and stay cold for a long time. The only drawback is price.
212024212024B000CNB4LEA1KCSKUKPFGKLCMelissa Hess0031286150400Nice Cocanut flavorThis has a nice refreshing flavor when kept chilled but not so good when warm. For those new to coconut water , yes, it will have a flavor some call nutty and others say tastes a bit like the milk from a cereal bowl. . Either way, the nutrition is something I haven't found to be matched anywhere else, not even broccoli. And yes, I have a vegatable juicer. My mixtures taste better with coconut water added to them. I was going to give it 4 stars, as I like the taste but prefer to drink my coconut water straight from coconuts, but the price is a bit high.
212027212027B000CNB4LEA1I0N6LEPYLW5AC. Rodas0011285200000There are two! from concentrate and not from concentrateI haven't had a lot of experience with zico, but I have seen lot of reviews saying that they switched to concentrate. With little research, I found that the one in the 11.2 ounce carton thing is not from concentrate. Sure, I can agree based on sheer numbers that this coconut water sucks, but the other one does exist in case some of you still care.
212028212028B000CNB4LEA2ODUUIXVMXN51Happy Shopper0051284076800My new favorite!Discovered coconut water this summer and I love it! It tastes great and is very refreshing. We took some bottles with us when hiking on hot summer days and the coconut water kept us going. It's very high in natural electrolytes (potassium, I think) and surprisingly low in calorie.
212029212029B000CNB4LEA24RQX51GIA9MNJ. Beutler0051283558400Best coconut water on the marketgreat way to start my day, end my day, start/end a workout... love this stuff! I lived in Brazil for 2+ years and this stuff is the closest to the real thing. Thanks!
212030212030B000CNB4LEA3251RBTBBYII9E. Logan "el"0041282089600Zico coconut waterNot the best I've tried, but still just fine, and I will continue purchasing it because the container is recyclable, unlike the "boxes" other coconut water comes in.
212031212031B000CNB4LEA301MR9RTH1GFZtrking0031282003200beware of subscription pricing on amazonI absolutely love the Zico Coconut Water product, especially with the discounted pricing that appeared to be available on Amazon using the Subscription options. However, it turned out that the discounts that brought the price down to $1.75/bottle rather than $2.50/bottle only applied to my first shipment...the rest of the shipments did not have the discounts applied.

This product is fantastic if you can manage to find it for a good's refreshing and healthy, everything I look for in a product I would drink each day.
212032212032B000CNB4LEA1KZJ2Q8PKRIU6Cobra230011281312000What did they do???This product was great in the TetraPak. Now it is absolutely horrible. The worst tasting coconut water compared One, Naked, and VitaCoco. It tastes like plastic and nothing like coconut water. This product in the plastic container is from concentrate.
212033212033B000CNB4LEA2JB7WRX86Y1YDNaveen Ramaiah0031280534400Its really nice... BUT!!!!Man!!! I loved the previously available tetra pack ones. For some reason, I am not able to really appreciate the goodness of bottled ZICO which has ADDED FLAVOR now. The tetra packs were really refreshing and tasting real. Being from a south-asia country where freshly chopped coconut water are available, I was really impressed with the tetra packs that was available from ZICO previously. With the added flavor in these, I can feel the artificial flavor when I drink from the bottle now. ZICO has to go back and NOT add the flavor to make it REALLY natural and original. But overall I guess I could give a B+ rating on the product.
212034212034B000CNB4LEA2EFV159RSEKBHCoco juice lover0031280534400Good but not the bestI love drinking coconut juice even when I was still living in the Philippines where it was sold by a street vendor and opened right in front of you where he sticks a straw for you to drink right away the goodness and freshness of it. Irreplaceable of course by the juice we buy that's been packed already. But to compare I bought 3 brands, the Vita coco, One , and Zico. The first 2 have a distinct taste but both tastes good the only thing vita coco was 100 percent coco juice while one coco juice was gently pasteurized. The packaging was great you don't need a straw to drink right away. I bought the bottled zico and after my first drink the taste of plastic container was very evident. That was the downfall for me but just tasting it and taking away the plastic taste on my mind it was good but the taste of plastic ruined it. Maybe next time I'll try the tetra packed zico to see if I'll like it better.
212035212035B000CNB4LEA1KJDOL79GJ3JIColene M. White0031280188800OK, but not my favorite.I found this coconut water to be almost tasteless. It was more like water with a slight coconut flavor. Coconut waters are quite expensive, and I like more coconut flavor. No true complaints, there are just others I prefer to the Zico.
212036212036B000CNB4LEA26EM34ADSAIN2Chris Surowiec0041278374400Zico - subscription orderedZico water is fantastic. Drink only when it's chilled. The taste of Zico water taste is more consistent when coming from the bottle rather than the tetra pak.

Amazon grocery suscription service. I ordered Zico ahead of the summer months on subscription ordering under the assumption that was getting the bevvy for $2 a bottle. When the refill was sent, the total cost went up by $6. After contacting Amazon customer service, it was explained that charges whatever the price is on the day your order is refilled so that you really never know what you will pay. Bummer and boo on for not knowing what subscription pricing means. Yeah Zico!
212037212037B000CNB4LEA3HJPT4ZGMEZ7HS. Baji0051275782400Amazing taste - much better than any regular coconut waterHaving been raised on a tropical coast, I have had tons of fresh young coconuts. Though no packaged coconut water comes close to the taste of fresh-from-a-tender-coconut water, Zico is the best one I have found so far (have tried many others sold here at Amazon and elsewhere; Vita Coco is the 2nd best in my opinion). Coconut water is awesome in terms of being nutritious and refreshing, and sodas of course don't hold a candle to it. I have tried both the Zico 'natural' (as in no added flavor) and the Zico mango flavored, and must say that the mango flavored one wins hands down. The regular one has a slightly 'cooked' or 'boiled' taste to it (as packaged coconut water is pasteurized), and maybe the mango flavor covers that in the other one. Tastes great whether cool or cold; probably better the colder it is. The mango flavor is very delicate, and does not take away from the coconut water itself, somehow enhancing it and making it even more delicious. Plus, the first time I got this the price was fantastic, 8 dollars off from the usual 24 due to a lightning deal, making this even sweeter (no pun intended, the coconut water has only a touch of sweetness, no added sugar - just the right, natural amount). Hopefully this will be back in stock soon so I can 'subscribe and save' to keep the price low.
212038212038B000CNB4LEA2D6L9NO4HVMMDConsumer extraordinaire0051275177600My favorite - and it's coming back soon!Zico in the tetra pak is my favorite coconut water, and the passion fruit is my favorite flavor. Coconut water isn't for everyone, it is a very faint, mild taste, but it is very pleasant and refreshing, especially during or right after a workout. I have tried pretty much every flavor of every brand, and Zico in the tetra pak is the best, doesn't have the weird aftertaste that some of the other brands do. I like mango and plain OK too, but the passion fruit is my favorite. Coconut water is not for those who are used to strong, very sweet drinks, but if you're looking for a healthier, better tasting water this might be for you. And though it's out of stock now, Zico says it will be back in distribution later in summer 2010. I can't wait!
212039212039B000CNB4LEA1E9YZ17NCY9CVJ. Mazo0041271376000Tastes just like coconut water!I give the Zico mango flavored coconut water 4 stars because that touch of flavor does not do it for me unless I add some Splenda. The natural flavor Zico coconut water, on the other hand, taste just right, and I give that one 5 stars!.
212040212040B000CNB4LEA2TPR6CK4KGRP6B. Teixeira0051254787200great taste . better when chilledGreat real coconut young coconut taste. Not the usual overwhelming sweet taste seen on other coconut water canned drinks. Good on the environment. Made in Brazil. Even better.

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