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212041212041B000CNB4LEA3C6YCNL9KLJAUKaren Bernard0051254441600karen's reviewI love, love, love this product!!! It's all I use to blend my power shakes with, it blends so well; not to mention all the minerals it provides! However, the best reason I love it, is now instead of buying bottled water and polluting the planet, I buy Zico, pour it in my eco cup and go! I'm so glad I discovered Zico, it's a great find. Did I say I love this product?
212042212042B000CNB4LEA3LLVI6QJBG84GLittle Seed Big Apple "Lindsey"0051253577600nutritious way to hydrate & get your electrolytesaccording to my nutritionist, coconut water is much healthier for you than gatorade. I'd say Zico Mango is the best coconut water flavor choice available!
212043212043B000CNB4LEA345FCZBYJSWSAddison Lakeside0051252972800Wonderful and healthy product!This Zico coconut water, in three flavors, is absolutely sensational! Until it is available in my area, I definitely will order more of this healthy product. The best drink discovery of my life! Excellent taste, fast delivery, good for me.....what's not to like?
212044212044B000CNB4LEA1Z3NEYSV0PYG4Mary M. Clifton0041252022400ZicoWhen I recieved the box , one of the units was damaged. It leaked on the box it came in.
However, all others where fine. Taste of the Mango was good, better when cold.
212045212045B000CNB4LEA3NUSGI09TP0IGD. Holewinski0051251936000Zico Water is the Best!I used to get leg and foot cramps from doing hot room yoga. I drink one or two Zico waters after yoga, and I never get cramps! This is the only product that has helped after exercise. Now, even when I fast walk or run, I'll down a box of Zico water just in case!
212046212046B000CNB4LEA2FNP4DC9SDLS0Alexander James "AJ"0051244332800best natural endurance hydration for on the goI hate sugary sports drinks and avoid cumbersome packet type additives. A few Zico's makes a great companions on long rides. The passion fruit/orange peel is my personal favorite. Great electrolytes without the extra empty calories. Thanks Rob for the suggestion.
212047212047B000CNB4LEA3DWPRVP0P4VHOErin Willett0051233532800De-lish!I love this coconut water! They sell it at my bikram yoga studio, and it does wonders for you after 90 minutes in 105 degrees. The mango flavored zico is my favorite- I've had all three flavor varieties. It is a very light tasting drink- perfect for recharging your body after workouts. I would reccommend this to all! So glad I found this product on Amazon- way more affordable than buying them for $3 a pop at the studio.
212048212048B000CNB4LEA3BCHM0TQ8M7SOM. Blunt0051220054400Delicious!I love Zico after a hard workout (or before if I haven't eaten). It immediately re-energizes me, and best of all, it tastes great!
212049212049B000CNB4LEA1L98BSHXY0HCYbjobrit0051218844800Absolutely the Best!This is my favorite of all the coconut waters available. Love the mango flavor. I drink after I do Bikram yoga and it's something I look forward to having.
212050212050B000CNB4LEA2YNBKOBQQIVLAA. L. Walton "revadara"0051215388800Zico Pure Coconut WaterExcellent product and the taste is heavenly! I got the Mango flavored-- I WILL be ordering more.
Product arrived timely and in great shape. Description of product was excellent! Will use seller again!
A.L. Walton
212051212051B000CNB4LEA345FCZBYJSWSAddison Lakeside0051213747200The best new beverage in AmericaThis is a wonderful new drink. I look forward to having it owned and distributed by one of the majors so that I could easily purchase it locally. A big hit with family and friends. Refreshing, tasty, thirst-quenching...terrific!
212052212052B000CNB4LEA1PP9KH94ES51GRochanah Weissinger "RO in Chico"0051205107200YummyI like ZICO as a thirst quencher. It feels healthy and refreshing. I do wish it was a bit cheaper though.
212053212053B000CNB4LEA1W272HLZKQ3QUN. Vano "Frogsplace"0051182816000Zico mango coconut waterI've tried many but this is a great tasting coconut water with just a hint of mango. Refreshing!
212054212054B000CNB4LEA35RZY3WGRIVWODiane Pascaretti "lookin out for the kids"0051181433600healthy rehydratingNatural coconut water is delicious and chemical free. Much better for you than gatorade. Keep on hand for times of fever or other dehydration needs.
212055212055B000CNB4LEA14CS7QYJVLIX1Susan M. Barry "suzieb"0051152057600zicoI drink this product after hot Yoga and immediately feel balanced
212056212056B000CNB4LEA2BKJB8P3BTWK1EriLyn71151274140800LOVING IT!I love the new Zico in a bottle! To me, it tastes the most like real coconut water straight from the coconut. Even when it was in tetra, Zico was my favorite (VitaCoco tastes like pure garbage and ONE isn't so great either) but I love that it is finally in a bottle so that I can take it with me to the gym and anywhere else I'm going.

Can't wait to try the other flavors!!
212057212057B000CNB4LEAFIYT5D7F8IFAN. Mashruwala5851274918400Best Workout DrinkZICO is the best thing for after a workout! I love that it's available in a bottle now- I can throw it in my gym bag and not worry about it spilling. Besides being good for you, it tastes great. Definitely a new favorite.
212058212058B000CNB4LEA35AP1QIPWMZXWThomas Math "tmmath"5811274486400horribleThe Zico coconut juice in the old tetrapak was great the new in the bottle is the worst I ever had.Just poured 12 bottles down the toilet.
212059212059B000CNB4LEA34TB50O196CJQTodd O'Connor5841274400000getting addicted to...wasn't too sure about the taste or the product being from concentrate so i asked ZICO what's up with that--i'm not about to put in anything fake or artificial in this temple!!! got a pretty detailed response from their CS team,

"Thank you for taking the time to reach out to ZICO regarding your feedback below. While I'm disappointed that you do not like the taste of the new ZICO in a bottle, I did want to please clarify a few misconceptions that I believe may exist.

* Rationale - The reason for launching the bottle was pure and simply consumer demand. Our active lifestyle consumers wanted a packaging solution that allowed them to enjoy ZICO coconut water in a way that met their needs. For a number of reasons, tetra packaging was not that solution so we came up with the bottle as a result.
* Taste - You are correct that the new ZICO taste is different from the product in the Tetra, however that is due to the fact that for the bottle, we are using a blend of coconuts from around the world, rather than simply coconuts from Brazil, as we do in the carton. This blend was selected for its lighter taste, it's naturally lower caloric content (20% fewer calories per oz.) and it's naturally increased sodium levels to optimize hydration benefits. The taste you are experiencing is intentionally different, but it is due to the blend of coconuts we are using rather than the packaging. The good news is that we are continuing to manufacture ZICO in a carton so that consumers like yourself can choose which taste and nutritional profile they prefer.
* Packaging - Contrary to what you would expect, the new ZICO bottle actually has a lower carbon footprint than the tetra pack:
o Tetra packaging is only recyclable in 40% of the U.S. and today less than 1% is actually recycled. To do so is extremely energy intensive, as it requires separating the multiple layers of materials that make up the carton.
o The ZICO bottle is #2 recyclable, accepted in almost all curbside recycling programs nationwide and currently 40% of all HDPE bottles are recycled in the US
o ZICO bottles are made domestically, which means we have reduced the impact (fuel, energy, pollution) of shipping full-strength water and packaging materials around the globe
At ZICO we take our impact on the environment very seriously, so I would like to reassure you that our decision to launch the bottle was entered into with the environment top-of-mind and this decision was embraced fully by retail partners like Whole Foods, who understand the environmental realities of tetra vs. HDPE, despite consumer misperceptions.

I apologize for the long response to your inquiry, however you clearly have a passionate viewpoint on the new bottle, so I wanted to make sure that we provided you with the proper insights and facts to be able to make your decision. And regardless of your final decision, I would like to thank you again for taking the time to write to us, as it's feedback like yours that helps us ensure we stay true to what consumers would like."

Felt a lot better with a better understanding. The new natural is getting addicting. my body is craving this stuff after a workout.
212060212060B000CNB4LEABAD76FSNUY9Jcmvelasquez3511312070400Zico coconut water is a terrific natural LAXATIVEZico was the sponsoring sports drink for SF Marathon 2011. I took a free bottle of Zico after I had completed my half-marathon and drank it at home; within several minutes, I had a case of diarrhea. Then it struck me: I realized that this may be the reason I wanted to take a dump during the race. After I had run 10 miles at 8 minutes/mile, I was getting dehydrated and picked up 2 cups of Zico coconut water. Within several minutes, I wanted to take a dump BADLY. But I forced myself to continue running for the following reasons: I only had 3 miles to go, it's my rule to NEVER stop to use the bathroom during a race, and I had trained several months for the race (training hard on hilly terrain for this particular event). With me painfully pinching my buttocks the last 3 miles, I slowed down to over 9 minutes/mile while so many people were passing me. I couldn't sprint the last stretch, I was just trying to hang in there despite the hardship of not letting "it" out. After I finished, I went straight to the portable toilets to relieve myself... which took 15 minutes; this would have been devastating had I used the bathroom during the race, but certainly not as bad had I lost control of my bowels during the race. I could have finished with an awesome time had I not had wanted to take a dump during the race. Once I found that Zico was the cause of my diarrhea, I did an internet search on "coconut water laxative" and an ABUNDANT number articles of how coconut water is such a great natural LAXATIVE. The bottom line is this: Zico coconut water will help you "run", but in the wrong way. You'll be putting much more muscle power into your gluttonous maximus than your legs while racing. Oh, and one more thing... Zico doesn't even taste good. >:p
212061212061B000CNB4LEA3E16O8GK3J9WECarol C. Papas "CCP"3511276646400PURE PREMIUM? I THINK NOT...Heloooo people do you read the ingredients? Zico is made from concentrate!!! I drink Vitacoco because it has one ingredient NATURAL COCONUT WATER. Zico is a no-go....
212062212062B000CNB4LEAXYDMSXPFUHC6Sammie "Sam"3511276128000NOT "natural"Although Zico may claim to be natural, I disagree since it is made from concentrate. I prefer to drink Vita Coco, which is a much more flavorful brand of coconut water and is actually 100% NATURAL!
212063212063B000CNB4LEA25N8DL1CAA05PMatt boratenski3551275177600Zico Rules on the Soccer fieldI didn't think they could improve on the original which has sustained me on the most hot and humid days in the mid-atlantic after a grueling soccer game. It works better that any Gatorade-type product I've ever tried. When I was in LA last month, I tried the new original flavor in the bottle and couldn't get enough of it. The only drawback is that it's in only a few stores on the Maryland area. Everyone has the Vita Coco which is always in stock--wonder why?
212064212064B000CNB4LEAZOKU0D6IA69GN. Schoenfeld3511275004800Bad Product UpdateZico used to be my coconut water of choice. When I first saw the new packaging I was excited that it would be easier to close and store. I was shocked when I tasted it - it is NOT the same product! The taste really turned me off. I've since switched to O.N.E. coconut water.

I also determined that the new bottle size is too big of a serving. I like to drink coconut water before going to the gym because I've found it helps with endurance. It is not as convenient for me to carry the larger (by about 3 oz.) bottle, especially since I can't finish the entire thing in one sitting.
212065212065B000CNB4LEA34L56OBU2TZ5WDavid White "trevan"1251315180800Love it!Alot of people are trashing this product. I love it! It is my breakfast drink each and every day. And when I skip a day, I can tell. But Amazon will not want to hear this, but a case at Costco is only $17.99.
212066212066B000CNB4LEA1N71538ER777ASonia-Houston, TX1251314489600Coconut waterI absolutely love this coconut water. Amazing taste 100% pure. I've read food critics reviewing the labels description on Zico Pure Premium Coconut water compared to other coconut water products and it ranked highest a far as vitamins and everything listed on the labels were actually true. Other products were overstated. Great after work out.
212067212067B000CNB4LEA2TN93CGHJ046Odoctord1211308268800horrible synthetic tasteI absolutely love the plain Zico Coconut water - I drink at least 1 or 2 of the large tetrapaks a week. I have also enjoyed some of the other brands Mango flavored coconut water (O.N.E. and Vita). So the logical progression was to try the Zico Mango.

ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. You can't taste the Coconut, but instead are overpowered with this terrible synthetic tasting Mango flavor that leaves a disgusting aftertaste that almost "stings" the back of my tongue. Like I said before, I am almost addicted to coconut water, and I hate to let things go to waste - but I couldn't even finish this bottle.

After looking at the ingredients - Coconut water from concentrate and Natural Flavors. I don't know what type of "natural flavors" they are using, or what constitutes a "natural flavor". Whatever it is, it's disgusting.

I recommend trying one of the other brands coconut-mango mixes that actually adds small amount of Mango Puree.
212068212068B000CNB4LEA128OEUGOOFJRBvesna1211306454400Artificial flavor, made from concentrateI got hooked on coconut water while traveling in the Philippines. Since then I've been trying to find a packaged product that tastes like the real deal. There are a few decent brands out there. This particular product, however, is made from concentrate and tastes just like the plastic it is packed in. I didn't even finish the bottle.
212069212069B000CNB4LEA224KF8WZ0KIWRlytgreenmom1241306368000Love this productas a newly converted coconut water drinker I would have to say this is the best I have the flavors - zico is the best
212070212070B000CNB4LEA2Z5YI05H2Q89XKay1221303776000from concentrateAfter trying the O.N.E. and Vita Coco coconut waters, the Zico does not compare, it has a heavier taste, not the refreshing, light taste coconut water should have. The plastic resealable bottle is a plus, but the taste is what it comes down to. Until zico goes back to pure coconut water instead of concentrate, we will be purchasing the other brands.

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