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212071212071B000CNB4LEAG9FTZAZ89VWEds1211303516800From Concentrate - Tastes BadWe purchased a case of this so-called "natural" coconut water, took one sip, poured the remainder of that first bottle down the drain and returned the case for a refund. It tasted that bad.

This stuff is not legitimate coconut water ... it's made from concentrate and has added flavors.

Definately not recommended.
212072212072B000CNB4LEA3S6LK23KYKSNMSophie McGee1211301875200No longer drinkableZico has changed this product so that it no longer tastes like coconut water. When the company used Brazilian coconuts it was an entirely different tasty product from what it is now with coconuts from Thailand.
212073212073B000CNB4LEA1WSRI3OTHEUCWKai Ayana1231300579200Plastic-Flavored Coconut WaterSo far, I've loved all of the coconut water brands and flavors I've tried, including Zico. However, this was the first one I tried in a plastic bottle and was disappointed to find that there is a little bit of a plastic flavor to it. Zico's great, but I'm definitely going to stick to the box from now and on.
212074212074B000CNB4LEA36FEPUTDN12KAa cute bear "TNM"61051274745600one of the best and healthy coconut water on earthI tried other coconut water and i really love this one =Delicious and Healthy Coconut Water . If somebody did not like it then can send it to me , i will be happy to drink it for you (Mir?). I gonna order it again and again.(Oh la la ... dont care about the bad reviewes )
212075212075B000CNB4LEA3M5SC0F4GL2GXMartha2451316044800The best coconut waterThere are other brands of coconut water available but ZICO has the best taste by far. I'm not sure why this is because all the other brands claim to be "pure coconut water" but they are not as refreshing as ZICO coconut water. I wish ZICO was more readily available locally. My BJ's club was carrying the natural flavor (which I favor) on a trial basis but now it has sold out and not does that work? They have a product which sells out because people like it and they don't reorder????? My advice? Buy ZICO brand coconut water on the internet.
212076212076B000CNB4LEAKVGVDHMF2CVBMarta M. Diaz2451276646400The best coconut water EVER!!I am an island girl and this is a product where I feel I JUST got my straw into the best ripe coconut ever. I now have a monthly shipment to my house. If you love real coconut water...THIS is it!
212077212077B000CNB4LEA3TDIOVKVJS9F4KayDee2451275091200Win-winThere's absolutely nothing bad to say about ZICO in the new bottle. It's a win-win. It's super healthy, super delicious, convenient, and portable. And it's environmentally friendly in at least 2 ways - the bottle and cap are recyclable, and we're not paying to ship water across the ocean!! We have got to move in this direction for the health of the planet. YOU have got to move in this direction for the health of your bod!!
212078212078B000CNB4LEAWU1BWS6Y3RAHDB2451275004800Just keeps getting better!The new natural is my new favorite and I love the bottles! I can't believe it took them so long to get it out. I'm still a slave to the Tetra Packs and love the good, old flavors, but it's great to have options and portability.

The flavor tastes more like what you would expect coconut water to taste like. It's a bit nuttier and very different from the Brazilian coconut. So many choices and options! Keep up the good work, Zico!
212079212079B000CNB4LEA2UQLCWTSGHHDTM. K. Han "World Citizen"71251274832000I heart this stuff_and it HAS to be ZICO.After living in India, Southeast Asia, Central America and a native of California - I've seriously become addicted to coconut water. Hydration, Nutrition, Refreshment and Taste.

Hydration and Nutrition - working as a dive instructor in the Gulf of Thailand, often times travelers would show up in not so fresh of a state from the night before. My go-to was always to make them drink coconut water. Natural electrolytes!

Refreshment and Taste - not only is this stuff good for you, it tastes awesome. Feels like water and tastes like fresh sweetness but without that gross syrupy fake flavor.

With so many brands out there trying to sell me the magic water in the bottle, it's hard to figure out which company is the real deal. I like ZICO for one main reason:

- 100% natural COCONUT WATER. That's it. Some other brands out there are actually "coconut juice" and contain sugar, preservatives and even stuff like sodium metabisulfite...huh? I have a bottle from another company and it's been in my fridge for like weeks.

ZICO's ingredient: 100% coconut water. :) Nice job ZICO.

And I like the packaging. The blue with beach picture reminds me of far off places while sitting in my office.
212080212080B000CNB4LEA1OH3IPEPX3WY7John Leon6651318291200Amazing DrinkI have been drinking coconut water regularly for the last six months or so. I tested pretty much every brand out there and found that Zico has the best product available. The water is fresh and free of any weird additives. The container used by Zico is solid and fits perfectly in any refrigerator.
I recommend this product to anyone who want to enjoy the health benefits of coconut water.
212081212081B000CNB4LEA3KQ2VP3Y7P9TXMcCool009 "Internet Expert"6641159920000Tried the Sampler Pack.Excellent. One of the few food items I've found on here that I think I'll buy again. Remember that it's best chilled/ice cold, if you're ever gonna sample it. Not so good when not so cold, great when actually cold. Very refreshing feel either way, though, after you've had a drink.
212082212082B000CNB4LEAFZI3G887G93KHugger of Trees "Ricardo"5551318204800tasty and cleanI started hearing about coconut water several years ago, but it generally struck me as dirty dish water when I would try to drink it. Then Zico came along. I've been a Zico convert now for about four months, and I can literally feel the difference this product makes in my body chemistry. There are indeed other coconut water products out there that are similar, but Zico hits the sweet spot with price, size, and quality of product.
212083212083B000CNB4LEA1G9EZSK3QC0UIB. Santos "bikram_mom_18"314111273795200from concentrate! tastes horrible! yuck!I recently purchased one of these from my local supermarket. I thought the flavor of the box version of zico was ok so I figured they just redesigned their package...Boy was I wrong!
I took a sip and as fast as the liquid entered my mouth, it also left the other way! Yuck! It tastes like really sugary old coconuts. I then looked at the ingredients and see "premium coconut water from concentrate, natural flavors."
I just don't get it: Why would they go from using fresh coconut water in their box version to concentrated coconut water in this not very environmental friendly plastic bottle--and charge more for it!? Am I missing something?
The taste is horrible and I really wish they would go back to their original formulation. There are enough pure coconut water products like vita coco, one, on the market, so why settle for something from concentrate, pay more for it, and hurt the planet with more plastic?
212084212084B000CNB4LEAZ3DOU047S4U4Bikram Junkie4441313798400Delicious, yet too high in sugarThis is probably one of the best flavored coconut waters out there. It tastes like skinny chocolate milk. If you are concerned about the level of sugar, though, you should stay away. It is has 18 grams per serving whereas most plain only has about 12. Although, if you drink it before or after a grueling Bikram practice, I think you deserve a little extra sugar.
212085212085B000CNB4LEA3938DJMZF0OQCA. Hudgins4411284768000Far from "natural"This coconut water is completely disgusting. I normally buy brands like O.N.E. and Vita Coco, but it has been hard to find them in stock recently. I've seen Zico, so when it went on sale at a local store I decided to try it. I didn't take the time to check the ingredients because I assumed it was like the other brands, pure coconut water.

First off, this is "from concentrate". They defend this on their website, but don't be fooled. It affects taste, quality, and nutrition.

Second, they add "natural flavors". There is nothing "natural" about a "natural flavor". It tastes fake and has a nasty aftertaste.

This is by far the WORST coconut water on the market and I hope they will listen to consumers and actually make it "natural".
212086212086B000CNB4LEA5R5AK6SOBY8XGL "GL"4411282176000Taste like plasticI was excited to find ZICO on auto delivery, but really disappointed in the new packaging and recipe. I ordered 2 boxes and they had a plastic after taste. I thought maybe it was just this I waited for my next order. Same thing taste like plastic and made from concentrate. It use to be so good!

Cancelled my subscription today!
212087212087B000CNB4LEA3KJ9FXYIFM3HABrittany Garner4421282176000No More Plastic BottlesI wish I could say that I loved this. I really do. However, all I can taste is PLASTIC. I have no idea if the coconut water is decent or not because the taste of plastic container is SO overwhelming.

It honestly tastes like a bottle of average water that has been left in your vehicle in the 100-degree heat for four days.
212088212088B000CNB4LEA2Q5JWK7GADW9XS. J. Ennis "S.E."6741321315200SatisfiedI guess I started drinking this water after they changed something, because I think Zico is great. A lot of the reviews on here claim they changed the formula which affected the taste, which is definitely possible, but I started drinking the water in July of 2010. I have an auto-subscription on Amazon buying two cases a month and I drink them all before my next batch arrives. I'd love to taste the old formula, one reviewer claimed Zico was putting the original Brazilian coconut water back on the market, but that was back in September. I will continue to buy the bottled version of Zico until I am convinced there is a better product. If you know of the new formula please comment on this review. I am very satisfied with the taste of "Natural" flavored Zico water. I do not care for the Pineapple or Chocolate versions. I have not tried the others.
212089212089B000CNB4LEA19X8QE8NVABFDliz6711295913600Has anyone tasted this stuff?I am shocked that anyone would pay a whopping 2.50 a bottle for this stuff. It tastes horrible and I cannot imagine ever reaching for it to rehydrate myself for any reason. I know the benefits of coconut water but there must be one that tastes better than this!
212090212090B000CNB4LEA1F1VLCKWR14HCAmazonAddict203351274659200My favorite one so far...So I haven't tried EVERY coconut water available - but I do love Zico in the reclosable bottle. It is from concentrate, does include coconuts from more than just Brazil, does kinda taste like milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl - Yes! I love it! I know that it tastes a little different from the Zico U get in the tetra pak, so maybe they should change the name of it - still a great beverage! I have it set to autoship monthly! Yummy...
I also like O.N.E. coconut water - the flavored ones are good, the plain natural flavor is still my best from them.
I also like Zico in Passion Fruit & I also like the natural Zico in the tetra pak.
No, I don't work for Zico!
212091212091B000CNB4LEA2YHXAZLCLDT8DMark Smith "Food lover"5911274918400This is not goodThe taste is bad.. plus it is from concentrate so I dont think it has the same work out
recovery effects.
Now dont get me wrong Zito had a great idea on being able to take the drink to the gym or
biking, but I much prefer the new Vita Coco new screw top, they have much better flavors
ONE is pretty good but not as good as Vita coco and this one is about as good as those
cans which are terrible.
212092212092B000CNB4LEA36NUOBYHZ79TXJoe Mclane "Joe McLane"5941274745600Better Than I ExpectedPom is my favorite, but natural was much different, and better, than I expected. Different taste than the old ZICO, but there's less sugar, though it doesn't seem like it's any less sweet. Still getting used to the new natural flavor, but by the second bottle I'm starting to rather prefer it over the old.
212093212093B000CNB4LEAMVBIGUYJPH4Ofinfam5911274054400Don't be tempted by the price...The new price is very attractive. However, it tastes horrible. Maybe if you haven't had the old Zico, or any other of the coconut water brands you might find it acceptable.
212094212094B000CNB4LEA1XFKWAR5STF0John Woods "TObject"5951158105600Great for tripsI personally like the taste of this product, but I can see that others may not. The taste is unusual, with natural tones.

I definitely like the packaging. Standard aluminum cans often start to look pretty bad from rubbing on each other for a long time, but a box of Zico survived a 2-week road trip that included some nasty dirt roads just fine.
212095212095B000CNB4LEA3PCUG76EPS57Czardoz "No comment"0151325376000Tastiest potassium I've foundOnly 60 calories. Higher potassium than a banana. Slightly sweet but only 12g of sugars.
I prefer the bottle taste to the carton flavor. This is my new pickup after pickup soccer.
212096212096B000CNB4LEA1IM61NCFRIZTLMarylu0151320019200Healthy and Refreshing!Zico coconut water takes me to the sandy beaches of the Dominican Republic where they pick the coconut right off the tree, cut it open and hand you a straw to drink the milk. Zico is the next best thing to being there!
212097212097B000CNB4LEA230BYEWRKZVZOV. H. McIntosh "Chocolover"0151320019200Amazon's best selling healthy replacement for sodasDelicious drink without being sugary. Healthy and nutritious. My family drinks it like water.
No problem since it's better than what we used to drink. Tastes like its right out of the coconut.
212098212098B000CNB4LEA3L6ZKXE115LSCSteven S. Shears0151319500800For those of you whom are new to Coconut water ... It truly is premium.I have tried numerous brands of Coconut Water and this is one of the best. The container really comes in handy, because you don't always want to drink an entire container in one sitting. This bottle allows you to finish later or even another day. I highly recommend this product and I suggest replacing your sugary sports drinks with this product. Try it!
212099212099B000CNB4LEA3U2HPTLB01BJ8D. A. Hatton0151319328000Drink it coldThe Coconut water I received was exactly as expected. Packaging could have been a little bit better as the bottles were all loose in the box.
212100212100B000CNB4LEA691S4W42I2T2Richard J. Musso0151317600000Tastes goodNot sure where all the bad reviews are comming from, I bought two cases to take camping with me. The first bottle tasted just as good as the last.

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