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212236212236B0036Q6DSSAVJ6KTN29TXMIjudith0051342483200Love this product!!!!!I bought this a little over 2 months ago and I must say the quality of this product is very refine which makes it great for smoothies, oatmeal etc. You will love this product because it has a great taste. You will not be disappointed at all. Now as far as the packaging, it drastically needs improvement. I have to make sure that I place the package into another zip-lock bag for proper storaging but other than that the product is great. I will definitely buy again.
212237212237B0036Q6DSSA1I12P53XRMJP0Jenn0051335398400Flax USA Cold Milled Ground Golden Flax SeedI am egg free and so use flaxseed in a lot of my recipes as the egg replacer. I also will throw it in my smoothies from time to time. I was very pleased with this purchase. The package size is perfect for months of recipes and comes with a measuring scoop in the bag. I am happy to have a organic cold milled option so that I know I am getting the most nutrient filled ground flaxseed in my foods.
212221212221B0036Q6DSSA1UJNASFBCBOXAkeepnfit3351309219200Great productWonderful,nutty like flavor. Mixes well and tastes great, I tasted it straight from the bag and it was really good. After using as a supplement in a fruit smoothie every morning for breakfast I feel great. Will definitely order again.
Thanks for a great product.
212238212238B0036Q6DSSA2DN3F2U7X5AY6hummer0051328313600Execllent!A great, quality product, sent speedy delivery! Product advertised was product delivered! Will buy from again, as I love this product! Please keep selling it! I will buy, and buy, again....!
212222212222B0036Q6DSSA36K8DLXYRUMBRAmber M. Anderson2251325721600Always get cold milled! Great for keto/low carb/atkins dietersI bought this at Costco years ago and would use it occasionally as a mix in for my yogurt (they were demonstrating that way and were selling it as a fiber supplement).

Then my boyfriend went on the keto diet. And he now uses this stuff like crazy since he can't eat bread. He has recipes for muffins, pizzas, and so on...I have to admit the chocolate muffins really ARE awesome (stevia, cocoa powder, flax, egg, butter to avoid carbs) even though I am not on a low carb diet and have no such restrictions. So it's awesome stuff...very good for you too if you need extra fiber.

To clarify it does have carbs but almost all of it is indigestible fiber so most diets don't count it. (It does also have calories...that's mostly from the flax oil)

However, you MUST buy cold milled if you're planning on storing it long term and not refrigerating. As I said, the first package I had of this lasted years. Cold milled is milled so that the flax doesn't heat up as it's ground. This is important because otherwise the oils break down and it will spoil in a few weeks. Cold milled has a MUCH longer shelf life.

Flax USA tastes great, stays good, and at this size is a good deal.
212239212239B0036Q6DSSA3O791TZY5IZJAssgarmygirl0051319241600Best Source of OmegasI have been using ground flax seed for over 6 years and would recommend this product to anyone especially women. There are so many healthy benefits to adding this product to your diet.
212223212223B0036Q6DSSA6GHEQBD37588Sip1131348790400Ground FlaxseedAfter reading all the "healthy benefits" of using flaxseed, I bought this product to add to my morning smoothie. Like all healthy products you buy them with high expectations but I personally can't see any change. It does mix well in my smoothie and I'll continue to purchase this product. Not knocking's just another health food to add to your diet. As I get older I continue to eat healthier and that's got to be a good thing.
212240212240B0036Q6DSSA3AIO5MA20C49Kvegmama0141323993600Great for smoothiesI use this in my smoothie every day. It blends well. I like that it is organic and grown in the US.
212224212224B0036Q6DSSAFWHMSNUBSAXNR. S. Homsany "R"1141345852800over pricedThis is way, way, way overpriced dont buy it here. Costco sells the 48 ounces bag for $6.97. Note that this item is only 40 ounces.
212225212225B0036Q6DSSA1UGTRNPPJRQLHR. Srinivasan1141333065600Damn You CostcoOur local Costco was out of this so had to buy it on Amazon. Use it normally to thicken soups.
212241212241B0036Q6DSSA3LNN7WUF8B4BNStephen G. Vajda0151322179200Delicious NutritionI like this so much I bought it twice. Tastes good and good for you. What's not to love? The only thing I found in the stores that was similar was flax seed but I read they pass thru you so are not as effective.
212226212226B0036Q6DSSA1X85OBPETPG2HB Mulaveesala1141325289600Excellent, but Cheaper in a Different PlaceThis is excellent, but we found it cheaper at Cost_co, just for $6.79 for 48 oz. It may not be in all Cost_co stores.
212242212242B0036Q6DSSA1Y5AHMDLDEBWN. Gordhan "anon"2521314230400Cold pressed hot deliveryI wouldn't recommend buying this item online if in hot climates because though it may be cold pressed, it travels in te heat to get to you.
212227212227B0036Q6DSSA1JLIB8XX3QJP7CAB1151311465600Great product!Quality flax is quality flax but what I really like about this is it comes with a scoop! I've ordered a few bags of this product and some bags stay shut while others need to be put in a ziploc. Good buy for a good price.
212243212243B0036Q6DSSA25YFCUONWD8UQSharon Henegar0251334361600Great product.This wheat germ is the best I have ever used. The grind is much smaller and the color is great. Also, another great feature is it does not have to be refrigerated after opening...
212228212228B0036Q6DSSA1MNRWVLHFKXKVManda "Manda"1141309824000so far, so good!This is the first time I have used flax seed. I had been reading about it for a while, wanting to try it, but couldn't find it in the store. I have used this product in oatmeal and in some muffins I baked. No change in taste, and I feel good knowing I'm getting some healthy stuff in me, for a change! :)

The zip lock doesn't work that well, but it fits inside a freezer zip bag, so that is what I use to store it in.
212229212229B0036Q6DSSA3CJV6ESZ1BNLVJ93451303257600Love it!Gold is way better than brown flax seed, even if it is a mental thing. I add a scoop to my protein shakes, and you hardly notice a taste. The only reason I like this better than brown is it is visually more appealing when drinking. Just make sure you drink it quickly because it will thicken after a few min.
212244212244B0036Q6DSSA1I6C8JPNEDP4Gchrissy1911315526400good valueI am thoroughly enjoying my ground flax. It is very flavorful and blends easily into smoothies and yogurt. I have added some to cereal and hot oatmeal as well. The price is great. A real bargain. Highly recommended.
212230212230B0036Q6DSSA1IKBIWNTIC6KAFreshmango0051348963200Great product, huge packThis is an awesome product, very easy to add to yoghourts and other food. Great addition to better your health!
212231212231B0036Q6DSSA2TL02C8ZTNN7UBulma0041348617600Great productJust got the 48 oz bag for $7.99 at Costco. It's great and blends easily into my smoothie every morning. It's a resealable bag which makes it even more convenient.
212232212232B0036Q6DSSA2IO6XSZKNP5LKBrigwifey0051347840000I love it!I love it! It is ground so fine, that it does not get stuck in my teeth! Which I love. Yes, I would recommend this to everyone! It has also helped me greatly with my digestive system.
212233212233B0036Q6DSSA3PYSXWQNHO58ATwo Weeks0041346544000Good milled flax seedsOverall satisfied with my purchase. It shipped quickly and arrived within expected time frame. The flax seed was fresh and includes a scoop to measure. Only thing I didn't like was that the resealable strip was clogged with flax seed so I couldn't reseal the package at first. After cleaning it out with a paperclip, it worked fine.
212245212245B0036Q6DSSA2X04NQMDJW00HMichael Chamberlin "wacomme"11211321747200Horrible packageThe resealable bag simply does not reseal. I had to transfer the contents top a zip-lock bag. This is unacceptable, and unfortunately I cannot return the product. What a waste.
212234212234B0036Q6DSSATOAF0EVXY8CZTAP0041344211200Bad PackagingA friend of the family gave us some Bob's Red Mill whole flaxseed, and so I went looking for it on Amazon. Found this instead for a cheaper price--plus it's already ground for you! The product is fine, but the packaging is not; it's definitely not resealable. I must have tried thirty different times to seal that bag, and it wouldn't take. Thankfully we had some containers around to store it in, but it's rather inconvenient, especially with such a large quantity.
212246212246B0000TF5CEA23N6IY34JQ33TTrixie "city mouse"2251184803200Best Chutney!I got this for a gift from a friend in New Mexico. I had it for a year and finally tried it. ZOWIE! This is the best jar chutney I have ever tasted! I want to try their other chutneys and products. It is really fresh tasting and perfectly spiced. It is excellent on burgers and other meats. I could eat it by the spoonful, but savor it. Now that I found out where to buy it, I will be a regular consumer of this product.
212247212247B007G93GT0A1I0KREP5AUH1BJudi M. Kirkham "Shopthezon"0051332460800I'll take the orchid please!Bought this tea as a result of being captured by a salesperson who made it impossible to say "no" and I am 100% to blame. Never been a pushover but now, I have joined the club. This tea is terrific and that is all that is important. Our family has about 7-10 teas available at any one time and the Shanghai Orchid is a great "accent tea" to the plain teas...take a straight jasmine pearl or the Darjeeling or the silver needle and add some of the! The smell of flowers translates to taste beautifully. Of course the price is high and I find it is confusing to purchase tea in the shop because of the "ounce" pricing...however if you use this tea as an accent rather than a straight tea, the idea is it will last longer. My favorite is using this tea with any plan jasmine. Amazing!
212248212248B001X7R32CATVD3UHXVNLFHDiane Brzozowski "Diane B."0051320624000Very tasty, great priceMy husband and I use this sauce all the time. It tastes great, is versatile in recipes, and is an excellent price.
212249212249B007CMKR9SA2AY4YUOX2N1BQDOBrien "I review stuff."0051335312000Head and shoulders above the rest!These are excellent treats that I would recommend to almost any dog owner. After purchasing Bil-Jac Little Jacs Liver Treats while in a rush at the store, and then reading the ingredients list, I knew that I didn't want to purchase anything with additives and low-grade chicken any more! My wife and I picked these up at a pet store and so far we have been quite pleased!

- Contains NO chicken by-products*
- Contains no wheat**
- Perfect size for puppies, small dogs or training
- Also available at pet stores

- A tad pricey
- Give some dogs loose stools

*While this product doesn't contain chicken by-products, don't be fooled into thinking that it contains high-grade chicken. This is definitely better than most dog treats, but it's not on par with Newman's Own Organic Chicken Treats or Flint River Ranch Dog Treats, that use human-grade meat and poultry.

**Some dogs are allergic to wheat. If your dog has allergies or even is beginning to show symptoms, wheat should be the first thing you cut out. Many MANY foods contain it as a filler, and many allergies are traced back to it.

These are a little pricey, but you are paying for a healthy, nutritious treat, not some WalMart-grade by-product infused junk. If you care about your dog, you need to feed them with the best food and treats available, and these Chicken Bits are a great place to start!
212250212250B0043OW2GOAZ4DV3GEN3WNIHappy Shopper0051322438400Very tasty, quick & easy!These are very tasty - tastes exactly like the cardamom soybeans that Trader Joe's used to carry. Super flavorful, and the soybeans are firm yet silky in texture. They are the best when you need a high fiber/ high protein snack with zero prep. Microwaves in 90 seconds.
212235212235B0036Q6DSSA1KNKQMV7CZBU1Cassie0051343260800Love my Flax!I use it everyday in my protein shakes, and I the subtle nutty flavor is great! When I add it into my oatmeal, it tends to thicken, so I end up adding a little water to it. I haven't had any problems with the seal like other reviews here. I still have about 1/8 of a bag left, and I bought it at Cosco mid-February. It lasts a long time! I store mine in the fridge. Implementing the ground flax into your diet is an easy and great way to add extra nutrients without a whole lot of calories, or sacrifice of flavor. Very satisfied.

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