Amazon Fine Food Reviews

212251212251B003DY179SAIQ5J7PNAS01IGloria0011349827200Hardly any clamsI was disappointed that there was a lot of juice and very few clams. It was expensive and not worth the cost.
212252212252B005B57A2UA1SRCI44WVZKRNGail0051327104000Yummy!!I never tasted Zotz before. I was just looking for some kind of grape candy with a little fizz and ordered these. They are yummy!! I keep wishing that Fizzies would produce the grape flavored fizzies again someday but these Grape Zotz will do for now.
212253212253B005B57A2UA2IND9Y6MQH3UQGumboRules0051311552000Love Zotz!!!Never had this product before last Wednesday on a family trip when my hubby gave me one. These fizzy hard candies are awesome and have now become my favorite hard candy. Will always keep these on hand!
212254212254B0014NJ9JAA263AXFZ228DMSam Ting "AS"1131255996800original but not that goodvery good original idea. but choice of items is not very good. some didn't seem to be fresh.
212255212255B000H454SCA1MU3ZZ0B3M5M8Mike Hurst "counselmike"1151314489600The best!Like all Academia Barilla products, this balsamic vinegar is top notch. Full of flavor with lovely consistency. Ready to drizzle on your favorite foods.
212256212256B000H454SCA2M3OR983U9EAYmariella michelon0041348358400Academia Barilla Balsamic vinegar of modenaThe best balsamic vinegar for the money, bar none. I have used balsamic vinegar for over twenty years along with regular red wine vinegars for my different salads, but until I found Academia Barilla I had no idea what a difference an aged, thick, dense, aromatic vinegar could make. It comes the closest to privately made balsamic vinegar I've enjoyed in Modena, Italy. Compared to other "industrially made" vinegars that are watery, transparent, lacking in intensity, and, needless to say, much cheaper, Academia Barilla is superior to all of them for its artisanal quality. Unless one wants to pay anywhere from 30 to 100 dollars for artisanal balsamic vinegar from Modena, Academia Barilla at slightly over 10 dollars is definitely worth the price.
212257212257B004UB678EA3HVML44BPPS2GS. A. Adams "I AM"0011350172800Mine was moldy.Bought this at my local health food store. As I was eating it, about 1/4 of the way through I bit into something that tasted totally moldy. It's a shame because I was enjoying it until then. It also cost less at the store. Eight dollars and ninety-nine cents.
212258212258B003WNIQT4A1ZBX4RESRNIM2CC0041326153600a good tea when you don't know what to drinkRegardless of the quality (you can't expect more for the price,) the tea has a very unique pleasant fragrance that soothes my tension whenever needed. It only got four stars because the price doubled from two years ago.
212259212259B00237NV54A3QOFK5CX2NAM5Leslie Stewart0031253404800dog treatsMy dog didn't like these treats. He can be kind of picky so it may not be a good test of the treats. They smell strongly of fish, so I would think most dogs would like them.
212260212260B001EQ4AOGA3FINMLII6FWSIJ. Gordon "John R. Gordon"2351263081600PLEASE DON'T STOP MANUFACTURING THIS ITEM!!!!This flavor of Crystal Light is by far my very favorite one, and Amazon sent me a message that the manufacturer is ceasing production on this item. NO, PLEASE DON'T DO THAT!!!! I use 2-3 of these packets every single day, plus I buy this flavor to make 1/2-gallon pitchers of this "nectar of the Gods" to drink in the evenings. Most of the other flavors are very mundane, too similar to many other drink mixes available. This one is truly unique and delicious. I love this one and I would buy it until the day I die if they keep making it. No, it's not an addictive substance, nor technically habit forming, I just love the flavor so much that I WANT to drink it every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
212261212261B0030MPYAQA31557T922FBE5Patty Smith0051333929600happyPurchased for a sister, I was told it was fresh and delicious. Needless to say that made me feel happy.
212262212262B0030MPYAQA1DSJ63ZHAXK5jnowicki1231330992000Mix had too many nutsThe mix had too many nuts and not many oriental rice crackers which is mainly why I ordered this mix.
212263212263B005FU2JOKA1SEQRZS3S8ROHjen torres2211322265600juice box sizebuyer beware, these are juice box sizes. it doesn't state on the description but this is the size you would pack in a child's lunchbox. i didn't realize they would be this small, i wouldn't have bought them as they come to cost more than $1.25 each...
212264212264B001KUULJEA1GQAKL9CGQLP1L. M. Keefer1151323907200Healthy, Light White Whole Wheat FlourIf you're looking for a healthy, light whole wheat flour to cook with, a nutritionist recommended KING ARTHUR'S WHITE WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR. It has the nutrition of whole wheat with the consistency of white flour--so it's not too heavy and gritty. I make gravies, soups, muffins, pancakes, cookies etc.--everything with it. I'll never buy white non-nutritious flour again! I never feel guilty cooking with this as I know it's healthy for my family and provides necessary whole grains. I love cooking with this flour and use it all the time.
212265212265B001KUULJEA35JPD8Q492FJCFirefly1151321747200Excellent!I was skeptical of this product at first; I thought it was a gimmick, maybe white flour with some bran added. But this is real whole wheat, made from a softer wheat than regular WW flour. I use it all the time because it is virtually identical in mouth feel to white flour but has all the nutrition of whole grain. If you're trying to convert your family to whole grains, try mixing it 50/50 with white flour. Because this flour is nearly white, they probably won't even notice. It works equally well in yeast breads, quick breads, and even cookies, but I'd use WW pastry flour for cakes. Like all KA products, it is top quality.
212266212266B00538C9W6A2VYLXYG3H6TYNAundrea0021339027200Not impressedI bought this gum at Fred Meyer today because it looked good and I've never seen it before. I usually buy the "Tropical Twist" by Trident and love that flavor, so I thought this would turn out to be good also. Both packs have pictures of oranges and a few other fruits on them, so I figured they'd be comparable. I chew gum a lot to try and prevent me from snacking when I'm not really hungry and because I have read in numerous places that chewing sugar free gum is good for your teeth.

So, here's the scoop. The flavor is a 2.5/5, not nearly as yummy as the tropical one. I timed how long the flavor lasts and I got about 7 minutes out of it before I was anxiously searching for a garbage can to throw it out in. The aftertaste wasn't horrible, but wasn't great either. Bottom line, I give it a try and now I'm going to try and pawn this pack of gum off on my co-workers and keep chewing the "Tropical Twist" and "Bubblegum" flavors.
212267212267B000LKVT6SA2EZKS31ZFKEGNMichelle W.5511181433600Chicken waterThis soup has a few shreds of chicken meat in each can- hardly "chunks" as the label proclaims. Also, the bulk of the soup only takes up about a fifth of the can and the broth tastes like mildly salinated water. Organic or not, this soup is a total rip-off.
212268212268B000LKVT6SA2QNMXR6AFS82HSue Sullivan2241198368000I love itI agree with the previous reviewer in that the soup doesn't have as much chicken as you would think by looking at the label, but I really like it. It has a nice mild flavor, and the rice is great.
212269212269B000LKVT6SA2NCCN1AKS0UJXAndrew J. Peterson "ap30"0041349827200It's a good dealThe taste is very good. I do agree with another reviewer that there is too much water. The price for the quality is still a really good deal. I will be buying this a lot more in the future.
212270212270B00017LF10A3CJZBE1RKN2CSAimee0051280361600Sweet Treat...I ordered this to use in my popcorn machine. I was uneasy about how the kettle would handle this product, but since I have a great kettle cleaner I went ahead and ordered it. I am sure glad that I did because this is FABULOUS! It leaves no mess in the kettle at all. When it starts to pop the first kernels that come out are the best coated ones and then as more pop they get less coated, but if you mix them all together I think you get great flavor. Just remember this is a sticky coating when it first comes out so unpopped kernels stick to the popped ones so watch out for those. Still a great tasting product that I will keep purchasing... It is very sweet, but I love it all the same.
212271212271B0041OQ9CYACEA95FQS1AVPJem2241314057600sweet and spicy teaI love pumpkin (cookies, pie, frappachinos!) so I didn't hesitate to order this tea when I discovered it. It is a good tea, and it made a DELICIOUS chai tea latte. However, it's not really pumpkin flavored. The tea relies on pumpkin pie spices like cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, etc., so it smells like pumpkin pie but doesn't quite taste like it. If it had actual pumpkin flavor with those spices, it would be perfect and five stars. Never-the-less, the tea is spicy and delicious with a nice twist on the traditional chai flavor. Recommended.
212272212272B0041OQ9CYA3UMK3C4UWSJSXWyatt B.0051349654400Best Tea in the WorldIt taste amazing and it smells like heaven in a little bag. You could use the box to make your house smell like Fall. Its great quality.
212273212273B0041OQ9CYA2OEUROGZDTXUJJ. Graves0051327449600Tasty!Okay, so it doesn't taste exactly like pumpkin. It does sort of have a pumpkin essence, however. Maybe it just sort of smells pumpkin-y. Either way, the tea is delicious. My co-workers tease me about how many cups a day of it that I drink. Personally, I like it with a packet of Truvia,Natura's Calorie-Free Sweetener 1 Ounce Packages (Pack of 400) or NuNaturals Nustevia Nocarbs Blend, 50 Packets.

As far as the comment another reviewer made about the black tea tasting like Lipton's, maybe that makes it more authentic. It is said that chai tea was first created in India to make undrinkable tea bearable.
212274212274B0041OQ9CYA23R5GHBLV4MUXVinellaGal20000031325030400Not what I expected!I love Chai! In fact, I ordered this tea because I love pumpkin and I love chai. So the two combined sounded amazing. Unfortunately it did not taste like pumpkin spice at all. I could taste the black tea more then the flavor it was printed on the box. The taste of the black tea was simular to that of a regular box of Lipton Tea, which I really do not like at all. I really would not suggest this tea to anyone.
212275212275B0041OQ9CYA146BWD54VM6OAT.L.C. "T.L.C."0051323820800OMG, Best tea I've ever hadI personally find a lot of teas to be very bland and flavorless. This one has lots of flavor (though its true that it is more from pumpkin pie spices than from pumkin itself). I would drink it all year round.
212276212276B0041OQ9CYA23W1H9AACMTWZmr mack "the blues man"0041323302400TeaThis is a great sipping tea that I like with milk insead of water. I drink it at night to unwind. It has a great taste for the hoildays.
212277212277B0006601MAALPQOXCRF3SSHC. Scibetta0051270425600Great price - Arrived quicklyThis is my dog's breakfast every day. It is exactly the same product as purchased for much more money in the pet stores. It arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I'll order this again and again.
212278212278B0006601MAA1Q7XROBCX2711Richard C. Cooper "lrgrchrd"0051246233600on time in as described conditionthis is a good dog treat the older dog needs the medication help and they show improvement after eating the treats for a while
212279212279B0006601MAA3KXKYV8DKNC8KCowboyOne "Bob J."0051165968000Happy Hips make 'em HAPPY !This is a greeat product! My dogs really enjoy it. It sure helps to have something that is good for them, taste good to them !
212280212280B001FPT2NKA22MI212KEK07ELilian Roessler1151284681600Excellent tasteI have been using this product for years and was happy to find it on line since our local place (Bristol Farms) had closed. I love it especially in my salad dressings.

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