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212307212307B0000DGFACA2WIZS2IRIH2YAomccombs0051338681600ExcellentWas very nervous buying a plant on amazon, but comparing the prices of these types of plants at florists I figured it was worth a shot. Well, my friend received the plant and she said it was in excellent condition. It came with a pamphlet on how to care for it, and the plant is still living despite the fact that my friend is a known plant killer (by accident) lol. Would buy again!
212308212308B0000DGFACA3LFN4ZP24Z33WOlivia0041323734400Nicely shippedI got the package yesterday, and I was surprised how well the plant handled the journey! It looked like I had just picked it up from the store. No bugs or issues like other reviews have said.

The plant is quite large with a pretty small pot, but I don't really mind. I would like the plant a bit smaller, but overall, I think this will make a really nice gift. I would definitely purchase another one.
212309212309B0000DGFACA1CFEXA73P27NGPrithi Pal Singh00313132800003 out of 4 were good.I bought two of these as gifts for my dad and brother and LOVED them so I bought another for my mom and she LOVED hers.
Our neighbor loved my mom's tree so I got one for her too but I recently found out that when she got it it had little tiny white spots and the leaves were very dull. It's now falling apart. I'm pretty unhappy about this. I was actually getting ready to buy another one for a friend. I hope the company will reimburse me or provide me with a new tree for my neighbor. If so, I will continue to purchase the trees.
212310212310B0000DGFACA2ZEH18RDIZBJIari0051298678400nice planti love it. it was really small when i got it and now is getting big. and what good is that it doesnt need to be in the sun. i have it in my living room and i like it a lot.
212281212281B003X0132SA1T7UG5QXJKSDXJ. Pehl "my thoughts"0041345939200SatisfiedI have attempted on several occasions to find the thin bagels in our local super markets without success. I then thought about going on line not knowing exactly how to go about it but I had success. I don't know that much about the computer but was pleased with the results I got and enjoyed the bagels immensely.
212282212282B003X0132SAAZJX2TUU01T2green planner0011336953600A bagel shape does not a bagel makeSince all the good reviews here seem to be "Buzz Agents" I thought I'd add my non-buzz review.
These are terrible. The only resemblence to a bagel is the shape. They're basically like the heel end of a loaf of white bread with a hole cut out. The texture isn't chewy like a bagel should be (they obviously aren't boiled or steamed). Lame, lame marketing scam.
212283212283B003X0132SA2ETM0VK9BDDK2SarahJ0011324857600Poor SubstituteI was excited to try the new Thins, however what a disappointment!! They should not even be called bagels - they have none of the properties of a bagel - not the taste, texture, or quality. I love Thomas' regular traditional-style bagels, so I figured I would love these too. They basically taste like cheap white bread in circle form w/a hole, honestly cheap white bread tastes better. I ended up giving them to the dog. I'll stick w/the regular ones....
212284212284B003X0132SA1SJDH4R6KR2B6bush78790051299110400great bagelsI was able to try the bagel thins through a bzz agent campaign and received a coupon for a free package. I was very happy with the bagel thins. I thought they had the same consistency as a regular bagel. The bagels were good both toasted and plain. They are also great to use as sandwiches either for breakfast or as a meal. I love regular bagels so I was happy to find these that are less calories and carbs than a regular bagel. I was able to try the plain version and the everything version and enjoyed both very much. I will definitely be buying more in the future.
212285212285B003X0132SA3EEA7OEKPA2NGsburiel0051297728000Thomas Bagel Thins PlainI am a Bzz Agent and received a coupon for a free package of Thomas Bagel Thins. At first I was skeptical of trying them. When a product claims to be low in calories, usually taste is sacrificed. I didnn't find this to be the case with Thomas Bagel Thins. I love bagels but have not purchased any in a long time because they are not neccessarily a good morning breakfast item (meaning they have a high calorie count). I tried these and they tasted just like a bagel would taste, granted you get a little less, but you don't lose the taste. If you like to toast your bagels, you need half the time that it requires to toast a regular bagel or you might burn them. Overall a great product with great taste.
212286212286B003X0132SA3QG85X5GI56RDJanieMay0051297382400These are a good idea.I am a Bzz Agent. I received a coupon to try a package of these Thomas Bagel Thins for free. I buy regular bagels quite often. I got a package of the plain bagel thins. I would say the taste is similar to the regular bagels. What I like about them is the reduced amount of calories (only 110 calories per bagel). They are also presliced which is a nice convenience and makes it so easy to toast and prepare. I would recommend these for anyone who likes bagels and/or wants to watch their caloric intake.
212287212287B003X0132SA1W75MEO7B7BFIKarina Bickler0051297296000Great, healthy snackMy family tried plain and raisin cinnamin, they are better than regular bagels and have less calories, fat, etc. We have bought about 7 bags since trying them.
212288212288B003X0132SA1UKMZV4WM3QJ1Denise G. Evanoff "Mom Three Ways"0051297209600Yummy!My kids are in love with BagelThins! After seeing a commercial, my 10 year olds son begged for me to buy these. They are the perfect size for breakfast or a snack, and they do not get stuck in the toaster like other thicker bagels. Perfect with cream cheese!
212289212289B003X0132SA1YS7FIL4R502Sfingernail0051297209600Perfect Portion size with a big tasteI really liked these bagels. I got the cinnamon raison kind and they were so good. They were not too big and not to small. Fit perfectly in my toaster which alot of bagels don't. Highly reccommend giving them a try.
212290212290B003X0132SA3IMDWVSG12MZ8missymouse0041297209600Bagel ThinsI received a free coupon from BuzzAgent to try these. I really enjoy bagels and I like that these are a lower calorie option. They are delicious and a perfect for a very easy snack!
212291212291B0000DGFACA18OE4IVSZMZ8ESheri Johnson "sherilees"313421075420800Would I have bought if had seen?The plant is very healthy. It arrived quickly and in good shape.
What disappoints me is that it is described as 10-12"
212292212292B0000DGFACA1IWSXUYIAQPR4Adam "Panda Bear"141551124841600What a deal!I bought this plant for my fiance and it met and exceeded all my expectations. It is well proportioned between the plant and the pot it is in, unlike what was said in another review. It was as described and the picture in the listing is exactly what I got. The shipping was fast as well, only 2 days, and free. It will also be easy to take care of. The price could not be beat anywhere I looked for this product, and I searched multiple sites and stores. The plant arrived in excellent packaging, too. I couldn't be more pleased.
212293212293B0000DGFACA1VX5B9Q0DQJ14Allen L. Bloom "AB"6631178928000DisappointedI bought a single Brussel's Money Tree a few months back and it arrived in good shape and I was happy with it. I ordered 2 more to give as gifts and they arrived crushed and close to being dead. Attention to detail in packing the delicate items was not there. I got a much larger, healthier, and less expensive plant at Lowe's Home Improvement. If you order one of these it is a toss of the dice. Good luck!
212294212294B0000DGFACA2YHZ79W4KTUD9M. Purcell2251225670400Great experienceThis is the first time I have ordered a plant online. The packing was very well done, the delivery timely and the plant was very healthy and put out new leaves within the first couple of days out of the box.
212295212295B0000DGFACA2C03JNJ3UYQGVD. J. Artwohl "Hustin"2231210118400No descriptionThe health of the plant is fine. What concerns me is that I sent this as a gift and it came with absolutely no description whatsoever. The recipient got a tree in a box and that's it. I had to describe the whole "good fortune" thing. This product should really come with a card to let people know why they're receiving a small tree.
212296212296B0000DGFACA2TNJ6FNMYKPQBlaura fagan1151282003200wonderful purchaseI struggled to find a clever idea for my husband for our 5 year wedding anniversary. Traditionally, this gift is supposed to be wood. Nothing seemed to make more sense than this small bonsai, or money, tree. I was a bit skeptical about purchasing a tree online, but it came very carefully packaged and in excellent condition. We followed the directions and I waited to write my review just in case something went wrong. But he has had this tree in the office next to a window for about 2 months now and it still looks just as nice, if not nicer, than the day we got it. And that's saying a lot since no other plants at our house have managed to live this long.
212297212297B0000DGFACA3S2Z1X5GAE0LBAmy Bachman "Amy"1111262044800BrokenI ordered this as a gift, and it arrived completely broken. Every branch was completely broken and there was not one live leaf on the tree. Also, the dirt had almost completely spilled out of the pot. I was very disappointed with this product.
212298212298B0000DGFACA35FAZXSR6P2FQJacqueline Co "livecalifornia"1111178409600Warning! This item is not like the picture!This product is nothing like the picture. The one I purchased was shriveled and dying. It was about a third of the size as the one in the picture. Not a good purchase at all.
212299212299B0000DGFACA2O8H8F13VFKFTCharmaine M. Hetzer1151169078400lllllThe product looked great when received. I was actually shocked at the packaging - well protected.
212300212300B0000DGFACA34IU4CT2WP4GIStayce1151168300800Beautiful & HealthyMy tree arrive in a little box stuffed full of styrofoam--not good for the environment but it did do a great job protecting the tree. I'd say it has doubled in size over the last year and must be a fairly hardy little tree to survive at my apartment. I don't know if it's working to bring me good fortune, but I can say that it does still look like a million bucks.
212301212301B0000DGFACA1WX65890MD9GYL. Biggurs "Book Maven"2321243468800False advertisingTrue I did receive my order sooner than I expected but the plant was withered and almost dead when I received it. Also, the tree I ordered was not the tree I received. I will not order from this company again and will advise the same to all the people I know that shop on
212302212302B0000DGFACA1DWGVG0UI2HBCD. L. Marsh "amazon girl"2321190073600Item not as pictured.Item choosen specifically for the container shape and color, to match existing decor. Item shipped in a completely different color and shape container.
212303212303B0000DGFACA13I63FP1JKWRBStephanie N. Smith "SNS"2311173657600tree raitingThe tree was frozen when it arrived and when it unthawed it died. I would not purchase again. Plus I did not get my money back or a new tree.
212304212304B0000DGFACA3IYV08TOEW7I2Matthew Tucker2311168732800Not Worth the $$I received this item in poor condition. It had leaves that were eaten up by bugs and the trunk seems to have some sort of rotting going on at the vase of one of the stalks. Alot of the leaves have fallen off. This item was pretty much a waste of my money but thats what I get for buying a plant over the internet.
212305212305B0000DGFACA1HTX1S8X8YCN5ladiwolf0051349049600very nicei was impressed with all the plants ordered. they came healthy well wrapped and when i get
my house a bit more organized i may purchase more from this company.
i just wish they had a bit more care
instructions, but other than that very pleased
212306212306B0000DGFACA3FSWSN1CETV23Anna Jacobson0051343174400Money treeToday I recieved the Brussel's Money Tree. It was packaged very securly and arrived in excellent condition. It came with a detailed letter for help if I need it. I will purchase from this company again. Lousbonsai

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