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212363212363B003VTG7RCA60Q11ZYE2U42C. Mahon "hippie chick"5551312416000Best tonic water ever!I found this tonic water in a store 60 miles from my home. I avoid high fructose corn syrup which is found in almost every tonic water unless you buy diet which tastes horrible. Whole foods has a couple with sugar which I buy when I'm there but that is 90 miles from my home so I don't go often. This tonic is even better because it's sweetened with agave nectar and has fewer calories than the ones with sugar. I ordered it because I don't travel to the store where I found it often.
212364212364B003VTG7RCA2G0MZUZMHW0VWJProulx5551298678400Spectacular!Q Tonic has changed my life. It's amazing. Best gin and tonics ever. I've found that because Q Tonic is so dry (even compared other fancy tonics like Fever Tree and Stirrings), I can actually taste the difference between gins in my gin and tonics. And saving calories these days doesn't hurt either...
212365212365B003VTG7RCAJSU2AE6AG5U5Douglas5551298073600I can taste my gin!I had no idea that all these years I was pouring 7UP into my drink! Q Tonic really is completely different and well worth the price considering what I spend on my Hendrick's. My G&T is a much more interesting drink with the Q...
212366212366B003VTG7RCA18YMAHS4VONKCJerry4451299110400gin & tonicfirst had Q Tonic Water in California several years ago for a gin and tonic. The drink was fresher tasting, more flavorful. Q Tonic Water is a cut above all the other tonic waters on the market.
212367212367B003VTG7RCAX1W2MIHKW882Katherine Ross "tonic lover"3351309219200Best tonic water everlight and crisp, clean taste, perfect tonic for my
Grey Goose vodka and tonic and Tanqueray gin and tonic
drinks.... low in calories and NO SUGAR-- only sweetener
being organic agave-- no aftertaste like with other mixers
212368212368B003VTG7RCA113LPH59H3J5NJudyS3351308182400Best Tonic Water EverLearned of Q-tonic through locker room friends... It honestly is the best tonic water ever and has become my favorite choice of drink! Can't wait til the Q Ginger is available through Amazon, as it is not available in my local area. This is a must try...
212369212369B003VTG7RCA6YEAHCVOHKWMToothslueth2251339977600Quality does make a big difference.I was a little skeptical when I first tried this with my gin and tonics...but was amazed with the flavor and carbonation. They really nailed it. Fewer calories is a plus, but this stuff is really much better than the more popular canned stuff. It comes very well packaged and is worth the extra money..even if it means drinking a few less tonics to get it. You won't be disappointed.
212370212370B003VTG7RCA3SHBFFNYD4GZ2AVB2251339372800The perfect tonic waterWe love Q tonic so much, we've set it up for the automatic delivery from Amazon. It's not at all sweet like the horrid stuff you buy at the grocery store. Very dry with a great quinine tast. Really fine bubbles. I believe it's also lower calories than the usual tonic waters. It also is superior to some of the other premium tonic waters, such as Fever Tree. Very light, crisp and refreshing. It makes a nice drink on its own with a slice of lime. Let's the true taste of the gin shine through.
212341212341B0041O2HH0A176KGD579G2LHshelia0051342224000gluten free and very tastyI love this soup and it doesn't have any gluten which is a major plus for me. Amazon is the only good outlet I have found for this soup. I have looked a lot in stores and on the internet. The taste is wonderful.
212342212342B0041O2HH0A2F23QT3T03LLBL. Abel0051340496000good price..great tasteexploring my gluten free food options I tried this such a great low price. It tastes great :)
Give it a try sometime :)
212344212344B000LQMXRGA1T61QP7QHYBRQan honest reviewer3351298678400Very PleasedIt's not as light and fluffy as home made from scratch with real whipped cream, but it is quick and delicious nonetheless.
I'm not big on caffeine, so I used decaf when using this mix.
I think it's a very handy product to have in the cupboards and it is so quick to put together and then refrigerate for a couple of hours.
I'll definitely be making this more in the summer time for a light, cooling and refreshing dessert.
212345212345B000LQMXRGA290GVEOOADG5WLucy Kaufman3351195084800Yum!If you like tiramisu, you will love this mix. As always, Oetker desert mixes are tasty, inexpensive and easy to prepare. Absolutely delicious.
212346212346B000LQMXRGA1QJ0YFA1YVXPScantuski0051332633600Oh let's cook!This is a great product to cook and enjoy what you've made. I always order tiramisu when we go out to eat and now I can make it at home. Thanks for agreat addition to my pantry!
212347212347B005EF0I0IA2APE4IDJHXVUDMatt2241323907200Good basket, If Buying As Gift Check FirstI purchased this for myself and the contained coffees were quite good. The extras were a bit mediocre, half due to weak packaging. The sugar packets were included in a mislabeled box, as were the creamers. For your average coffee drinker the extras will be a pleasant surprise, just make sure you break open the basket and check the contents if you are giving this as a gift.
212348212348B005EF0I0I#oc-RK0HRTGDS8TF3Peter G. Keen "rabidreader"6841320192000Attractive for an office gift, but overpricedThis makes a good office gift -- it's functional and discreetly packaged without all Christmas frou frou decoration. The basket is well-made and would be a useful general-purpose addition to the desk or shelf. The coffee is very good.

The problem is the price -- it seems to me to be too high by at least $10. There's relatively little contents in terms of amount and value. the mug is attractive but the other items are utilitarian -- powder creamer, wooden coffee stirrers and some nibbles. They do the job -- a complete coffee service -- but there is nothing distinctive.

All in all, it's a well made gift and the basket is worth keeping.
212349212349B005EF0I0I#oc-R2ZTU0FEJBQXE7Shannie "Shan"253611319414400I'm pretty sure this was created as a jokeAs my moniker suggests, I LOVE the glorious coffee bean. This, however, has got to be some sort of test....trial by fire-brewed perhaps? At first sight this basket looked delightful. A relatively cheap basket, as is to be expected, filled with goodies. Then comes the unwrapping. The cello wrap was broken, perhaps that is evidence that some sneak removed the 'Jamaican Blend' that is promised but missing.
The 'Coffee Box' box was a plain box with a photo copied paper taped to it, which contained 3 Arbuckle single pot bags. The next stuff I am giving a star because of the hearty laugh it gave me...
Cafe Vergnano 1882 cookies (4) are ginger-y and a nice complement to the unimpressive but not-too-bad Arbuckle's coffee. The box of 'creamer' contained a few packets of the most generic of office coffee whitener, the brands car repair shops use while you wait to get the oil changed. The 'Sugar in the Raw' was few packets as well. Here is the delightful part. Each box was covered by taped on labels....over empty JELLO BOXES! But wait, it gets better. The coffee stirrers were in an empty Reese's Pieces box! I have this odd visual of rag-clad children being forced to empty Jello and candy boxes day in and day out.
If I were the Queen of Back Mountain Baskets...I'd have a ban on scotch tape. I would make sure that the wooden coffee stirrers aren't flavored by the still fragrant Reese's Pieces box. Better creamer or no creamer. I don't mind the diner-esque coffee mug, but perhaps a more trend-on shape would be nice.
The individually wrapped cookies/biscuits were quite nice. Perhaps I would add the tiny wrapped bits of chocolate served with coffee in most European cafes.

Until all that happens, I think I'd rather have a basket that has the Jello and Reese's intact and original.

EDIT PLEASE NOTE: I have been made aware that I received a MOCK UP and NOT the basket intended for Amazon customers.
212350212350B005EF0I0IA26X4ACKD32R2Ochristine1151327276800Good GiftSent this to my brother and his wife for Christmas - their comment "5 stars". With this, I would recommend this product as a gift.
212351212351B005EF0I0IA3OXRFCJI67IMNBold Consumer91451322265600Luxury Gift Basket For Coffee LoversAs I opened the package, the coffee aroma was very pleasant. The items were attractively presented. There is a box with a variety of coffee samples and other items listed here under product features, so I won't list them again.

It's a gift basket for coffee lovers.

The package reminds me of the welcome basket one might find in a luxury hotel. It's fine for what it is. It's definitely a luxury item. It doesn't contain anything necessarily practical, but that isn't usually the goal in mind for the buyer of a gift basket.
212352212352B005EF0I0IA1VTOFY4N47RGFMarilyn T. Schoberg5841322784000Good assortmentThis comes with two flavored coffees and two regular coffees, an assortment of DELICIOUS, light cookies, coffee stirrers, raw sugar, mug, and mints. The Arbuckle coffee was tasty; we weren't wild about the canister of Irish Cream. There are several packets of generic creamers, the reason for a knock-down to 4 stars. Leave them out or have something fancier. Gift basket is light weight, but certainly adequate.
212353212353B005EF0I0IA1LGOVL3D0LMFUApril Thomas1211324771200Horrible gift!I just received this item as a Christmas gift and could not be more upset with the items....and I am certain my family member who purchased the item for me had no clue of the garbage she purchased. The items were tiny and of poor quality. The whole display of the items looks nothing like the packaging. Certainly sad that you would advertise your product as gourmet and allow people to purchase these items as a gift. I have never gone wrong with a gift basket, but can hands down say this was the worst I've seen to date.
212354212354B005EF0I0IAIXQMZUJW6H5Skag61051322006400Great Gift Basket!The presentation of the basket was fantastic, the coffee is delicious and all the extras just made it perfect. I will definitely send this as a gift to others.
212355212355B005EF0I0I#oc-R2MZW62KGLBDIUAmy Goebel Padgett "AGP"61051319846400Perfect gift for a single coffee loverI bought this for a European friend who likes to take the traditional "coffee and cake" break in the late afternoon. The contents included:
1 coffee mug
10 creamer packs
6 raw sugar packs
1 Kauai Blend coffee pack
1 Breakfast blend coffee pack
1 Columbian blend coffee pack
1 small canister of Irish Creme-flavored coffee
Jila mints
A pack of coffee stirrers
5 Galette biscuits (thin cookies that are waffled)
4 Biscotte (biscoffee)
1 double-pack of biscoff (biscotte)

It really was a nice selection for a single person--I say this because of the pack having 1 mug, although there was certainly enough for two to enjoy coffee for about 3 days. As such, it does make an excellent gift for people who don't know what to get a single friend or coworker who enjoys the European tradition of coffee in the afternoon.

I don't know if this is true for all baskets, but I was intrigued that they repurposed boxes with new labels, such as Jello boxes, to contain the goodies. I liked this, since I like to recycle things, myself and I found it interesting.

THe goodies are not "premium" but they were good and I liked the addition of the raw sugar instead of the refined white. It is a good, solid selection.

The basket was nice and had leather loops for hands. I've repurposed that to hold the bits and pieces that collect around my desk at work. And that's something else I wanted to mention, this is PERFECT for work. Everything is packaged in a way that makes it very, very convenient for work or travel. In fact, if you have a friend who travels a lot, this may be a great gift bcause of the individual packaging. It would be very easy to pack and the individual biscotte would be great for flying since you rarely get anything to eat on planes anymore.

So, I'd recommend this as a gift for any single friend or coworker. I'm sure he or she will enjoy it!
212356212356B005EF0I0IA235UFZGCFN3J5Eva3721322179200Cheap Coffee and nowhere near gift qualityI chose this basket because I'm a major coffee lover and a gift basket filled with a variety of international coffees, cookies, etc. sounded perfect for me. Unfortunately, I was more than a little disappointed by overall presentation and quality of the items included. The basket itself is nice and even reusable, but the straw filler material makes a mess when you take items out of the basket. It looked like a box of shredded wheat exploded on my table. The coffees were just okay: an Arbuckle Mocha Java, an Arbuckle Breakfast Blend, an Arbuckle Amaretto Royale and a small can of Irish Cream Coffee. (There wasn't any Jamaican Blend included in the basket I received.) The European style cookies were fine, as were the stirrers, sugar and mints. The creamer was generic. The iGourmet ceramic mug is a nice touch, but I still think this basket is way overpriced considering the quality. While a basket for coffee lovers is a great idea for an individual or as a gift, without an exceptional selection of gourmet coffees and lots of high quality extras, I'd rather pick up a bag of some high quality coffee and a pack of cookies at the grocery store for a fraction of the price.
212357212357B003VTG7RCA11MLJANFM41EEKimmy8851292025600The Best!!This is the best tonic. I orginally tried it because it was "natural". But, I love it because it is awesome!! Much less sweet than the other brands. Crips and light. When I first tried it I was confused. My vodka tonic was so light. I thought I had addeded too much vodka - as if. But, nope it's the Q. I love that the product has way less calories and a lower glycemic index.
212358212358B003VTG7RCA14NY6ND4ROTU7J. Borkin8851285718400I'll never drink generic tonic water again!This stuff makes the junk you buy at the grocery store taste like it was squeezed from a gym sock. Consider me a Q-Tonic convert.
212359212359B003VTG7RCADVOV2LK7DACNcantaloupe7751285718400Crisp, Delicious.. SubtleI regularly enjoy me some q-tonic. Try it with Hendrick's gin and you'll enjoy the experience. It's also great on its own - it's refreshing.
212360212360B003VTG7RCA12R3YGEHW7D8GFaxanadu5551331942400Excellent Tonic!This tonic is really really good. Way better than the Canada Dry or other items you get in the grocery store. It is low calorie, and compliments your gin or vodka instead of overpowering the flavor. Really high quality stuff that I highly recommend or the best mixed drink. Try it out in a four pack to see if you like it and then go for the 24 pack as it is a great value. Worth the expense. Enjoy!
212361212361B003VTG7RCA2IHBQH67TPZPJChristopher K. Adams5551315872000Awesome, just wish it were cheaperThis is the best tonic water available anywhere. It's actually lower in calories than those touted as "diet". Get this if you love gin and tonics!
212362212362B003VTG7RCA2Y3F78RP1L1VELane Y. Fulton5551315440000Q Tonic Rocks!!!I first tasted Q Tonic on a visit to California. When ordering a drink, it cost $2.00 extra to have Q Tonic instead of regular tonic, and it was $2.00 well spent. Hoping to find it here, where I live, I googled Q Tonic and it is not sold here but it was available on Amazon. I placed my order and will be buying more, lots more! It also tastes good alone. I am very pleased with my purchase.

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