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212401212401B000CO7IC2A19OS7MJ3Y5X6Ymeshopper1111348444800Candy Cigarettes not like they were...I recently ordered another box of these candy cigarettes. I like to keep them in stock for my grandchildren. This time they were not the same... The last box listed, 'gelatin', in the ingredients and this new box lists, 'beef gelatin'. They are not as good as the previous boxes and the grandchildren haven't even asked for them again since they tried a box of the new ones. The ingredients have also been listed in a different order compared to the previous box. Not sure I will ever order them again! Unless of course, they go back to the other recipe and then I know I will order them again. I have been eating these ever since I was a child... It will be a shame if they don't go back to the old recipe...
212402212402B000CO7IC2A157NJG0V3CCZCzilakaimi1111346889600Not good anymoreI've ordered these before and they were wonderful. Now they are terrible. They are much harder and taste like candy hearts. They must have changed the formula. Not worth buying or eating.
212403212403B000CO7IC2AB0MHBQAKGF2Rclan61111341446400just AWFUL!worst candy cigs i have ever had. I don't even know where they got these. Hard as rock and horrid taste.Sooo disappointing. got them for my mom as a surprise and they will just be heading o the trash instead. should demand our money back.
212404212404B000CO7IC2A39TW2C1KMB1QCsurvivor51151334188800Remember?Yum! Yum! Yum!
They taste as good as they did in the early 70's.
Someone said they taste like chalk? YES! Just like always!
They do cost a little more now but doesn't everything!
212405212405B000CO7IC2A1AI9XP03CXKM2Drew Rash1151304553600AwesomeThese are great. A bunch of boxes of smoke like candies, perfect for all those quitting smokers out there ;) lol
212406212406B000CO7IC2APHL0X0HA6ZKLTrue damiana1151298937600Good , Great gift and good tasteYou only get the kings. round up, victory and stallion names not the other
Great product
Got here in 4 or 5 days less than what estimation was
Very happy with the candy
Not a lot of the sticks were broken about 1 or 2 per pack
also the pricing was hella amazing
212407212407B000CO7IC2AMA49NGFFEEL0Herrera "Herrera's House"1141280188800Candy CigsKnow this u only get 10 candy sticks per box. ~ They are tiny. ~ U can probably FIT 5 boxes of candy cigs in 1 box ~ That is how small they are ~ A nice novelty item. taste is ok ~ U do get 24 packs in a display box they size of an average cigar box.
212408212408B000CO7IC2A2X3X95NHL7P0RAlexR "Mitreya"2311305072000Terrible disappointment.Don't buy it. I threw it in the garbage after trying a few of those.
Don't know what else to say -- I was terribly disappointed.
212409212409B000CO7IC2A3JJJR355Z4O2VMehta0051347753600Excellent Product!Awesome Product!!! I feel like a kid again when eating these cigarrettes. All the fun of cigarettes, without the cancer!
212410212410B000CO7IC2AO50HSYM1N6XGW. Higgins "Thinking Geek"0011318377600These are not what I remember from my childhood..These little sticks of chalk are not what I used to have... They literally taste like Pepto-Bismal...Which is fine, I suppose, if you really like Pepto Bismal.
212411212411B000CO7IC2A1XUXF8R9NWH6Qdrrem0041315353600skimppedi recieved my candy cigs very quick, but it was missing three packs, still worth it though for the price
212412212412B000CO7IC2A1UMJPCWFOAW44HouseOf70051303430400CANDY!My kids love these candies. I put them aside to surprise them once in a while. My daughter wanted to take the whole box in her room and hide it! :)
212413212413B000CO7IC2ANCUARUYWOKUUschnapps please0051285113600thanks.These were just as I remembered. Had fun sharing with OLD friends a blast from the past.
212414212414B000CO7IC2A29S2DT2AUWGMRPrashant Savalia1251305504000Candy CigarrettesI was actually looking for the ones wrapped in paper that you blow into and candy smoke powder comes out. I misread, but still good candy. Kids love them for some reason.
212415212415B000CO7IC2AU8LR9L897H2GChristi Figueroa1251212192000Just like childhoodI had a craving for candy cigarettes one day, and went out to the ice cream truck to get some. Turns out, he doesn't carry them!!! I was so happy when I found them here. They are the best candy ever, hands down, despite being completely politically incorrect :-) The 24 pack comes with all the brands I remember buying from the ice cream truck as a kid. They melt in your mouth like the pure sugar they are. So good!!!
212416212416B000CO7IC2A2RM13VNYXUA55Jon Dough1251207353600DeliciousI have loved these things since I was a kid, but it's unbelievably hard to find them in person. When I saw them selling in packs of 24 here, I wasted no time in ordering 2. They arrived very quickly, and after some distribution among friends, they were all gone in a matter of 3 days. The only buyer's remorse here is that I didn't buy more.
212417212417B000CO7IC2A2JFBL0W1RWS73D. Barnes "Dog Lover"2451200700800Wonderful TimingWhen I ordered this product, it was for my sister in another state, actually for her son. I was so impressed it made it there right before Christmas. We ordered it the Thursday before Christmas and it made it!! And the Candy Cigarettes were great!! Thanks So Much!!
212418212418B000CO7IC2A1D1ZIHX4JB3C2ninja buny0111330992000Candy cigarretsVery bad buy on my side. first of all i had misstaken these for the candy bubble gum cigarrets. When i got my package i was quite happy with the shipping time, 3 days but when i opened the package it was just the candybox inside of an amazon box. The candy box was not sealed and it was all dusty on the outside, and when you opened it the ciggarete individual boxes were all dusty. I opened one of the individual cases and there were like 5 or 6. I opened another box and there was 5. I tried one of the candy sticks and it tasted horrible! not a good buy at all. WARNING THESE ARE JUST STICKS OF CHALK PRETTY MUCH, DO NOT MISTAKE FOR BUBBLE GUM CIGS.
212419212419B000CO7IC2A3GW1R0NRJDVVKColin Russell0111328400000HorribleI was expecting these to be gum, my mistake. But I still like candy. I tried one, and they tasted horrible!
212420212420B000CO7IC2A3PG54XI6C4LKXW. Charles Corwin "Dominic Corwin"1341234656000Candy Cigarette ReviewI strongly recommend to order any type of product. I trust them fully with any purchase order, and was very pleased with mine!
212421212421B000CO7IC2A1E7WH6EOM0A5AJanette Faulk "Jan"1451211846400CandyWe all love this candy although it is addictive. Once you have some you want more.
212422212422B000CO7IC2A30AGBOC38BIC3wowzuh0421309824000Not what I expectedNot what I expected. First of all, high shipping cost, about 5.45$ for shipping and handling. THESE ARE NOT BUBBLE GUM CIGARRETTES!!!! These are little sticks of sugar!!! Do not be decieved. You cannot blow sugar out of the end like the bubble gum ones.
212424212424B006J23YE2A2O8ELBPXUJ02ZSpider0051348358400Great CoffeeWhile working in South America I came to enjoy Colombian coffees over any others I drank. Juan Valdez Coffees represent some of the best of thst Colombia has to offer. It is competitively priced with Colombian coffees you can purchase in the United States but has better aroma and taste.
212425212425B00168ACE4A2Q3ILGK4WRPCRLynne R. Timpeiro "Renée Timpeiro"8851278979200My FAVORITE TREAT SINCE THE 70'SI love Wheat Nuts but they're getting harder and harder to find locally!! I would suggest buying them directly from AnaCon's web site, however. They are $15 plus $7.95 shipping for a 6 pack of 7 oz jars, as opposed to $26.99 and $10 shipping here.
212426212426B00168ACE4A3571VWWA29A9FJeff4451310342400Dangerously AddictiveI start eating these things; I can't stop. They have a unique taste and a hard-to-describe but pleasant (kind of "squeaky") texture. Just the right amount of salty-ness.

Second the other suggestions that they're cheaper purchased via AnaCon Foods website. [Amazon: Can't you strike some kind of volume deal with them, so we can buy them here with Prime and/or Subscribe and Save.]

Warning: although they're touted as low fat, they're not low calorie.
212427212427B00168ACE4ALR2I8GYYVXF7G. Velazquez2251291248000Finally found them!I looove wheat nuts! And wheat nuts are so healthy! They are not marketed in this area so I was really glad to get them from my amazon source!
212428212428B00168ACE4A1F6D7VXDGQEJRgwendsky2251280966400Great snack!What a great find! Although, now I can't find them in the grocery .. Anacon is an alternative to the price found here. Try these in a trail mix, they're fantastic!
212429212429B00168ACE4A1A7OY2HX8GXTUSpringWolf, D.D., Ph.D. "Many Blessings"1151330560000They're great!I've loved these things for decades and for some reason no one in my area carried them. For 15 to 20 years (yes I'm serious) I've been looking for them in ever food store I've been to. I was SO excited when I found them here from an Amazon Seller! I was so excited and even more pleased when they arrived quickly and were fresh and wonderful.
212430212430B00168ACE4A17KH9HV4E88O5Franklin "BB"3451261872000Taste Great & no problem with my nut allergyI have a severe nut allergy, but it came on when I was a teenager so I still remember the taste of nuts from when I was a kid. These taste a lot like walnuts. I tried to make some brownies with these in them, but it did not work out so well (they got soft when cooked).

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