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212521212521B000SANUA4A6CVBH028JECFE. Dodd "YummyDC"0031298851200Good tea if you like "spicy" notesI like this tea and I agree with a previous reviewer who mentioned that it is different from other Honeybush he had tried - it is a lot more "spicy." The only other honeybush tea I'd had was the Tazo brand, which is kind of sweet. This tea is not sweet per se, but has a very spicy, peppery nose. Since buying this tea, I looked back at the Tazo tea because it tastes so different and I noticed that the Tazo one adds "natural flavors" which I think account for the sweetness. This tea is pure honeybush with no added flavors, and so the taste is a bit different. I do not think the grind is too thin, all the honeybush/rooibos teas I've had have a very small grind so I think that is normal.
212522212522B000SANUA4A2KPS3Y7UDO30HDee Lightful0051296086400Good HoneybushThis smells great and can't wait to taste. I've loved Davidson's genmaicha and currently on an herbal adventure. Rooibus in general tastes a bit moldy to me but I've read good things about honeybush being similar but different. Loved a free sample tasted at Teavana and since I'm loving Amazon Shop and Save and in the past Davidson's decided to order here.
212523212523B000SANUA4A3M0WFSN4H2ONYAnn Howard0031296000000Davidson's Tea ReviewOverall, I am moderately satisfied with this product. Ordering was easy (of course); it was delivered as promised; the reclosable bag is very nice; the flavor of the tea is fine. My only problem is that the tea seems to have been ground. The bits are so small that none of my tea balls/strainers can contain them so there are many floating in the tea, clinging to the cup, etc. I prefer my tea without solids and will not order this product again.
212524212524B000SANUA4A25HCQE1XVMAO3Rona Lesley0051283904000Fantastic tea at great priceThis is one of the best honeybush teas I've tasted, and the price is very good.
212525212525B000SANUA4A25C2M3QF9G7OQComdet0051271203200Smooth and mellow, good flavorVery pleased with this tea. It's my first purchase of honeybush tea, and certainly will not be my last. The tea has a very smooth flavor, even when you steep it for a long time for a stronger brew. Very pleasant!

It also blends well with other teas - I like to mix it with decaf English Breakfast plus a small pinch of peppermint tea. Very tasty.

The tea is very fine in consistency. I'm used to that, since the decaf black teas I drink are also powdery due to the decaf process. I was, however, expecting larger pieces since honeybush is naturally caffeine-free. Not a big deal since I have fine mesh baskets that I use with other teas, but I was hoping this would be different. Oh well, it still tastes great, which is all I really want in a tea.

Highly recommend.
212526212526B000SANUA4A3TRW8T8NIHJADrhondale0411252713600Not like RooibosI bought this based on other reviews and the comparisions to Rooibos. Don't know if I got an old bag (possible), brewed it wrong (probably) or what but it was awful and went the way of the drain. Wish Davidson's had a sampler of their bulk tea's so one doesn't get stuck with a pound of something they don't like!
212527212527B0074YGTHIA3VBNKU2MGJPE7ten4241211340841600Don't be fooledDon't be misled by the fact that the description says that this is a pack of is absolutely not. It's only ONE packet...which you can buy at the grocery store for $1.00. Don't pay four dollars for this item--you'll be shafted. Amazon gave me my money back
212528212528B0017U25DMA1T1DLGBCK9UF2Jamie M. Deputy0051289174400YUMMY!!!This is the best H.H. I've ever had and was broken hearted to find that they no longer carry it where I live. Luckily enough I found it here. Thanks so much!!!
212529212529B0017U25DMA1OBPHRXHZF8P6Robin Orlowski "political activist"0321253404800Not All Enchilada Box Mixes ARE The SameThe local stores obviously think they're saving shelf space by only stocking this 'enchilada box mix' in the product line.

Well, it DOES taste different than it's chicken counterpart--and this is not a good thing.

If you're looking for a fritoey-pie flavor, this would be the product to purchase. It could be prepared with ground turkey or veggie meat crumbles.

But I can't recomend utilizing seafood because of the 'heavier' flavor throughout the mix. I've prepared it several times and I just have problems detecting the cheese taste which is supposed to be throughout. I got more of a 'chili' taste. both upon my first and second bites.

The product is edible. But it's not one of the enjoyable dishes. And I did not end up feeling like I was eating a delicious dish which I'd want to eat again--or serve to others. Save your money.
212530212530B003H4YML4A111ZAXHIADWIJ. Barton "j Gregory"2251316736000Substantial. Delicious.Delicious. Well packed. Authentic and rich.

The package is over a foot by eight inches by four inches. Tis heft too, like tossing a plump child over your shoulder to tote into the kitchen.
212531212531B002Q8JOSIA2NQWPJ8EBWM3Lrural girl101051287360000vegetarian, healthy dog cookiesI have 2 labs and one is extremely allergic; these dog cookies are rated well with the Whole Dog Journal The Whole Dog Journal's Guide to Optimum Dog Care: Good Eats - they have a monthly newsletter as well - the ingredients are whole and healthy and there is no chicken, which is really hard to find - my dog is allergic to chicken, eggs, beef, peanuts ... and he's on a grain-free diet - these cookies have oatmeal which is fine for him - so it's very hard to find a healthy dog cookie that works with his allergies and both dogs love them.
212532212532B002Q8JOSIA3QDITMY3OOYRPL. BLOUIN4451299801600Great, healthy dog treats! A+++++My dogs love these. I love the 50-ounce boxes. This is a great product, free from bad preservatives, by-products and animal digest. Wellness is a wonderful brand that is tasty yet very healthy for dogs. These treats are a great bang for your buck in comparison to other dog treats. The price here online is the same as the price at the pet store, but I love the fact that I don't have to spend my gas money going to get it!
212533212533B002Q8JOSIA1VCXRW9SHZBICK. Mayo Sorensen3351294531200Great Biscuits!My puppy received these biscuits as a Christmas present from his Mom. I don't normally purchase my dog food or treats online, but I will buy these again. Both my puppy and mature dog, LOVE these biscuits, and I am confident that they are made of the finest ingredients. I had some in my pocket while I was in the barn, and my horse started nuzzling my pocket, so I gave him one, and he loved them too! All natural ingredients make this an appealing treat for horses and dogs alike. Thanks, puppy-mama, for turning us on to Wellness Wellbars!
212534212534B002Q8JOSIA2HPF56C5C13I1Nina "nal001"2251292371200Good Ingredients & The Dogs Love ThemI have respect for the Wellness brand and have previously bought my dogs other Wellness treats. These WellBars are marketed as "bite size." My corgis love them! And, they can certainly eat them in one bite. But, for a medium dog, I consider these larger than bite size. Luckily, the bars are easily broken in two to provide a smaller snack. (Weight maintenance is a high priority with my chow hounds.)

Each bar has 24 calories. The first few ingredients are: ground barley, cane molasses, ground brown rice, whitefish, and sweet potatoes. There's no wheat, corn, soy, artificial preservatives/color/flavor.

This is a big box of treats. I do wish that the bag was resealable, but that's a quibble.
212535212535B002Q8JOSIA29GNPNEWRIOMRdebbidiva1151334275200Happy DoggyMy 12-year-old Husky goes crazy for these - they are healthy, delicious (apparently), and a great training tool. They are a little pricey, but worth it for the joy in my dog's face.
212536212536B002Q8JOSIA17UQD2RSSQH5Xin the dark1151316131200My dogs tell me these treats are YUMMYMy two Corgis were thoroughly spoiled by my late husband (I spent a year and a half dieting them down a combined total of 25 pounds!)

They are accustomed to the finest of fare, and they absolutely love the Wellness brand of treats.
212537212537B002Q8JOSIA22SZV0N4O2FQME. Perkins "remo"1151314576000Dog likes themOur dog likes these treats. We keep them in our laundry room and everytime we go to do laundry she buries her head in the box until we give her a treat. They are hard treats and kind of big so they probably wouldn't be good for tiny dogs. Our miniature schnauzer is about 18 pounds and they are just the right size for her.
212538212538B002Q8JOSIAGVVURKPMWKY5Terry P.1151302912000THE TAILS WERE WAGGING!My dogs love these treats! These treats smell so good that I'm tempted to try them. The box arrived promptly and was well packed. Thank You!
212539212539B002Q8JOSIA2BRXAN2PNT1QOCarly's Mom1151302480000All My Dogs Have Loved TheseI've had three dogs who all love Well Bars. They break easily and can be used as a training treat.
212540212540B002Q8JOSIA2HPF56C5C13I1Nina "nal001"1151296518400Good Ingredients & the Dogs Really Like ThemBoth of my dogs love these bars. They smell good too - like apples. Wellness has a reputation for using quality ingredients, and the ingredient list for these bars is no exception.

Eating these bars made one of my dogs itch, though. He does have some food allergies (corn & wheat), so I didn't detract from the treats' rating. My best guess is that he reacted to the cane molasses because he's never eaten it before.
212541212541B002Q8JOSIA1Q6LJYF187FR7Mike K1151294185600Great PB treatOur Golden Doodle loves these treats. Great size for a great price. The large size here on Amazon is the same price as the small size at a local store.
212542212542B002Q8JOSIADLVKFOVVHK7RRhonda Lawford "dog lover"1151292112000good treats in goo sizeI had to try these treats and are rather impressed with them. I have larger dogs (bullmastiff etc) but they work well for him too. They are square, solid and obviously pretty tasty as all three of my dogs love them. There is a lot in the box and I think for the price, well worth it, being made with good stuff. I recommend to anyone who is the "treat" man or lady.
212543212543B002Q8JOSIA29TIYXHNCFA3TJen1151289433600Great valueMy dogs love these treats and the price at Amazon was a great value. There were twice as many as the normal size I buy at less than double the price at my local pet store.
212544212544B002Q8JOSIA2OTP1LPBSZMEJBill Rodgers1151285545600DogsThe service was great. The product is my dogs favorite and it's healthy too.
212545212545B002Q8JOSIA3IQZI7GLMBCY2Christine Bet "Christine"1151275955200These are great!Both my boxer's favorite treat. It's healthy, they love it, and it smells good enough for me to try! (I haven't..yet, for the record). Wellness continues to impress me with their wholesome products.
212546212546B002Q8JOSIAKKFQRYT4PL0DIra2321297641600Bad for teethWellness is the brand I go to for dry and wet food for my dog, so I thought I'd try the chicken and cheddar bars. The second ingredient is cane molasses... I honestly don't know why this is, and it seems odd. As soon as you open the bag inside the box, you get a whiff of an overwhelming sweetness. After my dog has one, he's constantly trying to get the caked treat off of his back molars. It sticks on pretty hard. I have to help or I have to brush his teeth to get rid of it. This can't be good for his teeth, and I don't know if he needs the extra sweetness in his diet. I would recommend Old Mother Hubbard wheat-free treats, such as chicken and apples, before this. They're also made by Wellness. Old Mother Hubbard Classic Oven Baked Chick' N' Apples Dog Biscuits Or, Get Naked dog biscuits, which are also very good. Get Naked Super Antioxidant Biscuits for Dogs, 12-Ounce
212547212547B002Q8JOSIALHX4DKHGQD4ZRobin0051348444800yummy and healthy treatsMy dogs have a sensitive stomach, so I've got to be careful about what I give them. These treats are perfect. They are an optimal size. I give them several throughout the day, so them being small (for a 60 pound dog) is great. I have been using these for years, but just recently started purchasing them online. I haven't really noticed any problems.
212548212548B002Q8JOSIA2NNUAO0EP2S4GMarchmolly0051337731200Dog loves these!Our dog loves these--all the wellness well bars, not just this flavor. They do seem to be a little hard, great for cleaning teeth but maybe not if your dog has teeth problems. Nice healthful treats.
212549212549B002Q8JOSIA27VVG5W8V901HRhonda "American--no hyphens! Let's roll!"0051331337600Great treats and great price.My dogs love this flavor and I'm happy they are a healthy treat without all the wheat, etc. thanks for providing this much less expensive buying opportunity or I could probably not afford for my dogs.
212550212550B002Q8JOSIA12VSPN5AWQAIWKaren Walker "fedupwcrap"0051327795200Happy dogsThese biscuits are real favorites of my small CKC and my GSD. usually they don't like me to change their treats but these were lpve at first sniff and the vendors were quick and very courteous.

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