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212581212581B0007NCH56A17WND66AVYBWAMnJ Hull "4 under 5"2321116979200Do not use in SenseoWe bought these for the Senseo- the ad says it is compatable but its not! Buyers beware- I almost broke my Senseo trying to use them- The Senseo got stuck closed and I had to wait for it to let go of the vacuum. I think its because there is more coffee in these.
212582212582B0007NCH56A2EARQHWNZHKNLJava Podz2451108944000Review from"This one caught us by surprise! We don't know of any other pod maker that has this flavor and it's really good! We love the way it smells - the way it tastes - and the fact it is just plain different. Most pod people are ignoring the flavored sector to this extent - and it's nice to have a cup of really flavored coffee - meaning - a rich...flavored cup of coffee is hard to come by and this one is very good." -
212583212583B002PMSCD8A15YQ9AKLI0AD3jekkie711151320364800My favorite tea ever!This has been my favorite tea for more than 30 years. I always drink it at my grandmother's house. I am a red tea lover, and I compare all other teas to this one. The flavors blend perfectly and are complemented by a small addition of sweetness. Honey is the best, but stevia works well too. Red Zinger is close as my second favorite, and Tazo African Red Bush falls in a weak third place.
212584212584B005I7AFUUAKUSB34DEV2WJTakhalus1151338508800Wow, just like freshly grilled eggplantGreat product. Tastes like freshly grilled eggplant. Nice and smokey. Not at all slimy or preserved tasting. Can't believe this comes from a jar.
212585212585B004MLI2YEA39IW64JWDI7B3Happy Mommy3331317686400DisappointedAlthough my kids like this juice, I was disappointed to discover it's only 66% juice. It's also 10g sugar per box.
212586212586B004LL46Y0A28HFAVRIWL7JHJames Woodruff6641313452800EkoJava, Single Serve Coffee, 25-CountMighty great coffee, awesome one day sale pricing, and cool old fashion packaging. One problem, liked to never of broken into the goods. That top was really glued on, not good for old farts with bad hands. A rusty knife may work, but I sure don't want to cut some precious coffee packets. Some kind of pull string, like on those old dog food bags, or a ductape seal would do the trick.

Well, shiver me timbers. I just learned. via another old fart, that there is a secret passage into the EkoJava coffee chest. By golly, there's a hidden perforation under the label, no signs or maps, about two inches down from the top, that opens the goods real smart. Just run a fingernail around the perforation and twist the top right off. Who would of ever guessed?

Now, more Java for me mates.
212587212587B004LL46Y0A1NP4ICLAGEEQ3Marty5551302480000Single Origin HeavenIt's so hard to find a quality, grade one, single origin coffee. I got the product and immediately tried it. The flavor was incredible and the stick packs were nice, but I hope they will come out with a bulk (not in stick packs), pre-ground coffee option in the near future. Other than that, I could not be more impressed or pleased with the product.
212588212588B004LL46Y0AJYK05O72TKOFBook Buyer4451308268800Best of ThreeThe Sumatra coffee is my favorite of the EkoJava blends [I've tried French Roast and Honduras House]. It has a nice bold flavor and the packet size is great for the re-usable k-cups [solofill or my k-cup type]. I'll purchase again.
212589212589B004LL46Y0A260VUYHGKCACHbluestarsolo4441302220800Very good...Very good coffee. I like bold, strong coffee and this very nearly fills the bill; I brew 12-ounce cups and it's good; 10- or 8-ounce cups even better for my taste. No mess, nice canister, good coffee. The price is decent when it's on sale for $10; I think the list price is too steep.

I brew it in a solo cup with an ez filter. Less mess, less waste (of water. I don't like the amount of water I waste rinsing away coffee grounds.)

I'd like to see them come up with a stronger blend, a variety pack, and a refill option to cut down on price and packaging even more.
212590212590B004LL46Y0A2YKWYC3WQJX5JShannie "Shan"2231319414400Wanted to like it more than I didI love a nice full bodied Sumatra, but this one just didn't deliver all the satisfaction I wanted. I'm back to filling my solo cup with another Sumatra. Cute packaging, near perfect portion size, but left me wanting more.
212591212591B004LL46Y0A3TG59IMQ92BQlandyacht7502221315267200Eko admits the issue with Sumatran grindMy review is impacted by the use of this coffee and brew method - not on the sole quality of the taste.

We bought two EkoBrew baskets, a can of the Sumatran, and one of the Honduran. When the Sumatran refused to brew a full cup we contacted the company. Received a nice email that explained the grind was "pre EkoBrew" and they admit to it not working well with their single serve basket. That being said, they apologized and suggested for us to use less coffee with a smaller cup setting - as well as offering us a refund for the inconvenience.

So, I'm not sure if the taste is fantastic enough for more than two stars, since I can't brew a proper cup with their own product. I gave them an extra star for customer service.
212592212592B004LL46Y0AVTF2U0Z9OLSRelangomatt "elangomatt"4541304726400Very good quality just too expensiveI tried the EkoJava packets a while back when they were on sale for $10. The 4 star review is actually due to the cost of EkoJava more than anything else. At $10 the price is as good as or cheaper than k-cups much of the time. At $12 (as of the time of this review) it is 48 cents a cup. I have never seen it at full price, but $15 for 25 cups is too much money I think. The good part is that the quality of the coffee is very good. I am not a coffee connoisseur by any means, but the Ekojava is some of the best unflavored coffee I have ever had from my Keurig.

I think it might be ground a bit too finely though. The brew time is pretty darn long (even double sometimes) but I have not been getting short-cupped at all. I would worry about it more if I was getting short-cupped. At first it looks like all of the coffee isn't going to fit below the solofill line, but just shaking it back and forth to even the top off is enough to get the grounds enough to go below the line (I did not tamp it down at all.)

My only other complaint is that when you open the EkoJava packet with the perforated line on the package, the hole to pour the grounds out can be a bit small. I get around it by either using scissors, or opening it with the perforated line in such a way that makes the hole bigger.

Overall, IF you can get EkoJava on sale at a point where it is the same price or cheaper than k-cups then I say it is a good buy assuming you already have a solofill. The coffee I think is very good quality, there is a lot less plastic waste than using k-cups, and there is still some of the single-serve convenience
of k-cups since the EkoJava packets are also single-serve.
212593212593B004LL46Y0A1JKZ1VESGC3WJLarmic1111322438400Stale,Stale,Stale!I bought one canister of each blend of EkoJava, as I love fresh ground coffee. Each one I tried was disgustingly stale, like ground coffee that had been sitting in an unsealed container for months at a time. Good concept, but a BIG disappointment!
212594212594B004LL46Y0A3RJ0LX5R4CJRYHertzel Grotch1121317168000Sumagra CoffeeSorry to say this but I found the EkoJava single serve coffee to be too bitter for my taste. I used the single-serve canister in our Keureg but after two cups - I gave up.
212595212595B004LL46Y0A1F94VHJTIWDI3Palmer20101141314489600Good coffee but inconsistently packagedCoffee is a good medium roast; however, I am about halfway through the canister, and have run across a couple of packages that had a much smaller amount of coffee in them.
212596212596B004LL46Y0A24NJ0ERCZUS1TBeagle Lover1151311379200Great CoffeeThis is the perfect measuring of coffee for the Keurig. Tastes great, nice bold (but not too strong) coffee. You can't beat the price
212597212597B004LL46Y0A2RRV7DSLVVB0TPlumcrazy1121308096000too fine grindI found the grind too fine for my solo refillable/reusable clogs the mesh and only brews about 1/3 of a cup...when I use a regular k cup disposable it brews a full cup. Also if I use my solo refillable with regular grind (Maxwell House for example) it brews a full cup. So I cannot use my ekojava except tearing open several and putting in my regular coffee make! :-( not happy! EkoJava, Sumatra Single Serve Coffee for Solofill Cup, 25-Count Solofill Cup, Refillable K-Cup For Keurig K-Cup Brewers
212598212598B004LL46Y0A37D9SE2F6AO6RL. Freeman1131307750400Not a terrible taste, but offThe taste of this Sumatran is slightly burnt tasting right from the Keurig maker. It's not terrible, but it tastes a little off. Perhaps I have bad batch. Or perhaps my tongue is more accustomed to other brands' Sumatran.
212599212599B004LL46Y0AB8204N3LGS5TClara A. Pack0051340323200A pleasant surprize taste treat! EkoJava Single Serve Coffee !A wonderful taste experience. And sooooo convenient. So far we have tried 4 of their differnt offerings and enjoyed them all.
212600212600B004LL46Y0A10ZOAOOD8HTLWjamisonian "jamison"0041325203200sumatraWe drink a lot of coffee and brands. Generally, we go for med dark to dark. I chose this one because we've enjoyed Sumatra coffee in the past.
Overall, better than store brands and better price. (product was on sale at time of purchase)
Yes, I have had better coffees but they were also comparably more expensive and I've also had a lot worse.
The product we has was fresh so no complaints there.
Yes, there is a little more coffee than you need for a k-cup in the individual packet. I can see where this might be an issue in an office but for us at home its not and just gets added to the next cup. If you grind your own you
generally have extra anyhow.
212601212601B004LL46Y0A1SFJ7DQT2HOPBUCFGRAD1999 "Russ"0031325203200Not Bad, Not GreatThe single serve packaging is convenient, although there does seem to be just a bit too much coffee in each pack (as other reviews have noted). The coffee itself is not bad. It's not as bold as other Sumatran blends that I have had, so I'd say it's a medium roast. There was a sale on Amazon so I decided to buy it to try it. For the sale price it's a good deal, but I don't think I'd buy it for the full price.
212602212602B004LL46Y0A20FGYZTFMZ8ZEkevin sellers0011325030400old stale coffeeavoid it, this is old stale coffee. I gave it a try because it was low price at the time, I guess i know where old coffee goes now.
212603212603B004LL46Y0A1YH3B2LJ87TQZNanigirl0051324598400MmmmI like my coffee black and with a kick to it. Sumatra is bold and still smooth, love it! my wallet doesn't hate me after purchasing the EkoJava either.
212604212604B004LL46Y0AUOHMLIUCUCV4Michael A. Parks0041322179200good choice if you think K cups are too costlyThis was my first time with this brand. I tried it to get away from the high cost of other K cups. I bought french roast, west coast roast,and the Sumatra. The Sumatra is one of the best. really they are all good. The packing is a neat brown carton similar to what Quaker oats came in. using the Eco Java cup is easy it sits flat you tear open the packet and pour in then snap shut. brewing seems to take just a little longer but the coffee is hot and full flavored.
212605212605B004LL46Y0A26XRY6HE0VLUCChristopher Rademacher0041322006400Taste is fantastic, "single serve" package needs improvement.The coffee is great. Strong flavor, strong aroma. Sumatra is one of my single favorite flavors as black coffee, and EkoJava doesn't disappoint as far as taste is concerned. 5/5 stars for the coffee.

These are marketed along with the EkoBrew K-Cup replacement, which is how I have been using them. The thing is - these "single serve packets" don't fit into the Ekobrew K-cup - there is too much coffee. There is no practical way to "save" the remaining grounds for use another time/day. I don't drink the same flavor every day, so it would be a few days before I rotate back to this flavor, and then I'd have to open another package to even out the amount - leaving me with another partial package. Unpractical to say the least. I bought this to save time and flavor (after exposure to air, the flavor becomes less potent.) and I'm not really saving either. I spend more time trying to tap out the proper amount of grinds to fit into the EcoBrew, and then the package is open, so the leftovers aren't as rich as the first brew. Package review would be 2 stars out of 5 - the functionality of it is there, but the sizing needs a major improvement to be practical for what it's marketed as.

In summary: Taste is great, Package size leaves a lot to be desired. 4/5 total.
212606212606B004LL46Y0A33IGRILSMJVVPmiksmom0021315699200not goodI ordered this along with the french roast. The taste is "off" as someone else stated. Brewed using the ecobrew with my keurig and had "sludge" at the bottom of the cup. Gave it a 2 instead of a 1 due to packaging. Guess I'll stick to my current brand.
212607212607B004LL46Y0A1TWNUN1CFHA4LM. Bridge0051312243200Great CoffeeI have tried 3 different blends of this coffee and think they are great. I use the solofill, but am thinking of buying ekobrew cup. Even with the solofill or ekobrew cup this is a good buy and your not putting all those kcups in the landfill.
212608212608B004LL46Y0A3V2CFE5RKX22QRichard F. Jordan0141320710400Good CoffeeGreat product, good tase and convienent to use. However using the ECO basket is cheaper and use your own coffee
212609212609B004LL46Y0AK0ZQG7ST2X1TD. Thornton "buyer"1611309824000Wasted moneyI was hopeful this would work in my Keurig K-Cup Reusable filter. It didn't. I had coffee and coffee grounds everywhere! Now I have yet another batch of coffee I can't use. (I don't even know how it tastes. I didn't want to clean up the mess, so I didn't try to make a 2nd cup.)
212610212610B004LL46Y0A2KFT2FHCO0XKBP. Smith "A good grandma"1711313971200Not too goodI ordered this to go with the new plastic solo k-cups, I will never drink it and will probably throw it away.

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