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212671212671B00020HHAOA3827I7HIP1LMBchristine0111346025600Tasteless!I used to get "Juniper Ridge Juniper Ridge White Sage & Wild Mint Tea" and LOVE it with a hint of raw honey and I wanted to give this tea a try. Very disappointed- the tea was tasteless and not what i had expected.
212672212672B00020HHAOAE9LVM0KKA8RWStacy0151342915200Horsetail grass tea bagsHave purchased these tea bas before. I bought them in hope of having stronger . No real success, but will keep trying.
Received package in timely manner.
212673212673B00020HHAOA16Q6DGTG8LGAGLinda E. Ledoux0141333065600loyal customerIt is good and soothing to drink. I have not tried it too many times yet. I am sharing with my sister.
212674212674B00020HHAOAMN376J6RZWP0Dorothy Gale "JusMe"0121332115200Personal preferenceI had hoped this tea would taste better but it just tastes to me like I steeped weeds from the backyard.
212675212675B00020HHAOATUXNR3WHD18NDix0141328486400licorice teaAlvita changed their lea licorice tea not the same - but my daughter likes it. She normally uses tea in her tea but she said she does not use tea in licorice tea - it is sweet enough.
212676212676B00020HHAOA22CJHEXKM5Z8FAlley0111306972800This stuff Smells so baaaadThis tea smells so bad I cant get the smell outta my house. I know Valerian root doesn't smell like roses but this smell is putrid. The affects work ok but not the best
212677212677B00020HHAOA20ZM1V1IRQHHRandyob11351304121600Nettle Leaf TeaIf I can't find this at my local market or in a near by store, I order it from Amazon. I drink this tea after a night of drinking alcohol in order to help cleanse my liver.
212678212678B00020HHAOA1HNIYASPD3RE4Disappointed1311303689600Not what they said it isI purchased this tea because I was told that it helps with excess gas but this tea has made worsen my gas problem. I am very disappointed with the purchase
212679212679B00020HHAOAHUYS6XZ39TJKBrian J. Goff2511298592000Hated itThis review is about the product the seller was great!

I heard it was good for sleep couldn't find it local so i bought it here. It stunk up my house, taste awful. save your money and buy any other tea out there.
212680212680B00020HHAOA10PJEHY3JKKQGJames Ng3711303084800Nasty stuffThis stuff taste the worse, no sweetner helps and it stinks up the place...Stay away from this stuff, what a waste of money.
212681212681B00020HHAOA2WNN1DQVL4LH5Caddycat0211333670400Pond water would taste better..Stale, tastless crap. Dont bother. The hassle to return is riduclous, you have to pay and it has to be thrown out anyway, Why put customer thru all this for cheap little item.
212682212682B00020HHAOA3IMFBFX5L85S9Ashima Gupta0221326844800No taste or flavorI had a hard time drinking this tea as it tastes like cardboard! There's no taste or flavor. I don't know if it actually works to strengthen the uterus as I wasn't able to make myself have it for the couple of months required. I'm not sure if all raspberry tea tastes like this or just this brand.
212683212683B00020HHAOA3JUM0WSKPN0NTK. Shanks1411293321600StaleI think these had been sitting around in a warehouse for a long time, because it took them a long time to send it to me and, when I got it, the tea tasted like cardboard. I've had red rasberry leaf tea before, so I know it's not supposed to taste like this...
212684212684B00020HHAOA2GPIFSNT7VXPWMartha Weiner2631223078400feel betterIt seems like this product is working as I do feel better.

Will probably order some more. Good service after their stock was replaced.

M. Weiner
212685212685B00020HHAOA16QUBP9J1KSDMMartha G. Huebert "retired teacher"41031195171200tea OK, postage way too highThe sage tea is OK, but I was surprised that for 2 boxes from the same sender was I charged double the postage -- the tea weighs next to nothing. Why not charge for the actual weight instead of a set price for each item?
212686212686B00020HHAOA6ZY59M7WOAS0Afshin A. Nahavandi1651207526400nice productIn ayurvedic medidicne and in yoga exxercises some times you need to use herbal meds for balancing the chakras and energy channels, so this is one of the needed ones
but please use under instruction of your yoga and ayurvedic teacher
212687212687B00020HHAOA3OJ5D1THAJKYYSouthern Belle0511084665600Add honey?Are you supposed to avoid sugars if you have a urinary tract infection?
212688212688B00020HHAOABK32ED0M15MRChristy Funk1751254096000Horsetail Grass TeaToo early to know. I was recommended that this product helps out the joints. I have been enjoying the tea going on one week.
212689212689B00020HHAOA1AAOIZQ5JNUVLAmanda11311205884800Disgusting!This tea tastes nasty. Maybe I just dont like sage but it made me gag!
212690212690B00020HHAOA1CYNZMKTXO222Nylsa V. Barris "Nukelegs"01211253664000Do not order this product....It has been over three weeks and I still have not received this product. And, they have charged me for it already...
212691212691B00020HHAOA1ODU9IV6O87IBredmondbelle42221126569600Don't pay for "expedited" deliveryI paid over $13.00 for "expedited" delivery and the product still took FIVE days to arrive. Would not buy from them again.
212692212692B00020HHAOA3TJPSWY2HE4BSS. Layton "homeschool blogger"12421173312000N/AI only used two maybe three tea bags and got pregnant - can not drink during pregnancy. Not a bad taste, but I'm not a big tea fan either.
212693212693B00020HHAOA20X23WJLV4R5Xkittykatbookworm181851251849600tasty Maybe beneficialMy midwife recommended this product, and I drank it throughout my second and third trimesters. My labor was slow, but I experienced nothing you might really call pain (pressure and some discomfort) all the way to 9 centimeters. Then I pushed 3 times and my son was born. I'm not saying for sure that it was the tea...but I didn't have labors like this with my other two.
At any rate, it's tasty and not harmful. Just remember to tell your midwife or doctor that you're using it. I still drink it just cause I like it.
212694212694B00020HHAOA25NYC06X34V46C. Taylor161651259625600Menopause ReliefI wanted a natural product to help with hot flashes and night sweats. This makes an INCREDIBLE difference in my quality of life and sleep. I had significant decrease in symptoms almost immediately. I let it steep in my cup for about 5 minutes. I had trouble with the taste so I add sugar and a little peppermint extract and it is a very pleasant drink. I have a cup morning and evening and now am able to sleep much better. I also find I am not exhausted and dont have that anxious feeling. I would advise anyone to try this as it has helped me so much.
212695212695B00020HHAOA3774UJAKO4FHIlesley9242651255737600Mild sweet teaI've been watching the new Dr. Oz show and he recently recommended nettle tea. So I bought some and this happened to be the brand I chose.

Nettle leaf tea is mild and sweet (I augment by using honey). Not absolutely sure of its benefits. It's touted as good for being a diuretic thereby keeping your kidneys clear and keeping bladder infections and kidney stones at bay. It's also suppose to help with arthritis. Dr. Oz had commented that it's suppose to help with head hair growth.

I recommend it if for no other reason in that it's pleasant for those who like a less bitter type of tea.

Alvita uses minimal packaging. The tea is in simple bags without strings or tags and smelled very fresh upon opening.
212696212696B00020HHAOATZ318UY72KZ0A. Simmons "Readaholic"161751302480000Really works for hayfever (allergies)...Was told by a friend to try Nettle tea for allergies. Brought it & it works great & quickly. Long time allergy suffer who loves Nettle tea. I'm able to use it & stopped all the other medications....
212697212697B00020HHAOA266OAY9BKJH5AJodi Beatty "J-man's mommy"161751211673600Very high quality teaMany of the common brands of herbal teas are not palatable to me. This one is very good. I enjoy it. Easy on the palette and easy on the digestion track. Yum! Just like any high quality tea.
212698212698B00020HHAOAZU4M5K1N2LABILuvShoes!9951295395200A must have if you have painful heavy periodsI had very painful cramps with Very Heavy bleeding that lasted for 5 days! and this cycle repeated every 21 days! So I would have a full period twice a month!! I was miserable and had to schedule my life around my cycle, because I was doubled over in pain or afraid of the embarrasment of bleeding onto my clothes! A friend recomended drinking this tea and my life changed!! I no longer have ANY Cramps!! the bleeding has subsided to 3 days with a normal flow and now my cycle is regulated to every 26 days or once a month. I have more energy and vitality and dont have to call in sick anymore!! This tea is blessing not only for pregnancy but for your menstrual cycle as well!! I tell every woman I know about this tea!! No need for birth control pills or other hormonal intervention. I love its pleasant light taste and enjoy drinking a cup a day.
212699212699B00020HHAOA31KEDM3BCYK6Dmarie151751332201600good stuffthis red clover tea is worth my money, i have shed 8 pounds in 3 weeks, i know its not a diet tea or anything but, i drink this twice a day eat my 3 regular small meals, and a fruit or a rice cake or something lowfat, the tea coupled with better
eating habits and i ride my exercise bike and do a few stretches, lunges, lift a 5 pound weight in sets of 5's twice, for
about 15 minutes total2 times a day, nothing long and drawn out. before 3 weeks ago i honestly weighed 199, that's a lot of weight if you are 5'2, mostly in my butt and thighs. today i weigh 190, today meaning march 20, 2012. i have a long way to
go but that is a good start for me i love food it is hard but i find lowfat and sugarfree things to snack on. being overweight makes you tired easily, and the more tired you feel the more you will just sit around and when you sit around,
yep you tend to snack. my goal is 170 pounds, yea that is still a lot of weight but i am a realistic person, i will not
set myself up for a let down. if a should lose anything beyond 170 i will be very happy, i will update my quest on april 20, 2012. thanks
212700212700B00020HHAOA1DI7KMBSK5MTUVictoria Satterfield111251250726400Anecdotal evidence was too true for me!I drank 3 cups brewed with 2 tea bags each of this tea for the last few months of my pregnancy. The amount of time I spent pushing my son out totaled 5 minutes. My midwife had said there were lots of anecdotal reports of raspberry leaf tea causing easier labors but I was skeptical. Obviously, my experience made me a believer!

I found this tea's taste to be no different from the more expensive brands. And I appreciate that the design of these teabags is less wasteful by not using strings, tags, or staples like most teas.

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