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212706212706B00020HHAOA2M9OWAU1VQ0VTL. Huenecke101251159660800GREAT for hot flashes!If you are looking for something natural to relieve (and possible stop) hot flashes--sage tea will do it. A glass in the morning and one at night and WOW what a difference it made!
212707212707B00020HHAOANJSMWN361NSGL. Donovan7851203638400Sage teaGreat product. Does not completely get rid of hot flashes and night sweats, but seriously reduces their number and intensity. I tried everything else and this is the only thing that made any difference. I now get reasonable sleep at night.
212708212708B00020HHAOA2Q11LO2M5GXDUDona4451307664000UTIMy husband is a paraplegic and was having UTIs constantly. Since he started drinking a cup of this tea every morning, he hasn't had a UTI for a year.
212709212709B00020HHAOA1PG8FDKPVHXEJ.........4451284595200A must have for every pregnant womanI have always wanted a natural delivery. My friend who's had 2 other kids told me to take red raspberry tea leaf to strengthen our uterus, birth canal, etc... I started drinking this during my whole pregnancy. 1 tea bag during the first trimester and the 2nd trimester and on my third trimester, i put 2 bags, the last two weeks, i drink 2 bags every meal...

I only had to push for 1.5 hours. didn't feel pain during contraction until 10 CM. and no epidural
212710212710B00020HHAOA360DPC534SN3CA. Thompson "marie michael gabriel raphael"4451250899200Wonderful TeaI use red clover tea a lot and so do my friends, it helps cure insomnia and is also known as a cleanser of the body organs. I feel rejuvenated, refreshed and cheerful after I use it, which is between once a week and once a month.
212711212711B00020HHAOA36VNMYPXBSTQ3Desert Dancer6751299110400very pleasant flavor and good qualityMilk Thistle is said to be good for the liver. It has a very mellow and pleasant flavor. I really enjoy drinking it. Alvita brand has always had good quality teas.
212712212712B00020HHAOARXU7TM4XXI1DEmma M. Diaz "Emma R."3351332288000No more breast milk!Let me start off by saying that I am not a tea drinker at all! I am more of a coffee person. Anyway, I decided that I was gonna dry up my milk supply and read somewhere that sage tea decreases milk supply. I went ahead and ordered this tea for that purpose. It says on the box that the tea is very bitter so I went ahead and added 1 teaspoon of honey. It worked perfectly. I do see that it has diminish my need to pump dramatically. I went from pumping 4-5 times a day to twice a day the 1st two days since I started drinking the tea. Yesterday I only did it once and today none so far. I am not in pain, though my breasts are still tender to the touch. I would 100% recommend this to any mother trying to stop her milk supply.
212713212713B00020HHAOA17HTZ4S9NUZ93Creative Expressions "Gale"3351332201600I Love Sage Tea!I heard about drinking sage tea on the Dr. Oz show. Though sage is most commonly used in cooking, sage tea has been shown to boost alertness and mood, while decreasing anxiety, I was told.

I find it very soothing. I was surprised that I actually like the taste. It's a woodsy taste just very appealing. It always makes me feel good afterward. The tea is caffeine free so I normally drink it in the afternoon or evening as I still need the caffeine coffee provides in the morning.

This is a great product and I will most likely order it again.
212714212714B00020HHAOA2OETFZ7IA6XSQJenn Barlow3351318636800Great for colicky acid reflux babiesWe tried this as per our ped recommendation for our colicky acid reflux baby who just did not sleep well at all starting at about 2 months old 2-3 oz mixed with her bottle in before bed. From day one this worked great. Just enough to help calm and sooth her and definitely helped relieve some tummy problems and gas from colic crying. She still didn't start sleeping through the night but it definitely helped as she started sleeping at least one 6 hour block at night which is a godsend when you are only getting 3-4 hours total per night.
212715212715B00020HHAOA1KPQQXV7G8CLKC. Swanson "momof3"3351311379200Recommended by herbalist--love it.We've been drinking this tea for about 2 years. It has a very mild taste--much like regular Lipton tea bags. When I make Iced tea, I use 2 bags of this and 4 bags of Lipton for 6 quarts of water. Makes delicious tea. The herbalist told me it is very healthy to drink--has iron as well. My kids love it too-as hot tea or iced tea. This is not a raspberry flavored tea. It is from the leaves, so you'll need to look elsewhere if you are looking for flavored tea. I like that there are no strings to deal with--or individual wrappers to peel off, just throw the whole bag in.
212716212716B00020HHAOAMDREWLSOT8IDShauna G3351310169600Red Raspberry Leaf TeaI've a difficult time drinking red raspberry leaf tea in the past. I wanted to try it again during my second pregnancy for uterine health. This time I steeped it in boiling water, added lots of honey, and poured it over ice. It's still not the best tasting tea variety, but this particular brand seems a bit more palletable than some others. As far as it's potency/effectiveness, I suppose I won't know until the baby comes (although realistically I'm not sure I'll even know then).

This price is amazing, too. I kicked myself for paying twice as much at a local health food store. I will definitely be buying my next box here instead.
212717212717B00020HHAOA2ESI8PZ7N4ZBRreallife3351304035200I use this tea for menstral crampsI use this tea for menstral cramps. I drink a lot of it and it works fantasticly on cramps and mood. Here is the catch - you can't expect to drink one cup and feel better. I make big containers of ice tea - and I start drinking it all the time about two days before my period even starts. Also, once my period starts, I try to make sure I have a cup every two hours- sometimes I have even more. So again, it works but drink alot.
212718212718B00020HHAOAFUM9UDF7IN6INikki3351297728000This stuff is great!!This tea not only aids in digestion, but this tea also has a calming's a very relaxing tea.I drink it alone or w/honey. I always have some in my pantry. Great after a long stressful day. I definitely recommend this product.
212719212719B00020HHAOA1JTAI1CD99Z9XPreggo Belly3351295308800Birthing Miracle TeaI also had heard from my lamaze class that red rasberry tea was suppose to ease and assist in the birthing process(It is a uterine toner). Well, in my case it couldn't have been more true. I literally pushed 3 times and the baby was out, and that was my first baby. I drank the tea every day for the last two months of pregnancy, up to delivery day. I must say...this time in my 2nd pregnancy i'm going to do it the exact same way. I recommend this product to any woman who wants to have an easier, shorter delivery.
212720212720B00020HHAOA3KSXW1MF1GRHQBanu3351292976000UMMMM!!!!!!I usually dont like black herbal tea, but this one i was able to sip on the whole cup without making a face. It is full of aroma and tastes much better than the usual herbal teas that i have tasted in the past. The Rose flavour is the best. How much it really calms u, god only knows, but the pleasure is unbeatable.
212721212721B00020HHAOA2FBP7NGRMG73OT. Dobbins "Leak"3351259625600Good!This is a really good tea. I am drinking it during my pregnancy to tone the uterus. Very good taste!
212722212722B00020HHAOAFDNACPVKXXPZNicole M. Rios3341255219200Good Inexpensive Cleanser.This tea really works. Drink a big cup before bed and in the morning you will have to use the bathroom. Sometimes I have to eat just a little something before it kicks in, but it always works within 1-2 hours after waking up. It does not really taste that great, but it is okay. Definitely helps me keep my weight even.

Personally I like Kleritea better (more gentle, tastes better) but that costs almost 4 times as much. So I stick to Alvita Senna Leaf Tea now.
212723212723B00020HHAOA16V6Y0BWZAGNILyn "LA"3351213660800Great quality. Heathful product.A refreshing cold beverage and a soothing, perfect, hot cup of tea. Offers healthful benefits.
212724212724B00020HHAOA2L19XLK1JQS3IElizabeth Bennett "Lizzy"3351181692800Great TEA!I have purchased this brand of tea before and knew the quality was great but glad to have gotten a great price also!! Delivery was prompt and service was great!
212725212725B00020HHAOA17AQQD8K5WB63sss1475651318464000deliciousThis tea is great. I cook it in gallon batches and sweeten it with agave nectar and keep it in the fridge. I guess it "worked" because my daughter was born after just 4 hours of labor and 20 minutes of pushing. I'm still drinking it since I had just ordered another 3-pack of boxes of it the day before our baby was born. My husband loves the tea too and he doesn't even have a uterus.
212726212726B00020HHAOA18NJ23KZ9LBOVrubysparrow "rubysparrow"5651308268800nice flavorI have a friend who is a dandelion warrior. Everytime she see's one, she pounces and that plant is history. As a little joke, I ordered and sent her the tea. To my surprise, she reported that she actually liked it, mentioning it had a rather nice smooth flavor. Although that has not stopped her from still being a dandelion ninja, I give it 5 start just knowing that if she liked it - it HAS to be good!
212727212727B00020HHAOA249W93JNSUZ9QAnnette Irizarry "Aries"5651301443200Sugar BusterWe use it at night to lower diabetes sugar and it works. My husband has been able first to reduce the medications and now has been off for 2 months. Of course this is together with exercise, weight reduction and proper nutrition.
212728212728B00020HHAOAS2MDN0ELTFNP. Flail2241333670400Good night sleepI purchased these tea bags in hope for a good night sleep. The first night I drank it, I slept great. I have continued to drink this every night and I still sleep well but I find myself waking up in the middle of the night once in a while. I do find myself urinating more often so maybe it is cleaning me out. No bad side effects, tastes good alone, no sugar or honey needed. I recommended this to my family and co workers and they all love it. I discovered this from Dr. Oz. Hoping to continue to sleep well.
212729212729B00020HHAOA2SLUYU6MAY7BEK. Tennessee "k. Tennessee"2251318032000soothingMaybe this is a placebo effect however, since I have been drinking this tea, sometimes in the morning and some times at night, I have felt more calm and my mood is somewhat lifted. The taste is fine- I sometimes add a little honey but it is fine as is. I will continue to use this tea. I do think it helps with your mood.
212730212730B00020HHAOA32R0HBCV9FCJMnyc_girl20112251316563200GREAT TEA!!!Love the aroma and the taste. Orange honey goes great with it. I drink it daily. Seems to work great when I get any stomach issues... would highly recommend this product.
212701212701B00020HHAOA38P3P5IV8T7AFyooluvtin6651311811200Helps slow breast milk productionUsed this to help slow breast milk production when I was breastfeeding. Worked well! I drank 3 cups a day.
212702212702B00020HHAOA2NVPRHU3VF05GVanessa Cobian "Butterfly32"5551304553600Wonderful Tea.The tea helped me tremendously with getting a more restful sleep. I do however, think you should take it when you know you have more time to sleep in.
212703212703B00020HHAOA250DA7FHOZ15BMaricela Luciano "Tea lover"5551267660800The best!I started drinking this tea after a Doctor of alternative medicine recommended it to cure a Yeast Infection. It worked! I did not had to do to a GYN to cure my yeast infection. Also, it helped me in other way. After I started drinking the tea I stopped craving sugar. Needless to say, I lost like 15 pounds while drinking it. Is amazing and very medicinal. It also helps me with menstrual cramps. I love it! You can find it here online or in any natural health food store near you.
212704212704B00020HHAOA3AOF4C0MXEQSPKelly5541226361600Not badWhat can I say? It's herbal tea, it tastes a bit grassy, but I like it. I'd say try some before you buy a bunch of it because people either seem to love it or hate it.
212705212705B00020HHAOA2N0XGXKS9KTCKM. Wilkinson "Pandorasboxbytina"5551210550400IT WORKS FOR MEI use it to help jump start my weight loss regime. I sometimes flip flop up and down 8 pounds when I am not careful and i drink this tea for about 3 days and I shed it all. It is NOT a gentle cleanser though it will have your stomach turning and yearning but in 8-12 hours it does the cleansing job and it usually only does it for the first go round.
I would say go for it, if you need to get a jump start but DONT expect a good tasting tea very bitter. I DONT sweeten at all, I break the bags so i can swallow some of the bark in the tea as well. Good Luck

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