Amazon Fine Food Reviews

212911212911B0030VJ818A1051DBTLWP5A2Monkey Momma0051323993600Used to be the only way I could get veggies down my baby!Before trying these pouches, I would attempt to hide veggies in my daughter's baby cereal and fruit puree. I could put the tiniest bit in her bowl and she would always detect it. I'm sure she would have survived without veggies, but it still bothered me that she wasn't eating any. (It's a mom thing I guess!) I saw these in the store and thought that the combinations of fruits and veggies in these looked "interesting." I picked up a few, not really expecting my little one to like them. However, she really liked them - a lot. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they come in a pouch that she can feed to herself.

Not only were these great to give her as an infant, she still enjoys these as a toddler. These are great to take with on outings - when it's otherwise difficult to give her produce. She can eat these without making a mess and we don't have to worry about spoilage. So far, she has liked all of the flavors. I like the fact that these aren't stored in plastic or in jars with BPA. I wish that these would have been available years ago. :)
212912212912B0030VJ818ASSHPKQBFZPB5M. C. "lovestoread"0051323561600Great for on the goGreat packets for on the go (even for older kids). They taste good too, and my daughter really likes them. I like that they are organic, and have both fruit and veggies.
212913212913B0030VJ818A2G89WAEGNBHAKKat0051323388800Baby FoodMy daughter absolutely loves this brand of baby food. It tastes good. It has a little bit of a bite to it because of the cherries, but it is easy for my two year old to hold and squeeze out the food herself. I have recommended this brand and flavor to other moms.
212914212914B0030VJ818A1X6XK8WO9H98AMari0051323129600What a great snackThese pouches are wonderful to keep in the diaper bag. They do not require refrigeration or heating so it's great for on the go. My son likes to hold the pouch and feed himself (warning: I always put it in his mouth for the initial squeeze or else he will squeeze so hard it flies in the air). I also use them in the house for those days when he says no to all other foods. He has never turned down one of these pouches. Figure it's more nutritious than eating goldfish crackers for a meal.
212915212915B0030VJ818A23E3CS6ZD96QCBrenda T0051322611200Great Organic baby foodI love this food for my baby and especially the packaging. Great for feeding baby on the go. It is a bit liquidy, but its good for my baby. I like to mix with oatmeal for breakfast. Great price too compared to the grocery store.
212916212916B0030VJ818AM4BBGZL4JY77Pilar G. Vargas0051322524800Great baby food!It was always a hassle to go to the store and get as many as we needed. now with Amazon Mom I'm able to order them at a discount, and they come at a set time every few months! Besides, my baby loves it!
212917212917B0030VJ818A3RA0IYGOM1FMHC. Pilster "The Visual Storyteller"005132235200018 month old LOVES theseWhen he sees us with this he just grunts at us and reaches for it. We put it in his mouth and he typically has it sucked down before we can pull away. You have to control it though or the juice will get all over him when he squeezes it.
212918212918B0030VJ818A1LID3YS6I9O4FGracie0051321315200Nutritious organic snack for all ages!The apple-cherry pouches are great snacks for any ages. The consistency is not watery, but like applesauce consistency. The cherry flavor is really delicious and I love that it is organic ingredients with vitamin content! My child loves them for preschool snacks, we squeeze them on our oatmeal and even substitute them for oil in our baking recipes. They are a quick snack for on the go parents as well!
212919212919B0030VJ818A3MIRVEF9KCT3TRhino0051320537600Most convenient way to feed a baby ever!I love these little food packs. I squeeze the puree directly onto a spoon and feed my baby, and that way no dishes get dirty other than the spoon. He loves these purees, he'll eat any flavor and they seem quite natural and healthy. As he gets older he can even suck directly out of the pouch, though sometimes he squeezes too hard and makes a little mess if I let him hold it himself. They are also super portable and conveniently stored.
212920212920B0030VJ818A1HGYRL6R2RHFVerica "erica"0051319500800LOVE THESEThese are so convenient! We keep these in the diaper bag just in case. He loves these as snacks and we love that they are organic. As far as I'm concerned these are a must have.
212921212921B0030VJ818A264F72YOK50HGccfj0051319500800greatMy 3 year old grandson will not eat anything resembling a vegetable - he and his toddler brother devour these packs - a couple a day sometimes, so we are relieved that he is getting his vegetables plus other great nutritional "foods" in his "veggie juice".
212922212922B0030VJ818AF7EPHMNCZ2JUK. Higgins "seabeewife"0031318982400Not their favorite comboMy kids love kiwi and they love bananas, but they do not like this combination of the two. I know that taste is subjective, but we order this type of product (squeeze tube fruits) all the time, but neither of my girls will eat this particular flavor. )shrug(
212923212923B0030VJ818A367RKSM6DA1H2X. Avalos0051318809600Great for Babies AND Kindergartners!So I bought a couple of these for my son's birthday party to put in a goody bag for the babies that were attending. The moms went crazy over them. I don't find the consistency to be thin like other reviews have expressed. In fact, I ended up using the left over pouches for my 5 year old daughter's lunches. I used it on her almond butter sandwiches instead of jelly. So I thought the consistency was fine.
The taste was obviously delicious as my daughter didn't even notice the difference. Plus organic, no GMO, BPA free...can't really beat that.
212924212924B0030VJ818A367RKSM6DA1H2X. Avalos0051318809600Genius!I don't know who the genius was that thought spinach would go great with mango and pear but IT WORKS! The flavor is so tasty on these. Great to just pack in the diaper bag. The BOON spoon actually fits these pouches and it screws on just fine! I love that the packaging doesn't contain BPA. Also no GMOs, all organic. Great product.
212925212925B0030VJ818A21UXKA2BHP4PKadamclarkcyless0051318377600Amazing.tasty and nutrion all in one!so, i have tried this ine the beets with bannans and Peter rabbits squash (orange packet) my son (16months) loves these. he can open the pouch himself walk around and self eat, now with him running all day it is hard for him to sit and be still with this at least he can run around and still have something in his tummy. I highly recommend this product and company. no gmos and organic what a mom wants in food that she didnt make. it is thin but makes it easy to eat out of pouch with little to no sucking involved. i even like them, but i try all food before i give it to my son, quite tasty!
212926212926B0030VJ818A1RCHTH5DQKT2Pwhite_lilac0051318032000Unlikely reviewerI was so impressed with this product that I felt compelled to write about it. My 14 month old picky eater would not eat ANYTHING but toddler formula and english muffins. I started cooking for him since he was 5 months old and he ate well but something happened when I went back to work and he no longer accepts "good" food. However, he happily ate entire pack of HappyBaby Spinach, Mango & Pear and asked for more two days in the row! My husband is a Mr. Mom for now so weight off his shoulders as far as feeding. We ordered other flavors and hoping trend with eating organic veggies and fruits will continue with our picky eater.
212927212927B0030VJ818A3KM3402ULMILCakmelcher0051317859200So ConventI got these for my son and they are so convent to put in the diaper bag or my purse and make a great quick health snack for him, I am always on the lookout for items that make being a mom easier and this is one of those products.
212928212928B0030VJ818A3KM3402ULMILCakmelcher0051317859200So ConventI got these for my son and they are so convent to put in the diaper bag or my purse and make a great quick health snack for him, I am always on the lookout for items that make being a mom easier and this is one of those products.
212929212929B0030VJ818A2FNR7NQY1O30AElena0051317340800love this stuffI had been making all our baby food but we took a long cross-country driving trip and I knew there was no way to keep doing that. So, I did some research (i.e asking other parents and found these. OUr little guys LOVES this food. He immediately ate an entire pouch, and since has eaten alot of it. It tastes like pear, and has lots of fiber.
212930212930B0030VJ818A1MO0WYY7LE6T8Jessica Ross0051315440000Great for the picky eater!We first discovered these pouches at our local Target for $1.09. We had a coupon and thought we'd try them with our 11 month old. He absolutely loves to eat this flavor straight out of the pouch. In fact, it appears that he's drinking it. I try all the food I feed my baby and was pleasantly surprised by this flavor combination. I love that with subscribe & save, I can get a great deal on these pouches from amazon.
212931212931B0030VJ818A5ZN0RKLTGCZIkandyroxy0021314921600Wanted so badly to like itMy 8 month old has eaten nearly on the flavors of ellas, happy baby/tot, and sprout meals. This one is so tart, she shuttered with a sour face and then started to cry- something that NEVER happens. I tasted it and it is pretty sour (I like sour), perhaps overwhelmingly so for a fresh pallette (not a beat up adult one). I served it along with a savory meal and she was fine with that but I wont be buying it again. May be good for an adult smoothie where you want some tang.
212932212932B0030VJ818A2VZ62YBXH8M7Dstewygirl0021314835200Son eats ALL HappyBaby products EXCEPT this oneMy son has been gobbling these pouches down since he was just over a year old (he's now 2 1/2). They are such a fantastic way to get quality foods into picky bodies.

However, this is the only combo that he has refused to eat. I've tried it multiple times, and he continues to leave the pouch full after taking just one sip. The rest he will slurp down until even the air is out of the package ;)

I'd order any of the other combinations if I were you.
212933212933B0030VJ818A1S6HK2R1KUC5Edata17010051314576000great foodThis food is loved by my triplets. It is very easy to take with us when we go out on road trips.
212934212934B0030VJ818AV0HWIE7H9GWQL. Schott0051313452800Awesome!I have a one and two year old who just love these pouches. I appreciate the convenience and the fact that it is a nice healthy snack for them, especially when we are on the go. I like ordering the case on Amazon as it is a much better deal and I always have a nice stash.
212935212935B0030VJ818AV0HWIE7H9GWQL. Schott0051313452800My kids love theseI have a one and two year old who just love these pouches. I appreciate the convenience and the fact that it is a nice healthy snack for them, especially when we are on the go. I like ordering the case on Amazon as it is a much better deal and I always have a nice stash.
212936212936B0030VJ818A3F3ND7MLDXKKFA. Yung0051313452800Best way to keep my toddler eating his veggies!My son has a very high gag reflex and transitioning to solids has been a task. However, he also won't have anything to do with homemade baby food anymore. We found these pouches when buying food for a trip and he was hooked. I like that the veggies are organic, the pouches produce little garbage, that he can feed himself, but most importantly, that it is keeping the taste of veggies in his diet while we slowly work on chewing veggies.
212937212937B0030VJ818ALVD5VQ4N5GIZClaudia0051313366400Great for making "smoothies"I take two of these and a few ounces of water.... mix them up in my daughter's straw cups, and VOILA... a healthy smoothie, that they think is a treat, so shhhh, dont tell them!!!!
212938212938B0030VJ818A2VP2H50VNQND9K. Christiansen0051313280000A great veggie option.I have two toddlers who are not always willing to eat fresh vegetables. HappyBaby is a great and tasty way for them to get their veggies and fruits. Pouches are portable and easy eat without a mess. Banana, Beet & Blueberry is a hit with my two toddlers.
212939212939B0030VJ818AL7J8EKHDBX49momoftwoboys "AB"0051312588800Really Yummy!Out of all the Stage 2 foods this one is not runny and very yummy! My little one loves it.
212940212940B0030VJ818AJXH1AVTVTD3Umommyandboys0051312416000Good Product, Bad Shipping Company.I and my baby really like Happy Baby food products! The distribution company, not Happy Baby, was very late and tried to charge me for shipping when Amazon had it listed as free. They corrected the pricing though

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