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212993212993B000LR4KK8A369GNED1W5PABMary0051250035200Delicious, but buy it direct from Bende!My family loves Karaj (pronounced Koroy) and we are lucky enough to live near a Bende food store to buy it. If you're not that fortunate, go to [...] for online purchasing. Karaj only costs [...] per pound through Bende. Don't pay the price this "gourmet food" website is asking--it is a rip-off!! Buy direct from Bende. And while you're there, check out the Csabai salami, too. It is to die for!
212994212994B000L6XVE0AAPFN1BADMWMCGiancarlo Croce "Offer VOID where prohibited"3341191369600Good and SaltyI recommend using a grinder for this very coarse salt. It does not dissolve as well in cooking as kosher salt does. It also has a very strong salty taste, which is fine, but I was expecting more of a smoky taste than this has.

Good quality, but not worth the money in my opinion.
212995212995B001E5DRBYA208FJQHIK5PNMsusan293431226534400important to noteFast shipping, tasty nuts but the nuts are a product of China. That little nugget of info should probably be noted for those of us who are concerned regarding the safety of China's imports.
212996212996B001E5DRBYA6T6KOLG5EJ2Gbethann "bethann"111151216080000Amazing Pepitos!!When I was a kid, you could go into a drugstore and sit and get fountain cokes and floats. Aboslutely one of my favorite memories as a child, was to get a bag of my pepitos (it was about $.25 for bag--and my sister and I got a quarter each) and they were fresh roasted. Then we would go see a movie--the theater was on the other side of the drugstore. Yes, over the years I have tried others types and brands only to be very disappointed. THESE ARE PERFECT! As the other review said, not too salty, just absolutely right. My husband as already confiscated 2 of the 4 bags from me--he loves them too--so I am having to order more!! LOVE THEM!!
212997212997B001E5DRBYACNYFH6TKR993Actuary7731280275200Not what I'm used toI'm accustomed to another brand where the Papitas are not flat, but have some volume to them; so they essentially pop when you eat them. These taste fine and the price was right. The experience is a bit bland though with these flat seeds
212998212998B001E5DRBYA32RD2AX23SE60Tickled Dog6651207353600Bergin Nut Company PepitasDelicious. Perfectly roasted & salted. Most other roasted salted pepitas I have tried have so much salt it just sucks the moisture right out of your mouth.

I look forward to enjoying these often now that I have found a company that knows how to do them right.
212999212999B001E5DRBYAIOIPEOLTJ834Doo Wop Dad "Grumpy"5551250812800Delicious and freshThe Roasted, Salted Pepitas were shipped quickly, sealed fresh and absolutely delicious. Highly recommend this product for a snack or use them in your salad.
213000213000B001E5DRBYA3M2TSC7Q9SC0YLoanwolfe3311327276800Stale pepitasJust got these today and am very disappointed.
The pepitas are stale--almost rancid.
There is no expiration date on the package.
212971212971B0029NICD8A3BKU3KRUE46RBJo Patterson "Jo"2251322352000Circe thinks it's like candyMy husbands cat Circe, thinks this food is like candy.
Tries to talk my husband into giving it to her 3 times a day.

She gets dry food, and one can/packet for dinner each day.
It's been very interesting watching her really get into "talking"
which her breed is known for, but she hasn't really done much of
until now. She really likes this food and thinks she is deserving
of having it as often as she likes.
212972212972B0029NICD8A2Y565NI8LZE3LJeanne2251297814400Cat loves it!A lot of cats don't like chunky types of food, however, these Whiskas pouches have become my cat's favorite meal. For me, they are extremely easy - just tear open a pouch, fill her dish, discard the pouch. It was very easy to order them online, the price was comparable to regular store prices, and shipping was free and fast. Just keep in mind these are not smooth canned foods - these are big chunks in sauce. Make sure your cat likes them before ordering in bulk.
212973212973B0029NICD8A2AS3QY2ZTJK8UWendy Gill "Wendy"1141296000000One of very few foods my cat likesMy two cats really love this food. I have one senior cat who is very picky, will only eat some seafood flavor foods and that's it. She has started to show signs of kidney failure and I was told a low protein diet would be better for her. This is one of the lowest protein foods I could find and Miss Picky Eater likes it. They both like to lick the gravy off first and generally eat the pieces too, but not all the time. They both seem to like the salmon flavor least, so I try to give them that one when I've been gone for a long day and I know they're extra hungry when I return. Love the auto delivery at a discount price too. I know my 2 cats go through about 1 box per week, so it's easy to calculate how much food is needed.
212974212974B0029NICD8A15XY6GGKD3B6DMelissa McCauley1141267747200My Cats Like TheseI have to push their heads out of the way to finish emptying the pouches into the bowl - one cat in particular typically ends up wearing some on her head. It has lots of "sauce" and that seems to be their favorite part. They lick it all thoroughly, then go back and enthusiastically eat the meat part.

While the pouches are infinitely superior to metal cans (I always worry about me or the cats cutting ourselves), they are still a bit messy. I always seem to end up trying to get the last bit out with a spoon and getting it on my hands. And of course, like all wet food, it stinks to the high heavens.
212975212975B0029NICD8AALWYV9IY0EKZpurrrplej2321289865600Looked good to me, but not to my cats, apparentlyI bought the Whiskas Choice Cuts Seafood Variety Pack for my cats because they were starting to eat wet food (I had had some success with some canned foods), and it looked like good-quality, succulent food that I hoped my cats would enjoy. However, my cats had other ideas. They liked licking the juice (one nice thing about this product: the food is nice and juicy), but they left the meat to sit, ignored. I tried a couple different flavors, same result. I also found it difficult to get the food out of the pouches; cans are much easier to work with.

So, the unused pouches went back to the store for a full refund, which was nice. But too bad; I had hoped this would be a good food for my kitties. But I can't force-feed 'em, so...
212976212976B0029NICD8A1J4K7FQ7CC37ITasha0041341878400OkayMy cats love this stuff, but I kept having trouble with auto ordering. Also once I got a case that had a few rotten packets in it; I had to throw away the whole box the packet was in and they would not give a refund. After the rotten packet I switched to Tiki Cat which is healthier and more natural.
212977212977B0029NICD8A1KCU8IHBM1ETFRade Radosevich0011332979200You've priced yourself out of the acceptable marketWhat gives? You WERE economical for a while, and now your price has gone up almost $10 on the product. Fuel hasn't gone up that much. I guess it's back to shopping at Walmart.
212978212978B0029NICD8A1XYAEN3T90T7RDixiebelle0051326758400a fish loverI have bought much more expensive food for my picky girl and she prefers this and never leaves a bite. Whiskas Choice Cuts Seafood Variety Pack (Tuna, Whitefish & Tuna, Salmon, Cod & Shrimp) Food for Cats & Kittens, 3-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 48)
212979212979B0029NICD8A33PB6CHPMH41TSnacks "Snacky"0051326240000Only food my cat will eatI have tried other wet cat food, but this is the only one she will eat. She snubs her nose at all others, either if we try a treat with a more expensive brand.
212980212980B0029NICD8A3TEWOSRUUSMABTammy L. Atkinson0051325030400Great!Well packed and on time. What more could you ask for?? I do not know what else they really want me to say about cat food for this review...
212981212981B0029NICD8A2SLZMD0UYRT5Xcat's food0041323993600They like em'....they like em'.My cats simply just love em'....they're quite finicky...but I am finally able to find it without having to donate many previous cat food that my cats simply refused to consume.
212982212982B0029NICD8A37OKZGWIKDD5QSheri Hooper "Charming Belles"00513127616005 STARS from Maury Joel, Julia Belle and Madden Hade ^_^All three cats think this is the bomb diggity! Easy to open package is a plus for me. Maury, Julie and Madden give WHISKAS CHOICE CUTS a 5 STAR Review!
212983212983B0029NICD8A2DEFNFY5HFOFKB. Ruel "bridad"0051312156800Good value - even with price hikeOur cat absolutely loves this stuff, and it seldom has a sale price in stores. Definitely a great Amazon buy if you subscribe, but I hope there are no more price hikes. By the way, we always have dry food down for our cat and this serves as a late-afternoon treat. He usually starts asking for it mid-afternoon. Heaven in a pouch.
212984212984B0029NICD8ATVE6X786J1UKZachary Stein0051310342400The only food my cat will eatI'm sure this food tastes very good (although I've never tasted it myself) because it's the only wet catfood that I know of that my cat will eat. He's a very picky eater and I'm glad to have him on this food... What's nice is when you subscribe on Amazon with the free shipping it comes out to a couple bucks less per box than at my local grocery store.
212985212985B0029NICD8A20KYMVZXK1ZXKGary0051302825600Whiskas Seafood variety packMy cats love it. It is the only moist cat food they will eat. It is safe and convenient for me to use. I alternate with the Poultry variety pack.
212986212986B0029NICD8A7Y596ZR19RNBJoseph E. Shoemaker "joeshoe89"0051286064000My cat loves this valueMy cat loves this cat food. He comes to me when his bowl is empty and meows, which is what I call yelling, or he taps my leg or head with his paw then runs to sit in front of his bowl. Once the food is there he eats all the liquid or what I call gravy then finishes the rest over time. He eats early AM lunch and dinner and late PM. This 48 pack is a very good value since at my store it's about $24 for the same thing. The biggest plus is it's usually two days after I get an email it's shipped that it's at my door. No lugging home bags loaded with 12 packs. So my cat is a happy customer.
212987212987B0029NICD8A18ANAU56Y4BE7Lindsey0051273104000They love it!I have two cats, and they both LOVE this food. After trying several different brands, including other types of Whiskas, I am glad to have found one that they really enjoy.

The packets are the perfect size for two small cats to share. They can be a bit messy, but by the end of the box I was able to divide the packets evenly without using a spoon or making a mess.

For less than $.60 a packet, it's also very affordable.
212988212988B0029NICD8A3MO699KPZP0LMCajun J "LouisianaBistineau"1231319846400Pros and ConsPros:
- Packaging keeps portions noticeably fresher than cans.
- Portions are (for my cats) ideal servings. They are not large cats, but not kittens either. Each pack seems to be just the right amount. I no longer have opened, half full, cans of food sitting around that sometimes go to waste.
- Dispensing into the bowl is a much more clean process than with cans.
- Variety of flavors in each box.

- Despite the Pros, I had to give it 3 stars because both of my cats (and a catfood eating dog, don't ask) will only eat the pouches that contain tuna. That means 1/2 of the pouches seem to end up going to waste. I can remedy this by purchasing differently, but felt it was important since 3/3 pets agreed at my house.
- If your cat is large, the portions will most likely be too small.

Tip: Shake the pouch by holding it at the top before opening the top. This pushes all of the juice down to the bottom of the pouch. There is a chance when you rip it open that you'll get catfood juice on your hands if you don't.
212989212989B0012QD8MSA1HH1DPK1ASVDNZolton "Veni. Vidi. Reviewi."131741296518400The Truth, According to CSI:SnappleI'm tired of products that promise more than they can deliver. Advertising should tell me what to expect in the real world, not in some happytime fantasy land where money grows on chia pets and all my pants fit and supermodels frolic on the shores of the lazy Guinness river. I bought this product specifically to test the claims made in their marketing.

The ad wags at Snapple tell us their tea is 'made from the best stuff on Earth'. Fair enough. But saying so is one thing. Subjecting a sample of their beverage to rigorous scientific scrutiny using an industrial mass spectrometer, it turns out, is something else entirely.

I called in a favor from a friend who works at a molecular testing laboratory, and we got to the bottom of Snapple is indeed made of. Apparently, the component analysis identified compounds consistent with natural substances -- like those in tea leaves and peaches, for instance.

However, the analysis did not find ANY discernible traces -- at parts-per-billion sensitivity levels, mind you -- of Cuban Cohiba cigars, Miles Davis' Birth of the Cool, or the dancing outfit Salma Hayek wore in From Dusk Till Dawn.

So it's clear -- nay, it's scientific *fact* -- that Snapple is NOT made from 'the best stuff on Earth'. But for tea -- sure, it's pretty tasty.
212990212990B0012QD8MSA99TG4Q2ZPW7SBlu-estLight "MyEnglishIsGood"5651253836800... awesomeMy favorite flavor of Snapple. The reason you know its good is because I am allergic to peaches in their natural form-AS A FRUIT - and they kind of disgust me. TEH DRINK, on the other hand, I am in love with. Does it even taste like peach?? probably, but I'll never know. It's very yummy, and does taste like its made "FROM THE EBST STUFF ON EARTH!" I'm sure if you are looking at this ad, you know what I'm talking about haha.
212991212991B001IYS8LUA3R1D7H3PIFONUMichael Jandrok0051242604800Awesome with extra awesome sauce!Ramune has to be one of the coolest and most unique soft drinks that I have ever seen. My kids had been dying to try this stuff ever since they had come across it on J-Box, the popular Japanese import webshop. Ramune is incredibly popular in it's native Japan, and now it looks like the fun is beginning to spread here in the States.

To open a bottle of Ramune, you have to remove the top, pop out this little plastic plunger from it's casing, and then use the plunger to pop out a marble that seals the neck of the bottle. The neck of the bottle has two indentions that will hold the marble when you tip the bottle back to drink from it, keeping the neck of the bottle clear. Hold the bottle the wrong way, and the marble will clog things up. You can avoid carbonated overflow when opening by pressing gently on the plunger until it depresses the marble; knock it down with force and you're sure to get a fountain of spray.

The original flavor reviewed here tastes a lot like Sprite, but Ramune also comes in several other flavors. It uses high fructose corn syrup and/or cane sugar as a sweetener (It lists both on the label, which usually means that it uses whatever is cheapest on the world market at the time of bottling. Listing both also means that they don't have to change their labeling every time they change sweetener.)

This is a way fun product that kids (and most adults) will have a blast with. It's a smaller portion (8 ounces) than what we're used to here in the US, but that actually works out for us as we're trying to limit the amount of soda that our kids consume. Ramune works great as an occasional soda treat and the fun factor alone keeps us coming back for more. Ramune is easy to find at just about any Asian market, but for those who don't have easy access to one, ordering here on Amazon would be recommended. A 6-pack of Ramune will run you about $6.99 to $7.99 in most Asian markets.

Also, for the safety conscious, I can attest that these drinks are very safe. We've never had a problem with the marble, and I can't find any reports on the internet that would indicate any safety concerns with this drink. It's not a choking hazard, in other words. Ramune means 'carbonated' in Japanese, and I can highly recommend this wonderful and very different drink.
212992212992B000LR4KK8A3FVAWZNKW9GXA.Trendl "What should ...1151167696000Slowly Smoked Pork is DeliciousI buy Karaj Hungarian Pork Loin regularly at our local Hungarian grocer, and have found it delicious. It serves well as a quick snack, or as a sandwich fixing (with a little mustard or light BBQ sauce).

Imagine the aroma of a nearby campfire, after pork has lingered on the grill, but not burnt. Somehow, that flavor, through careful smoking and salting, is infused into the Karaj Hungarian Pork Loin.

I prefer it in thin slices, eaten cool, but it is also an ingredient in various Hungarian soups. It goes well in a kind of pigs-in-a-blanket crescent roll wrap. Take an uncooked crescent roll, place a thin slice of the karaj, and bake as usual. Very fun for parties -- something different in the midst of something familiar. We serve it guests when we need a quick, tasty snack.

It isn't spicy even though it is packed with taste. Fans of BBQ joints and smokehouse steakhouses with find the flavor familiar.

It keeps around six months unopened. I fully recommend the Karaj Hungarian Pork Loin.

Anthony Trendl


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